Second Anniversary Contest!

Wow. I can hardly believe that we are celebrating our Second Anniversary at The Loopy Ewe! Things have changed so much here since we first opened. We started with just a few lines (Regia, Claudia Hand Painted, Lorna’s Laces, Cherry Tree Hill, and Schaefer) and things have grown just a little bit since then! We started in this little side room in our basement (which I thought was a perfect little “sock yarn nook” and would serve us well) and now we’re waiting to expand our space again for the 3rd time. (I hear pounding. I think walls are coming down next door and the space is being made ready, but they haven’t punched through to us here yet, which means they’re not yet ready to make it all one big space.) We started with a few hundred skeins of yarn, built it up to 7977 at this time last year (remember that blog contest?) and …. well, let’s just say that we have thousands more than that now. (ahem. Someone keeps ordering more.) We started with just two customers – my mom, and my good friend Janice, and now we have lots of you and you all have become very dear to us. (You make it possible for there to BE a Loopy Ewe!) Thank you for all of your support and encouragement over these past two years. Y’all are so much fun and we feel lucky to have you. We’re looking forward to many more years with you.

In honor of our Second Anniversary, we put up the Anniversary Sock Kit last night (edited: now sold out…), and we’re having a blog contest today! We have set aside plenty of prizes (including several skeins of Wollmeise that I saved just for this) and we’d love for you to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment on today’s blog and you’ll automatically be entered. (Any comment will do: “Happy Anniversary”, “have a good weekend”, “enter me into the contest”, “I need a latte”, etc. 🙂 ) We’ll leave it up to you. We’ll announce the winners next Friday, so you have a week to read this and leave your comment. We also put up a new Photo Gallery – one called “Loopy Central”. (We started calling it Loopy Central way back when it was still in our house. It just means the heart of all things Loopy – it’s where everything happens!) The gallery contains photos taken around here, to give you a picture of where your orders come from. We will continue to add to this photo gallery as we get the new space set up, and I’ll add photos of all of the Elves, too. We hope that it makes you feel a part of things here at The Loopy Ewe. (And remember, you’re always welcome to come visit in person. We’d love to see you.)

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I am excited to be one of the lucky 400 that received your special anniversary kit! Hooray!

  2. Just back from 2nd trip to FL. Waved hi to Web Guy as we flew out wide and over his way to avoid an incoming storm. No prob with the bamboo needles but TSA took my 10″ metal straights. Not a biggie since they were my MIL’s hand me downs that I disliked.

    Happy belated 2nd Anniversary to you and the entire Loopy staff. Thanks being the wonderful folks you are.

  3. Happy Anniversary! My experiences ordering from you have been so quick and pleasant, you seem much more polished than your 2 years would suggest. Looking forward to seeing what you carry next (and hoping there will be more to go around, too). 😉

  4. Happy Anniversary! The kit is fabulous as always. Spring Fling was one of the best times -it remains a special memory for me. Thanks so much!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I wish you many more to come, you guys are truly one of the best places I have bought from, and insanely fast shipping as well. I mean seriously your packages arrive days before other places that I’ve ordered on the same day. The Postal Gods love you I think. I hope you and the staff get some time to sit back and enjoy a wonderful anniversary celebration.

  6. Hi Sheri, Many congratulations, it is fun being one of your customers, and it is a – can we say – lovely, oldfashioned touch of your writing a little note with each order. It truly makes it a special package, and you know that someone has taken the time to package it with care, and that it didn’t come off of a shipping “assembly line”! All the best to you and your staff for many more successful and happy years of Loopyness! Hugs!

  7. Happy anniversary! I remember my first foray into a shop update to score some Apple Laine…I set my alarm so I wouldn’t miss it…from Egypt. Your generosity in donating the Wollmeise for my brother’s raffle was so incredibly thoughtful. Here’s to many, many more years!!

  8. Happy anniversary! May you have many more! I love your selection and customer service. Thanks for everything!!

  9. Oh Sheri! What a wonderful Anniversary gift to all of us. 🙂 I have to say, I blame you for at least the out-of-control-sock-yarn portion of my stash. So many tempting yarns and such great service. I am desperately hoping to visit next April on my way to Kansas for a rabbit show. 🙂

  10. Wow. How many people celebrate an anniversary by tearing up their place of residence?!?!?!? Hope the pounding stops soon…inside and out!

  11. Happy Anniversary to Sheri and all the Loopy Elves!!! You know, just a few months ago I would have told anyone they were crazy if they’d said I’d be addicted to sock knitting…….but they would have been right. 🙂

    Thanks for the beautiful yarns and AMAZING service!! I was so happy for the 2nd Anniversary Kit to be my 6th order! You’ve all made me feel like a Loopy Groupie from Day 1, but I’m official now.

  12. Happy Anniversary Sheri! I love the Loopy Ewe and always look forward to reading your blog. I wish you many more anniversaries and lots of success!

    PS. I love my hot pink namaste bag so much! No one believes it’s a knitting bag :).

  13. I’m so glad I found you through Ravelry. Your products are terrific, and I really appreciate your good support. Happy Anniversary!

  14. Happy Second Anniversary Sheri, Loopy, Elves and the Loopy Ewe!! I love to shop with you– you have such wonderful things and the service is phenomenal! You guys totally ROCK! I was very happy to get one of your wonderful anniversary kits! I’ve threatened my husband and kids with their lives if they touch and/or break my mug! Doh!

    Best wishes for much continued success!

  15. Happy Anniversary Sheri!! I’m so glad I found TLE. You & the elves make for a great yarn-shopping experience every time. 🙂

  16. OMG, happy Anniversary!!! You are the best, and I’m so glad to have your store and your service to rely on. Such a pleasure to work with. Thank YOU!!! 🙂

  17. Happy Anniversary! I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve gotten from you and am always inspired by your blog and store’s website. Thank you!!!!

  18. Happy 2nd Anniversary, I have to admit after reading about your store on the jarlady’s blog (aka Janice) I decided to plunge into your website and checkit out. Even though I live on the other side of the state I see a road trip in my future to come check you out in person. May you have many more anniversaries.

  19. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I will never forget my first order with you. I had just started knitting and was making my first pair of socks for my son. I decided I wanted to try the Panda Cotton, and ordere two skeins. Unfortunately, you were out of the color.

    Most places would have sent me an email stating that it was backordered or something. Not you, though! You called me! Yup, picked up the phone and personally called me telling me how sorry you were that the yarn was actually out of stock. You even helped me pick a new color (denim, it was). From that moment on, I was hooked on knitting and on TLE.

    You’re fantastic Sherri, and although I can’t spend as much money now (school tuition is due for the kiddos), as I want to, I am often window shopping. I’m just waiting for my raise so I can treat myself again!

    Best wishes for your continued success!!!
    Bananie 🙂

  20. Happy second Anniversary. I have had so much fun watching Loopy grow, and loving all the amazing yarn I have gotten.
    By the way, my am coffee tastes so much better in my Loopy Mug.

  21. Happy Anniversary! I have to admit, I recently stumbled across the site, but my wishlist is already longer than my yarn budget allows, so I see this as a start to a beautiful friendship. 😉

  22. Happy Anniversary! I love browsing your store and blog, and really enjoy receiving my orders. Keep up the great work!

  23. Happy Anniversary! I love your store, you guys are awesome!! (Can I have the Wollmeise now, please) 🙂

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