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A quick blog post today, as we’re all scurrying around doing Sneak Up orders and getting ready for the Spring Fling. It occurred to me that the Flingers will all get to see Loopy Central in person, and some of you non-Flingers might want a tour. (I know we’ve shown a few pics before, but things change here so much that it was time for another one!) So I hope you enjoy the photo-tour. By the way, my friend Janice arrived yesterday afternoon from Iowa, and Claudia (the Wollmeise) arrived from Germany last night. They’re both here helping out today. Janice is helping with pulling the orders and Claudia is helping with boxing them up. (And guess who else came in to surprise me yesterday? Web Guy/College Guy! He wanted to say hi to the Flingers on Thursday night, before heading back up to college on Friday.) It has been a fun week. šŸ™‚

We have a foyer when you first come through the door. This is what part of it looks like right now, but we’ll be changing it. We’re going to add diagonal wooden cubbies along the Red Cupboard wall, for additional space. (And then the Red Cupboard will go where the spinning chairs are.)


This is where we eat lunch. The counter is to the right as you walk in the doorway from the foyer. Do you like the red stools? They’re so comfortable.


And of course you’ve seen the Loopy kitchenette before. This is an important area because it’s where we keep the M&M’s and drinks in the fridge.


WH made this red island just this month. We love the added space, and the engraved Loopy title in the top of it. It’s actually redder in person than it looks here. Don’t all of the Little Loopies look like they’re having a great time? (You know you can click on any of these photos to make them bigger, right?)



It’s hard to get everything into one big photo, so I just took different views for you. Here are some of the aisles of yarn.


And the peg wall with sock blockers and bags and patterns.


This is our back winding table area (with the door to my office in the background.)


And this is the view from my office door, looking back into the main area of Loopy.


Here is our Red Couch Area. We sit here to make up Loopy Kisses, which is what Janice is sitting there doing at the moment (did you notice that we’re back to peppermints for the warm months? Bummer. Of course we still keep a huge bowl of kisses here for us. We can’t imagine not having our wooden bowl of Loopy Kisses at all times.) When any of our kids come to visit us here, they usually end up hanging out on the couches as well. Today Web Guy is working on the computer there. I wish I could say that knitting takes place there, but we don’t knit much here. Just at home. (Susan is in the background, printing your order labels and talking to one of you on the phone!)


Of course I wanted to show you a photo of some of the Elves who are working today. You can see Mary and Marianne in the foreground. Janice in the denim jacket (she’s an Honorary Elf today.) In the back we have Anna, Sue and Donna. Also here, but hiding – Claudia. (Claudia won’t let me take her photo. We are going to have to make a sign to hang around her neck at the Fling … “No photos!” But she’s bent down behind the island, hiding next to Janice.)


And this is what the front area looks like as of 10 minutes ago, when our day’s worth of UPS deliveries arrived. Sigh. (The UPS guys don’t get “the whole yarn thing”.)


I had better get back to work up front. The Elves don’t believe me when I tell them I’m working back here in my office. They think I’m snoozing or something, FPS.

No blog post on Friday, as we’ll be mid-Fling, but I’ll check back in on Monday with Fling Photos for you! Have a great rest of the week. (And come Fling with us the next time!)

Sheri notsurewherewe’regoingtoputallofthefunthingsthatarrivedtodayinallofthoseboxes


  1. In the picture of all the elves ( I so want to be one BTW) the clock on your wall is the Exact SAME clock that I have on mine! Tee hee. It’s the little things.

    Thanks for the tour of Loopy Central by the way, now I’ll really have to come visit next time I head out there to visit family. I *love* the rows of yarn!

  2. Darn, I’m going to miss the personal tour and seeing everyone at Fling! šŸ™ But I’m sure you will all have a fabulous time! BFF Liz and I will (hopefully) be there next year!

  3. I’m glad you did this before Fling. Gives me an idea what to expect. I’m sooo excited. I noticed that one of those boxes has DIC on it. Does that mean you’ll have some more Classy for Fling? It’s the #1 thing on my Fling shopping list. I want some to make another sweater but was trying to be nice and let those who needed it for KAL get theirs first. See you tomorrow evening. Can I bring you anything from NC?

  4. Great tour! Hope y’all have an amazingly wonderful weekend. I’ll be enjoying a mini-Fling with my Knit Night buddies tonight – it’s at my house, so I’m feeling obligated to ‘fess up and show my whole stash…eek. Anyway, we’ll just pretend we’re with y’all; and wish we were!!!

  5. I really enjoyed your description. I hope you all have a good time. Would you
    ask Web Guy if he has any idea why I can’t get your pictures on my computer?
    Is there anything that I need to download? Sometimes I get them and then
    they disappear again and sometimes I don’t get them at all. I wish I could go
    to the Spring Fling. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

  6. Please Sheri, give Claudia a big hug since I did not get a chance to call her last week & wish her a safe trip and have FUN with all you lovely people (+ what a nice shop you have!!)….

  7. Sheri, thank you so much for the tour. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT ALL IN PERSON!!! And, yes, I am shouting, because the excitement I feel cannot be contained – seriously! How wonderful that you have extra helpers – I’d love to be able to help. Its going to be so wonderful to meet all in person. And, how COOL is it that Web Guy surprised you and wants to meet all of us?! That is just soooo sweet of him! : )

  8. Thanks for this preview. I can hardly believe that I’ll get to see it and everyone for real in a couple of days! And thanks to Web Guy for coming home so we can meet him, too. We all so appreciate his hard work on your great site. You’re all the best!

  9. Oh my GOODNESS, I want to work for you so badly!!! What a fabulous place to go to work every day! I wonder if the Elves are ever tempted to just throw it all in a pile in the middle of the room & roll in it… šŸ˜€

  10. Thanks for the virtual tour. I wish I was one of those “Flingers” coming this year, maybe next year.

    I love the little flower pot on the shelf with the yarn in it, that is so cute. And lucky Janice getting to be an elf.

    I hope you and all the Spring Flingers have a wonderful time this weekend : )

  11. Loved my “tour”!! Congrats on the fantastic growth spurt for Loopy Ewe – great! The UPS fellas don’t get it? Hah! They’ll get it when they get a surprise hat when it’s cold…I think a hat knit by all wd. be kinda nifty šŸ™‚

  12. Hi thank you for the tour. I am sorry that I am the other side of the Atlantic and missing the Fling. But I will be knitting as frantically as possible all weekend to be there in spirit! Hope you all have a really good time. Maybe next year you could bring the fling to the UK?

  13. OH oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I have been going nuts all day long. I don’t think I will be sleeping much tonight it’s like the night before an entire Christmas Weekend!! I Can not wait to go shopping AT Loopy Central.
    Safe travels everyone and really looking forward to meeting everyone.
    (Janice we need to talk alpacas….L-B says you are the lady to see.)

    Thank you Sheri this is just amazing!!

  14. Sheri, I’m counting the minutes till my personal Loopy Central visit! Those shelves are going to look a lot different after we clear them out – LOL! I am knitting hard at my sister’s, (even trying to get her to help me!) in anticipation of Flinging tomorrow. Trying to get a few things finished.

    See you tomorrow night!

  15. Since I’m going to be in St. Louis this weekend… I’m thinking that I’m JUST quick enough to hide a Spring Flinger in the trunk of my car and take their place on the tour. (okay, so I wouldn’t, but allow me my shopping fantasies, will ya?)
    Perhaps I should just mention that I’m slightly curious… about whether or not you’ll be giving folks nametags?
    Not that it’s that important since I’m not included in the group, but let’s just call it idle curiosity…

    (tee hee! Oh, the gorgeousness… I completely think you should let all of us in town visit! ;p )

  16. You must have the happiest, most positive workplace in the world. And not just for knitters. It just looks like everyone/anyone would enjoy it there! (Must be your positive Sheri vibes) I’m soooo sorry I’m not going to make it to the Fling – next year for sure! (You WILL have it again, won’t you!)

    By the way, I keep wanting to put a mantilla and castanets on Loopy and call her “Little Latin Loopy Ewe!” (am I showing my age via my musical knowlege!?) Have a grand time!

  17. I’m absolutely green with envy over here. SO bummed I’m not going to be at the fling. šŸ™ I hope you guys have a blast! What am I saying? Of course you will!

  18. Thanks so much for the tour, Sheri. I’m so bummed that I couldn’t try for the Fling!

    I know you’ll all have a fabulous time. I’ll be looking forward to photos and blog entries about it. Happy Fling, everyone!

  19. The WARM months? You can still send kisses out to Seattle – until, like, mid July (no kidding, summer rarely begins here before mid July).

    LOVED the tour Sheri! Thanks šŸ™‚

  20. So jealous! As it turns out I’m buying a house tomorrow, so that ALMOST makes up for it.

    What kind of stools are those? Do they have a name? I need stools for my new house, and those look REALLY comfy.

  21. No fair showing us all that yarn – how do you expect us to sleep tonight? Can’t wait to get there and see it all and meet everyone. Not long now!

  22. Loopy Central looks fantastic! Red is such a great color. I sure wish I could have gone to Spring Fling (darn work).

    Everyone knit a little for me, have some dessert, and have a great time meeting Sheri, Wendy, Cookie and all those wonderful knitters.

  23. My mouth is watering! And I’m so glad Web Guy came down to visit us!! See you tomorrow! Safe travels everyone!

    (And Wendy? No, you can’t have one of those signs. I won’t be able to prove I met you without a picture!)

  24. Thanks so much for the tour. I clicked on all the pics to make them bigger and I perused the yarn shelves! And maybe Claudia even helped packed my order today! So Cool!

  25. Three wishes:

    I wish I was going to Spring Fling.

    I wish I worked at the Loopy Ewe.

    I wish I could win the Lottery so I could visit the Loopy Ewe whenever I wanted. Turns out there’s a direct flight to St. Louis from SF. I’m so there the very next chance I get.

    Have lots of fun all you Flingers. Remember you have to have enough fun for all of us who can’t go too.

  26. What a great tour. The Central is amazing, it must be a blast working there, even though I know it’s hard work. Sheri you are a “Boss” to die for. I so wish I was going, as it is my B-day Friday. I hope all of you have the time of your life. I will be looking forward to the pic’s and details on Monday. Happy and safe travels to you Flingers. I know you will have a fabulous time. No sign for Wendy, it’s bad enough we can’t get a pic of L-B. God bless. Hugs

  27. OMG!! I am soo going to have to detour to visit Loopy Central next time I’m passing thru – which will be June, and two weeks later in July! Please don’t be closed Sat July 5th!

    I’m so jealous! If my sneak up order is still in my cart by the time I get home, guess its meant to be and I should buy it… šŸ™‚

  28. Thanks for the Loopy tour. Loopy Central looks so much bigger than I imagined. I am at the airport hotel here in Columbus, OH waiting for my flight out tomorrow morning to see Loopy in person. šŸ™‚ I’m so excited!

  29. WOOT! Am spending tonight in Hannibal, MO. with DH and hairless pomeranian, Chuy. I hope I can sleep tonight. We’ll be driving in tomorrow taking the scenic route down the mighty river. I just can’t wait to meet the Elves, you, Sheri, your family, and all the Flingers!! It is going to be so FUN. LOL

  30. Thanks for the tour! What a fun place to work. I was drooling over the Casbah on the red island! Can I spend the night there when I visit Loopy Central?

  31. Oh man.
    I have to revise my comment from a couple months back about my ideal knitting room. I want it to be in the Loopy Ewe. (Or I want the Loopy Ewe in my knitting room, and you’re welcome to relocate any time, I take yarn as rent…)
    It’s a wonderful shop, and I’m so glad you shared with us. Now here’s hoping one of those boxes is from Germany and is full of sock yarns…

  32. Ohmygosh… I’ve now got a perma-grin plastered on my face just looking ahead to *tomorrow*!!! I can’t wait to get there & meet everyone in person! SO glad that CG decided to come home just to meet us Flingers! Sheri, you won’t have any problem finding space for all the yarn in those cartons, since we’ll be making lots of space on the shelves – and some of the yarn in those cartons may not even make it onto the shelves!

    And while I’ve been reading this (& now typing), I’m listening to a podcast I happened to come across that featured Claudia (knitters uncensored from 4/15/08)!

  33. Sheri, Thanks for all the photos of Loopy Central! It looks great…I’m probably pressing my luck, but how about giving us non-Flingers first crack at the Loopywear when you post it? šŸ™‚ I really need a sweatshirt!!

  34. Sheri – I’m so glad you took the time to photo Loopy Central for those of use who can & can’t make it. You really have a wonderful, fun, bright-colored shop. I bet you really like looking out of your office at all those beautiful colors. I hope some day to visit your shop.
    I was not able to make the Spring Fling, but will be thinking of you all and awaiting more fun photos next week.

  35. Thanks so much for the tour, Sheri. What an amazing, cheerful corner of yarn heaven! In photo #7 on the 4th shelf of the cubbies on the left, there’s a gorgeous deep, deep red that I simply must have. . . just kidding. Sort of. Wishing you and all your elves and guests a Joyous Fling.

  36. Oh. Mah. GAWD!!!!

    I want to come live with you…pretty please…can I….please…I don’t need much room, I’ll just nestle in by the Lorna’s Laces. I even promise not to get to much drool on anything while I gently caress each skein lovingly at night as I tuck them in…..well,not much drool anyway šŸ˜€

    *sigh* Too bad I’m stuck here in Southern Oregon, no Spring Fling for me. šŸ™ I’m hoping next year though. I’m wishing everyone safe travels and a wonderful time while flinging.

    P.S. Oh, and it’s official….I NEEEEEED a Little Loopy now. Looks like I’ll just have to make that order now šŸ™‚ so I can take him with me on my business travels and take pictures of him in all sorts of fun cities. Ooooo, the possibilities!!!!

    I adore your store, you have an amazing gift for decorating. Thank you for the wonderful photo tour!!!

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