Weird. The Sun is Shining

DSC01573.JPGReally – this is big news today. Why? Because we’ve had a lot of cold, blustery, gray days. Now if you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I like those kinds of days. But even I have to admit that after too many of them, you need some sunshine. It’s still cold, though. The windchill was negative 1 this morning. In true St. Louis fashion, tomorrow will be almost 50 degrees. FPS. That will be nice for Valentine’s Day, won’t it? I made cookies, which I do several times a year around most holidays. Always this recipe. Only the shape and frosting color changes. We love these cookies! The other great thing about tomorrow? It’s Knitting Daughter’s birthday. She was my most favorite Valentine’s Gift ever!

DSC01579.JPGI completed some fibery things over the weekend. First of all, I knit up a skein of the Kid Slique in Woodland. I absolutely love how it turned out and it was quick and easy. Test-Knitter-Sharon said, “Hey, why don’t you just cast on 12 stitches on size 11 needles and then do: Slip 1, *K2tog, YO*, K1 on all rows?” (See why she’s a test knitter? It was easy peasy and fun.) The scarf is almost 5 feet long. Loopy had fun modeling it, but I have taken it back so that I can wear it. Of course now I want to make it in a few more colors…..

There was spinning this weekend, too. I have been wanting to spin up some of the Alpaca With a Twist Roving and picked the soft gray. Apparently there is a bit of a learning curve when spinning pure alpaca, because it came out just so-so. The roving itself is amazing. DSC01582.JPGSo soft to work with. This was pure operator-error. And although my skein is a little wonky looking, it feels absolutely wonderful spun up. I need to knit it into a nice hat, as I want it on my head. πŸ™‚ All of you experienced spinners out there – is there a trick to spinning with pure alpaca? What might I need to do for future spins? (Because there will be more Alpaca spinning in my future. I really do like it.)

DSC01581.JPGCheck out this Tempted Bordello roving that I spun up. This might be my new favorite skein that I have spun. Not only do I love the colors, but I think it looks ok, too! It’s always interesting to see how different people spin up the same colors of roving. Blogless L-B cracked me up when she asked me one time, “Have you decided how you’re going to spin that?” Umm …. like there is a choice? I just start spinning and take what comes from it. I’m so not yet in the mode of figuring out color placement and how I want them to “mix” and look in the end. red1lorez(Ok – let’s be honest. I so don’t have the skills to do all of that figuring yet.) I’m just happy when it comes out looking like something I might actually knit with. (Edited: Here is a photo that WH took of this skein of handspun. Now do you see why he is the official photographer and photo-correcter here at TLE?)

Speaking of spinning, I ordered a Victoria from Louet to keep here at Loopy Central. It might also be the beginning of possibly carrying spinning wheels here. What do you think?

I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow, with lots of chocolate and cookies and fun times with those you love. We’re taking Knitting Daughter out for dinner to celebrate her special day!

Sheri isitbadtohavecookiesandcoffeeforbreakfast?That’spurelyahypotheticalquestionofcourse.


  1. Happy birthday K-D!

    I have been known to eat oatmeal cookies for breakfast (after all, it’s OATMEAL!), but usually I try to stick with something that won’t club my blood sugar like a bad baby harp seal. Like crepes, which have more egg per unit than the cookies do ;-).

    (The ultimate sweet breakfast, however, is cold cherry pie.)

  2. The Tempted roving turned out so nice!! I’m not a spinner, but I like how that turned out πŸ™‚ Please say Happy Birthday to KD

  3. Happy Birthday, K D!

    And Happy Valentine’s Day to all the rest of the Loopy gang!

    Just so you know, cookies and coffee are pretty standard for breakfast over here. (I’m having them this morning!) Most Italians don’t eat cookies EXCEPT at breakfast. So you are actually carrying on a great culinary tradition!

    Your handspun looks fantastic. I’d be happy to buy it off you! And if you start carrying wheels, well…!

    Great looking scarf—thanks for the pattern!

  4. Happy B-day, KD!

    Happy us if you carry wheels! =)

    I always think it is funny when people ask me if the yarn “turned out” the way I planned it. My answer is that I planned to make yarn, and the end result was yarn. So, yes, just as planned!

    Beautiful work, Sheri! You should be pleased – it looks like it came out just as you planned!

  5. Wow…I love your handspun and I’m very impressed! I know you didn’t ‘plan’ the colours but it’s really really nice.

    I’m just beginning to learn to spin with a drop spindle. It’s definitely something I could fall in love with πŸ™‚

    I think it would be a great thing if you carried wheels…

  6. Cookies are for anytime, especially the broken ones. Someone has to put them out of their misery. FPS? My DH birthday is the 13th. We generally celebrate that and not so much VD. We usually eat left over birthday cake for breakfast. No ice cream tho. Although, when I was a kid, my mother would occasionally put a small scoop of ice cream on hot oatmeal at breakfast. She said it was milk and sugar, and it cooled the cereal off so we could eat it. I really miss my mother, even tho she has been gone for over 14 years. If you carry wheels, I may be doomed. Doomed, doomed, doomed. I could only hope to become as profficient in such a short time. Happy Valentines Day.

  7. Your spinning looks very professional to me! I am very impressed. I think both skeins are lovely and I am almost imspired to put down the needles and pick up a spindle. Almost. Too many dream socks to knit first though!

    My mom is in Chesterfield, so I get weather updates daily. I don’t know how you put up with all the temperature swings. Snow, sleet, rain–you’ve had it all this year!

  8. My favorite breakfast (after pie) is Dr Pepper and BBQ potato chips. FPS.

    I think you need an Ashford Joy for Loopy Central. They are beautiful and versatile.

  9. Look at that sea of cookies … mmmm!!!

    Happy Birthday to Knitting Daughter, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all of your family!

  10. Happy Birthday, KD, & Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Sheri, your handspun looks wonderful – not that I know anything about spinning, but the yarn is beautiful! I’m abstaining on the issue of whether you should carry wheels, since I will not be able to get one, because if I do, my dog will chew it up. (He loves to chew wood …in addition to many other types of items.) And WH does take the best pics of yarn I’ve seen anywhere online, hands down!

  11. Cookies and coffee for breakfast bad?? I hope not ’cause it’s Girl Scout cookie time and they plus diet coke will be my breakfast till they run out. (There’s no Krispy Kreme store in Reidsville.) I usually do my coffee mid morning and it’s frappe-ed.

  12. Many thanks for sharing the Julia’s Sugar Cookie recipe. The picture was so tempting I had to make them. So, I started them at noon and put the dough in the freezer to speed up the 4 hour or overnight instructions. They are baked and decorated at 4:37. And….they taste delicious!

  13. My daughter is a Valentine’s baby too. She’s 5. I agree, the best Valentines gift ever. We made cake with mounds of pink frosting and sprinkles.

  14. I know this comment is a little late, but “life” happens, you know, and I’m a little behind in my reading.

    I have a Louet Victoria and I just LOVE it. It is so little and cute and spins like a TOTAL dream!!! I set it up by the table next to my computer desk and when I’m done spinning, I can push it right under the table top. It spins sock weight yarn very well and has nice, large bobbins. You will love, love, love it!!!!!

  15. so ummm about wheels— I have just about enough saved up for a louet victoria…. will you be getting them?? and will it be soon? Cause I’d rather buy from you.. of course:)

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