All Hands on Deck!

DSC01776.JPGAnother busy week here at Loopy Central and we have all hands on deck! Well – really I used that saying just so that I could show you the fun hand models that I have here. (But the busy part is true. We’re working very hard on all of your Sneak Up orders from this week. It’s going to take us another day to get through them all.) The wooden hand is from Barnes and Noble. I got the man size because the lady size looked so small. And the porcelain hand just arrived this week from this website. It’s a “vintage glove form”. Now I’ll have to knit a single fingerless glove to put on there (because you know I’m all about single socks and gloves. Although honestly, the white one on the wooden form is my only single fingerless glove so far.) If you ever see any other fun hand forms, send me an email. I like having the around. And besides, the Little Loopys also find them entertaining.

DSC01770.JPGI spun up some roving over the weekend. This is Ravenswood from The Sanguine Gryphon. I know the photo is a little bit dark, but when I used the flash, it took out the shine that is in the roving. This is a merino/silk combo and is so easy to spin and feels wonderful! So far I haven’t knit anything with any of my handspun skeins. I bought a couple of one-skein books and have some great pattern ideas, but just haven’t done it yet. Has anyone out there made anything fun with their handspun? It had been too long since I had been on my spinning wheel and I can see that I must stay in practice, or I seem to go backwards a little in my skills. I have that Creatively Dyed Seacell up next, and then we just got a new order of The Dyeing Arts Roving in this week (here’s the sold out page to see some of their past colors) and I absolutely love Tara’s colors. So that will come next. (Psst – we also got in an order from sKNITches and one from Yarn Pirate. So we have fun stuff for you again next week.)

DSC01774.JPGSpeaking of fun, look at this photo. It’s entitled “Shades of Ewe” – get it? (Can you see the Little Loopy in there?) We participated in a St. Louis Yarn Shop Crawl on Saturday, and one of the gals who came by brought this photo that her husband Roy had taken for us. He has this great business called “Shades of St. Louis“, where he photos St. Louis landmarks in the reflection of sunglasses. He’s now branching out into “Shades of America” as well. Take a look at his gallery on his website. I particularly like the ones he has taken of local schools.

Ok. Back to packing orders. Y’all you guys all y’all every one of you Loopy customers are the best. 🙂

Sheri whokeepsgettingdistractedbyboxesofnewstuffcominginthedoorFPS


  1. When I started spinning, someone told me to spin at least 15 mins every day. I try to do this and that’s enough to keep me in practice. I’ve just plyed my first knittable yarn and was glad to see yours and some that I saw on another blog today (made me realize mine wasn’t so bad). I’m feeling confident enough to buy good roving now.

    I liked the Shades of Ewe picture.

    Gotta go work so I can buy more stuff…

  2. I see no problem with working up singles. I do that all the time, what with distractions being what they are!

    I haven’t moved on to spinning yet, just got done with dyeing, but that skein looks lovely!

  3. Sheri!! That is some FINE looking yarn you made 🙂 Yay!!! Plus, I love the colors – I can hardly wait for my Sanguine Gryphon stuff to arrive! Keep spinning a little as often as you can – like Timmie says – it really helps. I usually have my wheel up permanently in the sunroom, and just sit down at it whenever. A 🙂

  4. Love the “Shades of Ewe” photo, Sheri. I’m not a spinner – yet – but gaze longingly at spinning wheels these days. It probably is inevitable. 🙂

    Loopy Customers think YOU are the best!

  5. Sheri,

    Off topic- The family tried your pizza casserole recipe a couple of night ago. Delicious! There were no leftovers. We’ll probably do it again sometime soon.

  6. Your handspun is so pretty. All of the yummy roving that you are carrying is really tempting me but since I don’t spin, I can’t really justify it. Um…I wonder how long I will hold out on this no spinning thing?

  7. Must be yarn crawl season! We have two here in Western Washington this weekend (one from mostly Seattle North and one for the South Sound). After 2 months of saying I wouldn’t do it this year, I got all splurge-y on myself and I’m renting a car (mine is a beater with no A/C and we’re looking at hot weather this weekend), I’ll be heading out early tomorrow. Fun!

    The Loopies look like monkeys instead of sheep crawling around their hands 😉 Your spun yarn is beautiful.

  8. Sheri,

    I am glad that you liked your “Shades of Ewe” picture! I had a great time at the yarn crawl on Saturday. Thank you for opening your doors to us.

    Michelle (Roy Horton’s wife)

  9. When you “revealed” that the Little Loopys raised their hands (hoofs?) when asked “Who wants to go to _______?”, I had to order one. Now I have three, because they’re each a little different, and all are delightfully posable. It’s especially nice to know that all three wanted to come to California. 🙂

  10. Your yarn is very beautiful.I was really struck by the Ravenswood and almost bought it but got the Secret of Sequoia instead. I can’t wait to try spinning it. I’ve been doing some spinning this week, too and just finished washing my latest skein. Next I’m going to start on my Gale’s Art Autumn Fire. I love spinning while sitting by the window at this time of year, looking out over the lush spring garden.

  11. You know, I’ve been trying to resist those little Loopies, but I just added one to my order! They just look like they are having too much fun. I think I need one around my computer so when work gets loopy, it will remind me that I can go home and knit!

  12. I have a small glasses cleaning cloth I made from a spindle spun silk hankie. My friend Rox is making mittens out of handspun I sent her, someone made a felted hat, and I have part of a scarf from my very first handspun ever. It’s so col to see it and know not only did I knit that, I spun it too.

  13. Ooh! That yarn is looking lovely! I must go add some Sanguine Gryphon to my wish list… I haven’t knit with any of my handspun yet, either, although my plans for the last batch I spun (a lovely merino/tencel blend) is to make a small throw-pillow cover for my bed — it feels luxurious. This next batch will probably be mitts for my older daughter, we’ll see. I should be able to finish the singles on that one tonight, and then I can ply! (Now you’ve made me want to go running to my wheel…)

  14. Oh I love the picture, what a great idea. Sheri your yarn is just beautiful and I love the colorway. It looks perfect to me. Hope you have a great day tomorrow and don’t work to hard, although I know that you and the elves will. Hugs , Karen is right you are the best.

  15. Okay, I am not going to try out spinning until I stop moving every year, no matter how fabulous the rovings look. Sock yarn is way more portable. But I sure can (and do) admire the spinning you’re doing Sheri.

  16. Your spinning looks like its really coming along – beautiful colors! And,who knew Barnes & Noble carried wooden hands? I certainly didn’t! Thanks for sharing. : )

  17. Sheri, I love the colors in your handspun…and speaking of hands…I just had to check out the link to the glove factory hand forms. I just love recycled everyday objects (too cool!), so of course, I had to get one to hold my new Loopy necklace!

  18. Beautiful spinning Sheri…

    I was sorry I had to miss the yarn crawl (but I had to work in the ER….). So just to make up for it I spent all my money on the sneak up (did ya notice that all that Enchanted Knoll seemed to be going to the same address???). Keep us all posted when the next one comes up!

    Are you joining us for the Stitch n’ Pitch at the Cardinals game?

  19. Love the yarn, and the photo. I’m taking a spinning class this summer, and so cannot wait. Here’s hoping I don’t develop a roving “stash” that looks anything like my sock yarn stash!

  20. I’m currently in mitten-knitting mode, or should be (need to cast on a second mitten to complete a second pair for a charity drive), so I don’t need to worry about trying to make fiddly fingers for gloves, but I like the looks of the wooden hand with the articulated joints. Does this mean you’ve “given yourself a hand”?

  21. Oh wow, that Sanguine Gryphon that you spun is *beautiful*! Your message on Ravelry the other day was enough to get me to order some in the sneakup. 😉 I can’t wait to try spinning it, though I’m not sure if I’m ready for something as slippery as a merino/silk blend probably is! I can’t wait to see what you knit up with some of your handspun!

  22. I’m sorry but those hands freaked me out! 🙂 The porcelain one definitely needs a glove or something!

    BTW your handspun looks great, I have a wheel on order and can’t wait to start.

  23. Wow! To think the seed of your spinning was sown just last November in the little cabin!
    You are a natural!
    Wish you were coming back this year! 🙂
    I love the Shades of Ewe!

  24. Your handspun looks terrific, Sheri! Sooner or later you’re going to tempt me into learning to spin, darnitall. I’m having enough of a time trying to keep up with all the sock yarn that keeps jumping into my cart.

  25. I learned to spin just a few months ago, but haven’t been very good about practicing on a regular basis. I figure that the first thing I’m going to make from my handspun is a sweater, where I can throw in the small amount of handspun I’ve made as an accent (maybe like a single stripe along the bottom of a vest). I’ve got two spindles, but I often wish I had a wheel just because it would be faster. Though it would be faster to just go and practice rather than write about how slow my spindle spinning is. ^_^;

  26. I sure wish I could buy more. Righ now, I’m forced to chose between stuff for my gardens and yarn. The gardens seem to be winning.

    And wouldn’t you know, I’ve caught the dreaded spring cold. I don’t seem to have any energy for knitting or gardening, FPS!

  27. My yarn cruiser arrived today and I LOVE it!!! Hada tough time deciding on which color to purchase and chose the chocolate and blue combo which is gorgeous! The bottom flattens out so nicely and is wider than on any other similar size bag I have seen. Her stitching is fabulous and I just can’t wait to use it next weekend. The long adjustable strap is terrific and perfect for me as I have to wear is across my body rather than over my shoulder since I injured it a few months ago. Thanks for selling such great merchandise!

  28. Wow, Sheri! That handspun you made is Gorgeous!!!!! You should whip up a bunch and sell it– it’d probably fly outta the shop!

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