Possums and Wheels

We’ve had fun getting in more boxes this week! On Wednesday, it was the overload of Possum Sock yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. We have 32 unique (beautiful!) colorways that we have photoed and they’ll be up on the website next week. (What in the world is “possum” doing in sock yarn? Making it really really warm and toasty, that’s what.) This comes from New Zealand possums, which are much nicer looking and much peskier than their American namesakes. They are destroying the environment in New Zealand and using their fur in a yarn blend is one positive that can come from them. Cheryl at Cherry Tree Hill is only able to get the mill to spin this yarn base for her once in a blue moon, so she doesn’t anticipate that she’ll have it again for several more years. The yarn is soft and takes dye beautifully. I can’t wait for you to see the photos. (I grabbed a few skeins from the top box so that I could have a quick blog photo for you. Click on the photo to enlarge it.) This is perfect for socks, scarves, mittens and gloves. For those of you who want to make warm shawls, we still have some possum laceweight left from Cherry Tree Hill. It’s incredibly soft, too!

The other boxes that arrived are the Schacht Spinning Wheels! Silly me, I thought these wheels would come packaged in compact boxes like Louet, and we’d have to put them together. Nope. They come assembled with a box built around them. So you can imagine the space they are taking up here! We have the Matchless Double Treadles and the Ladybugs in. (We can special order the Single Treadles or their other wheels for you.) I’m itching to take one of each out of their boxes and set them up for spinning here at Loopy, but I’m not letting myself. First of all, we won’t have the room to do that until our expansion space is open. Secondly, I need to save this first batch for all of you. But SOON, I am going to have one of those cute Ladybugs with the RED wheel sitting here for spinning. We’ll have the wheels up for sale on the website early next week, too. (It looks like we are only going to be able to ship these to the 48 continental states, and we will ship them out to you via UPS.)

Several of you have asked what scarves I have on the needles. (Remember I told you that I had FOUR on the needles? Turns out I was wrong. I have six.) I have two scarves of Wollmeise going – one in another Feather and Fan pattern and one in a lace pattern that I bought at Knitch a few weeks ago, one in a Chevron-type pattern out of Noro Silk Garden Worsted (mmm – warm and wonderful. I’m using colorway 282), two regular Chevron patterned scarves – one in Fiesta Boomerang (Madrid and Plum Pudding) and one in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport (Jeans and Vera) and my KAL scarf out of Dream in Color Baby (In Vino Veritas) with the Gust pattern. Since I’m almost done with the Noro Silk Garden Worsted, I’m about ready to cast on another. I think that any normal person knitting person would do the same thing, when faced with completing a project. Why not start up another? This time I’m making another Feather and Fan out of the new Noro Silk Garden Sock in that gorgeous ivory colorway. I have a rather goofy looking chenille-type scarf (one of my first scarves that I knit up several years ago – it really needs to be retired) that I seem to grab a lot in the winter. I know it’s because ivory/cream/natural tones go with whatever sweater or coat you’re going to wear it with. I’m doing myself a favor and knitting up a new one with the Silk Garden Sock, so that I can get rid of the other one. (In the photo – the top three don’t really have too much finished. And look at how the Gust heads off to one side in a bias as you knit it. I’ve been assured that this blocks out. The bottom three have more done and are turned under. I really ought to finish some of these…)

So am I alone in this continual casting-on, or are there some of you out there who start new things even though you have other projects going that you still like working on? I know people cast on when they get tired or frustrated with other things, but what if you LIKE all of the things that you’re working on? Does that stop you from starting other things? You’d think that it would.

Sheri besideswheelsandpossumsocks,ourfunnewLoopysweatshirtswillgoupnextweek,too!


  1. I’m like you, I cast on and I’m trying to resist the urge right now for some Wollmeise that I was gifted and can’t stop staring at. I made myself promise to get at least one pair of socks off the needles before I can do that. Do they have to be a matching pair?

  2. I also cast on for many things. I love to try new yarn or a new technique and even though I love the project there is always some other yarn calling to me. … nothing wrong with that in my mind. They eventually get finished. And the ones that don’t get frogged.

    That sure is some pretty yarn and pretty scarves too.

  3. Ok, Sheri, now I get it. Each of those scarves is just an excuse to try out another gorgeous colour of Signature needles, isn’t it? You have to have the perfect yarn to complement each of the colours! The scarves and needles are all beautiful.

  4. Hi! Looking forward to hopefully snag some of the CTH Possum Socks. and, I cast on with other projects still being worked on. have a great weekend.

  5. Sheri, your scarves look great! And I really like how the Vera and Jeans look together. I already have Vera so I’ll probably be ordering Jeans and making the same scarf (and yes, I have several scarves on the needles…most of the time, they are so easy and calming to knit that I just can’t help starting a new one!).

  6. I usually cast on one of each type of project.–one pair of socks, one prayer shawl, one large personal project (sweater, shawl, scarf), and one gift project. (Right now I have two gift projects because I ran out of yarn while making EZ’s baby surprise jacket–250 yards DK weight weren’t enough . That will be remedied Sunday.) I really don’t like having two of a particular type project going. i do have multiple projects which prevents me from having UFOs as I don’t get bored.

    I think if I ran a yarn shop I’d cast on multiple things to test new products.

    Have a great weekend. I’ve been to the frog pond a lot this week so I catch-up knitting so I reach my SoS goal.

  7. The knitting Muse can be a little fickle…I think so!
    It’s not really anyone’s fault and there doesn’t seem to be much that can be done about it. We must just carry on as best we can, knowing that it is totally reasonable to have 2 prs of socks, a sweater, a scarf…woops! another sweater, some mittens and a few swatches all going at once. It’s hard to control a creative spirit. Especially when there is so much beautiful yarn out there…made out of fiber you just can’t believe exists. Possum! Really?!

  8. Oh, my goodness, if there’s something new I’m excited about, I’ll start it no matter what else I’ve got going on. If I’m really enjoying watching something I’ll obsessively work on that and ignore everything else. If it’s a big project and I’m in that middle part, where you’re working and working and it doesn’t seem to be getting any further (you know how fast it goes at the beginning and the end, right, but the middle drags?), then I might pick up something small to make myself feel better.

    But yea, I cast on stuff all the time. I think I’ve increased to 12 UFOs right now from my last check, which was about 7. ğŸ˜Ž

  9. I cast on for several things too, mostly socks. Currently, my WIP list includes: 1 fair isle hat, CPH, and 1 lace scarf – all of these are on hold until fall and winter. Except maybe the lace scarf. Oh, and one Wollmeise feather and fan which I work on whenever the mood strikes because its so relaxing to knit. And socks, 5 pairs socks – some I just have one sock others I’m still in progress on the first. I’ve found I need variety because if I’m tired, I can’t do anything be ribbing or straight stockinette. I have to save the others for when I can focus more. My goals was to finish the socks before SoS, but that didn’t happen. Only 2 of the socks can count towards SoS, but my goal is to finish all 5 by the end of the summer.
    Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Here I was trying to resist a sneak up and see that the Possum is available on a limited basis. Hmmm… : )

  10. If I have the right size needles, I’ll cast on for a new project whenever the mood strikes. I think I have three active projects and one languishing, all in different weights of yarn and with different levels of difficulty. Part of me would love to cast on a fifth project, but I’m still smarting from the last time I attempted that one (fir cone triangular shawl) and failed miserably.

  11. I’m afraid to count all my WIP’s !! But that’s what life is all about, right?
    Love the possum yarn colours. Beautiful.

  12. Your scarves are beautiful! I’ve been on a sock kick this summer but your scarves make me want to start one right away. I currently have six socks knitted with no mates. I have two sweaters on the needles and four scarves. If I can’t see them they don’t count!

  13. Thanks for the Possum pic, I’m using it for wallpaper on my computer at work!

    Sometimes I get itchy and just *have* to cast on something new, but that’s usually because I just don’t feel like knitting on anything I’ve already got going.

  14. I am a dedicated one project at a time knitter. I TOTALLY understand casting on multiple projects. But I can’t bring myself to do it. I think I might be a more productive knitter if I did. I’ld learn more. I’ld have the right kind of project for the right kind of mood, travel, situation, etc. But as it is, I get pretty nervous when I have more than one, OK, maybe two projects going at once.

    I sure hope I get some possum!

  15. Use the ladybug! I bought one a month ago even though I already own a spinning wheel and it spins like a dream. It has seriously taken me away from my knitting.

  16. Oh Lord, I have so many projects going at one time, it’s a sin. Terrible case of startitis. I just started another lace shawl this afternoon. Shame on me.
    Sheri, I see in the picture that you are using some Signature Needles. How do you like them? I have one pair, US6, with the stiletto tips. The best!
    I love all your scarves.

  17. I am going to be hinting for one of those ladybugs!!
    And no, having a project (or 2) going that I like does not keep me from casting on for more!! I just try not to let it get too out of control!

  18. I have already started hinting abou the Ladybug wheel 🙂
    I am a big proponant of multiple projects otn at all times esp since I have to test my inventory to make sure its good enough to sell HEHEHE! I have 3pr of socks otn in varying states of completion one that just need the second cuff finished, one that needs the second sock started and the other has half the first foot done. I should be finishing the first pair tonight and will be casting on for a pr of Cookie’s Thelonious socks either after its done or tomorrow morning.

  19. Since I’ve been knitting primarily socks for the past year, I’ve been pretty good–I love them so much that I just start the second one upon completing the first. I wasn’t always that way, though–I have way too many WIPs to even count (it’s embarrassing). It’s always so much fun to start something new!

    I saw Cheryl from CTH today at the Knitting Guild market in New Hampshire. She told me the possum was gorgeous. I can’t wait to see more of it!

  20. Absolutely Not! I love most everything I have on the needles and that is about 20 projects right now. 5 pairs of socks, 3 scarves, a clapotis, a sweater, 2 bags, an afghan, a prayer shawl, 2 baby blankets, a lace shawl and several other things. There’s only a couple projects that are in waiting right now and they are only waiting until the weather cools off a tad.

    I’m always either wanting to cast on something else or actually casting on another project. Its just the way I am and I try to embrace it :).

  21. Yes! Project ADD is what I call it and my family and friends think something is wrong with me. I just have to start and see what it will look like. The only thing that will stop me is running out of the correct size needles. For every odd thing there is always someone there with you. That’s what I love about knitters. The possum yarn sounds tempting and I will resist….

  22. Casting on is part of knitting! And a big part of how I knit!! LOL Currently OTN are 3 scarves — one of those 2-color chevrons, a feather and fan and a lacy one. All from yummy sock yarns. I also have a baby blanket to finish, a triangular worsted weight shawl I will need in my chilly office this winter, three pair of socks and some face cloths. Guess I’d better get off the Internet and get back to my knitting.

  23. Oh Sheri!!! I envy you! All those Signature needles!! Are they nice to knit with? I am trying not to cast on many projects, I used to but am trying to be good. As of today I have the DC baby KAL, another shawl and one pair of socks. I do not know how long this is going to last……

  24. I JUST bought a DT Matchless when I visited the Schacht factory last week, and I LOVE it. The ladies at the factory were so nice and I never knew how much work went in to making the wheels! They are really high quality items. I took loopy with me to the factory but forgot to have his picture made. Darnit!

  25. For me, its a case of too many beautiful skeins of yarn and a long list of patterns I want to make, and not enough time (or it could be the knitter’s horribly short attention span). It just makes me happy to cast on for a new project and watch it take shape.

  26. No, Sheri, you are not alone! Let’s see, off the top of my head I have two scarves, two shawls, and three pairs of socks on the needles—and they’re all going to stay there until it cools down a bit. Meanwhile I’m working on cotton washcloths, which are a lot easier to deal with when it’s hot and sticky. Not to mention that they finish up a lot more quickly! But your scarves are inspirational. I definitely need to cast on some more!

  27. I am new to your blog and throughly enjoy it. We are headed to New Zealand in September. Can you buy the possum fur yarn there? Do you have any ideas where?
    Thank you for any help.



    If I am a bag lady…. already– think I could maybe be a wheel queen too????????

    Cause Laudy bug… shiny, red… pretty…… Dear Santa I will be good forever.. I promise, if you send me a ladybug Schacht!

  29. Nope. Doesn’t stop me one bit. I have a couple of WIPs that are sooo close to done – and I started something else. Not because I got bored, but because I’ve just got itchy fingers, apparently. 😉

  30. Ps- It’s probably a good thing that you don’t carry the Signature Needles… cause I now have 3 pair– and am NEEDING more- they really are wonderful…but I could actually go broke… so whew:) !

  31. I used to just have one project now i have a shawl, a pair of socks, a shrug that is almost done, and a scarf all going at the same time, so now i don’t seem to get anything done. However the shrug is almost done, so maybe there is hope for me. How am I going to shop since I am on vaction net week and now I want some of the neat stuff that is going up!!! I guess I will just keep checking my email!

  32. I am guilty of multples also. Maybe it is one for each of my personalities or one for each of my grandchildren. Or maybe it is just because I can and I love it and will continue to do it until I can’t do it anymore. I have several to more pairs of socks and my first ever lace shawl and a bag or two. I have to finish the shawl by 8-10-08 so it can be blocked for my grandaughter to wear on her wedding day. I have had a few ups and downs on it and actually ripped it all out last week end and started over. It is coming along, almost 18 inches and growing daily. I think having several projects going at one time is perfectly normal.

  33. I was in some sort of weird mode where I only had one pair of socks on the needles at a time. Then I came to my senses and have been casting on like crazy. I don’t know how many I’ve got going right now, but I’m casting on for another pair tonight after I work on my shop update. That way, if I get bored with one, I can move on to another.

    As for the possum yarn, I bought some from another shop a few weeks ago. It arrived the other day… WOW! It’s incredibly thick and soft, and will be perfect for winter socks (I wear sandals all year round, but once in a while, it does get a bit cold – socks would feel good in those sandals). The colorway I got is called “African Grey”, but I saw that brown and white combination in your picture, so…

  34. Actually…..I am a ONE project at a time girl. Makes me buck up and get through my project so I can get to the next one! I may be the only one….but I may not 🙂

    I also have lots of small kids…..so if I had 6 scarves laying around Iw ould have lots of ‘help’ to ‘knit’ or take them off the needles :).

    Have a great weekend!

  35. I am so excited you are getting ready to carry the spinning wheels. I am currently looking into spinning, and I would like to buy from you (because it’s you!). I like buying from businesses I like and know.

    I just showed my husband the yarn with possum, and he said “Turn off the computer, and just walk away.” hah!

  36. Sheri – I’ve been having lots of fun with the feather and fan scarves…probably my all time favorite pattern…..how is it knitting one of these with sock weight?? Does it take longer than forever?

  37. Oh, I am so glad I’m normal. I have many, many projects on the go. I really think I have castonitis. Love to do it, even though I love all of the wip’s. Speaking of Signature needles I just received DPN’s in size 2, they are fabulous and I have several other 10 inch lengths. The 7 inch are fabulous for scarves, love them. I don’t think I have a problem but some of my non knitter friends sure do. Hugs

  38. Eeee spinning wheels!!!! *ish so excited*

    I’m really glad that your decision to carry spinning wheels coincided so well with my decision to purchase one. now to just decide which one I want 😀

  39. I’m another one of those one project at a time kinda gals…and I have to finish the second sock before I’ll start another pair. Kinda obsessive about that. (Except for the never-ending Monstersocken that I always have going with the little odds and ends of yarn that are leftover, that is. ( I don’t count those as a O-T-N because they are on-going waiting for new yarn remnants – take forever for my lanky grandsons, who love them for snowboarding! and granddaughters, who just love them for the fun!


  40. re the possum yarn, so these possums whose fur is in the yarn are , um…. deceased? unlike sheep who live on to provide fleece the next season?

  41. I go in waves. I get all excited and cast on new things like crazy. When I get up to about eight projects though, I kinda go “EEK MUST FINISH” and for a little while I concentrate on finishing (or frogging if I don’t love the project). Then I have about three projects going because you have to have some variety. Of course then I see all kinds of new things I want to try and I start casting on like crazy again.

    I do not want to learn to spin. I do not want to learn to spin. I do not want to learn to spin. I do not want to learn to spin. I do not want to learn to spin. Maybe if I say it enough I’ll believe it.

  42. wheels are maybe going up soon?????

    I like to look!!!!!!! and want to BLAB to the internets when they do go up:) Cause everybody should get their wheel from the loopy ewe!

  43. OH….NEXT week;)

    I’m a dork… especially since I can’t buy another wheel right now… I am f5ing to add it to my WISHLIST….THAT my friends is how crazy I might be:)

  44. Ohhh I suffer from terminal cast-on-itis and it’s rarely because I don’t like what I’m working on. I just constantly get new ideas/inspirations/enabling…especially hard when new yarn comes in the mail. I already have several socks on the needles, but the Possums came and I. had. to. cast. on. RIGHTAWAY. *sigh* LOL I still haven’t managed to cast on my DiC Baby KAL item…decided I wanted beads, so had to order them and they’re still not here and now I can’t find my .75 beading crochet hook. Arg. LOL Might grab another skein of it in another color I already had to make something smaller in the meantime…

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