When you see this in the parking lot ….

….. chances are, it’s not good news. Who wants to drive up and find a fire truck and an ambulance??  Fortunately in this instance, it was for a good cause.  All of the kids from the Montessori school (we share a parking lot with them) were having a firsthand look at all of the trucks.  Whew.  They put on a good show, including all sirens blaring as they left. (I was trying to sneak a quick photo through my office window, and the cute little girl in pink turned around and caught me!)

I have another Loopy Limelight for you, but I decided to do it on Wednesday of this week. I had a few things I wanted to tell you about today, instead!  On Wednesday, we have Claudia from Claudia’s Hand Painted Yarn in the Limelight.  You’ll get to see photos of Bitsy and Alice, who accompany her to work each day. (Only one is a dog, and the other one is not a cat.  Curious?)

Many of you have been emailing to ask about upcoming products and their availability, so I wanted to address this in the blog in hopes that it will help. Yes, we’ve heard about the new Namaste Zuma Bag and we have it on order in all of the colors it will come in. It will come in: Hollywood Pink, Turquoise, Olive, Saddle, Charcoal, Lime, Eggplant and Peacock. They expect to start shipping these bags in November and we’ll get it quickly! Feel free to email me if you want to pre-order it in a certain color. (sheri AT theloopyewe DOT com) We’ll make sure you’re taken care of. (Right now, they’re not planning on offering the Eggplant color in any of the other styles of bag. If that changes, I’ll let you know.)

We’ve also been getting emails asking if we’ll have the Schaefer Yarn “Sock the Vote” limited edition colorways. Yes – we ordered them last week when we first got notice of them!  No matter what your political affiliation, it sounded like a fun way to put a positive spin on the elections. You’re also welcome to email me if you’d like to pre-order any of these colorways so that we can make sure to get you what you’d like. This is a limited dye-run, so it’s not something that we’ll be able to continue to carry once they are done dyeing it.

On Friday’s blog, I told you about our exclusive “Team Spirit” colorways that we will be carrying from Lorna’s Laces. I asked for two-color combos, but many of you have asked for more colors than that to be included.  The two-color combos will be striping, but we’re also looking into doing three-colorway combos for you that will not stripe but will instead knit up similar to regular Lorna’s colorways. If you held back from mentioning teams with more than two color combos, go ahead and leave another comment.  Beth at Lorna’s Laces is up for the multi-color challenge, too!

When are we getting Wollmeise back in? (I think we get about 15-20 emails/phone calls a week with this question.) We will probably have it back up sometime in November.  Claudia hasn’t sent another shipment to us yet.  Fall is a very busy time for her with markets and things, so the fall order is usually on a bit of a delay.  We are thinking about just adding it in quietly without any pre-announcements on the blog or anything.  Would you shoot us if we did that?? (You have to admit, it would help with the 24-hour stalking of the site, once the announcements are made …) Pre-orders and pre-notifications aren’t available with Wollmeise. But I know you all already know that.

Will we have Malabrigo Sock? Yes, absolutely.  We’ve had all 24 colors (14 semi-solids, 10 multi) on order for what seems like forever!  (Their stock of this new sock yarn was one of the casualties of their warehouse fire this past summer. Otherwise it would’ve been out a few months ago.) They’re planning on November for U.S. distribution, and I promise that we’ll have it as soon as it ships out.  I finally got a sample skein of it from my yarn rep last week and it’s a gorgeous 3-ply fingering weight superwash merino (very soft and smoosh-able), with 440 yds/3.5 oz. per skein. We’ll let you know when it arrives here and is in our photo room. (Will we have more Malabrigo Lace and Worsted? Yes to that, too.  We had to wait until the new space opened up, as we had run out of room.  But we’re working on filling all of that back up now.)

We have more Atenti bags and more GoKnit bags arriving later in the week, as well as a big order of those beautiful Celtic Swan Forge Sterling Silver DPN’s that are the ultimate “spoil yourself or a friend” item.

Lastly – we just did this week’s Sneak Up, and it was big.  Did you catch it?

Sheri thepeopleinourbuildingcallmeLoopy(asin”HiLoopy!”)whentheyseemeinthehalls.


  1. How much fun! I love all the new Noni patterns! And apparently I was supposed to buy more Creatively Dyed Roving – cause it would just not delete from my cart! So what was I to do! Can’t wait to try the roving… Yum!

  2. Mom and I went crazy for the new rovings you got in today. Could we someday have a spinning retreat like the Spring Fling? Leslie and I had such a good time, we’re hoping to come again this year. But we would show up again for a spinning one 🙂

  3. Sheri, that’s *brand recognition* and you just can’t always buy that kind of marketing. You *are* Loopy 😉

    Glad to see so many things happening – I feel like reading your blog today is a ray of sunshine that our economy is not fully self-destructing (feels like that here at work since layoffs are happening this week 🙁 )

    Wollmeise? What’s that? I hear about it but it never finds its way to my shopping cart so I just like to hear about the OTHER new and exciting things you have!

  4. Happy Monday Sheri and elves! I agree with Tracy, you have wonderful brand recognition! That rocks!!!

    I hope you are all having fun filling up the new space with yummy yarn goodness.
    I’m hoping I get lucky enough to scoop up a set of he Celtic Swan needles. Wouldn’t that just be a bright ray of light?

  5. Hi Sheri,

    I think it is a great idea to just quietly put up the Wollmeise. I think it would be easier for you Loopy gals as well as more fun for a customer to just discover Wollmeise. I think the sneak ups are fun. But just putting up your yarn whenever you get it in seems like it would be nice for you, no warning emails, no stalking customers. I would do what works for you after all you are in charge of all things Loopy:)

  6. You should do what is best and easy for you regarding the wollmeise yarn. I think it will be nice if you do not announce anything beforehand. It will give everybody an equal opportunity.

  7. I am all for not announcing the Wollmeise yarn. Maybe some of us who haven’t gotten any will have a chance I am sure your server and order systems would have a much easier time too.

    I have to check out the Celtic Swan needles, they sound amazing.

    I think the Sock the Vote yarns are great. Only a fellow knitter will know what they are!

    Now if only this 90 degree plus weather would go away…fall in SoCal is still shorts and flipflops.

  8. Looking forward to the Malabrigo sock. I had a panicky moment when I saw those firetrucks in your post, knowing what happened to the Malabrigo warehouse…too horrible to contemplate. I think adding the Wollemeise quietly will save a lot of F5’ing, and that’s a good thing.

  9. I hope you are feeling better now and are your Loopy self…and that is a very good self to be! Gee…those fire trucks scared me when I saw the photos…

    Eggplant…humm…I really like their bags….have to look at my office monitor tomorrow to see if I can tell the true color. Can’t on my computer…

    It’s cold in Central PA so I am knitting socks and more socks. Take care.

  10. I was in the recording studio tonight and missed what I wanted in the sneak up, but that’s ok, I can wait patiently.

    I definately will be pre-ordering the Zuma Bag in Eggplant. I’ve been drooling over it since I first saw it and have been waiting somewhat patiently, ok, not patiently for it to arrive.

    The same with Malabrigo sock, impatiently, especially since I just finished knitting up a pair and oh my are they just delicious. I’m also not wearing them as they will be gifted to Mom for her birthday.

    Back to the current socks, Kiwi. Take care 🙂

  11. I think it would be best for all if you put up the Wollmeise unannounced.

    You all do such a wonderful job in every way!

  12. I think putting up the Wollmeise quietly is a good idea. I also think it putting it up in several batches( as was done last time ) gives more people a chance to get lucky. On another topic…I don’t get the sock the vote concept. Shouldn’t it be Todd and Jill instead of Sarah and Hillary? Don’t mean to get all PC here but it’s just the reality…some women like to run for president and some guys like to knit! : )

  13. I would say be honored that they think of you as the Master Loopy it is a distinction like head honcho or something like that. I think it is kinda cute. Probably makes it easier to remember than your name because they see your sign all the time.
    I gave up trying to knit the shal for Fashion Diva who is also a CG now from that mohair i was given, way too scratchy! So out cam my malabrigo lace in purple i had received as a gift, i wound it up real lazy style it is still on the stick and started knitting away at the swallowtail lace scarf: it is a dream i tell you and i know she will love this yarn. So yah for more malabrigo of any kind.
    Okay i dont get the sock to vote yet but maybe i am out of the loop somehow. Would someone explain it to me please?
    I think puting up wollmeise real quietly maybe in several sessions would be a good idea at least then loopy wont go belly up.

  14. Yum, yum, drool, drool… Love Zuma, love the Sock the Vote, love that Malabrigo Sock is coming… Obviously, I must be a careful spender at Stitches East so I can still have Loopy funds! You need to help us help our families shop with YOU. Seriously. How do I get my family members to just visit my wish list? I’ve tried giving them the link, and that clearly isn’t enough…

  15. Hi Shari!

    I have two team spirit color combos (I love this idea!):

    1. Red and green (seriously – it was my high colors!)
    2. Cardinal and black or cardinal, black and white if it was a three color



  16. Sounds like things are going great at Loopy 🙂 And I think it’s great they call you that in the building!!!

    I have Little Loopy on my desk at work at the Department of Education, almost everyone asks about it 🙂

    Oh yeah, I have a morning date with your son and a dinner date with your daughter on Friday!!! Want me to give ’em a hug for you??

  17. The new Namaste bag looks gorgeous! I love my current one, but hardly ever use it (too much of a backpack kind of gal).

    What is the design process behind making a colorway for Schaeffer Anne? I don’t think I would have picked any of those colors for those people (though admittedly I don’t know too much about Sarah Palin compared to the other women listed), so I’m curious.

  18. I love love love the Noni patterns. Now I just have to figure out which bag I want to make first.
    I love your sneak ups but is this one really the only one for the week? Nothing left to look forward too until next week…

  19. Shei,
    I am glad to see you back at full force. Love the Noni patterns! And Malabrigo sock yarn! I am swooning.

  20. I think Sock the Vote really missed the boat on at least Sarah and Cindy. Cindy should be pastels like her platinum hair and the colors she wears most. Sarah in no way should be so drab. She is red and dark brown/black, Alaska ice white and glacier blue.

  21. Lots of good stuff, Sheri!

    As for your neighbors calling you Loopy, well, it could be worse. My co-workers already THINK I’m loopy, but they hate answering the customer service calls, so they’re too smart to tell me that. 🙂

    Besides, Loopy and all the Little Loopys would tell you that’s a compliment!

  22. I think it’s a hoot that they call you “Loopy”! And yes, that is excellent brand recognition! (You have to admit, the line does blur a little bit, especially when you do the Loopy Limelight gig! And I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s edition very much!) You sound like you’re feeling fine and everything’s back to normal—hope so, anyway!

    I have to agree with Seanna Lea, I wouldn’t have come up with those colorways in Shaeffer Sock the Vote either, but they are all very enticing!

    I agree that letting the Wollmeise slip onto the website with a minimum of fanfare sounds like a good idea—maybe some of the people who haven’t yet had the pleasure will finally get their hands on it! I bet there’ll be a little bit of a feeding frenzy just the same, I mean, it’s Wollmeise…! Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting to check out the less volatile items like Malabrigo sock yarn (yeah, right)!

  23. I’m definitely in favor of a very quiet sneak-it-in update for the Wollmeise. I’d even love to see you string it out a bit too; not do it all in one update.

  24. I think putting Wollmeise up quietly without announcement is a fabulous idea. I only got my first Wollmeise skeins the last time it was offered, and while it was a thrill to finally get some of this legendary yarn, I have to admit that all of the stalking and frenzy that it elicited on the online forums really made me uncomfortable. People got really crazy about it. But, overall, I’d say do what will work best for you guys.

  25. I love that the “neighbors” call you “Loopy!” Beacuse I used to work in a pediatrician’s office, when I would go to have lunch with my daughter at school, I would occasionally hear the remark, “That lady gives shots!” Imagine it! Poor kids! I think Loopy is a much better term! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the malabrigo sock yarn!

  26. Malabrigo *sock* yarn? That’s positively swoon-tacular! I love the Malabrigo laceweight and worsted I already have in my stash, and have been craving more, so it’s exciting news indeed to hear you’ll be getting a new shipment next month.

    Any hope for more Cherry Tree Hill specials/one-offs or Seacoast? Along with the Mmmmalabrigo, it’s the skeins I have from CTH and Seacoast which I lurve the most.

  27. How much will the schaefer yarn be. I would like Cindy and hilary when you get it in.
    Also want some of the Malabrigo yarn when yopu get that in. Let me know.

  28. I agree – put up the Wollmeise quietly – I’m sure there are many of us out here who check your site daily anyway, just to see what’s new – so while it will still sell out quickly, I’m sure, maybe some of us who can’t be on the computer 24/7 could get lucky!!

  29. I’d like to pre-order two skins of each colour of the “SOCK THE VOTE”.
    Thanks a lot and please leave me a message when it’s coming out.

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