Much Pounding Going On

It had to happen. You don’t combine your space with the space next door without a lot of pounding going on. It started with the walls, and now it’s in my head, FPS! I know it’s good news – it means that we’re getting closer to expanding. But oh my, it has been noisy here. I snuck in and took a picture. They’ve been cutting through the drywall and are working on taking down the metal frames today. (See the far wall in the photo? That backs up to this one and will be taken down at the very end.) It will be nice when it’s all done and we can show you fun pictures of the new space instead of messy ones.

Speaking of fun pictures, look at these two cute boys with their Loopified tattoos! I think they are wearing them proudly. When we get done sorting out all of the kits, we’ll put the extra Loopified Tattoos and the Loopy Ewe pins up on the website for you. Coffee Mugs? That was a “kit only” item. We’ve had about 7 break in transit so far (out of the 400 kits). Even though those are pretty good odds, it still reinforces our opinion that we don’t want to carry them all the time. We’ll do another cool kit sometime late fall or early winter and we’ll add another mug to that one, too. We know that there are a lot of you who wanted them and didn’t get one.

We had a great weekend with Janice and her family – very relaxing, lots of knitting and movies. (Although we did manage to hang out at Loopy for awhile and catch brunch at Granite City after church on Sunday. Remember the amazing cinnamon rolls that they have? YUM.) Zoe-the-cat who always curls up on my lap when I knit, decided that she’d rather sit with Janice’s Daughter K-L for the afternoon. You’d never know that K-L is allergic to cats, would you? She’s working on a scarf out of All Things Heather. We were all knitting scarves this weekend. I knit one up out of a skein of my Sanguine Gryphon handspun roving – the first time I had ever actually knit something with my spinning. I’m washing and blocking it today, so will show you the finished product when it dries.

The happy anniversary comments you have been leaving are so wonderful! We love reading them. A few of you have mentioned that the higher the comment-number goes, the less chance there is to win. Not true. We just add in more prizes so that your odds stay the same. It’s our anniversary, after all. We want to give lots away!

Sheri whoalreadytooktwoAleveforthepoundingheadandit’snothelping. . . . .


  1. sending you hugs to help your head feel better! We just went through that at work. I can’t wait to see the new space when I’m back at Christmas. Hmm – maybe Starbucks could set up an annex at TLE 🙂

  2. Zoe looks so COZY! Cats tend to avoid people who make direct eye contact with them ( a “challenge”) and gravitate toward people who WON’T make eye contact which is how they often end up headed toward a person allergic or afraid or who dislikes cats. Funny little critters.

    I love Kate’s idea for a Starbucks annex! Maybe you should spring for a good espresso machine (I’m watching for the Sirena to go on sale soon) at the very least. Try a regular Coke (or part of one) with tylenol – there’s something almost magic about that combination for headaches (a friend started me on that). I keep those short mini cans of coke in my frig just for headache treatments!

  3. Is it still on schedule to be done mid-August?? Looks like there is still a lot of work to do!

    Wish I could afford one of those wheels…………

  4. Ear plugs…. that is what you need. Of course then you can’t hear anything else either. All that new space will be wonderful …. more yarny/fiber goodness!!!!

    My daughter is allergic to cats too and she seems to attract them. She does pretty well with some Zyrtec if she takes it before the hair starts flying from all the petting the kitties demand from her.

    Hope the headache gets better, I usually take 2 advil and 1 extra stregnth Tylenol together for mine. Works pretty well.

  5. I got my anniversary kit and it is soooo cool. Thanks a bunch. I had it delivered to work so everyone could touch the yarn and ooh and aah over the mug and goodies. They all liked the sock pattern too, but haven’t quite figured out why I love to make and wear my own socks. I haven’t volunteered to make them any yet, so that’s why they don’t know. Thanks a lot for putting together the special kits.

  6. Oh, head hurting is not good, but it will be worth it in the end won’t it!! Here’s hoping that they get the hammering done as quickly as possible or go and buy some ear plugs to at least deaden the sound!! All the best! ps…love my mug!! It has joined me for tea each afternoon since it arrived…

  7. I sympathise with the pounding, I had 2 new doors put in at home this year and oh my goodness, the noise! My cat Quantum is a total lap cat, to the point of barging my laptop out of the way. And at 16 pounds, she FILLS my lap! Love her to death though, and she’s learned never to mess with yarn or needles, though she’s eaten some stray merino roving…

  8. You guys should just wrap your favorite roving or yarn hanks around your heads to muffle the noise. Or try becoming night owls for a week or two and working after the demolition crew goes home.I hope the pounding finishes quickly for all of you, and look forward to seeing the handspun scarf.


  9. Sheri,
    You are so very clever. You are changing Loopy Central so all of the Spring Flingers have to come back because, of course, we will have to see it in person!
    Thanks for enriching my knitting life by having such a wonderful business:)

  10. Just keep the vision of all those new walls of yarn in your head and the pounding may become bearable! I guess that’s the true meaning of ‘growing pains’. Hope the pounding part is over soon.

  11. Them cats know exactly who’s allergic and who dislikes cats. Every cat I’ve had will sit on all who enter with allergies and all who dislike them. I just went through expansion on one of my jobs too. Fortunately I couldn’t hear the pounding. It will be worth it when done.

  12. PS I’m going to use your “blogged” scarf pattern from last week to knit my first handspun article from CD Fairy Dust. Will post pics when done.

  13. Looking forward to seeing the completed new space. I hope the pounding is done sonner than later for you. In the meantime, just keep thinking about all the lovely new walls of Loopy Central and the yarn and the fiber and such

    PS – I think those cinamon rolls should be a part of the Spring Fling next year so we all can try 🙂

  14. Ah, the pain of growth & progress! I’m sure it’ll be worth it once it’s done, but I can appreciate the stress it brings. Can’t wait to see more progress pics as Loopy Central evolves, & of course I’m hoping to return for 2009 Spring Fling! …You’ve gotten some good suggestions for headache remedies, & now I’ll add mine: Kahlua (or Tia Maria) & cream (or milk, or 1/2 & 1/2)! Works like a charm!

  15. Unfortunately the pounding has to stop for a long while before that helps (ask how I know) — hope you added a caffeine chaser to that to boost the effect.

  16. Currently I’m using my iPod to drown out the noise of our busy office printer. I would much prefer roving earmuffs! Hope the construction ends soon.
    I agree with the other commentors that cats gravitate to those with allergies. Mine seem to know exactly who is and isn’t allergic to them!

  17. Hope the pounding ends soon!! Cats are so funny, they always seem to pick out the allergic person and make them their new BFF.
    And yay, another awesome kit to look forward to!

  18. Soon the pounding will be over, and there will be all that new space to play in! Hang in there Sheri. Find reasons to not be in the office…go out to lunch at least!

  19. Ah, yes, the Construction Headache. I’m sorry! Pounding is no fun. But knitting scarves is, and I can’t wait to see your handspun in action 🙂

  20. Oh…pounding headache. This works for me with sinus headaches or any headache. Take your regular pain reliever, 2 regualar sudafed and a cup of coffee. I think you have an errand that runs you by Starbucks, right?

    I’m a mug collector and a Loopy Ewe Mug would be so nice to add to my collection. But, I sure can understand the breakage issue. Maybe I will be in the right spot at the right time for the next one.

    Hang in there!

  21. Hope they complete the remodeling ahead of schedule to give your heads a break! Is it crazy that the one thing that stuck out in the blog post was the cinnamon rolls. 😉 Yum cinnamon rolls! I love my anniversary kit! The yarn is yummy and the mug is perfect for my morning coffee. I never could resist a coffee mug. 🙂

  22. Can’t wait to see your handspun scarf!! I made a hat the other day out of some of my Lorna’s Laces roving – spun it up Bulky and make Wendy’s ribbed hat from her book – easy peasy and the handspun looks great! Yours will too!!

  23. Try knitting. LOL It reduces stress and activates natural pain killers. (I don’t know if that is true but it sounds good and has worked for me in the past.) My cup got here just fine thank you so much. I do wish that you sold them so I could get one shaped like the Spring Fling one. That is the perfect coffee cup that I have been searching for over a year. Maybe I will find one shaped like that somewhere.

  24. Sorry for the headache! 🙁 I always find that Extra Strength Excedrin kicks them out for me. But in the end, it’ll all be worth it!

  25. Ooooh, Aleve’s great for aching muscles but I swear by Excedrin for pounding heads! I hope everything’s finished soon so your head quits pounding.

  26. My husband love to remodel. My home is always “under construction.” I found that borrowing his noise reducing headset and attaching it to my iPod helps keep the headache away. You can listen to your favorite book and prepare for the next sneak up!

  27. Ouch, construction and renovation noise. Since everyone else is passing on their favorite headache remedies, I will throw in my husband’s: a big gulp of scotch, preferably straight from the bottle! (No, I don’t recommend this one!) Never mind, soon all the heavy clanging and drilling will be done, and it will look so beautiful when it’s finished!

    Can’t wait to see photos of your finished handspun scarf!

    I’d love to have a Loopy mug but under the circumstances I think it would be better to arrange to pick it up in person! 🙂 (Someday!)

  28. Looks like the space is coming along, sorry for the headache. I know what you going thru my mom owned a fine gift and bridal registry and did the same thing, build out are no fun but worth it!

    My anniversary kit arrived safe (mug and all).

  29. hope the head is no longer aching:)

    PS… the wheels are selling?

    I am half hoping the ladybugs will be gone so I won’t be so tempted– and half hoping they will still be there whe hubby has to shop for my birthday!!!…(end of the month I’m ummm turning a milestone:)

  30. Sorry about the headache. Today is a different day and I hope it is gone. Under construction is seldom fun when it is happening. I find it most annoying especially at home. Oh, plaster dust. It will be worth it in the end. Can’t wait to see your scarf out of your beautiful handspun. Hugs

  31. Oh you poor thing. Construction. Oh my. Knitting is the only cure :), well besides beautiful finished space to come. It’s like a really annoying and endless (and loud) swatch…

  32. staring at the computer screen is the ONLY thing that gives me a headache.. and NOTHING but getting off gets rid of it..
    yeah, i put up with headaches…
    hope you feel better.

  33. Hope your headache is better today. Pounding and drilling are really upsetting to the nerves. I suggest a latte, some knitting and chocolate as a good cure…and if they don’t cure the headache it is certainly a good excuse to indulge yourself! Can’t wait to see the expansion photos.

  34. Oh, I forgot to answer your question…who do I knit for…I primarily knit socks and they are for me. However, I am knitting several scarves for Christmas gifts, recently finished a baby blanket and have another one on the needles and today began a cute baby sweater and hat for a friend who helps me run the Golden Retriever Rescue. I needed an excuse to use my new Knit Picks Harmony wooden straight needles. Like you, I only knit for people who understand and appreciate the work that goes into a project AND who will properly launder it.

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