Merry Christmas Eve!

DSC01446.JPGJust a quick blog today to remind you to leave your RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) comments from last week. Remember, we’re all trying to make December our month to go out of our way to pass on kindnesses (or “Pass the Cheer” as Starbucks advises.) I’ll announce the contest winner (drawn from all of today’s comments) on next Monday’s blog if I don’t blog again before then. I’ll have lots to tell you about when I get back!

I want to wish every one of you a blessed holiday season, with lots of special times with your families. (And a Merry Christmas!) We’ll have a whopping Sneak Up for you when things get back to normal after the holidays. (Probably the first full week of January.) The new Dream in Color colors arrived in Classy, as well as all of the Dream in Color Baby Lace. πŸ™‚ Plus, the Cherry Tree Hill DK weight one-of-a-kind colorways that we’ll have on sale for you, Romi’s gorgeous earrings and pins, Mountain Colors Bearfoot, and all of the things I listed in the last blog. Ohhh, it’s gonna be fun!

Sheri finishingordersfromtodaythengoinghometomakecookies!


  1. I have always let people with only a handful of items in their shopping cart go ahead of me, even when I was in a hurry, so that is standard operating procedure for me, I guess.

    I have been very careful of late, to try my best to smooth things over with people, even when I think they are out of line, trying to “keep the peace”, even when I am not necessarily involved. And, I have been providing some emotional support to several friends who have lost a parent in the last couple of weeks.

    A reverse RAK: my College son hit a deer on the way home from his college, when he was 300 miles into his 450 miles journey home, on Thursday night. Thank heavens he was not hurt. His car was driveable, but not at night, because the deer knocked out the left front headlight and turn signal (plus a bunch of other stuff). In a RAK, the state police disregarded that provision, and allowed him to continue his drive home, in spite of the headlight problem. We are very thankful for that, too, because it was getting late, and it would have been really late, if we had to drive up there to get him, etc. We have since been told by some that we are really lucky that my son just hit a deer, and not an elk, because there have been a number of car-elk accidents in that same area of late. Watch out for wildlife, you all, where ever you are!

    Sheri, I wish you and your whole family, including your parents, plus the Loopy Elves, the very merriest of Christmases!

  2. My RAK was delivering the last of my kitty litter at home to the people at the endof my street who got their car stuck in the slush at the bottom of their driveway. They weren’t there in the morning so hopefully I helped!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Gave away another shawl that a co-worker admired. It was one of those done in super bulky knitted from tip to tip with self fringing edge that you unravel after you’re done….ever do one? The first time you unravel one you have to lie down to recover! But just the few edge stitches come out and make a very pretty self fringe all down the edge……but anyway, she was thrilled and I can make another!

  4. Whoops. I left this on the wrong day. Trying again. πŸ™‚

    It isn’t much, but when I’m in the checkout line, I look to see if there is someone behind me with only a couple items, and I let them go first. They act like it is a big surprise, but I have been in long lines when I only needed a couple items. It is hardly any wait at all.

  5. I bought a little girl who goes to my mom’s school a Christmas present. Her mom was laid off a couple of weeks ago and I knew she wouldn’t be getting much for Christmas.

  6. My RAK: I was doing last minute shopping out here in the cold when I saw a family ahead of me in the line–they were obviously buying winter coats for the children who were all in sweatshirts (in this cold weather!). I gave them the 25% off coupon that I had been planning to use for my own purchase. They obviously needed the savings.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  7. I hope this counts. My Ex husband and I have never really got along, but because we are trying to gain custody if my Son back from him, long story no abuse involved except ex’s of the MO Legal system πŸ™ , anyways, I have been trying to be nicer in my dealings with him and aparently its paying off because he has actually been nice to us (Hubby and me) and is willing now to let us have My Son more often and without a fight. Also the other day Hubby and I took my MIL’s cc payment into Wal-Mart for her and while there picked up several carts from the parking lot and returned them to the cart corrals so no one would end up with cart damage from the carts.

  8. Sent some knitting yarn to a friend on one of my groups… I know the lady is on a fixed income and that is the least I can do, is send a friend some yarn!


  9. I had a cart full of groceries and the guy behind me had two items. I let him go first. The next people who came up had two items, and the guy after them had one…I let about ten people go ahead of me. A few started to laugh when they realized what happened and offered to let me jump back in line.

  10. Merry Christmas!!
    My daughter and I were in Wally World in the chip/soda aisle getting chips and soda…there was a woman there also in one of the motorized wheelchair carts. I saw her struggling to get up to get a bag of chips that was out of her reach. I asked her if I could help her…which bag it was she wanted, and got it down for her.

  11. My RAK was knitting related this week. You see, our Parish Administrator is moving to Texas, where her husband’s “temporary” job has become permanent. The parish decided to surprise them with a reception at coffee hour after church. So, Saturday night I was inspired to dig through my WIP’s, searching for something I could give as a memento. I came across my diagonal scarf kit, with a variety of Crystal Palace yarns. It was about 3/4 knit, and had been put aside…for just this occasion, I decided.

    Sunday morning found me a little yawny, but with a gift bag in hand. I have knit scarves through so many school board meetings, and November Fest planning meetings, etc. Always our Parish Administrator wanted to know what I was knitting. Well, “this one’s for you, kid!”

  12. I’m still paying for the person behind me nearly every time I go to Starbucks…which of course is daily because I can’t risk the drop in caffeine levels in my blood.

    Today, my friend and I had a foiled RAK. We saw a homeless man and stopped to get him some food. The first place we stopped was already closed for the day and so we went to Subway, which was getting ready to close. We bought him a sandwich and a gift card so that he could go back another day. When we went back to give it to him he was gone. We drove around the local parking lots looking for where he might have gone but didn’t see him anywhere. The sad part — we didn’t even get a sandwich that either of us would eat, so here we were stuck with this sandwich for a homeless man that neither of us would consider eating! (neither of us likes ham – she doesn’t like mayo and I don’t like mustard or pickles and the sandwich had all of that!!)

  13. Last week my daughter flew into Charleston for Christmas and while we were out grocery shopping there (which is about 100 miles from home, which is a very small town), I picked up extra goodies in the natural foods market for several of my friends who are diabetic and played Early Santa.

  14. Merry Christmas to everyone – we are still waiting for four and a half more hours until its officially 25 Dec. RAK this week – Paid for everyone in Starbucks who was in line behind me today at a Borders store (12 people) and luckily I’d heard the clerk asking for the orders so there weren’t many multiple ones (have to save $$$s for next year’s Loopy purchases). The better RAK was giving $250 to local taxi company to pick up soldiers from 25th Infantry Division (bars around the post) and drive them safely home during the holidays. THey are just advertising it as a Random Act of Kindness from a local lady. The act even made the local news but I insisted that they not reveal who paid. Luckily I know the owner so it was no problem.

  15. I tried to round up excess carts for people when I went grocery shopping on Saturday with minimal sucess, partly because others were all doing what they thought was nice. The woman next to me insisted on ‘Just putting it here, thanks’ with here being in front of her car where I couldn’t get it without interferring with her departure. The tottery old gentleman whose cart I offered to take across the lot was too much of a gentleman and insisted on helping me with both carts, but I think that may still have brightened his day.

    But, my sister-in-law from Morgan Hill was reciptient of a RAK when a woman pulled into a drivethrough in front of her solely to pay for the person behind her.

  16. Merry Christmas! My nephews, whose father went on a cruise to the South Pole instead of spend Christmas with them, will be visiting our house for the holidays. I guess that isn’t very random, but it was when I suggested it to them!

    I just started reading the blog. What is the contest about?

  17. Merry Christmas to You and Your Family…..and thanks for all you do to make us happy…My RAK for the week……my SIL always admires my hand knit socks and eventhougth we don’t exchange gifts anymore….I wrapped up my Dream In Color that came from the Loopy Ewe and told her I would knit her a pair of socks for all of her kindness she shows to my mom all year long (they live next door to my mom) and every day except for Saturday she sends over dinner to my mom who lives alone…..

    Merry Christmas Sherri………Blogless Diane

  18. Merry Christmas to you Sheri and all the Loopy family & elves. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this year- the interesting stories, the recipes, oh yeah, and the YARN!!!

  19. Merry Christmas.

    My RAK this week was to take on the task of a co-worker before my vacation. She is covering this Christmas (as planned in advance.) She was ready to do an evaluation that needed to be completed, and I did it for her.

  20. Merry Christmas! My RAK this last week was that I helped a lady at the post office who had a baby carry her package. Then as I left another women was trying to get in with about five huge packages so I helped her carry some. I was appalled by the number of people standing around just watching these people suffer. They were very grateful though and it sure didn’t take much on my part.

  21. With my kids in the car, I stopped at Starbucks for a coffee. I decided to pay for the car behind me and the kids had the best time with that! We had so much fun, that twice more during the week the kids asked, “Mom, don’t you want to go to Starbucks?” πŸ™‚ And my 8 year old entertained a cranky baby while we were in line at the store on Saturday after I let the frazzled mother go ahead of us. Dear Mayhem played peek-a-boo with the baby to stop the crying tot.

  22. Sheri…hope that you and your family as well as the whole Loopy Ewe clan are enjoying the holiday season! My RAK is actually about the kindness of others for a change. All week long we had various organizations bring in toys, teddy bears, beads and sing carols to the kids that were unfortunately sick enough to be hospitalized during this time of year. The smiles that these people brought to the children as well as their families was worth more than words could describe. Happy and healthy to all!

  23. donations donations donations… and I had to ship something- and forgot tape….Had to buy as roll at the post office… so I left tape at the post office.. for the next person who also forgot it;)

    Merry Christmas;) ts

  24. Merry Christmas to all the Loopies and their families!

    I will be going to work today in a couple of hours to continue my RAK of working in the ER during the Christmas holidays for my colleagues are at home celebrating with their families.

    And I will be knitting…

  25. Merry Christmas, Sheri – to you and your family! Our RAK – paying for a friend’s dinner at a restaurant, when he was seated alone by himself. We also asked him to join us, and we took care of his bill.
    Thanks again for the RAK’s…..they make Christmas time seem more special. It takes the focus off the stress of the season…. the “What to get that particular person, what do I want, etc.” Sometimes, it’s just hard to put into words how blessed I am this Christmas. What better way to say it than to give, either anonymously, or to give with special attention to those that have none, or to give to those that have plenty, and let them see that even though they have much, it’s better to give than receive! πŸ™‚

  26. We recieved two unexpected blessings this past week and it is our joy to pass on the unexpected. Vince got a $50 gift card from work and that night we had two granite installers at our house late at night due to a company error, not the installers. While talking to them we found out one young man had a 2 yr. old and 2 month old triplets. He was at our house until late and didn’t get home until after midnight. When he came back the next morning to finish, we passed the gift card on to him in a thank you note.

    A couple of days later someone paid us back some money we had loaned them and forgot about. We met a friend for dinner and started talking to our waitress. She was carrying a picture of her beautiful 6 month old daughter. She was working a second job to pay for daycare. We passed on the repaid money and a little more for a $200 tip that night.

    Blessed to be a blessing.

  27. Merry Christmas to you an the elves.

    RAK: I have been driving fellow drivers behind me nuts buy letting everyone out into the crazy, busy traffic. I have brought shopping carts into several of the stores I have visited. Those things are not so easy to wrangle when you get a line of them. Esp when it is cold out and raining, gives you much more appreciation for the people who do the little things that make life easier for us.
    Merry Christmas and safe travel!!

  28. The other day I confused the cashier at Safeway when I told her not to total the bill at the end of my items, but to add on the 2 items for the woman behind me. Apparently she didn’t understand, because she totaled after my items, so I paid for mine, then waited while she rang up the items for the next woman, & I paid for them. Just 2 32-ounce containers of yogurt, but it left her smiling (& wondering, too)! (Tried to post yesterday – twice, but it seems that neither one of them “took”. So hopefully I won’t have 3 similar postings!)

  29. During my last minute errands on the day of Christmas eve, I let people cut in line ahead of me in 2 stores and let the people behind me in the Best Buy parking lot have the choice spot close to the door and I drove to the back of the lot and walked through the slush myself.

  30. I was in Borders doing some Christmas shopping, and came across a knitting book that I knew a blogger who I read all the time really wanted, but couldn’t afford. I picked it up and sent it to her out of the blue.

  31. Happy Holidays to everyone!!
    Sherri, I gotta let you know that my family found the wish list very useful. Yummy yarn!

    I borrowed some RAK’s that I read here. I let people with fewer items go in front of me at the checkout and I continued to donate to all the SA bell ringers I came across. And tried to not be in such a hurry on the road.

    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year πŸ™‚

  32. The RAK for this week is just too good to miss. It’s not my act of kindness but I’m sure it will bless you. As you know, Oklahoma was “in the dark” for quite a few days. PSO has been working around the clock restoring electricity all over the state. Well my friend Eileen had been without electricity for 10 days when finally her turn came and PSO people came to restore electricity in her area. As they were finishing their job, she mentioned to them about her daughter’s situation. The box had pulled off the house when a tree fell and before electricity could be restored, they would have to get an electrician to come and fix the problem. Well considering all the people in the same situation, she couldn’t find an electrician until January! The PSO workers asked for the daughter’s address and my friend’s phone. They said they’d see what they could do. Well, later that day she received a call. It was the PSO workers! They’d gone during their lunch break to check the situation and went ahead and fixed the problem, called the electric company and the electricity had been restored! My friend was speechless. She asked what she could do to repay this huge favor. They told her to just have a wonderful Christmas. Wasn’t that just awesome? Blessed us all. These folks came from all over the nation to help us in our time of need. We are all so thankful!

  33. Merry Belated Christmas!! I hope Santa was good to you, and to your family!

    I’ve been away from the computer since Saturday…I’m suffering a little withdrawal. Last week, I made Dried Cherry Scones for a coworker. One of my coworkers always arrives before the rest of us, and has coffee ready when I come in. She adores scones so I made a batch for her and family to enjoy over the holiday weekend. She loved them!! I must admit that I had one (for testing purposses only, of course) and they were might tasty.

  34. Merry Christmas to everyone. I have had a terrible sinus infection..can’t seem to get rid of it. We had company, too, and hubby cooked..and was a complete bear..sheesh, I don’t act like that and I cook everyday. Anyway, I have not even knitted..and THAT is BAD. I did get to give a pair of mittens to one of my poorer kids at school who did not have any, so I did get in one RAK. It made my whole week, too. He was so thrilled, and said, “For me”? Then he hugged me. Hey, that’s what it’s really all about. Ipromised myself that these RAK’s will go on throught the year, and I thank Sheri for starting this. See what word of mouth (and a few prizes will do)? Love to all of you. Jo

  35. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Mine was! πŸ™‚

    My RAKs for last week were plenty, and as usual, I can’t remember most of them, though I do remember two.

    I dropped Mama off at a doctor’s appointment, and on my way to work afterwards, went through a drive-through Starbucks. When I got up to the window, I paid for mine, and told the kid to pay for the lady behind me, whatever it was she’d ordered. “Do you know her?” he asked me. “No, I don’t.” I’ve never seen such a big smile on the clerk’s face at Christmastime. “Oh, wow! That’s so cool!” I know it made his day, I hope it had similar affect on the lady in the car behind me. 😎

    The second one was when my mom and I went to our normal Thursday evening dinner at the local Diner. I have choir practice most Thursday nights, and it’s easier to go there than try and prepare something. Well, we were sitting right by the counter, and an older lady, who was paying her bill, dropped her cane. I got up to pick it up for her as I could see disaster happening if she insisted on bending down to get it herself. (My mom walks with a cane, and can’t bend, and I’ve noticed the propensity of such persons to insist that they will stoop down and get whatever they’ve dropped themselves. I just don’t get it.)

    So, that is all. Hope you all had great Christmases! πŸ™‚

  36. I remember doing lots of things this past week. Now I can’t remember what they are..oh!

    I donated $5 to troops to purchase books with WaldenBooks for Christmas.
    I gave our poor little waitress a $15 tip because she had a big table come in after we got our food and they were mean and picky and looked like the kind of folks that wouldn’t leave a tip for her. We eat there every Sunday night and she’s sweet. We hope that it made her night and helped her towards a happier Christmas. πŸ˜€
    And I know there were a few more things, but for the life of me, I can’t remember. It’s hard to keep up with the things you do throughout a week. Or maybe I just have a goldfish memory!

  37. Christmas with the in-laws… if that doesn’t require a monster act of kindness I don’t know what does! I hope that you and your family had a relaxing holiday – Cheers!

  38. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I had a wonderful time unwrapping all of the sock yarn my parents ordered for me from The Loopy Ewe πŸ™‚

    My RAK: On Monday at church I was waiting in the longest line ever in the ladies room. An exhausted looking woman came in right after me with twins in carseats and a toddler. When I got to the front of the line, the first stall that opened up was the handicapped stall, so I let her take it–I figured she needed the extra room more than I did.

  39. I couldn’t tell you about my RAK for last week sooner, cause it left me overly busy! My mother turned 75 last Wednesday, and she lives in Florida. We live in Maryland, and a short time before her birthday my husband told me he thought we should go there for her birthday. We had just lost our largest client because they are shutting their doors, and in my mind things are tight right now…just the way I operate. My husband said that he’d take the trip as his birthday (the day before my mom’s) and his Christmas present so we could be there. I did the same, as mine is in early January. The trip did make the last few days before Christmas very hectic, as I bake the extended family’s Christmas bread (our strongest tradition) and had not been shopping yet. But, my mom was very appreciative and had a great birthday. So, it was very worth the lack of sleep! Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas. And that you will have a Happy New Year.

  40. Merry Christmas!!!!
    My sort-of random act of kindness: A group of friends and I go out a couple of times a month to a local restaurant, where we usually get the same waitress. Last week after the checks were split up (which she always does without complaint!) I paid in cash and paid double my meal price so that she could have a nice christmas tip. I know that waiters and waitresses are often underappreciated so I hope that made her night a little better!

  41. I held the double doors at my local Joann’s open for a lady who had just bought a VERY large mirror.
    (and no, I don’t buy anything yarn there- I like loopy! Or at least Browsing and drooling at loopy!)

  42. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.

    We have been adding extra change to the parking meters so that anyone parking after us wouldn’t have to pay. It doesn’t take much but I’d love to imagine that it helped bright someones day. πŸ™‚

  43. Squee! My hubby let me fulfill a RAK dream… we have a local charity- (Charity Motors) that takes donated cars and fixes them up and sell them (below 1,000 regardless of value) to low income people. Hubby bought a (new to us) car to replace his…. and instead of trading in or selling the car… he said we could donate it!

    The best part- 70% of the proceeds of the cars sale can be designated to the charity of our choice… so someone who needs a car gets a reliable one, a favorite charity of ours gets the cash donation, and we get to write off the blue book value of the car!

    Before droppiong off the car- we prayed together that it would bless the new owner— honestly- Sheri, I’m not 100% sure we would have donated it had we not been so intently looking for RAK opportunities!

    We’ll be carrying out the heart of this project in our family- we were gifted with a great book- “Every Monday Matters” you have to check out the site- it’s a great way to keep kindness and giving central all year long;)

  44. In my earlier post, I forgot to mention how cute your people, whatever you call them, are! I love them, every time you show a picture of one.

    Have a great trip to Iowa, and I hope you all enjoy the big wedding and dance!

  45. My RAK was on Boxing Day. A lady who seemed to be very frustrated in the fact that she was redirected to another point of sale (cashier) in the store due to the fact that the one she had been at couldn’t process her stuff…different department. I was in no hurry, as my husband was taking FOREVER to pick a new suit out…I let her in front of me so that she could get the heck out of dodge faster.

  46. I hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas.

    On a whim, I picked up a box of chocolates from the duty free shop on the way to the gate for my flight home (after Christmas, as plans ended up working out) and gave it to the flight crew on my plane. The flight attendant was amazed. “We don’t get that very often,” he said.

    Performing the RAK made the screaming kiddies on the flight marginally more bearable…

  47. I hope everyone had a very merry christmas.

    This week with all the busynes I just tried to be very patient and pleasant with everyone around me. Letting people and cars in front of me in lineups, taking the time to let cashiers and salespeople know how much I appreciated their help etc. I found that people were very quick to calm down and relax when you took the time to talk to them while waiting in lineups. I also randomly gave away knitted items to people as I finished them and I found that it really made their day. People just love handknit socks and mitts. Good thing I got some new yarn from the loopy ewe on christmas eve! It was the best gift ever!

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