We watched The Office last night, and right after that, “SNL Weekend Update-Thursday” came on. It started out with some humorous skits about the political scene in the U.S. right now (which, actually, were a lot more fun to watch than the real thing.) But the thing that had us cracking up was during the “newscast” segment, where they were talking about the economy.  Don’t you just sometimes want to yell at someone and tell them to get this figured out and FIXED so that we can be done with the doom and gloom and trying times? I think that’s why this skit made me laugh so hard – it’s exactly what I want to say to someone.  (Note – this shows the whole newscast.  The “Fix It” part is from 2:25 – 3:45 in there.) I may have to watch it once a day for some levity….

I finished sock #1 of my Lorna’s Laces Loopy Ewe colorway. I love it! I think mini-stripes are fun. I knit this on size 1’s with 60 stitches on the needles.  Plain sock on the foot, K3/P1 on the ribbing. When I knit mini-striping yarn, I start by counting the number of stitches it takes me to knit through the first color on whatever size needle I’m using for that project.  In this case, there were about 65-68 stitches in each color section as I was knitting it on my size #1’s.  By making my sock 60 stitches around (which I did because that’s the size I needed the sock to be), there are a few stitches of color that overlap to the next row. When you look at this sock, you can see that these slight overlaps of color from one row to the next kind of break the pattern up a little and cause some “movement” in the sock. I like that. I also could’ve done a bit of a pattern in the sock (instead of plain rib), because that extra inch of color would’ve given me some leeway and still kept each row basically a different color.  If I was knitting a scarf with this (or the Sport weight), I’d do the same thing – count the number of stitches in one color, for the needle size I wanted to use. It helps you figure out how many stitches you might want to use on each row, how wide your color stripes are going to be, what different patterns you might experiment with, etc. (Note – I tried Judy’s Magic Cast-on for the toe since I wanted the stripes to look good.  Here’s a video of Cat Bordhi demonstrating it. I’m sold on this cool cast-on!)

Thank you for all of your great suggestions on colorways for our new “Team Spirit” line! We are going through and tallying all of the votes and will come up with the most frequently requested combinations to start with.  (And then we’ll continue to build from there.) The Team Spirit colorways will be like the Loopy Ewe colorway in the way it knits up into mini-stripes. It will be fun to see our favorite teams (& Hogwarts houses) knit up into socks and scarves and hats, as you all go to town! Since there were over 500 comments, we used the random number generator to pick TWO winners for a Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate. Congratulations to Jenny in Wisconsin and Jan in VA!  We will keep you posted on the posting of the colorways. (By the way – we keep getting emails about whether or not we’ll have more of The Loopy Ewe colorway.  Definitely!  It’s not a limited edition – we will keep it in stock as often as they can dye it up for us.  We’ve also put in an order for solid-color skeins of the Loopy Red, because many of you have asked for that so that you can do heels and toes.)

Here’s a wonderful cookie recipe for you today. I hope your family loves them as much as mine does!

Emily’s Sugar Cookie Crispers

1 lb. butter (4 sticks), softened
4 cups white sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking soda
4 1/2 cups flour
2 tsp. vanilla

Optional add-ins – pick one or two! Nestle’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Ghiradelli’s Milk Chocolate Chips, macadamia nuts, chopped pecans, dried cranberries, dried cherries, etc. Each version is just as good as the next!

Whip the butter and the sugar together.  Beat in the eggs.  Mix the dry ingredients together and then add into creamed mixture, slowly.  Mix well. Add vanilla, then add in any of your “optional add-ins”.

Bake at 375 degrees for 13-15 minutes.  Cool on cookie sheet for several minutes before removing to baking rack to finish cooling.

We have Monday off because it’s a No-Mail-Holiday here in the U.S. (Columbus Day). I’ve decided that I’m going to try to knit more of my Christmas gifts this year (until someone FIXES the economy, FPS), so it will be a Power Knitting Weekend for me. Is anyone else finding that they’re more inclined to make gifts this year? What kinds of things will you make? I’m dragging out my patterns and books and making a Master List for the Fall. This will be fun!

Sheri mustalsogogroceryshoppingthisweekend.That’snotsofun.


  1. I’m knitting socks. Unfortunately, my MIL requested socks that didn’t have any wool in them, so I found an alternative yarn and if it doesn’t work I’ll move to the Panda Cotton. She wants two pairs!

    My FIL wants a scarf, so I’m considering making Henry from Knitty. That will be another 2 skeins of sock yarn, so expect me to be here in a couple of weeks once I finish a few things up!

  2. I am to slow of a knitter to make many Christmas gifts. If i was faster, i would. I have to grocery shop this weekend, also. Have a great knitting weekend.

  3. Yes, I have thought about making gifts this year as well. Unfortunately, my family does not appreciate the “homemade” gift! Can you imagine? Oh, well, more for me, I guess.
    Have a great knitting weekend, you deserve it.

  4. I need to get started on my Christmas knitting. My mother has been hinting, in a not-so-subtle way, that she wants knitted dishcloths for Christmas. I do have a couple pair of socks already knitted up for gifts.

    Have a good Power Knitting Weekend! Don’t forget to plan rest and recovery times for your wrists and hands.

  5. I love, love, LOVE that Loopy Ewe colorway! I’m going to go wishlist it right now so I can get it quick when it comes in. I can’t wait to see what the team colors are going to be. These will make some fun and fabulously funky socks!!

    I think the cookie recipe will be great for Halloween. I can see orange and black sprinkles and those little bat sprinkles that I saw at the store the other day. Yum!

    Well, I’m sick of all this economy mess too. I’m trying to build an economic plan that will convince the government to pay off all my credit card debt so I can buy more yarn. LOL!

  6. Oh, yes, I’m power knitting for gifts this weekend and all the next as well. I even started a ‘holiday knitter’s support group’! And, the cookies with dried berries made me jump up to count how many sticks of butter we have – as it is deemed a total betrayal to make cookies in our home without butter! Yum!

  7. I am also making Christmas Gifts this year. I am making everthing from a felted flamingo, felted christmas trees, a felted poinsetta wreath, a poncho, a weiner dog, socks, bags, felted flower people, frog earmuffs, and a sweater. I am going to be VERY busy for the next few months! Can’t wait to try the cookies!!

  8. I’ve already started on my christmas gifts – either hat/scarf sets, slipper socks or felted boxes for all of my nieces. My kids are getting something goofy – a felted purse for my daughter, a hedgehog for my one son, a white fuzzy dog, and Harry Potter’s owl with HP school colors scarf and one of his own high school. In additional I am needlepointing belts for my dad and two brothers.

  9. Sheri,
    Your striped sock looks great! I’m going to try the plain vanilla sock pattern for the striped pair that I’m going to start knitting this weekend…I just wound the yarn!
    Have a good weekend!!

  10. On the bright side of grocery shopping – I bet your grocery bill has gone down with both kids at college and what you buy probably lasts longer.

    I know two teenagers (and all their friends) certainly put the hurt on my fridge and pantry and now with prices skyrocketing my pocketbook.

    I’m definitely looking to make several presents this year. After all I have this awesome stash of yarn from the Loopy Ewe that I need to knit up so I can buy more without my hubby growling when a new package arrives.

  11. I knit a little something for all my friends/family members. This year I’m making market bags because I saw a picture of a seagull with a plastic bag around its neck on the front page of the local paper. (I now request paper.) I will also make my great-nephew a hat of some type and may make some fingerless mitts. I usually do my gift knitting year round on Sunday afternoons from 1 to 8. I also rubber stamp and make my Christmas cards and am way-way- behind on this (supposed to do this on Saturday afternoon and make 10 a month–have cut cardstock.)

    Those cookies look so good.

    Have a nice long weekend.

  12. Sheri
    Thanks for the sample sock in Loopy Ewe colorway. I bought some of the yarn and also solid green to do christmas stockings and I think it looks great. I’m using the green for the toes and heels. I may even make mini stockings out of the yarn for a wreath.

    The cookie recipe looks great may have to try that.

    have a great weekend.

    p.s. FIX IT!

  13. I need to finsih the Wedding shawl, and I am working on putting stuff back into the new kitchen cabinets. No sink as of yet, that is supposed to happen next week! Then your cookies sure look good! I agree FIX the MESS!

  14. Ever since you posted those fan and feather scarves, I’m knitting them (enabler)! There will be at least two of those for Christmas presents!
    My girls want Harry Potter fingerless mitts and socks.
    DH wants socks in YP yarn…..
    Not hard requests, but the pressure ot knit on a schedule drives me nuts!

    PS – I’m trying Febreeze on the Namaste today…..let you know how it works. If not, will consider newspaper remedy. Thanks again!

  15. I like the sock! Ooh, red heels and toes would be fun.

    It drives me nuts that everyone on the financial channel keeps saying that the sky is falling; can’t the news ever focus on something positive?!! FPS.

    I’m knitting up a small stack of dishcloths for one of my sisters, and another sister asked for a scarf and/or slippers. I think I’m going to try a felted clog pattern.

  16. I was very inclined to make gifts this year until I realized that I am going to be traveling a lot leading up until Christmas. Now I am more worried about finishing my Christmas shopping by early November. FPS I would like to relax for Christmas 🙂

  17. The SNL special last night was the perfect antidote to a week of increasingly bad financial news (and layoffs starting at work). Along with FIX IT! (and I just wanted to scream with the TV) was “OMG, Are you SERIOUS!?” That was EXACTLY how I felt when I saw the news on AIG during the week. I like to think that SNL’s outcry on behalf of all of us is what led to the story I saw this morning – that AIG decided to NOT hold that second retreat. Can we all just say “DUH.”

    I wish the repeats were LONGER on the striping yarns. I have to use 68-72 stitch cast on for socks and that makes all these kinds of yarns just pool in big swatches. I got some of the loopy yarn and I know I’ll like it but once it awhile it would be nice if manufacturers/dyers (hello indie folks out there – PLEASE) would not assume that we all wear socks in the 54-60 stitch cast on range. A detail that will probably lead to me dyeing my own yarn eventually so that I, too, can have STRIPING yarn.


  18. I am knitting a sweater for DH(6’6″ size 60 suit coat), which is why I am ordering so much Cascade in one color, heehee. And, unfortunately that may preclude any other gift knitting, but we shall see. BTW never used Cascade fro anything but felting and knitting it in this sweater it is so luscious!

  19. Love the sock! And, what a great tip on the striping. I like my crazy color changes in my sock yarn, but sometimes you get awful pooling. Just knitting a few stitches straight certainly will help you in the trial and error of getting it just right (opposed to my usual method of start sock, knit a couple inches, hate it, rip out, repeat 10 times until I finally give up and just deal with the pooling!). 🙂

  20. I already had planned to knit Christmas gifts. Lots of socks. Sweaters for the grands. Dish towels and dishcloths for friends. Probably a couple of scarves and maybe mittens or gloves.

  21. The socks are wonderfully fun!! I am also knitting a few gifts for xmas. I’ve already finished the knitting on a pair of felted clogs for oldest DD; still working on BPT from knitty for youngest DD. also on the list is a dallas cowboys blanket for our granddaughter and maybe some tiny tiny socks for her!! maybe I’ll take a day off next week just for “making”. Have a great weekend.

  22. I love those socks!! Have to order that yarn when it comes in. As I write this – our Phila. Phillies are ahead in game 2 – so I am wondering if they go to the world series – if the yarn will also have blue in addition to the red and white. Last year I knitted my friends – and some family members – scarves and some fingerless gloves for some of the ladies. I love handmade gifts! Love to receive them and love to make them. Just very much from the heart and soul of the giver. I remember a scarf my grandmother crocheted for me and I treasured that until it was way too ragged to use anymore. Felt like my Nana was hugging me when I wore it. I make gifts even if those I give them to never send a thank you. I always figure it was from my heart and you all know the time involved. So that’s why hand made gifts mean so much to me – always touches me deeply when anyone has put that much of themselves into a gift like that and then gives it to me. One year in my family – years ago – when everyone’s budgets were tight – we had a family polyanna and the condition was that the gift HAD to me handmade – and all were wonderful.
    Those cookies are VERY tempting looking! MESS or no mess – and whether anyone FIXES it or not I plan to try to hand make as many gifts this year as I have time to do so – knit, sew, etc.

  23. Great socks! I love the way that they striped and the way that the few stitches where the color crosses over adds interest and makes it look more spiral-ish. (Is that a word?)

    Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

  24. My step nieces love knitted gifts so I’m knitting a bracelet for the bigger one and still trying to decide what to knit the younger one. I’m knitting a sweater for my best friends 3 year old (my first sweater!) and socks for her 1 year old. I’ll be making bed socks for my mom and grandma and a small shoulder shawl for mil. Holy heck, I better get crackin’! If I have time I might crank out some hats for some of the guys in the family.

  25. I’m knitting little mitten ornaments that will be part of my christmas cards. I’m trying to finish up a felted bag, along with a couple of pairs of fingerless mitts. And if I can get around to it, and couple of Alan Dart gnomes. Monday will be a marathon knitting day for me too.

  26. I love your sock. Now I need to get motivated and start some for me! Maybe cookies this next week, my son has a friend coming out from Texas to celebrate a 21st b-day, so along with DH 3 men to feed… yes cookies…now where to hide some for me?

    Thank goodness for SNL – I sure do need something to make me smile… other than yarn from TLE that is. ;-P.

    Tomorrow is groceries and of course the farmer’s market. Have a great weekend of nitting.

  27. Sheri, your sock looks great! (And it just occurred to me that the colors of the local soccer team are red and white, isn’t that convenient?) Probably no consolation to mention that the financial situation over here is also grim, and since things tend to move more slowly over here, it will take that much longer for them to FIX it! Meanwhile, yes, I’ve got a pile of Christmas gifts to knit—I’m leaning heavily on the dishcloths this year, they’re fast—and I hope you enjoy your knitting weekend too! And thanks for the cookie recipe—looks delicious, and I can find every single ingredient locally, no problem!

  28. I love the thin striping on the Loopy color way. This year’s Christmas is going to include socks, scarks, mitts, maybe some lumps of coal for folks whove been especially good this year. Like everyone, the news this week is so unsettling. I hate it when scoundrels get into positions that cause major problems for the rest of us. I better go knit a sock. I think we are all going to need to think of RAKS thisFall/Winter.

  29. I laughed so hard at the FIX IT skit on SNL that I was crying and had to watch it several more times! My two year old now says FIX IT over and over.
    I love the socks as well!

  30. Love you sock and the striping. I too have planned on making some Christmas presents this year. Just for my immediately family and a few lucky friends. I am working on one now while I am on vacation (come home tomorrow).

    Luckily I just received a promotion as work which I start on Tuesday, a little nervous. New office location, people, etc. but I will be an exciting new challenge. I could not pass up the opportunity (they don’t come along too often). So everything is not always doom and gloom, but we do need an positive turn in our economy.

    The cookie recipe looks wonderful, can’t wait to try!

  31. I LOVE red and white…in just about anything, be it yarn or clothing or dishes! Must check this out…

    I think I’m knitting some gifts this year, but I knitted just about every single gift last year, and not everyone responded encouragingly. Sigh.

  32. Thanks for your link to the SNL Weekend Update. I missed it on Thursday night but had heard good things about it. The “Fix It” bit made me LOL! If only it were so easy! Happy Knitting!

  33. Berroco has a great pattern (free on their website) for adorable, detailed, miniature sweaters. They make the cutest ornaments…. I’m thinking of making sets of “3”? for holiday gifts.

  34. I’m another slow knitter, so I might not knit anything for presents this year. (Last year MIL requested a headband, and I got that done in record time, but this year’s potential gift had to be frogged and the backup is far from even the halfway point.) However, I do plan to sew up some throw pillow covers for select friends/family, and embark on something fabulous for a swap pal. Hey, maybe I could give everyone macadamia-cranberry-white chocolate sugar cookie crispers…

  35. I am knitting shrugs, socks, mittens, and scarves. Since the yarn I use is special I do not do this because of the economy but because I love giving something I took the time to choose and make for someone. I am working on socks right now! Looking for the next update!!

  36. Your ears should be ringing. We always are talking about the Loopy Ewe at my Friday knitting class. In fact, this Friday, one of our knitters brought your sugar cookies and they were delicious! We are always raving about the Loopy Ewe. What more can you want? Great yarn, Great Customer Service and Terrific recipes.

    Karin 😉

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