This Post is Like a Box of Chocolates

DSC01932.JPG…. because you never know what you’re gonna get. (That’s a nice way of saying that today’s post contains much miscellaneous information.) And because I wanted to show you a picture of the way-too-fun felted chocolates from my friend Claudia. Notice Zoe’s paw in the corner of the photo – she wanted to try them. They are so realistic looking!

We had fun reading your answers to Wednesday’s “we wonder” questions! You know, the “Why doesn’t anyone knit socks for us” was totally a joke. Well, they did actually say that, but they weren’t seriously wondering. That’s kind of like asking, “Why doesn’t anyone give me a million dollars?” The fact that several of you were up for knitting Elf Socks was so sweet! I’ll see if any of them would seriously like to take you up on that. πŸ™‚ Many of you wondered how we can pack orders all day and not want to take all of this yarn home to knit. Well, half of the Elves aren’t knitters, so it’s less of a temptation for them. Although it IS making them feel like they want to learn. We’re going to set up a Knit Night this summer, to teach them. (And I can say that I have a very difficult time passing up any of the yarn, as my stash will bear witness to. It’s just more knitting time that I need!) I liked what “Northmoon” had to say: “I never have knit emergencies. That’s the beauty of knitting – if it doesn’t work, frog and start over. If I don’t finish a gift in time for a birthday, buy something else and aim for Christmas.” and as Gretchen pointed out, “I avoid cutting close to deadlines by not setting myself any. Sure it may take three years to knit up those socks for Christmas, but Christmas comes EVERY YEAR.” That got me to thinking – the phrases “knitting emergency” and “knitting deadline” go completely against why I knit, which is to relax, enjoy, and have fun. I’m deleting “knitting deadlines” from my phraseology.

We have new Loopy Groupies to welcome in, and as promised in the last Loopy Welcome, I didn’t wait nearly as long this time to post about them, so the list is manageable. (Like about a month, instead of several months this time!) We love our Loopy Groupies and are so happy to have each one of you join in with us here. So hugs and congratulations to the latest batch: Laura from DC, Kara from NE, Kaye from OK, Lisa from PA, Maria from GA, Gerry from TN, Jenny from IN, Kelly from CA, Denise from OH, CG from KY, Chelsea from CA, Jane from MA, Jan from OH, Debbie from WI, Joan from WA, Amy from ID, Sheryl from RI, Shannon from APO, Carolyn from AK, Marsha from NY, Kelly from KY, Linn from Norway, Susan from WI, Gladys from FL, Ceylan from TX, Jane from MD, Athena from CA, Mary Anne from ID, Maria from MN, Diane from PA, Kathleen from VA, Nancy from OH, Malia from VA, Sheila from GA, Mary from MO, Miranda from MO, Marianne from The Netherlands, Whitney from NY, Melissa from CA, Rebecca from MI, Kristi from IL, Sheryl from OR, Sally from NY, Mette from Norway, Vicki from PA, Andrea from Canada, Toni from AZ, Sandy from NE, Heather from NY, Sue from IL, Lee Ann from TX, Diana from MT, Loretta from VA, Wanda from NY, Corey from NC, Wendy from VA, Marita from VA, Cindy from PA, Jean from OR, Jennifer from PA, Gail from TN, Cynthia from NC, Patricia from IA, Crystal from MA, Marianne from PA, Alyssa from NY, Ashley from IN, Bonney from NH, Diana from MO, Erin from CA, Marisol from CA, Clair from Canada, Alice from NC, Andrea from VA, Maria from MN, Ebony from MD, Nancy from MN, Llynn from TX, Misty from CA, Cindy from OR, Nancy from MN, Kimberly from CA, Lisa from PA, Kelley from AZ, Kim from OR, Lisa from IL, Susan from NY, Sharmista from WI, Vicki from MA, Zoe from CA, Thao from CA, Janet from PA, Carol from VA, Sandra from IL, Heather from IL, Rhoda from CA, Deborah from MA, Amber from IN, Rebecca from IL, Shari from FL, Kathy from NY, Pamela from NY, Emily from IL, Donna from GA, Jan from MD, Jacqueline from WA, Sharon from Australia, Michelle from IL, Betty from Canada, Shawneed from CO, Melana from CA, Nancy from IL, Andrea from ND, Martha from ID, Susan from OH, Maarit from Finland, Sarah from IL, Gloria from PA, Sarah from NJ, Marie from CA, Heather from AZ, Juana from FL, Gina from WA, Judith from Canada, and Rebecca from VA. Yay!! (How do you get to be a Loopy Groupie? By ordering from us! When you get your sixth package from us, we include a Loopy Groupie Welcome Bag and promote you to official Loopy Groupie-dom. It’s that easy. It’s our way of letting you know how much we appreciate your continued business.)

There are winners from our blog contest last week, and I don’t know about you, but I got downright hungry reading all of those responses. Since there were over 500 entries, we drew for 2 winners instead of just one. So congratulations to Kristy from Ohio and Kimberly from Canada. Both have been notified by email about their $30 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate. (Just in case you’re also a Kristy from OH or a Kimberly from Canada and are hoping that it might be you….) We have fun contests coming up for July and August as well, so watch the blog for that!

July Sock Club packages are being assembled and are almost ready to go out. Watch for your invoice in the next few days, and we’ll start shipping them out next week. (Note: The Loopy Ewe Sock Club runs for a whole year at a time and we’re completely sold out for 2008. We’ll have 2009 sign-ups in mid-January.)

DSC01934.JPGWe’re heading off on vacation, and you know what that means? Some great knitting time in my near future! We are driving down to Florida to see Web Guy. (I know. Florida in July? Craziness. What we don’t do for our kids. Or rather, for ourselves, when it comes to seeing our kids.) The Elves will be here packing up and shipping out, so you won’t see any disruption to your ordering. They’ll even write on your order notes while I’m gone! And yes, we think we will have a Sneak Up for you next week. We’re still trying to get more photos done, so I can’t even tell you for sure what will be up. I can tell you what is here that we’re working on photo-ing: the new Mountain Colors roving (doesn’t it look pretty?), Neighborhood Fibers Sock, Sugar Bunny Blvd, The Dyeing Arts Roving, Spirit Trail Fiberworks, Sakina Needles Roving, and Farmhouse Fannie’s Fingering. Wonderful stuff! Our next Wollmeise order has started to arrive and we’ll work on getting that photo-ed, too. We’re waiting for the rest to come in, so don’t be watching for that until after the Fourth of July sometime. But at least you know it’s coming soon. (Claudia did a new colorway named in honor of Knitting Daughter called “Barista”. We love it!)

I’ll be off of emails and the blog until I get back in on July 9th. (Although I have two Limelights done that we’ll put up this Monday and next Monday, so check back!) If you need something while I’m gone, feel free to call in, or you can also email Susan (susan AT theloopyewe DOT com). I’ll look forward to re-connecting when we return!

Sheri asistypical,myknittingispackedandIhaven’tgivenathoughttomyclothesyet


  1. Wow! That box of chocolates is amazing!! Hope you enjoy your vacation and I’ll look forward to seeing the Barista color.

  2. Have a great time in Florida. We go every year in July for ten days and love it. We leave on the 5th this year. Can’t wait. I finished a pair of socks yesterday and usually cast on a new one immediately, but decided to work on a baby blanket (baby is 3 weeks old, but not worried about a deadline anymore either) while I waited for my Loopy order to arrive. Well, the postman just came to the door about 5 minutes ago, and now I can’t decide which I want to cast on first. I have 2 NummaNumma and 3 Lime & Violet yarns, all so gorgeous!

  3. Have fun in the humid heat. Be sure to drink lots and lots of water!

    I want felted chocolates, too! They’re soooooo neat. Not to mention calorie free ; )

  4. Congrats to the winners and the new Loopies!!!!
    Have a great vacation, maybe they will have a cool front come through and it won’t be too hot. And since you are driving down you should have plenty of knitting time.

  5. Have a wonderful vacation. I’m sure you will since you’ll be seeing Web Guy! IAnd if you’ve got your knitting ready, you’ve got the important stuff. What are you planning to work on while you’re gone?

  6. Enjoy your vacation – you certainly deserve it and I’m sure it’s a lot easier knowing that you can leave things in the capable hands of your elves while you are gone – they are great.

    Travel safely and we’ll look forward to hearing all about it upon your return.

    Treat yourself well as this isn’t a dress rehearsal!

  7. Welcome to the new Groupies!

    Wishing you and your family a fabulous vacation–eat, knit, and try to stay cool!

  8. Enjoy your vacation! I’m sure you’ll have a great time with the family. And, thanks for the update re: new yarns. Try as I might, I usually can’t resist. I do love the Neighborhood Fiber and know everyone else will too. And, a new Wollmeise color? Sounds fun! : )

  9. Florida in July sounds fine to me! Especially since our weather sucks this year in WA. Can’t wait for July’s club package!

  10. I’m totally drooling over the Mountain Colors roving! WOW, I may have to get some of that… which means I need to get my butt in gear and start spinning some more again!

    I’ve also been hearing really great things about the Sugar Bunny Blvd stuff (via Lime & Violet, if I remember right), so I can’t wait to check that out too.

    Have a great vacation! πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Sheri, I hope you and your family have a wonderful time on vacation. I will be thinking about you in that heat, as I know you love it as much as I do. Ya right. Mail just came got my numma numma,it is beaudtiful so soft. Congratulations to all the new Loopy’s. You will soon see that Sheri is the best if you haven’t already. Congratulations to the blog contest winners too. Have a safe and happy trip Sheri. I’m sure we will keep the elves busy. Hugs, M

  12. Forgot to say those chocolates look totally real. Now I want Chocolate, oh the power of suggestion. Hugs again, M

  13. Have a wonderful vacation, Sheri! Don’t forget the sunscreen and LOTS of liquids! I recommend lots of Sonic slushes (esp. the ones with real fruit) to keep you hydrated and cool.

  14. Have a wonderful (much needed!) vacation Sheri. Enjoy your family time and give lots of hugs to web-guy. We often holiday in Florida during July … it’s not so bad πŸ˜‰

  15. What a fun-filled post! Those chocolates look divine:-)

    Welcome to all the new Loopy Groupies. May the fun begin! Or maybe it already has if you made to Groupie status:-)

    Barista…I love the name. Does it have purple for KD? Or maybe a mix of brown, purple and green?

    Have a great family vacation with your family!

  16. I’m trying to decide if it is brilliant or horribly cruel that the chocolates looked so real! I mean, now I want to eat a small box of chocolates with caramel and cherries and all manner of tasty things!

    You can always just wear your knitting. Bring an extra couple of skeins and drape them artfully over your body. That’s like clothing, right?

  17. I’m happy you’re going to see WG and will have time to knit-I’m sure that you could get in some other fun stuff there, too.

    Enjoy your time off, and we’ll take care of the Elves for you!

  18. Congratulations to the winners and welcome to the new Loopy Groupies! You’re gonna love it here!

    Have a safe trip and a wonderful vacation, Sheri! I know what you mean about the lengths you go to see your kids. We’ve had a temporary empty nest with both of our on separate vacations–off this morning to fetch the younger one and I can’t wait!

    Oh, and I hope Claudia has dyed up LOTS of “Barista”….

  19. Have a good trip…we’re going to Colorado the following week! Can’t wait for that clean mountain air!

    Funny you should mention packing yarn for vacation…I was just lining up a bunch of yarns and patterns for my trip (and for SoS). They’re all spread out on the family room floor. Guess I’d better go pick them up before the dogs discover them!

    More Wollmeise…oh, I really shouldn’t….but I probably will! Good thing I don’t spin…

  20. Dear Sherry and all,
    What a lovely surprise!! I order a Loopy Ewe and it comes in a big box with all sorts of great gifts!!!1 Every one should become a Loopy Groupie when ordering her very own Loppy Ewe. Too cute!!! Many thanks for the fun welcome gifts andmy name on a blog!
    Happy vacation – Travel safe!

    Susan in Ohio, Cincinnati

  21. Wow, look at all those new groupies!

    Have a fabulous vacation Sherri and happy 4th to all the Loopy elves!

  22. Have a wonderful time in Florida, and I hope you find lots of time to knit! Looking forward to all the yummy things coming soon – ummm, more Wollmeise, and a new color!

  23. Hey, just a quick note to say thanks so much! My package arrived today and I’m happily promoting your store with my new stylin’ hat…tehehe.

    Thanks again!
    Kimberly (in Canada)

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