The Elves Deserve a Round of Applause!

Seriously – they rose to the challenge of getting out a record number of orders this week – an amazing feat. (Note to self: Do not schedule a sale with a big load of Malabrigo Sock with a Sock Club shipment in the same week. FPS.) Things have been crazy here, but Friday has arrived and I think we’ve all survived. (And lots of you have gotten boxes from us this week – yay!) Thank you again for all of your wonderful shopping in the past week. We’ve had fun packing everything up for you! And the hands? Well, it seemed appropriate for “applause”. But I seem to have acquired more of them, haven’t I? Honestly, I never meant to collect hands. Because … well … Hands.  Weird. In the beginning, I thought ONE would be nice, so that I could show a knitted fingerless mitt.  And then the second one just kind of came along.  The third one came from an antique store and was too cute to pass up.  Now we seem to have a whole gaggle of them. See the big white one with nothing on it in the back? Elf Susan says that one gives her the creeps.  Looks too much like a paste-y dead hand. I think we need to cover it up with knitting pretty soon. Have you ever ended up collecting something by default, like this? (Please say yes.)

I went to the Weaving Guild’s Boutique Night last week and found these two treasures. This handspun is just gorgeous and was spun up by Amy, who is a Loopy customer.  All of the handspun was grouped together on a big table and in bins, and every skein that I was drawn to pick up, just happened to be spun by Amy.  I told her that I think I need a lesson. Her handspun is soft and wonderful. Mine feels … slightly overtwisted … by comparison.  And then there was this cute elf – an Alan Dart design. (Do I have this pattern to knit my own? Yes.  Have I done it since getting the pattern a year or two ago? No.  Am I glad that I bought him? Yes.  He looks happy on my shelf.)

Today I’m heading off to Stitches East for a little retail therapy and new-product-scouting work. I have never been to a Stitches event before, and I’m really looking forward to it. (Also looking forward to some extra knitting time, and catching up with some of my indie dyers who will have booths there.) Will I see some of you there, too? I’ll keep my eye out for familiar names and faces! I’m actually already on a plane flying eastward as you read this, so I’ll be away from emails and the blog until I get back in the office on Monday – I’ll catch up with you then.

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  1. As I understand it, the way deaf people applaud is by raising their hands and waving them, so the collection of hands as applause is very appropriate 🙂

  2. Right after I got married, my in-laws visited our home at Christmas and saw that I had 2 nativity sets displayed. That apparently put it in their heads that I collected nativities, so the next Christmas, every single gift I opened was some sort of creche or nativity – every. single. one. And some of them were – well, strange. One looked like a child had made it and the angel looked freakishly like an alien. Fortunately, our basement flooded this past spring and many of those sets were “lost in the flood.” (Ok, so they weren’t all stored in the basement, but it was a valid excuse to part with them.) 🙂 And all this from my having TWO nativities. That calls for a big FPS!

    Enjoy Stitches! Wish I could be there, too!

  3. Thanks to the Elves so very much! Me and my Malabrigo (or is it My Malabrigo and me?) are some of the guilty party in creating work for you guys. I notice my order’s already shipped – you guys are amazing!

    Have a great time a Stitches – wish I lived a little closer.

  4. After purchasing a Custom Wood Designs darning egg at TLE, I’ve sort of fallen into collecting them. The woods are beautiful, and the workmanship sublime. All your fault! FWIW, the hand that creeps me out is the one at the far right–even though I can see how a collector might love it. 🙂 The photo of “my” paisley Beanie Baggie makes me drool in anticipation of the box that may arrive today.

  5. A big thank you to the elves for all their hard work. They give excellent customer service and we appreciate them even though we don’t always say so.

    Hope you have a great weekend at Stitches East I think Spring Fling is better bang for my bucks so maybe next year.

  6. Aiiiee! You-Stitches-here-I didn’t know!

    Dang, and I’d decided not to go this year. I coulda met Sheri!

    Perhaps next year?

  7. I ended up collecting teapots. It started with one that I picked up on a vacation to Bermuda. Then my parents’ long-time neighbor was cleaning out and gave me a musical one. It winds up underneath and when you pick it up to pour it plays. 🙂 Next thing I know, I’ve got close to a dozen of them.
    I do drink a lot of tea, though, and I use them sometimes if I’m making a whole pot to share.
    Have a fun at stitches. Wish I could be there.

  8. I also collect teapots and I’m not even sure how it happened. I think I had one, and so my mom sent me another. They are all attractive, and I don’t use any of them! Most of them are patterned with Japanese and Chinese motifs even though they aren’t cast in that style.

    The only one I use is my tea kettle, which lives on the stove year round.

  9. I couldn’t agree more that the Elves deserve applause – several rounds, in fact!! 🙂

    And you’re at Stitches East?!?! Will you still be there on Sunday? (I hope, I hope!) Several of us in the DC Metro area from the Ravelry/Loopy’s F5 Lounge thread will be going on Sunday morning. It’d be great to see you again! And it’ll be my first time at Stitches, too!

  10. The elves should get a big round of applause! I must fess-up to a growing collection of sock yarn. My excuse is that I have plans for each and every skein. Really!

    The collection I never meant to have, but do, would be candlesticks/holders. In the winter, when I have to get up well before the sun, I light some candles and have my first cup of coffee by candle light.

  11. Thank you, Sheri, Susan, & the Elves, for a job well done! Hugs to you all! As for collections, I am afraid I might have lost count? I have tea cups, tea pots, demitasse spoons, thimbles, and teddy bears, and those are what I am thinking of, off the top of my head, that are mainly for show! Then, we don’t count my fabric & other quilting stuff (that is hibernating for a while) and my yarn, both for knitting and crocheting, plus my knitting needles, and crochet hooks, and the lists go on!

    On Sheri’s hand collection: wow! I started looking at the hands, thinking gee, it would be nice to have a hand model that is similar to my hand in size & shape, to use for trying on various fingerless gloves, mittens, et al, for fit. So, I spent a couple of minutes, studying Sheri’s. And, I’m not sure that any of those are like my hand. I have fairly long fingers, that are wider than some of those pictured, yet I have a small ring size? And, I have a small-ish hand. Interesting food for thought on the intricacies of trying to fit hands! Socks on feet would be oh, so much easier! 🙂

  12. Sheri,
    Have a great trip! I’ve got a little too much going on this weekend and can’t buzz up to Baltimore…it’d be fun to say Hi! to you!

    And yes, I agree, the elves are the best!
    Hope everyone has a good weekend!

  13. What, you mean like sock yarn? Believe me, I never meant to collect *that*, I meant to *use* it! However, I think I’m forced to admit that my stash is growing much faster than I can knit, and this doesn’t show any signs of changing. So a “collection” it is. 😉

    And thanks so much to you and all the elves for the hard work. You guys continue to blow my mind, and you always seem to do it all with grace and a smile.

    (And my grandmother can’t stop talking about how nice everyone was when she called to order a gift certificate for me. That was several months ago.)

  14. Yay Sheri and yay Elves!! Enjoy your time at Stitches. It’s supposed to be ucky here all weekend, so here’s hoping you get better weather!

  15. Hi Sheri and the Elves!! I’m actually a sign langiage interpreter for the Deaf and so as the first person said, those hands are perfect for applauding as they do.

    I am starting to collect thimbles. I picked up one in Paris and Nice and now I’m always on the hunt!

    Enjoy Stitches! Danielle 🙂

  16. WooHOo Elves!

    I have the Elf pattern as well. Started it twice. Got frustrated. Frogged elf. One of these days I’ll sit down and figure out what I keep messing up.

    See you at Stitches!

  17. I’ve sort of stumbled into acquiring a small collection of kitty gum parkers. They’re ceramic, hand painted, maybe 2-3 inches long and they’re little cats on their back so that you can store your (bubble)gum overnight and resume chewing the next day. Personally, I’m not much of a gum chewer (and abhor LISTENING to people chew and snap their way around a piece of gum), but as a small cat collectible that lines up on my kitchen window sill, they’re pretty darn cute.

    It think the hand line-up is kind of cool. Each needs a hand-knitted accessory though!

  18. To the person who posted above me .. .kitty gum parkers? I’ve never heard of such a thing … I must see one. I love kitties & chew lots of gum. But I must say, gum is one of those items I consider disposable. I hope I never get to a point where I have to save it overnight:-).

    On collecting: well, I never expected to start collecting yarn.

    On Stitches: Enjoy … I was supposed to go with a friend, but we had to cancel. Instead the elves made me happy be getting my Noro Silk Garden order to me super quickly.

  19. GAH! Stitches East?! You know that las year I was working Stitches East? A year late lady. 😉 Have fun! Stop by Brooks Farm and get yourself a treat! 🙂

  20. You guys outdid yourselves this week. I have to admit, I wondered how you were going to get the just Malabrigo orders out when you’d just had a sale and I didn’t even know you had a sock club shipment on top of those. Al I know is I got my Malabrigo in two days so you were up to your usual standards of getting orders out in a timely manner. I love that my yarn always arrives packaged so neatly and securely and professonally wrapped. And of course, the Hershey’s Kisses (yay for cooler weather) are a welcome bonus. Congratulations on an outstanding week!

  21. Just got my shipment of yarn and Atenti Bag! Oh gosh…the bag is so “delicious”….(of course the yarn is too!!!)….I just can’t wait to take a trip….just to use the bag!!!

    Thanks Sheri…!!! You have such wonderful taste!

    Hurrah to your staff…they really got the orders out quickly!!!

  22. I just got home from Stitches and had a great time.

    I can’t belive I missed Sheri and she was 2 tables away yesterday in the Cafe. I saw a woman, who looked like Sheri, but for some reason I didn’t think she was coming to Stitches. I’m not shy but things were complicated at that moment and I didn’t go over and inquire. Darn…or better yet FPS as Sheri would say!

    Moral of the story is to read Sheri’s column before leaving Central PA for Stitches!

  23. It is strange how things are like that. I just happened to mentin I use to collect dolls and my girls have bought me 4 dolls so far and then i started up again. Icant afford real antiques but love the reproductions just as well: as long as they are beautiful.
    THat yarn looks lovely. Love the little elf. WHere did you get the pattern from? I would love to make one. So wanted to buy yarn but had three papers due and by the time I had those done it was Wensday and then our electric kept shutting off as we had a blizzard on the way starting in the afternoon. sigh.
    Well I hope none of you get our blizzard but we had 60 mile winds with 80 mile gusts, downed cellphone towers, electric lines tons f snow. We personally had no electric for 12 hours but many places still dont have electric specially the further offroad they are. Many roads are still not plowed and this was our very first snow of the season. But I am glad everyone got stuff.
    Hope you like Stitches and will have tons to tell us SHeri. CAnt wait for the recipies next week.


  24. “Honestly, I never meant to collect hands.”

    Seriously, this must be the funniest sentence I have ever read!!! Thank you, Sheri for a good Monday-morning laugh and for all the hard work you and the elves have done! Anxiously waiting for my packet of Malabrigo sock to arrive here in Helsinki…

  25. The Loopy Elves really are the best. Hugs to them all!! : ) Hope you had a great time at Stitches. I’ve never been to one either. One of these days… I was in Atlantic City with some friends, so there was no knitting this weekend! : )

  26. Well we missed seeing you since we went on Sunday! Hope you had a nice visit and great travel. Hey, I live in Baltimore! Maybe next year you could give me a secret heads up and I could show you around! 😉
    Lotsa Good Wishes Sheri!
    ~Anne (34me)

  27. Do you ever watch BBC-America? They have a show called Bargain Hunt where two teams go to those wonderful antique fairs they have in England with 200 pounds from the BEEB to spend. At the end of an hour their things are collected and two weeks later taken to a professional auction where they are sold. If they make a profit the team gets to keep it. Well, last week at one of the fairs there was shown a booth that contained nothing but hands, mostly in pairs. Fascinating! Love the new yarns I’ve gotten. Bye for now.
    Ann Carpenter

  28. That handspun looks BEAUTIFUL. I think my handspun feels like you’re describing yours–I like the look of lots of twist, but it feels stringy to me, not soft and squooshy. If Amy’s giving lessons, I want to come, too!

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