Web Guy in the Loopy Limelight

As promised, we have our very own Web Guy in the Loopy Limelight today. Most of you know that Web Guy is also known as “College Guy” and “Our Favorite Son”, too. We’re lucky to have him in our family AND here at The Loopy Ewe! (And we have one son and one daughter, so we can call him “our favorite son” without slighting anyone else. As you might guess, Knitting Daughter is also “our favorite daughter”. Nice how that works out.) I thought you might like knowing more about him today. We couldn’t do The Loopy Ewe without him! Thanks to those of you who emailed questions for him.
Hi Web Guy! So the first person wants to know: “Did Web Guy design your superb web site?”
Web Guy:
Yes. When we first started, we wanted something nice and simple. The default blogging theme we were going to use for this blog seemed really simple and well laid-out, so I decided to build off of that and add a bunch of things here and there to make it good for an online shop. Since then and as we add new features, we’ve kept adapting it while trying to keep the site easy to use. A bunch of features came about because customers suggested them (like having little magnifiers on the corner of thumbnails…that’s pretty nifty).

Loopy: The Loopy Lady has mentioned in the blog before how you started building our website using one of the typical “template” e-commerce sites out there, but decided that you wanted to be able to add in too many unique things to it and so started over to build it our own the way, so that it would work best for us. I’m glad you did! Part two of the question above: “If so, did Web Guy study web design somewhere?”
Web Guy:
Not really. I just end up browsing around the web and looking at a lot of different types of websites as I’m doing various projects and am always picking up new ideas to try and also ideas to avoid.

Loopy: Good point. It’s also good to know things to avoid as well. The next person wanted to know, “What is the most important thing he learned from his mother, and from his father?”
Web Guy:
To find something you enjoy doing and do it – and it’s exponentially better if you can bring along others to help and enjoy it with you. Both have started their own businesses and, while frequently time consuming, you get to be directly involved with something that’s bigger than a plan you could have come up with individually. I mean, it’s really cool to be a part of a small, young business and community of over 30 countries like TLE. Not many kids are lucky enough to be a part of that, much less see how that happens and learn through it.

Loopy: You’d think there would be a way to come up with a business plan that necessitates us traveling to all of those countries “for business purposes”, right? The next person said, “I would like to ask WG if he liked his internship in Florida and how he compares life here and there for somebody his age?”
Web Guy:
The summer in Florida has been pretty amazing (this is going to be my last week here…) and Sentry Data Systems is about the best technology service company I could have imagined to intern with. It was a bit weird living away from Home and Loopy Central – apparently they got a little crazy without me … going and doubling their space … good grief – but, it was fun. I lived with a couple friends from school (Taylor University) in Fort Lauderdale which was great. (Don’t tell the Loopy Lady – but I think every college person definitely needs at least one summer away from home … it was a whole barrel of new experiences and living/working with friends made it much more fun.)

Loopy: Ok, Web Guy. That is our secret. (But I think she agrees with you. Although I know for certain how much you were missed around here this summer.) The next person asks, “Now I want Web Guy to tell us how he got so smart, so young, that he could put together your fabulous web site.”
Web Guy:
I ate my fruits and veggies as a kid. πŸ™‚ Other than that, I just like experimenting and trying new things and then applying them. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

Loopy: The Loopy Lady says you’re right – you were always good about eating those things. Another question, “I’d be curious to know how Web Guy got interested in computers in the first place.”
Web Guy:
I don’t know – for as long as I remember, there’s always been some piece of technological equipment around that I could push buttons on and try to break. Lots of people use them and get frustrated when they break…I get curious about why they broke. But I guess that’s what a Web Guy is supposed to be, right?

Loopy: The curiosity sounds good. We hope that not too many things will break on the website for you to deal with, though! The LL says that you were hooked on computers from the first time you sat down to one, which was when you were about two. I guess computers have come a LONG way since then. What feature on the Loopy website was the most challenging one for you to write up?
Web Guy:
Hmm, well, not sure which was the most challenging, but I think the most fun and interesting thing I’ve worked on is the yarn color finder. I’d never done much with color matching (still am a novice) so it took a bunch of time and reading, and then I’ve been experimenting ever since. It’s not perfect yet, but there aren’t too many sites around that let you find items by color, so I couldn’t resist putting that online for Loopy visitors to try out a while ago. When I first put it up, we only had a few hundred of our items colorized … now we’re up to most all of our products which is pretty cool. (P.S. – it doesn’t show out of stock products in your color search results now.)

Loopy: My personal favorite color is red. Like my socks. In case anyone wanted to know. So, what is the best and worst part of being The Loopy Ewe Web Guy?
Web Guy:
There are definitely several “bests”: having a reason and purpose to learn and apply new technology/ideas, getting exposure to the business side of my Computer Science degree, and also being a part of a unique business that has such a fun community around it. As far as a worst part, hmmm. It’s a bit difficult being both College Guy and Web Guy – both are really fun and great experiences … it’s just a matter of finding the right amount of time for both. Also, maybe being relatively clueless about the various types of yarn we sell, but I try to leave that all up to the Loopy Lady.

Loopy: And I know that she is just as happy to leave the technology side of things up to you! Do you have any friends who are knitters? Do you knit?
Web Guy:
Well, if you’re counting all the people I’ve gotten to meet through TLE, I’ve got a whole world of knitting friends. I do have a few friends who knit though – but being stuck in the Computer Science Department doesn’t typically lend itself to inviting the college knitting masses to bring their yarns and needles to sit behind computer screens. If you’re asking TLE Web Guy if he knows how to knit, he knows the basics … if you’re asking normal College Guy, he pretends to be a little more clueless.

Loopy: I think that the Loopy Lady just wanted to make sure you knew what this knitting thing was all about when she made you try a few rows one time! Too bad it didn’t stick, because we all think that knitting would make a good pastime for any college student or full-time employee who needs some relaxing downtime. Or pretty much anyone else, for that matter. Any sneak peaks at new features that you are working on for the website?
Web Guy:
Well, let’s see. One thing that we’re working on is finding a better way to browse through our online shop. It’s kind of annoying to have to always go by category when maybe you want to go by vendor or weight or material or color. Another fun thing in the works has to do with connecting together the knitting world, blogging world, and The Loopy Ewe. Oftentimes people link their blog posts to the yarns and products they used when they are finished. Soon we’ll be showing some trackbacks for our products and vendors to let people see what the blogging world has said about them and see how products turned out. Feel free to send us your ideas, too. We’re always interested.

Loopy: Thanks for taking time out to talk with us, Web Guy. You’re the best!
Sheri athomewejustcallhimDanny.Welikethatnameforhim,too πŸ™‚


  1. This is how lame I am… I cried cause I though that was so sweet.

    And probably cause my oldest starts college in 3 weeks— and he’s STAYING HOME.. but I’m a goof ball.

    Congrats on a great family- and a great shop.

  2. It is refreshing to read about a young person who is motivated and knows where they want to go in the future. Enjoy your last few days in Florida and keep up the good work, Danny!

  3. Great interview! I enjoyed meeting Web Guy at the Spring Fling and he is just as nice as can be! It must run in the family:)

  4. That last idea in the making sounds fantastic. I really look forward to seeing that one go up. Glad Web Guy agreed to be in the Limelight.

  5. Great read. Congrats, Sheri, you’ve raised some wonderful kids.

    I”m surprised no one asked about the ‘sneak ups’ – like, what’s it like to watch them happen and what can go wrong?.

  6. Does Web Guy get a bit of time at home between internship and school? Pamper him, paper him, pamper him. He is a jewel!

  7. ummm loopy forgot to was if web guy is ummmm single— or dating someone special….

    and I’m pretty sure knitters all over the internets who are single are wondering…..

  8. Loved the interview. My college guy is also my computer guy. He can knit and crochet, but he prefers it if we keep that a secret! Sounds like you have a great son.

  9. Well, it’s probably about time the rest of the world got to see who College Guy really is πŸ™‚

    And I’ll add my two cents: Not only can Web Guy do amazing things on the computer for TLE, but he also knows how to teach poor unfortunate souls in college (like me) how to do our Computer Science homework!!!

    Thanks for the fun interview today πŸ™‚

  10. That was such a great interview. I was waiting for this one. it is nice to know some more about Web Guy/College Guy. He gets a big hand for all his work.

    Now I would love to see an interview from Knitting Daughter since I know she does her share of work around TLE.

  11. Nice to meet you, Danny. Thank you for all your hard work on the TLE web site, and for helping your momma. I know she appreciates everything you do or try to do.

    And I agree, that every College Guy or Gal needs a summer away from home. Gives you a chance to spread those wings! Florida is a definitely a nice place to test your flying abilities. Good luck with your career choice, and best wishes!

  12. We all love the WG or CG. He keeps our favorite yarn store up and running so we can all stay Loopy. A summer away is a good thing, but don’t forget that one day you will look and think how much easier life was when you were a teenager.

  13. My dad always calls me his “favorite oldest daughter”… and I reply that I’m also his least favorite oldest daughter. πŸ™‚

  14. I LOVE the “Find By Color” as its so very helpful when I have an idea for a specific colour. That was an awesome touch.

  15. It was a very interesting interview. You are a very gifted young man in the
    technology department. I’m glad you are having a good time in Florida. It will
    probably be hard to get back to school and get in the swing of things there.
    I read the blog everyday and I didn’t even know that there was a color search.
    My youngest son was just like you. He started taking everything apart when
    he was two years old to see what made them work. He’s an engineer now and
    still curious about how things work.He doesn’t knit either, but his 15 year old
    daughter and wife do. I know your mom and dad are really proud of
    you. Good luck!!!

  16. Danny
    What fun to read about our favorite GRAND son today. You were a WINNER from the time you first entered the world. We love you dearly and are so proud of what you have done to make the LYE so successful
    Mimi and Papa

  17. Great interview as usual Loopy…and thanks to Danny/College Guy/Web Guy for all the wonderful features he has put in TLE website!

    I agree with tracey in mi…you forgot to ask about whether CG/WG has a GF!!

  18. I like the last idea a lot.

    It’s great being able to take a problem (I also work on an internet site) and come up with solutions and learn lots of new things. It is what makes CS work more than just number crunching and into something much more creative.

  19. Loved, loved, loved the interview with Web Guy!! He’s a genius and so nice besides!
    If he is single…..and he sees some girls knitting on campus….all he has to do is tell them his mother owns a fabulous yarn store and they would be calling HIM for a date!

  20. Fabulous interview! I honestly think that TLE has the best website anywhere, in terms of speed, ease of use, and accurate product photos. Web Guy clearly has a great future ahead in the computer field, and he’s modest, too!

  21. Thanks for another fun interview. WG is really lucky to have TLE to see how Computer Science is applied and get the chance to learn hands on! We are lucky that he does such a good job!

  22. great interview as always Loopy. It is so nice to learn ore about College/Web Guy. Thanks for all you do to make our shopping experience at out favorite yarn shop so nice. Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation and your time in Florida.

  23. Very nice interview! I can attest to the value of “hmm, something broke, I wonder why?” as a way to learn web design :-).

    Re: favorite son: A couple years after my brother and I had started college, my dad said to my little sister, “You know, you’re my favorite child.” And after a pause while she made happy sounds, he added, “Of course, the other two are adults now.”

    (She’s still “Favorite Younger Daughter”, though!)

  24. I always read your run on closing but this time it’s good I did – now we know who he really is πŸ™‚ Actually I think he’ll always be known as Web Guy to the Loopy customers! Thanks Web Guy for the interview!

  25. Thanks for the great interview with Web Guy, Loopy! I really appreciate all Web Guy does for us (customers and friends) at TLE! It was so nice meeting him at the Spring Fling.

  26. Nice to meet you, College Guy! You’ve definitely done a great job with this website. However, I do have one suggestion. As I’m reading the blog there are sometimes I would like to slip over to the vendor/yarn site without going out of the blog completely. I would be convenient if those options were in the sidebar…possible? Remember, you asked FPS.



  27. Nice to meet you College Guy. Now I can thank you for all of your hard work! Thank you! And I must say, it’s impressive that you do the website and go to school, too. I love your innovations: the color search option, magnifying glass, “what’s new” and sneakups. Someday you’ll be writing a book, I think. Can you get Loopy college credit?

  28. What a great interview, Loopy! And how nice to meet the modest genius who makes The Loopy Ewe so easy and fun to get around. I just want to add my thanks to WG/CG/Danny (good name!) for all his hard work. We Loopies really appreciate him. Funny, I’ve got a kid who was always breaking things and then trying to figure out why they broke, and he’s studying computers now!

    And he’s right about the value of spending a summer away from home when you’re young—remind me that I said that when mine are old enough to try it…!

  29. I just loved this interview and I too got to meet Danny at the Spring Fling. And to HIS credit, he drove all the way back from college in Indiana just to meet the Spring Flingers…..how is that for family loyalty and being a part of the Loopy Group!

    Danny, you have just done a marvelous job with the website and are an integral part of a totally wonderful family. Your parents have done a great job of raising you too.

  30. that is unbearably cute.

    also, since lg suggestions were mentioned and all……

    i am lazy with hand-washing and prefer the machine-washable fibers. i wish (hint..hint…) there was a way to limit my search results or find out quickly if each fiber is machine-washable or indicates a gradation of some sort….like, say, stands up well to machine wash, a little fuzzy on the gentle cycle, or abort! not all superwashes are created equal, so if someone has found this stuff out, it would be VERY helpful. i would be more than willing to indicate my feelings on those i’ve tried. maybe a rating system of sorts as well.

    i know, i know…i may have gotten a little carried away. just my humble opinion.

  31. Thanks, Web Guy/College Guy for sharing a little bit about yourself. It’s nice to know more about you. I certainly appreciate all your hard work on this site and your desire to do even more. Good luck on your college degree — enjoy this time in your life, there is no other time quite like this!

  32. Thank you so much for the interview with Danny “Web Guy”. All his hard work certainly has paid off because TLE website is one of the most friendliest, easiest yarn sites I’ve been on. I look forward to more helpful changes.

    I do have a suggestion though – I would like the sock patterns to mention if they’re toe-up or cuff-down. It would be very helpful in deciding which ones to get.

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