Look What Happens (and 2 CONTEST previews)

DSC01674.JPGLook what happens when we’re all busy packing your Sneak Up orders and turn our backs on the Little Loopys. FPS! They’ve been having a heyday, all over Loopy Central. We’re out of these cute guys at the moment, but more will be here in a couple of weeks. And that’s good, because we’ll once again be doing our annual “Take Loopy on Vacation” contest over the summer! We’ll start sending the Loopy postcards with orders sometime in May, but we thought that some of you (150 of you Little Loopy Owners so far) might rather be taking your stuffed Loopy to pose in interesting places, instead of a postcard. Either one will work for the contest this summer. The postcards are fun, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Loopy to experience in the coming months. He LOVES to travel. We’ll keep you posted on that summer contest in the next month or so.

Here’s one of my new recipes from vacation-cooking. I had a couple of you email your sympathies that I had to cook on vacation. Actually, I love cooking when I have time for it. On vacation, when there is nothing sitting there needing to be done, it’s fun to spend some of the afternoon making a nice meal. It’s the day in and day out cooking when you’ve been-busy-all-day-and-there’s-still-so-much-to-get-done-but-your-family-needs-to-eat cooking, that I don’t particularly care for. We did go out for some meals on vacation, and WH is completely up for that, but I do like to cook.

DSC01661.JPGMexican Calzones

1 (15 oz) pkg. refrigerated pie crust (room temperature)
1 lb. ground beef
1 (4 oz) can diced green chilies
1/4 cup water (note: this is less than the taco mix pkg. calls for)
1 (1.25 oz.) pkg taco seasoning mix
1 cup shredded cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese
Salsa or Taco Sauce
Sour Cream and Guacamole (optional)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Brown beef in large skillet and drain. Add chilies, water and seasoning mix and stir well. Let cool slightly.

Place pie crusts on cutting board and unfold. Cut each crust in half, making 4 half circles. Divide beef mix and cheese up between the four halves. Dampen the edge of the crust with water and fold the sides over. Crimp the edges with the tines of a fork. Place on ungreased baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes.

Garnish with salsa/taco sauce/sour cream/guacamole. YUM!

I also wanted to let you know about our April Blog Contest, which will be a little different. Remember all of our Random Acts of Kindness contests in December? It was so fun to see all of the ways you came up with to help others. At that time, I decided that we had to do a RAK contest a few times a year instead of just in December. (All in the interest of encouraging those types of activities year-round!) So we have dubbed April another RAK month here at Loopy. The contest requires you to do THREE RAKS between now and the end of the month. On Wednesday, April 30th, I’ll do the RAK Contest blog entry where you will leave your comment with the three things that you did in April. We’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner. The prize is a good one – we are giving away one Spring Fling Goody Bag to the winner. These are the bags that our Spring Fling retreat-attenders will be getting the weekend before that, and the approx. retail value of the bag and contents is $75. Only one person outside of the Fling attenders will get one – the winner of the April contest! (Note – if a Spring Flinger happens to win, you can choose to either get that bag, or something else. We’ll talk!) Check out some of those RAK posts (in the comments sections) from December if you need some creative ideas for nice things you can do for others during this time.

I’m knitting this weekend. And you?

Sheri speakingofcooking,KDmadedinnerforuslastnightanditwasdelicious.


  1. I love the RAK contests too. I’m hoping you get the Little Loopies in again soon…by SF time? ๐Ÿ™‚ I know one or two need to live in Ohio. I have some fun places for him to visit this summer. The calzone looks yummy.

  2. That looks like a fantastic recipe – I’m definitely going to try it out when I next make Mexican (I just did that this week, so will have to hold off, even though I could probably do Mexican on a daily basis, lol). And, cool for RAK month again – it will indeed be fun to see everyone’s generous acts… : ) I certainly plan on carving out time for knitting in my weekend – I’d like to finish at least one thing, FPS! Happy Knitting! And, I just can’t wait to see the contents of that Spring Fling bag – counting down the days… : ) !!

  3. Nothing too special this weekend. If it will just stop raining long enough to dry out, I have some pansies to plant. Come on Spring, where are you?

  4. The recipe looks yummy. We will be trying that here in the next week or so. I am walking in a March of DImes walk tomorrow but other than that I am looking forward to a knitty weekend. Have a great one!

  5. Sheri, that Mexican calzone looks so good! Have you ever seen the cookbook “Desperation Dinners”? It’s great for when you want to cook when you’re busy, but not mess with anything fussy. From prep to serve time is usually around 30 minutes. “Vegetarian Express” is probably my most-used book – same idea as the other, but vegetarian and they usually have an entree and one side dish and then recommend any other accompaniment.

    Glad to see the RAKs are back. I try to do things throughout the year, but it’s nice to have a big reminder and to encourage everyone to do things. Knitting? I’m casting on for my sock club socks this weekend! I got the yarn wound yesterday, but I need to finish another little project before starting.

  6. Am hoping to get some knitting in this weekend, maybe in the car on the way to Berkeley to see a play, “Tragedy, A Tragedy”. Tomorrow am having a baby shower for my daughter. My grandson was due this weekend but he decided to come early, Dec 28th! I can’t wait to give her the sweater I knitted out of Dream in Color with the matching socks. He is so tiny, 5lbs right now…..I think the sweater is as big as him! I’ll send pics as soon as I figure out how to download off of my new camera.

    Full, fun weekend…..YAY

  7. That calzone looks good!!! It’s close to my lunch time and I’m hungry.

    I am so gonna knit this weekend. If my LYS weren’t having a meet-up tomorrow, I’d be having a “pajama” day–stay at home all day, watch movies, eat and knit in my pj’s or my around-the-house raggedy sweatshirt . I’m tired after my last couple of workweeks and I’m ready for a “me” weekend. It’s also yukky, rainy here which makes me want to stay in. OTN baby surprise jacket, my exchange socks, Argosy wrap and drop shoulder sweater.

    Have a happy weekend! See you in a few weeks.

  8. I’m completely with in agreement on the “it’s been a long day but we need to eat dinners.” I get extra annoyed with them, because my work schedule has me coming home about an hour later than the DH. It’s just not that much fun to immediately walk in the condo and be asked what’s for dinner.

  9. I can’t believe I missed the Little Loopys. I’m trying to use some restraint at the moment (HA!) but the call of the Boomerang is strong. May have to purchase what’s in my cart! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your calzones look fabulous. I’m definitely going to have to try that!

  10. I just wanted to let you know you gave me a HUGE laugh this morning. “Calzones” in spanish is underwear, so saying mexican calzones for a recipes, just put a BIG smile on my face. thanks

  11. Oooooh – Now that is a recipe I can definitely use…I may have to try that one out this weekend! Not much on the agenda for this weekend…Just doing some work and knitting. I am making great progress on my KAL sweater, and hopefully I can get the second half of the front finished and be ready to start on the sleeves! I got the buttons from my Mom (there is a store with great buttons where she lives!), so now I am really anxious to get finished! Looking forward to the RAK this month, as well as Loopy Goes on Vacation. I already have the perfect picture in mind as soon as my Little Loopy arrives! Have fun knitting this weekend!

  12. driving to Philadelphia this weekend to see the Frida Khalo exhibit with camera in hand. Must bring my little Loopy now to take a pix with Frida. Since I’m the only one who drives no knitting on Saturday, but Sunday is all knitting ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I’m definitely knitting this weekend! Tonight is the knit night at my LYS. I’m wearing the Scotty Vest I was working on last time, and will bring my Mr. Greenjeans for the KAL with me. I have so many baby projects I should be working on..but I want to get my Greenjeans done while I can still get some use out of it this season!

    Other than that..I’ll be studying. Started a new class this week and I think it is going to be more work than any of my other ones so far!

    Yay for KD making dinner! I love when I don’t have to make dinner!

  14. My little Loopy arrived today and went racing around the house looking for a good place to hide from the silly dogs. He can’t wait for summer and he had been pulling his arms and legs trying out all sorts of silly things…now if only he could manage to sit quietly!!

  15. That recipe looks like something my family would really enjoy. I’ll have to try it soon.

    Those Spring Fling bags sound pretty intriguing and I only have to wait three more weeks to find out what’s in them. I can’t believe it!

    As for weekend knitting, I shouldn’t be doing much because I have a paper to write; but I might need breaks, right? Then I’ll be working on my DIC KAL sweater, I think. I decided to make Wicked but for some reason I can’t get going on it. I’ve cast on and frogged three times, because something hasn’t looked right each time. Could it be a sign I should switch to Mr Greenjeans? I’m going to give it one more try.

  16. OMG Sheri, you made a Mexican Pasty!!! It looks very yummy too. I am not a big fan of the weeknight cooking either. My weeknight dinner helper is my Saving Dinner menus. Love them!

    I’m hoping to get a little knitting done this weekend. DS is off to do a Boy Scout service project at Johnson Shut-Ins so DH and I will be all alone. I think we’re going to declutter the basement and go look at flat screen tv’s. How romantic.

  17. weekend knitting. the eldest would really like me to finish her sweater. I may work on that, socks usually win though.
    I will have to try the recipe, my family may like that, I won’t tell them it is “Mexican underpants” though..

  18. I love my Little Loopy!! ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s gonna have a great summer with me.

    This weekend? Buddy Bill is cooking tonight. Yay! Then it’s spring stuff the rest of the weekend – knitting, the zoo, softball practice, knitting, yard work, knitting…

  19. Ok… I think that even I can make those calzones!! Oh they look good!!! I’m hoping to get some knitting time in this weekend…. I just CO with the Prism Kid Slique… I’m using the pattern you posted on your blog. So far it’s looking great! I think it will be a fast and fun knit. Have a good one!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. oh i have to try the recipe out as soon as we have moved out to the country/ or we have water. My girls love mexican. I love the RAK idea I guess after reading what everyone says i probably do them all the time. I knit for preemies, then for families here, then i help out at the church, i moderate a BB on pg.org, and help out when needed on other BB, and help where i can. THis is just my normal routine. I think this is cool.
    Gee i want a Loopy so bad but i think i cant just have one, some one out of the 3 DD will want one too. Maybe next month i can afford one. Or when i file my taxes then when that comes in. I dont know what got into me I am so late this year.


  21. That recipe has my mouth watering! Seriously, FPS. As soon as I have my kitchen back (renovating – good but ugh for now), I’m making that!!

    Yay for bringing back RAKs. I did one Wednesday without knowing you were doing this again. One down, two or more to go!

  22. I too, Love.to.cook!!!!! but hate the hurry up-gotta run type meals… I always look forward to summer and school vacations, so I can try out new recipes and actually enjoy!

    We have 3 Little Loopys living here… one for each DD and one for me. We love the little guys! Wait until you see all that they do this summer… they will be having a good ole time. Hint, they will need to learn a Romance Language….

    As for RAK. My New Years’ Resolution for 2008, was to follow through with any thoughts of, “Gee, I should bring some muffins to the piano teacher” ” I should make a meal for XYZ” too many times I think of nice things to do, but with the kids and a DH that travels, never actually do them. This year has been different and I have to say, it’s been great fun!! I just have to be careful how much I think! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. The little loopy picture is cracking me up. Probably because I do similar things with my frog. Cleaning up a month ago I found a loopy postcard on my knitting end table. I should have let him go outside and make a snow sheep. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I love the crazy Loopies, “just hangn’ around!”!!!

    I love your Mexican Calzone recipe idea! We will try it soon, with the seasonings adjusted to our family’s preferences for Mexican seasonings–it should be great! I will also send the recipe on to my college guy, who is living off campus this semester, his last semester of college! He does like to cook some, and I have sent him several other recipes that he has made. BTW – he graduates with two Bachelor’s Degrees on May 3, from two very different departments, with two separate diplomas, computer systems science & audio production & technology–hooray!!! It seems like it has taken forever, but it has only been 5 years, which isn’t that bad, I guess, considering two separate degrees. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hey Sheri,
    College daughter decided to come home today so I had to quick think of something good for dinner. Pizza won’t work for someone in college! I had read your recipe earlier today and decided it would be perfect for tonight’s dinner. The Mexican Calzones turned out great. Everyone liked them. Thanks for helping me with my last minute dinner decision!


  26. April is my birthday month, I’m so glad it’s a RAK month too! I love the idea of all of us on the look out for ways to be kind to other people…just be cause we can!

    This weekend…hmmm, I’m thinking it might be time for pansies. It will be time to get some grading done, and some laundry too! And nearly time to turn a heel on the first of a pair of socks. That is always my favorite part, first work straight in one direction, then do a little bit of magic and suddenly the sock is heading in a whole other direction. How cool is that?

  27. Ooh, that sounds SO yummy! I might have to try that next week.

    No big plans for this weekend, but my little sister (who lives in Chicago) will be here (Seattle) all day Monday en route to Honolulu. I can’t wait to see her!

  28. Hmmmm….I’ve never been called a “Flinger” before….

    Finished a pair of socks in spite of all the sewing!

  29. So….I was supposed to be paying attention in class today, but your son was next to me on a computer looking at thisblog and the Little Loopy’s picture was SO cute it caught my eye ๐Ÿ™‚

    Random Acts of Kindness are the best…I’ve realized that when I’m having a hard day, it always makes me feel better to stop thinking about myself and try to love someone else! Thanks for the encouragement to do just that!!!!

  30. I’ll be doing some knitting. other crafting, and some movie watching. Oh, and probably a little house work.

  31. Hi Sheri,

    I will be making your recipe for dinner tonight, thanks! I just bought the books by Robin Miller in the hopes of quick dinners and more of the evening for knitting!

    I plan to knit my CPH for the KAL this weekend to complete the back. I am also working on my first Wollmeise socks and I can see what the fuss is about, they knit up so nice!

    Little Loopy has had quite the adventures at our house already. We have a very sweet, maternal, loving Siamese cat who thinks she is the mommy of Loopy. I have found him on our bed, in my chair, in the basement and near the cat food dish. I wondered what was going on and yesterday as my kids and I were playing, in comes the cat with Loopy dangling from her mouth:)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  32. Here’s a variation of your recipe to try:

    Take a can crescent rolls. Separate the rolls and place the triangles in a circle with the points out. Place a scoop of taco meat on each roll with a little grated cheese. Fold the points over to the center and tuck under and press to seal. Bake according to roll directions. Then when ready to serve cut the top off of a large bell pepper, place in center of ring and fill with salsa. Garnish the ring with shredded lettuce, diced tomato and black olives around the bell pepper and if you like, add a small dollop of sour cream to each section of the ring. Really pretty for a party. This was from a mid-90’s Pampered Chef party.

  33. This may be the weekend that I cast on for Heere Be Dragone, though we’ll see how my non-distracted knitting time pans out. I’m also hoping to finish a bag and make a little progress on some other projects.

  34. Love the RAK contest. I’m sunk-gotta buy some more needles and yarn (OH MY) as well as a little loopy to take on vacation. Thanks for making shopping SO FUN. Just noticed that DH is napping on the bed behind me, so I can order while he’s sleeping! (Heeee)

  35. I’ve been meaning to plan our summer vacation for a while now. Now I’ve got extra motivation to find an unusual holiday. And of course, i must remember to bring my Little Loopy!

    I love the RAK contests too. It’s fun to see what folks come up with.

  36. If I was going anywhere good I’d have to get a little Loopy to take with me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just got my first Loopy Groupies package – I’m so excited!!! Being a Loopy Groupie is going to be great, I know it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. oohhh you had to mention the goodie bag! is it time for the Fling yet?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    That calzone is going on next weeks menu, thanks for something new to try out!

    This year I’m totally buying a little loopy and dragging his sheepy butt on vacation!

  38. The RAK contest is a great idea!

    Hope to make some progress on Mr. Greenjeans this weekend, but I may have to take time out to fit Little Loopy for his very own life preserver for this summer, hee hee!

  39. YAY! More RAK’s!

    And I can’t wait for the Take Loopy on Vacation contest. I’m actually going places this summer and can take him to do some lovely things!

    As for what I did last weekend? Well, BFF Liz thinks I’ve lost my mind, but essentially I’ve decided that the entire inside of the house needs painting, and parts need wallpaper removed before that happens. It will cut into knitting/crocheting time, but there’s nothing for it. It must be done. So, I bought paint and brushes and rollers and roller trays and goggles and started emptying kitchen cabinets. Just let me say, it’s just in time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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