Trick or Treat Surprise For You!

We know you’re trying to be good and will not be digging into the kids trick or treat bags after they go to bed. (Right?) And you’re not justifying going out and buying a big candy bar in honor of Halloween because you don’t have kids at home to go door to door for you. (Right?) And you’re positively going to bypass the Halloween candy clearance aisle on Saturday. (Right?) So we think you deserve a yarn-y kind of a treat for all of your discipline, and we have just the thing for you. Beginning at 11 pm on Thursday night (Central Standard Time), and going through 11 pm on Saturday night, we have a Trick or Treat sale going on. (Check out this fun Time Zone map I found, in case you’re wondering how many hours difference there is between Loopy and you.  We’re in the green GMT-6 time zone.)  So late Thursday night, you will find:

20% off all knitting bags (including Atenti, Offhand Designs, Namaste, Lawre’s Laine, Maruca, GoKnits, Ham’s Jam, 3 AM Enchantments, Mrs. Kwitty’s, and Loopy Ewe Totes.) We love bags, and everyone needs a bag for trick or treating. Or knitting. 🙂

And 20% off All Things Heather, Araucania, Beyond Basic Knits, Classic Elite, Farmhouse, J.Knits, Noro, Opal, Prism Kid Slique, Rio de la Plata, Regia, Rowan, Spindle City, and Sheepaints.

(This applies to items in stock at the time of the sale.)

We usually focus on giving back to you in appreciation of your business, by giving you Frequent Shopper Benefits on anything and everything that you purchase here. We like doing that, and we know you love that ongoing savings, too. But besides trying to bypass the trick or treat candy, we also figured that everyone has had enough of the economy woes and enough of the weeks and weeks of annoying political ads, and we thought you just downright deserved an extra treat this week. (And of course you’ll be earning Frequent Shopper Benefits on all of these purchases, too.  Always.) So we hope you enjoy a little shopping fun and that this will put a smile on your face!  We’ll work on getting the sale orders out on Friday and Monday. (And really – you can go ahead and raid the trick or treat bags, too.  We think that’s just fine.)

Sheri nokidsathometobebringinguscandy,


  1. I definitely have seen enough political ads. It’s even more irritating after you’ve voted. We’ve already been raiding the trick or treat bag. My boss bought chocolate to give to came by on Friday but her employees may consume it all before then. I locked mine in the trunk so I have to go outside in the cold to get it.

    Java Joz (local coffee place) closed for a few days too many to relocate so I could use a mochaccino but a yarn sale will do too. Starbucks is 25 miles away so won’t get another salted caramel hot chocolate till Monday.

  2. That’s just so sweet of you! : ) And, on the candy front, I do try to be good. But, I can never resist Snickers. But, I also like those Reeses pumkins with the extra filling – Yum!! You see, I inherited my sweet tooth from my mom – she’s all about having plenty of candy around the house. She claims she’s toned it down over the years, but I’m not sure about that, lol. : )

  3. That’s RIGHT!!! I knew I owed you a thanks for something – thanks for the big ol’ holiday-butt I’m getting off of these salted caramel hot chocolates!!! After you mentioned it, I gave it a shot and now I’ve veered hopelessly far from my skinny macchiato and am totally in love with this hot chocolate! And the salt is like crack – I keep asking them to add more and more of the salty topping, and I’ve taken to adding MORE salt to them when I get home! NUMMY!

    And thanks for the sale! Yarn and goodies – thems is my kind of treats!

  4. oooooo – a sale ! You’re the best, Sheri & Elves!
    Can’t wait to check out all the bargains (inbetweenmunchingonkitkats…)

  5. Just think, this time next week, we’ll be done with political ads! Then the real work begins.

    Thank you for the sale – you are weakening my ‘no yarn buying’ resolve….

  6. THANK YOU Sheri and Loopy team (y’all will be BUSY after this sale).

    As a kid, we lived WAY out in the country at the end of a long and dark wooded driveway. And my dad will play scary music on speakers. Cars might stop at the end of the drive, but then they almost ALWAYS drove on. BUT! Every year my Mom got a huge (huuuuuge) bowl of candy “just in case” we had trick-or-treaters. Always in our favorite candy varieties 😉 Ya gotta be prepared, right???

  7. We won’t be getting any trick or treaters because we live in an apartment building and that means that I can skip the Halloween candy…although the drug store had a ton of it and some of it did look tempting!

    How about Candy Corn for a special Lorna’s Laces color? I’m working on my Loopy striped socks and they are definitely reminding me of candy canes!


    Now, if only that yarn I’ve got my eye on could either walk my dog or heal my shoulder….

    But it will make me feel better!

  9. Sheri, you make being bad way to easy. I love it!!!!

    I now know who to send all of the leftover Halloween candy to. You shouldn’t be left out and my big butt certainly doesn’t need another bite size anything around the house.

    You are simply the best!

  10. Hi, Sheri,

    Thanks for the trick or treats!

    The “trick” is that we are on Central Daylight Time until sometime in the wee hours of the morning on 11/2, when we switch back to Central Standard Time. (I assume that is what you meant. I just have to tease you, though. 🙂

    Since we “fall back” to Central Standard Time, would that mean 11 CST was an hour earlier? 🙂

    Lisa Kay

  11. Wow! You all are awesome! Just when I thought I couldn’t buy anymore. Just sad that after months of waiting I bit the bullet and bought my 2 knit to go bags last week 🙂 My luck.

  12. A sale is so nice!. I bet the economy has been hard on the Loopy Ewe too. Darn money….what a necessary evil.

    I’ve got to try that Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. It sounds so yummy!

  13. You are awesome, Sheri. Thanks so much for the sale! I hope Loopy is bracing himself for some heavy website activity and won’t go belly up this time!

  14. Sheri you are so generous to your customers! Thank you sooooo much!!! Is this a test to the website and its stability??? LOL And, yes I think you deserve the biggest Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate they make.

  15. A Halloween Yarn Sale!!!! That’s the best way I can think of to celebrate Trick Or Treat!
    We live at the very end of a 1/2 mile long dirt road. No one EVER comes to Trick Or Treat at our house, so I don’t buy any candy. Better for me and my waistline that way.
    Where we used to live we would get kids by the hundreds, literally. I miss that, so your sale will be a great way for me to have a treat!
    Thank you!

  16. Sheri…thank you for this awesome sale. Can’t wait for this special treat. I knew I loved shopping with you and The Loopy Ewe. 🙂

  17. all right, tired of all the news being politics and economy. I have almost completely stopped watching! yes…! (did you know frozen peanut butter cups rule??)

  18. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The photo of the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate was so enticing last Friday, I had to try it! It is so good! Thanks Sheri!

  19. Sheri, you are so generous—and you know just what will make us happy! Thank you! Luckily for me and my waistline, they haven’t caught on to trick-or-treat over here. They love Halloween but it’s all about the costumes. So no big bowl of candy to tempt me! (I’d trade it all for a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, though!)

  20. Sheri – how nice! Can I stay up until midnight tonight? Hmmmm

    And I would *never* eat my kids’ Halloween candy. Never! Well, except for those Junior Mints… Oh – and Kit Kat bars…

  21. Thank you Sheri!!! You are so generous, and this will certainly take my mind off of all the political nonsense.

    Now, where did I hide my credit card?

  22. Yay! I knew there was a reason I was putting off the order for the materials for my dad’s birthday present. 🙂

  23. Wow! I even have time to do some shopping either late tonight after I get back from rehearsal or tomorrow evening. This will be a perfect ending to what feels like a really long week!

    I still need to buy candy (for the office), which is part of my plan for tomorrow morning. I buy from a local shop, so it isn’t as cheap but I love knowing that I help keep him in business.

  24. Thank you, Sheri! And something else — I gassed up last night and it was FIFTY CENTS LESS PER GALLON than what I paid last week! Since I decided to forego Starbucks because of the cost of gas, now maybe I will try a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. : D

  25. What a great treat! I’m going to wait till the official holiday, but ever since I was a kid, I always thought of Halloween as the start of the holiday season, you know the one that starts Oct. 31 and ends Jan 1. What a great way to celebrate the day. Easily as much fun as a sack of candy!

  26. Hi Sheri, what a nice thing to do for everyone. A great Halloween treat. You are really very generous. I hope you have a great treat yourself. Best of luck with the sale. Hugs

  27. OOOOOOO dear i cannot sleep and still waiting for the Trick and Tread Yarn sale:p
    3 minutes to go……….i think…….
    Thanks Sheri! and Loopy;)

    Lovely greetings Karin from the Netherlands

  28. What a great idea for a sale! Thank you! Happy Halloween!

    I love your Moose-O’Lantern! So cute! 🙂 (You’d never know that I love moose, now, would you, LOL?)

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