Happy New Year’s Eve!

DSC01470.JPGWhat a full week it has been! A fun Christmas (I have some cute gifts to show you on Wednesday – you might want to put these two artisans on your “future gifts” list), and a fun time in Iowa. We spent a couple of days with WH’s mom in Clinton. (With Iowa being the hot-bed of political focus right now, both Obama and Edwards were in town the day we were there.) On Friday, we mostly stayed inside and watched 8-10 inches of snow fall all day long. Isn’t it beautiful? (Great knitting weather. I have new socks to show you later in the week, too. Finished the Noro sock and am totally in love with it. So much so, that I’m starting the second one tonight. DSC01468.JPGAnd you KNOW that means something. I’m the Queen of the Single Sock.) While we were visiting WH, College Guy set up a laptop for his grandma, and gave her some important lessons. All appears to have gone well with that. (Notice that her office has a RED wall. I liked it a lot!)

DSC01478.JPGOn Saturday we traveled across Iowa (in some weird white fog) to attend the wedding of our godson and his beautiful bride. We’ve known this handsome guy since he was just a few days old, and met his wife-to-be this past spring. Aren’t they a happy looking couple? It was a joyful wedding and we are so happy for both of them. This is the son of our good friends Steve and Janice. Want to see more photos? She blogged some fun ones! “Small World Moment” – when I saw a friend from high school scooting into one of the pews for the wedding. Then I realized that she was a teacher at their high school and must’ve had the bride in class. “Smaller World Moment” – when it dawned on me that my high school friend’s last name (her married name) was the same as the bride’s maiden name and realized they must be related. (Yep – she’s an aunt by marriage.) What a small world.

DSC01479.JPGOn Sunday, we hung around for brunch and talking. Here is a picture of three of my favorite kids. (Only two are mine, but I’d gladly claim the third. She’s Iowa Girl, sister to the groom.) They’ve all been good friends their whole life. Do you have any friends like that, that you have known your whole life? My oldest friend that I’m still in touch with is actually Steve, father of the groom and father of Iowa Girl. (Also father of Iowa Guy, not pictured.) We met in Junior High. (This was before he and WH met and became such good friends, so I get to claim being Steve’s oldest longest friend.) Other than that, my oldest longest friends go back to high school days.

Today is our last Random Acts of Kindness reporting day. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed reading all of the kind things that you have done over the past month. This contest really has helped me to keep it on my mind and continually look for ways to make a difference to others. One of my plans for tomorrow is to figure out a plan for each month of 2008 and what I can do to make a difference. Please leave your RAK comments (and your other comments!) below, and I’ll do one more drawing on Wednesday of this week. The winner for last weeks’ drawing is Barbara in LA. Congratulations to you! We’ll plan to get all of the drawing gifts out the end of the week. Thank you all for participating!

Sheri noSneakUpthisweekbutthenexttwoweeksaregonnabedoozies!


  1. Woah! No comments yet! Well my Mom has been nagging me about this for over a week now (I forgot last week) so now i can get her off my back. She and I were out shopping the week before Christmas and we noticed an official looking envelope on the ground, it was stamped and addressed to some government office. We thought the person might be in a world of trouble if their envelope was lost, so we scooted across the street to the post office and sent it.
    Sheri, sounds like your Christmas was quite fun. Happy New Year!

  2. Whooo, what a party! Thanks so much for coming! More than that, thanks for being our lifelong friends and Godparents to our newly married son!! We love you guys!!!

  3. Happy New Year! My RAK again involved helping someone save money. We went to one of those Hibachi restaurants for my daughter’s 18th birthday and when the waitress said we could use only one of the two coupons I handed her, I gave the extra coupon to the other family at our table. They had 7 people, so 10% off their tab probably saved them quite a bit.

  4. Today is it—- the end of the year- and we’re about to get socked in with loads of snow here in Michigan… I’m off to take my random finished objects to donate them…. I tend to hoard them when they are finished— today- I let them go- (hats, scarves, a sweater or two… some yummy socks that I’ve never worn…..

    thnx again for hosting this event- I’m starting one on my blog beginning next Monday- based on the Book “Every Monday Matters”

  5. Hi,
    There are two things that I can think of off hand… one is a small one, someone faxed their work end of week report to my home early saturday am (1:30 am to be exact!) So I faxed on to the CORRECT number that was on the bottom of the form!

    The second had to do with a lady that we came upon at a Dunkin Donuts this week. She was trying to make a phone call at the pay phone when we drove up, then came in to borrow the use of a cell phone to call a cab as the pay phone was not working. We asked where she needed to go, and it was right near our next destination, so we offered to take her. We loaded her shopping cart of items into our car, and then delivered her to her requested destination, and then slipped her a $20 when we left. I am uncertain if she was “homeless”, but she definitely had some “friends” inside her head that she talked to under her breath the whole time. But she was very coherent when speaking to us, and seemed clean and otherwise okay,

  6. Happy New Year~~My RAK was letting someone in front of me at the line of the grocery store. She was not too appreciative… but still, It made me feel like I had helped someone out. I so enjoy reading your blog!! Thanks for all of your wonderful posts!
    Sarah in San Diego

  7. Happy New Year to you too!

    I have to say that I’m so glad you started this RAK thing – it makes me more aware (yarn is a great motivator to remember!) of the little things I can do for other people.

    This week I did the little things that I believe are going to become part of my daily life from now on – taking the farther parking spot to give a closer one to someone else, leaving extra change for the next person at the checkout, letting harried-looking mothers ahead of me in line… but the biggie for me this week is something I’m really proud of:
    A friend of a friend lost her house in a fire just before the holidays. Her family is safe, but they lost all their possessions. While it’s likely their insurance will cover the essentials, her yarn and roving stash will probably be one of the last things replaced. So my friend put out a call, and I did some serious stash-diving. What would I give if it was my best friend who lost her yarn? Particularly given that this woman is likely much like me, and knitting will be an essential source of comfort in the months to come as they sort their lives out.
    I’m sending some of my sock yarn, some of my handspun, things I really love. I had some credit at the LYS, and I used it to buy yarn in her favorite colors. When I told the owner what I was doing, she donated some odd skeins from her back room.

    In the big scheme of things, yarn is a luxury. But for many of us, it is also our comfort, our entertainment, our expression of self and creativity. I’m really happy to be able to help give some of that back to someone who needs it.

  8. My husband and I were (crazy for) going shopping on Christmas Eve and stopped to get a bite to eat in the mall’s food court. Which, of course, was packed beyond belief. We were lucky enough to find a small table in the corner of the court, but just as we began eating we noticed a mother with 2 small children trying to juggle kids, food and packages. We noticed she was walking around in circles looking for a place to sit, so I walked up to her and offered her our seats. Although she protested at first I think the 2 hungry kids finally got the best of her!

  9. This past week I’ve been sending goodies to work with my boyfriend. He works at a big box craft store and they have been burning the midnight oil getting through Christmas and getting up for their yearly inventory. So I’ve been packing him off in the mornings with sweets and other treats to share with his coworkers. We’ve had rave reviews. πŸ˜€ I’m just glad to know that they can at least have something happy going on through all the crazy that the store has been the past few weeks. Not a place I’d want to be on Christmas Eve, day after, or New Year’s Eve either!

  10. Glad to hear you and your family had a great vacation!

    OUr random act of kindness for this week was making treats for all of our neighbors and their families. (next door neighbors alone have 10 kids!) So I spent a lot of the week in the kitchen.

    I hope this year is fantastic for you and TLE!

  11. My RAK this year was staying after my shift at work so one of the other girls could go home and be with her family. No one else could fill in and we’d never met before so she was very suprised. Merry Belated Christmas everyone!!

  12. It’s great to hear you had an enjoyable week, Sheri. The wedding sounds lik the perfect way to end the year.
    I had a hard time doing any RAK’s this week, since my family and I have been inside with the respiratory flu since last Monday and haven’t seen a soul (a bit of a drag over Christmas, but there was lots of knitting time propped up on the couch by the fire, and I finished my Shibui Honey socks for my husband). Instead of an ‘in person’ RAK, I decided to donate the money I wanted to spend on some yarn (which was sold out) to MSF. That way I can do some good for someone without giving them the gift of a virus as well!
    Hope you have a fun evening bringing in the New Year and best wishes for the coming months!

  13. Looking forward to the doozy sneak ups!

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas holiday – I’m so glad.

    I bought lunch for 4 LYS employees! They had a sale and were overwhelmed with customers. There was no time for anyone to go out and get sandwiches. So, I did and picked up the tab. They protested and wanted to pay me back, but I stood my ground and insisted. Glad I did. I’ve worked retail before and know how hard it is to work non stop for hours facing customers.

  14. My sister has been out of work for a while, and is struggling to find the right job that will use her talents. Unfortunately, her financial situation has gotten pretty grim. Her boyfriend (a great man!!) is helping her, but she will only let him do so much. On Christmas day I could see the stress of waiting and worrying on her face. I knew her finances were a mess, but she’s very proud about taking help.
    I, on the other hand, received a Christmas bonus at work and am feeling very blessed. So, the next day I typed a letter on my computer (to protect my identity) and send her $100. I told her that some day, when she is ok, to pass it forward to someone else.

    Two days later I received an email from her saying she had been on a job interview that morning and felt confident about it. She went on to say that, in her mailbox, she had received $100. Her statement was, “I’ve been crying ever since, to think that someone out that cares that much about me. This will enable me to meet my full mortgage payment. I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

    That made me cry – to know I had touched my sister so profoundly. Something that was so easy for me had lifted a heavy worry, at least temporarily, from her shoulders.
    I vow to continue to help others ,more in the coming year. Thanks, Sheri, for inspiring me!

  15. Well I have put myself on a bit of a yarn diet for January so knowing that we were still in Dec…(can you see where this is going?)…. I had to do some last minute shopping. I went to visit a friend at the LYS where she was working. I had 2 discount coupons that expire Dec 31st. So of course I had to use them. I used one and left the other with my friend to have her share it with some one who could use it. This is what she wrote to me last night:
    So just after you left, an older woman came in who was buying a bunch of yarn (mostly from the sale bin.) She was counting her cash and asked me to total her purchase a couple of different ways. I asked Beverly (the owner) if she minded my donating your coupon, and she said it would be fine.
    Anyhow, the lady was BEAMING when I told her that you’d given her that coupon. She looked up & crossed herself & then told me that she had just enough $$$ with the $12 you saved her. She was so pleased, and she asked me to please thank you for being so generous.
    How cool was that!!! I was happy to help out. It is just good juju, carma, or whatever you call it.

  16. I havent had an opportunity to do much in the way of RAKs this week, however my family and I were the recipients of a very generous RAK from the Church his mom attends and Hubby grew up in. They pick a family every Year at Christmas time to donate, Money Clothing or Food to since we receive food stamps and dont need clothing they donated the $300 in cash to us to help pay our bills or anything else we choose to use it for. Hope everybody has a Happy New Year.

  17. My RAK for this week happened at the mall (once again). While shopping in a corner of a store a woman squeezed past me and as she did so something fell out of her purse. I thought it was just a wrapper or receipt so I just ignored it. A few minutes later I bent down to tie my shoe and saw a $50 bill laying under a table. Thinking that it must have been the woman’s, I snatched it up and started searching the store for her. I couldn’t find her, so ventured out into the mall. Eventually, I found her and gave her the money back. She couldn’t believe that I walked all over the mall looking for her when I could have easily kept the money for myself. Also, every year, I buy one of the largest turkeys I can find and donate it to the local food pantry. Its only about $20 and will make one family very happy during the holidays!

  18. What a wonderful time you have had! I am still trying to recover from the holidays and head into the New Year with lots of thoughts on accomplishing SOMETHING–hopefully my WIPs!

    My RAK this week was helping to watch a friends baby while she went to a massage. She needed it!

    Happy New Year!

  19. Old friends…my oldest friend is probably my friend Kristie who I met when I was 19 and she was 16. We were just discussing this the other day, trying to figure out who I’ve known the longest. We moved a lot when I was a kid, and I went to a lot of different schools.

    But, my friend Katy has a friend she’s known since first grade! FIRST GRADE!!

  20. Its hard to match all the wonderful RAKs that are already submitted. Its wonderful to know that people can truly be so generous when you least expect it. My RAKs are more an everyday type of RAK. I live in Sacramento, the capital of California, and like most fairly large cities, we have more than our share of heavy traffic, not only from the people just heading to work, home, or shopping, but also those traveling through the city to reach the mountain snows, or to the Bay Area. And like many places today, there is more than a large share of angry drivers and road rage. Whenever I go driving, even if I’m late, I try to remember that no matter what, nothing is worth getting myself killed by being pushy in traffic, or keeping others from their destination. Instead, I let the person coming out of a parking lot, or anxious to change lanes do so. Maybe they aren’t the road rage type, but if it keeps even one person a little calmer in traffic, and helps keep the roads a bit safer, its worth it to me. Life is too short to lose it in a traffic-related death.

  21. Happy New Year Sheri! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas week – What fun to spend it with family and friends! No special RAK’s to report this week, but I have continued to be aware of others around me and think of what I can do to be kind and put a smile on their face – holding doors, letting people go before me in line., etc. Thanks so much for this holiday challenge…I plan to continue it through the new year and beyond!

    Looking forward to those doozie sneak-ups!

  22. Happy New Year!
    My RAK is happening today. Saturday night I could see the kitchen staff was just exhausted and knowing that New Year’s Eve will be crazy for all of us, I decided to give the kitchen guys a break from cooking staff dinner tonight. I’m making chicken enchiladas for the entire staff tonight so they don’t have to worry about us. I know it’s hard to find the wherewithall to cook dinner for the staff after a major night like tonight. You should have seen Chef’s face when I offered to cook! It was reward enough!

  23. Happy New Year!! While I was in Kansas visiting my family, I volunteered to take my mom’s dog, Sammy, on daily walks. Although I think she does enjoy walking him, she appreciated me volunteering to take over that duty for a while. I’m not sure how random it is because I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks since I am a petless person and have to live vicariously through others with pets… She said I spoiled him by giving him more walks than his usual routine each day. And, this could easily be spread around via RAK for those who might not be able to walk their dogs for whatever reason: weather, illness, etc. : )

  24. Happy New Year!! Looks like you had a fab time in Iowa!

    I don’t have any RAKs last week. I just had a great holiday week spending time with family and friends. I cooked (love entertaining) and cleaned (OK, hate the cleaning part) and opened my home for anyone that wished to drop by. Of course, I had to go and get that dreaded common cold but I kept going anyway. I’m on vacation this week so I plan to spend time with my stepkids, finally get back to knitting a pair of socks for me, and enjoy a nice, quiet week after the holidays.

  25. Happy New Year to you and yours Sheri! Thanks for making this year knitting wise so fabulous for me and the people I knit for. πŸ˜‰ Speaking of a small world, my daughter in laws family lives in Clinton. Sheesh! Such a small rural town, too. If it was a bigger city, it would have surprised me less. Just thought I’d mention that small world thing. lol…thanks again!

  26. I was at the candy department of a department store when I noticed that the woman in front me was short of cash for her purchase. It wasn’t even $2.00 but I said here let me take care of it for you. She was surprised and grateful. I just said your welcome and help someone else out if they are ever in a pinch.

    Thanks so much for doing this Sheri! Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours.

    I resolve to continue doing RAK in 2008 and beyond. πŸ™‚

  27. On Christmas Eve, I was at the supermarket with hundreds of other people. When I got to the checkout lanes, there was a young Mom with 2 small children in front of me. She was admonishing the children not to ask for any candy or anything else because she wasn’t going to buy them anything. I noticed that as her groceries were being rung up, she was taking things and putting them on the back of the belt. She looked nervous as the order total was going up and up. Finally, she told the clerk not to ring up the remaining items because she didn’t have the money for them. The cashier looked at her strangely and the Mom repeated that she only had $65, that was it for the rest of the month, and she couldn’t take the rest of the groceries. “Excuse me,” I said, and I leaned across her to the credit card scanner, swiped my card, and told the Mom that under no uncertain terms would I hear any protest. I told the cashier to ring up the rest of the groceries and bag them. The Mom hugged me, I signed the receipt, and wished the family a happy Christmas. I know I made that family happy, but they’ll never know how happy it made me!

  28. My RAK was while we were waiting 2 hrs for a table a Carmine’s NYC last week. Some nice young college guys were waiting at the bar along side of us…. it was a looooong wait and the bar was packed… drinks $11 a pop… pretty pricey… anyhooo we ordered a huge whoppin’ plate of zucchini fries and gave it to them to munch. They were nice guys, fun to talk to and we figured they weren’t going to be eating too much πŸ™‚

  29. Happy New Year!

    I’ve been in the house pretty much since 12-19-07, last day of school…

    I plan on keeping up w/ RAK for 2008..

    be safe everyone!

  30. Sounds like you had a wonderful time visiting over the Holidays. I will have to go check out the pictures on Janice’s blog. Funny, I just always assumed you and Janice were the longtime friends, well it sounds like you are, but I didn’t ever give it a thought that the friendship sprouted from a friendship with her WH. I think that is so neat.
    My RAK: I have started taking in shopping carts when I go into the grocery. Esp now that it is a little chilly out I feel sorry for those teenagers out there pushing all those carts. I don’t have the best control over those things so I don’t take as many as they do, but I gather them up on my way into the store.

    And this morning I was the recipient of a RAK. When we got up this morning there was a bag of Dove Dark chocolates on the porch from out very sweet neighbors. How did they know I NEEDED some chocolate today????

  31. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely holiday, full of friends and family, which is exactly how it should be! Our big RAK for the week was when my daughters and I went to a local bead store to make some bracelets and stitch markers for friends who knit and their kids. They’re going out to the post office today πŸ™‚ Thanks for inspiring us to be a bit more conscious of kindness!

  32. Welcome back! Glad you had such a wonderful trip! Happy New Year!

    Let’s see… oldest friend… that would be my best friend, we met in 5th grade… quick math…17 years ago.

    RAK, last week I saw on f my neighbors trashcans starting to roll into the street so I retrieved it but instead of just putting it back on the curb I brought both trashcans up their drive and put them next to their garage door.

  33. Happy New Years everyone at the Loopy Ewe!!!
    I have been checking regularly for the big Sneak Up- lest I miss it!!! My RAK is I am donating my time this week to help a good friend fuel her business. She has been a jewelry designer for over 18 years now,( had stuff on all the “Friends” cast, ER, and now Nip/Tuck too!) She finally is in a NY showroom. In Aug. and this week, I volunteered to fly out with her, work the booth with her at the big trade show, and help her promote her designs, for free (she can’t reimburse me for the trip) just because I know she needs the support and a friend to be there, she just barely broke even last time, I hope this trade show goes even better! She actually had an earring design bought by Anthropologie (one of my faves). She is also not aware that I am furiously knitting her an Ice Queen and a pair of Fetchings for the trip, ’cause coming from San Diego, I am betting she is NOT ready for NY weather. And she never buys herself anything because she is also trying to launch a nonprofit to Save Darfur. I wish I could do as much as she is, but maybe I can be the ‘woman behind the woman’ so to speak!
    I also have been letting people know when I am leaving a parking lot so they can follow me to my car and not keep circling forever, I hate that…
    Also, my son bless his heart, didn’t pass his driving test on Christmas Eve, so I have been letting him drive places more, and I go with him to take the car home, instead of making him take the bus everywhere, I feel so badly, he was so excited to get his license:( Next month maybe…I think the testing guy was in a bad mood b/c he had to work Xmas, maybe I should have brought cookies…hmmmm…. does that count as a bribe???
    See you all in the New Year!! Sincerely, Juliblue

  34. My RAK was to let someone in front of me at the store not once, but twice (different people). They each had one or two things and I had a mountain, so it seemed sort of silly to make them wait on me.

  35. Yesterday I searved food at the local soup kitchen. It is so nice to volunteer like that. We do it a couple of times a month. I love doing it. I also brought a bag of food to the pantry that is also there. Every little bit counts.

    Happy and healthy new year to everyone:-)

  36. Nothing special this wek, let folks out in traffic, others with only a few grocery items in first. The hardest for me was giving up a whole day, including dinner after, with friends at my most favorite needlework shoppe to have my husband’s sister and family in for dinner. I really worked hard at this because they are not my favorite folks and I always feel guilty that I don’t like them much. And then, ugh, half of them didn’t even come! I know it is mean spirited, but next year I will think twice. I think that my meanness counteracts the thought, don’t you?

  37. Happy New Year to everyone. My RAK made me feel like a million bucks. My mom works with special education students, she has been out all year due to her cancer/treatments and such, but she makes a point to keep up with her kids. One sweet girl and her siblings got NOTHING for Christmas. Their mom told them that they had to wait for taxes before they could get anything. While this is not uncommon ’round these parts, it still seemed wrong for kids not to have ANYTHING for the holiday. I have not even told my mom yet, but my sister and I took those five kids some money to do with as they wish for the new year. They were super excited and their mom cried and said she felt bad that she couldn’t even get them Christmas cards. She was more overjoyed than the kids I think. πŸ™‚ It was an awesome RAK all around!

    Looking forward to the doozie sneakUps,


  38. For my last RAK report (though these RAs will continue), I am pleased to announce that, in addition to the grounds of the local elementary school, more than three miles of trails in the local arboretum have been cleared by hand (well, plastic-covered hand) of all domestic poop. I won’t tell you how many plastic bags I used, but I will say that the arb has been visited by dogs of many different sizes. ‘Nuf said. ; ) In the process of clearing poop, I spotted a deer and an owl! Their poop got to stay in the arb. : )

    Happy New Year!

  39. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!! I have had the sinus infection to top all others…was not able to do much of anything this week. I did not finish my give away mittens so I will have to give them away when I finally finish them, but I did give whole heartedly some of my “REALLY GOOD STUFF” yarn to a friend who needed something special and knew I would have it, and I did and in the clogged state that I was in, and being generous…I gave it to her as my gift…so that has to be an RAK! Yipes, normally I would not even show THAT stash to anyone! Then I made my hubby go down to the Salvation Army ringer and donate $. But I do plan to watch and do RAK’s all through the year. Thanks again Sheri for the great thoughts. I gotta blow my nose. Take care and Blessings for 2008!…Love, Jo

  40. A couple years ago I took a two year workshop with Caroline Myss called Sacred Contracts. (Can’t recommend this enough!) In one of the sessions she talked about a new book she was writing called Invisible Acts of Power. Before she wrote the book, she solicited letters from people regarding acts of kindness they had received or given. One such story she told us had such a profound impact on me, that it changed the way I interact with strangers. She received a letter from a young man who at one time was so despondent that he had made the decision to commit suicide. As he was walking down the street contemplating the best method to attain his goal, he stopped at a crosswalk to wait for a car to pass. As he waited, the driver paused, looked him in the eye and smiled while waving him across. That one single smile changed his life. To him, being acknowledged with that smile from a complete stranger was a gift of grace. He no longer wanted to kill himself. After hearing that story, I started being more conscious how I interacted with people on the street, in line, or just entering a building. Now, I often pause to hold a door, let someone with fewer items go ahead of me in line, or just smile a greeting as I pass people on the street. You never know when or how a brief, courteous acknowledgment will change a person’s day.

  41. My RAK wasn’t something that I was looking for – sort of just walked into it. I was at the local county courthouse filing the necessary paperwork to officially own my business name, and whenever you have to do a government thing like this is always takes longer and is more difficult than you expect it to be – so I was there for a while and had to go to several different places to make sure that all the t’s were crossed… the last stop for me was the sheriff’s office to have some of the paperwork notarized. When I went into the office there was the nicest couple – wife near tears, husband obviously frustrated – and one of the women from the sheriff’s office who had another young girl trying to speak to them in Spanish. I speak Spanish okay and understand it even better, so when the husband looked up, I just asked him if I could help. The look on his face was priceless – so happy to see someone who could understand. He told me his whole story (it was complicated – that’s why he didn’t have the English for it); I translated it for the sheriff, and got him on his way – left my cell phone if he got “lost ” in the system again. I didn’t hear from them again, so the story must have a happy ending. That must have been the reason my business there took so long – so that I would arrive at that moment for that couple.

    Happy New Year, Sheri and crew and all my fellow Loopies! Here’s to knitting the New Year in!

  42. Earlier this year I was in a multiple RAK that pleased me way out of proportion to the activity itself. Near us is a grocery store that keeps their carts chained up. You put in a quarter and when you repark the cart you get the quarter back. Normally people coming into the store will have a quarter ready and give it to someone that is about to put their cart away.

    On this particular day, I approached the store with quarter in hand. I held it out to a man that was finished with his cart. He waved me off and said “Have a great day”. When I came out of the store, someone approached me with a quarter and “gave” him the cart without taking the quarter, explaining that I had gotten it the same way. He rewarded me with a big grin.

    Just think, NO money was at stake. No inconvenience was involved. But there were at least three people in town that day with silly smiles on their faces. What a world!!
    It makes me think that if such tiny gestures can give so much pleasure, why aren’t we all doing it all the time?

  43. Happy and healthy New Year! Glad that you had a wonderful time in Iowa, despite all the crazy political goings on. I also really liked reading how everyone embraced RAKs this month. My last one for ’07 (plan to continue the tradition in ’08) is that I had a number of one-day passes for Busch Gardens that were going to expire today. So when we went on Saturday, I gave them out to some of the people in line behind us. You never saw so many shocked and excited faces.

  44. For my RAK, I took lasagne over to a house bound friend and cleaned her sidewalk of snow.

    I hope all of you and your families have a safe and happy new year! 2008 will be full of socks and yarns for me, and I wish the same for all TLE group and fans!

  45. Have a great New Year! I helped out a lady at my LYS kitchner the toes of her first socks today. She was so excited to finally get it and have completed socks, that she wore them out of the store.

  46. Happy New Year,
    I let two guys in front of me at the quick check out line. The first guy was very happy the second stayed behind me, seemed silly to force him in front.

  47. I want to tell you about what my youngest son did for RAKs this weekend. Friday night, he was exhausted after playing the first game in our regional junior curling tournament. He came home to many chores, mostly thanks to a major snowstorm that dumped during his game. First, he had to feed and walk the dogs of our neighbors down the street, who did not make it home as planned because of the storm. Then, he snow blowed the driveways and sidewalks of an elderly neighbor down the street, he did the sidewalks from her house, plus the outer sidewalks of the 6 neighbors in between that elderly neighbor, to get back down to the one with the dogs, whose people were still out of town. Then, he had to do the driveway of another elderly neighbor next door to us who could not make it home from Iowa because of canceled flights from Chicago. So, my 16-year old son ended up having to do the driveways and sidewalks of 3 neighbors, plus our own, plus take care of the neighbor’s dogs, because of the big storm. That, and he had two curling games on Saturday (the next day), and another one early yesterday. He was one exhausted kiddo after all of that. Fortunately, he got some rest today, because we have another snow storm coming in tonight, New Year’s Eve. That’s not bad for a teenager who is on an all-to-short Christmas break (he has to go back to school Wed), with a ton of homework to get done before Wednesday, too. He is a good kid!

  48. I bought several extra items at the grocery store and left them on the porch of a family that I know is struggling to make ends meet. Also, it’s not very random, but I asked my family to donate to my favorite charity (Lifeline of Hope) instead of buying me gifts.

    My oldest friend is my husband – we met in Sunday school in Kindergarten. πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year!

  49. Happy New Year!

    My 13-year old nephew performed a simple RAK for me on Christmas Day. He went and scraped all the snow and ice off my car when we were ready to leave the celebration without being asked. Of course, I repaid the favor by hopefully buying enough fundraising raffle tickets from him at the last minute for him to win the XBOX prize for most sales!

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