It’s October and the Weather Doesn’t Agree

DSC01207.JPGIs it feeling like Fall where you are? Because it’s going to be 88 degrees here today. That is most definitely not “Fall” in my book. However, my house is starting to look Fall-ish. Isn’t this character cute in an ugly sort of way? I tend to find “so ugly it’s cute” characters. I have a Christmas “Muffin Man” that is downright scarey looking, but I felt sorry for him so I bought him anyway. (Who else was going to take him home?) I also love decorating with Bittersweet Berries (although I have yet to plant them in my backyard like I keep saying I’m going to do) and Japanese Lanterns.

DSC01208.JPGKnitting Daughter and I had a fun long weekend! We knitted, caught up on some DVD’s (Heroes, The Office, etc.) and went out to eat. It was fun to spend the time with her and fun to be off from work for a few days. (You know, when you work out of the house, work is always there.) I knitted up a pair of fingerless gloves from Holiday Knits, just in time for my trip to Colorado this week (where it will be in the 20’s and 30’s at night.) I haven’t done gloves with fingers before. While I like this pattern and love how they turned out, boy is that ever a pain in the behind to do all of those knitted fingers. The yarn is from one of our new indie dyer lines that will be coming soon. DSC01209.JPGAllen is one of our Loopy Groupies and it was so fun to find out that she has been selling her beautiful yarn to a couple of her local yarn shops and was now ready to sell online through The Loopy Ewe. I love the way the yarn subtly stripes, and it was soft and wonderful to work with. We’ll have this in stock in a few weeks. I also am a new fan of BellaModen – another new indie line that will be here soon. Rebecca is also a Loopy customer and has great taste in colors and yarn! This sportweight of hers knit up so quickly, and I really like the method she used for handpainting this skein. It almost looks marbeled, to me. She calls it a Batik style of painting. It’s sock #1 of a pair that will be a gift for someone for Christmas. A start on my gift-knitting! I’ll fill you in on some more new lines that are on their way to us, soon. (As well as some other fun Loopy news next week!)

So has anyone else started gift-knitting? And what are you making for people this year? Is anyone else into fingerless gloves? We have two gorgeous fingerless glove patterns coming from new pattern designer Monica Jines that I can’t wait to make. This has been a fun way to use some of my sock yarn. I also got this book over the weekend and there are several pretty patterns in there that have now made it onto my “must knit” list. (And here I thought I was over scarves. Apparently not.)

Sheri bytheway,we’rere-stockingInterlacementsandDreaminColorthisafternoon!


  1. That little Halloween critter is too cute! Looks like the sort of thing that would find a home at my house. The yarn you used for the fingerless gloves is yummy and so is the pattern. I love knitting fingerless gloves, they make nice gifts too. I’m making my sister a cashmere pair for Christmas I hope- otherwise her birthday is in February. I have a notebook full of fingerless glove patterns that I designed myself, great for sock yarn. I’m thinking about knitting mittens for most of my Christmas list this year. I’m not sure if grown-ups will like mittens though.
    Have fun in Colorado this weekend! That’s where I’m from and I usually wish I was there:)

  2. Still not Fall weather here either, although they are forecasting a high of 82 on Sunday here…woohoo!! (Isn’t it sad that I get excited about the low 80’s?) I did finally get my fall wreath on the front door and have started burning some “fall” candles…yummmm! Glad to hear you and KD had a wonderful weekend, and hope you have a blast next weekend as well! Can’t wait for the “news” next week and to see all the new indie yarns coming soon!

  3. Nope…just trying to survive all the fall activities right now!

    DIC???? Oh I need some more of that! And now James says he’s not going to knit anything other than Shibui forever…oh gosh, I’m so behind the times!

    Working the overnight shift tonight, so not sure I’ll make it over to see you tomorrow, but I’ll try…

  4. Well, its currently 73 degrees in Washington, DC and the high is only supposed to get to 76 degrees, so that says fall to me – sorry the weather is not cooperating with you in the St. Lousi area. : (
    I’m so glad you and KD had a lovely weekend catching up on movies, knitting, etc. It sounds very fun and you both deserve a little break.
    I haven’t decided if I’ll do any gift-knitting. I had planned to knit a pair of socks for my mom and grandma, but we’ll just have to see if that actually happens. I already have 4 socks as WIPSs (which is unusual for me) and I really need to take care of that soon or its going to drive me crazy!
    And, you are not supposed to be tempting me with Dream in Color – I’m loving how this yarn feels while knitting!!! : )

  5. Oh yeah, its Autumn here today! According to Weatherman, its supposed to be nearly 80, but instead, its overcast, and I keep hearing rain outside in small amounts. I love it!

    I start thinking of Christmas around about August, but in the past, did nothing about it until mid-December. Finally last year, decided that socks were a great gift, and managed to knit socks non-stop to handle gift-giving last year. This year, it looks like more of the same (thank Heavens everyone LOVES to get hand-knitted socks) and with my huge stash, I can do that w/o having to buy yarn so much. I’ve already begun putting completed pairs aside, started more pairs, and am going to try to do a few hoodies for the grandsons as well as anklets which the boys want. A knitter’s work is never done, I guess!

  6. I am halfway through a pair of fingerless gloves–well, I guess fingerless mittens although they have no fingers–and I love them! I started making them cause my workstation would be FREEZING in the winter (the a/c only comes on Nov-April)!

    October means Indian Summer for me anyways–I like the sneaky warm weather. And since we hit 80 in January, I try not to second-guess Mother Nature anymore.

  7. Christmas for me started in July….and I was already behind. (see previous posts with broken wrist….ahem.) I’ve finished (deep breath) four felted boxes three pairs of fingerless mitts two pairs of socks one lace shawl three hats and no partridges or pear trees…..Working on a bath mat and a pair of socks right now. As it is, there’s no way I’m going to get through my whole list, but then, some of the projects on the list were…shall we say…wishful thinking?
    Not much fall-ish stuff going on here, either, though that rain that came through yesterday helped some. Too bad it…sniff…snurfle….didn’t help the allergies…sniffle…snort…. Did you get any of these thunderstorms? It was quite a line!

  8. OMG, did you say Dream In Color?! I haven’t gotten to snag any yet, and I’ve been dying to. Guess the refresh button will get a workout today πŸ™‚ (Must buy skeins of DIC, must buy skeins of DIC…)

    I’m glad you and Knitting Daughter had a wonderful weekend. I’m really looking forward to weekends like that with my girls — you’ll have to write an advice column on how to raise children who enjoy spending crafty time with their moms! I’ve started knitting for December, but it’s a pair of socks for a friend’s 40th. I haven’t quite gotten to Christmas yet, but I’m thinking fingerless gloves for some of my more easterly and northerly friends; sock yarn works well for that, no?

  9. We hit the mid/upper 80’s here in KC yesterday, before the big noisy storm rolled through for about 30 minutes, then it was nice and cool. I’m really ready for the cool stuff now though!

    I have a lace shawl and a lace scarf going for Holiday gifts, need to get a manly scarf going to, but that’s the limit of knitted gifts. I have five sewing projects lined up for gifts too though – just got home from the fabric store!

  10. I cast on the first of my Christmas knitting yesterday, socks for my sister (of the size 13 feet). I’m also planning felted clogs for my brother and sister-in-law, and maybe felted slippers for their son, but that’s about it for the Christmas knitting this year. Though I haven’t ruled out the possibility of sock ornaments for people.

  11. I’ve started the gift knitting, but it’s not quite in full swing. I’m planning four pairs of socks and scarf as of now. I’m hoping that list doesn’t get longer.

    Oh, and next post or so will be the Q4 challenge, right?

  12. Fall? Well, we did have one sort of cool morning last week, and the moon has been rising all big and orange for a few days. But, not much fall in Texas yet.

    I have knit one pair of house socks for my fiance’s dad, and one pair of frighteningly glittery (to me, others say they are very tasteful) Disco Colori socks for my sister. She’s going to get another pair, and I MAY make her something out of my treasured Loopy Ewe stash…but I hate to give anything made from these wonderful yarns away!

    I photographed a bunch of my stash yesterday, which upped the count of Loopy Ewe yarns in Ravelry! Photographing them all will take SOME time. And I need to be holiday knitting. This year I think it’s mostly socks and perhaps one lace scarf for my stepmother.

  13. I have started some gift knitting but not for Christmas, just a November birthday. I am glad to hear that you had a great weekend with KD. It is about 64 here in Minnesota and sunny. That book looks great I might have to look into it. Did KD get much knitting done?????

  14. Oh, please don’t plant the evil bittersweet! It’s so invasive, and it simply chokes the trees around here. I’m constantly trying to hack it down and burn it. Japanese lanterns are similarly evil.

    My gift knitting is socks at the moment, plus a lace shawl planned. Mostly mini-monkeys. I’m halfway through three pairs right now. Anxiously awaiting my Wendy patterns for more gift knitting inspiration!

  15. Glad you and Knitting Daughter had such a great time! We’ll have to plan one with both our Knitting Daughters!! I LOVE the gloves. And I’m so glad you’ll be carrying Monica’s patterns. I always love what I see on her blog. I’m in Paris but will be home soon!

  16. Over on my side of our state, well, even though the afternoons are warm, the mornings are chilly. So I can certainly tell that it’s Autumn.

    I was just thinking I might want some DIC. I’ll have to see. I really have amassed a sock yarn stash, and the rule of sock yarn doesn’t count can’t work for me.

    (BTW, my lovely and highly expected prize hasn’t arrived yet, and I wasn’t sure if you were going to wait until my next order to ship it. If so, then the DIC is MINE!)

  17. I have definitely started on my Christmas knitting, but then I’m a pretty slow knitter so I needed as much time as possible. I’ve also started a countdown of how long I have before it’s time to wrap presents and put them under the tree. I’ve got a pair of socks started for my husband, a scarf for my mother and a shrug for my sister.

  18. Not much gift-knitting here with the new baby. But mum brought a skein of lacecweight and a shawl pattern recently and said she wants me to knit it for her. Better CO soon to have a chance to finish for Christmas. I do hope she isn’t expecting it for her 60th, which is in two weeks!

    Autumn is definitely here, temps around 12 degrees C (53 F) and rather wet. Great weather fo woolly socks πŸ™‚

  19. Wisconsin weather here is in the high 60’s today. The leaves are starting to change and fall – I dread the raking! Anyway, last night I started a pair of fingerless gloves for my neighbor. She really liked the “trial” pair I knit for myself. Recently, my cousin from Phoenix visited and liked the Austermann Step yarn I had laying out. I asked if she’d like a pair of socks for Christmas and she was thrilled at the thought. I also used up some scrap wool to make felted bowls which I thought anyone on my Christmas list would find unique. I’m starting a cardigan (for myself) out of Inca Alpaca, Tobacco Merle, soon, but it’s still nice to have the smaller projects on the side for a change of scenery. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable weekend with your daughter – I have a 9 yr old son, and knitting isn’t his thing.

  20. It was cold enough for jeans and socks this morning, which means fall in Virginia. I haven’t done the first bit of holiday knitting, but I have started to match ideas with patterns and yarn, so the first item should show up in a few days as a work in progress.

    My fingertips are what gets cold first, no no tipless mits for me!

  21. I love knitting gloves. The fingers, while endless, amuse me quite a bit. πŸ™‚

    As for the fall weather, I know what you mean. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s here for the next week. πŸ™ My bunnies are not liking this yo-yo low 70’s to high 80’s at all.

    I was thinking about doing some holiday tatting today. I was thinking Christmas trees to put on my cards. A little ornament decorating the front. πŸ™‚

  22. It’s currently 74 here… Southern Cali does NOT agree that it’s October. I sure with it did, though… my folks live in Pittsburgh, PA, and apparently the trees are turning all sorts of fun colors and it’s getting cool and crisp. I’m so jealous!

    I’ve never knitted gloves before… I typically stick to the fingerless kind… I even just made some this weekend! I can’t wait to see the new stock!

  23. Glad you had such a great time with Knitting daughter! πŸ™‚ Made me miss my mom.

    I will, of course, be knitting socks for Christmas gifts. Luckily they are for a 7 and 12 year old, so small feet, and bonus the 7 year old wants really short ankle socks.

  24. I’m glad that you got to spend some quality knitting time with KD this weekend.

    We had gorgeous fall weather here this weekend in mid-Michigan. It was somewhat cool Friday night at 40, but the rest of the weekend was great. We get to pay for it a little bit today, with a rainy Monday, but that’s ok. I got to spend some quality time with my youngest son, and he drove for the first time with his new Level 1 driver’s license. He’s not a knitter; I keep trying to interest him in knitting, but I’m not succeeding. He is a decent cook for a 15-year old, though.

    I want to make a pair of fingerless gloves. I’m not sure whether I want gloves with open finger tips, or “gloves” with the fingers open entirely, if you know what I mean. I might just have to make a pair of each, to see which I like better, if I can find patterns that I like. My hands get really cold in the winter in the house. (I have to wear almost ski gloves to keep my hands warm outside here in the winter.)

    Can’t wait for the DIC yarn. Love your so ugly he’s really cute autumn guy. Oh, I also want to see your new scarf book in person. The cover looks really cool! Thanks for sharing!

  25. It’s 78 here in PA but nice and cool in the evening. I actually got to roast the first chicken of the Fall season yesterday. πŸ™‚

    The Christmas knitting is underway, I have one of a pair of socks done for my mom, 75% of a sweater done for my sister. Sister’s birthday is in December too so I’m trying to decide if I’m going to make her socks out of some yarn she was coveting. I’m planning on making a hemlock ring blanket for Grandma, and a couple of hats for the men.
    I don’t think I’ll get it all done!

  26. I am trying to be good and not order any more sock yarn. But I’m at work and my student helper keep saying, “But yarn is so nice and squishy, look at all the beautiful colors, I think you should buy more yarn.” Who can resist the lull of yarn when a 7th grader is telling you to buy it. Bad 7th grader. Must resist Dream in Color…

  27. It has finally cooled down in Indiana for the time being (it was in the eighties before the rain came this morning). Your fingerless gloves looks great and it seems to me that the striping was uninterupted when you started the fingers.

    I think, I’m just going to stick to the mini socks from the mini sock blocker keychain (That I have lost the keychain *sniff*) and attached them to the stockings my mom’s making because they are quickies.

  28. Temps were in high 40s early this morning and are now in low 70s with bright, sunny skies. Another gorgeous day. I haven’t knitted fingerless gloves yet but think a couple of pair are on my list for holiday gift giving. Am working on a scarf from Schaeffer Anne yarn that I bought from you — in gllorious purples and greens. I started it in the Spring, put it away and out it popped at me last night. Must mean it is time to not knit another pair of socks but instead finish this scarf. Glad you had a nice time with your daughter. Have a great weekend! I’m green with envy.

  29. Never move to Arizona Sheri – never, ever move to Arizona. It’s 89 degrees outside and all I can think is, “Thank goodness it’s finally fall. Cool weather, here I come!”… given that it’s dropped 10-15 degrees from two weeks ago, I’m in heaven.

    *sighs* The Indie dyer yarns are looking so lovely. So wonderfully, beautifully lovely. Especially that marble one. And I? I am going to have to miss out on all the new, lovely, indie-dyed yarn, including the sport-weight Chewy I’ve been waiting for. We’re moving to a new apartment at the end of November, and my entire yarn budget has been converted into “moving budget”. Add that into the new “holiday budget”… and I have no more yarn budget until the beginning of the year. I may be able to sneak a skein here and there, but not even that is guaranteed. WOE!

    My birthday, however, is on January 5th, and I will not only be turning 25, but I will be celebrating the end of a mandatory yarn famine. There will be yarny goodness.

  30. fall has definitely arrived in the UK so I am really into gloves and I love your fingerless ones!!! Glad you had a lovely girlie wekend

  31. Finally fall here in the Buckeye state. We have chilly mornings and evenings, warm days. So much better with the lower humidity. You can actually breathe outside. Just a touch of color in the edges of a few trees. Soon enough though, we’ll be barking about the freezing precipitation and grey skies. That’s when I need to be in Colorado.

  32. Well, it’s plenty warm here, but the nights are becoming cooler, and I feel “Fall” approaching – it should be here, I know. I love FALL!
    We’re not even going to talk about Christmas knits, because I just have way too many of them to accomplish, and then I get side-tracked on things like socks, yarn, and reading blogs! This doesn’t even include soccer games, church activities, school things, and WORK – do we really have to work? Couldn’t we just knit all day?

  33. gift knitting this year includes a set of men’s dress socks for my dad (with regia silk yarn that i got from you), a silk shawl for my dad’s wife (with schaeffer andrea yarn that i got from you), and a pair of socks for our beloved dog-walker in black, white, and tan to match the dog. πŸ™‚

    i’m also knitting a mittens & “smitten” set for my cousin and her fiance.

    and possibly a pair of socks for my mom.

    and hopefully that’s it!

  34. today was “fall-ISH” in upstate NY, though not really fall by any means. One part of me is wishing for fall to really start, the other is thinking to myself that the longer it stays warm, the less my heating bills will be this winter.. and thats a very good thing!
    No gift knitting here. I promised myself.. no handknits for Christmas this year. None, nada zip. I will NOT be knitting gifts morning noon and night the last month, leading up to the holiday, drinking coffee at midnight to stay up, trying to get it all done. Nope. Not doing that again!

  35. Well, here in SE Michigan its kinda cold, windy and rainy at the moment. This coming Friday its supposed to be around 80. Sheesh! So typical during fall here. I’ve been Christmas knitting since about July. I’ve made fingerless gloves for my daughter from a Knit Picks pattern, but theres no “fingers” in them, just thumbs and I used sock yarn. I’ve also made, so far, a pair of mittens for my sister in law, two scarves and two pairs of socks for others. whew. Almost done with it all too, so I can concentrate on stuff for moi!! Now, if I could only get the girls I work with to stop having babies!! In between my Christmas gift stuff, I’ve knitted 4 pairs of baby booties and about 5 hats. We had a run on pregnancy at work. lol! My stash of yarn and patterns has grown since July, thanks to you!! So I can take my time and pick out the perfect yarn for the pattern I want to do. I’m all set for winter knitting.

  36. Sheri, Golly No! Not fall here in Central Texas. But we did get lots of rain in an hour period the other day, which just made it MORE humid. We are upper 80s but it feels like mid 90s. Yuck!

    Oh I love those stripy gloves. I hope, hope, hope you offer that wonderful shade of green and let us know that it was the glove yarn. Please?? LOL

  37. I started my Christmas knitting in August… (but I still probably won’t be through everything I want to get through) πŸ™

    I’ve already finished two shawls (done in yarn dyed specially for the recipients) and I’ve also finished a couple face cloths to throw in with stuff and a birthday present for next weekend.

    On the needles: the third of the hand-dyed shawls and another -more detailed pattern- lace shawl

    In the works: a Dr Who scarf, at least two pairs of socks, 3 pairs of mittens, a teddy bear. I’m also planning a few more face cloths and thinking at some point I might make something for me…

    I’m also planning on giving knit-kits as presents to at least two people (pattern, yarn, and needles.

    Fall is being a big tease this year all over – where’s my cold and my snow?! (Vancouver stole it last year…)

  38. I haven’t made any fingerless gloves. I tried your mitten pattern and I had a hard
    time with the thumb, so I guess I’ll stick to socks and scarves. I start my Christmas
    knitting every January after Christmas because it’s taking me longer and longer to
    do my projects. I have socks for two cousins and one granddaughter done. I have
    fancy lace leg warmers for my other two granddaughters.My grandsons want
    cash. They are at the age where they don’t want anything knitted anymore. I have scarves for my two
    sons and two beautiful sea silk scarves for my two daughter-in-laws. The pattern
    was in the Interweave Magazine. I am working on the “Lead and Follow Scarf” which
    I purchased from you and I’m having more than a bit of trouble with it. I don’t
    do charts well. I’m going to make two of them. I’m working on both of them at the
    same time. I hope I can get them finished. I have one of Wendy’s sock patterns
    but have not started them yet. All of the colorways that I wanted to purchase were
    gone by the time I got to your website. As far as fall goes, I’m more of a spring
    person. I hope you have a wonderful time in Colorado. I’m sure you’ll get some
    knitting time in.

  39. I had problems submitting my socks to Q3 Challenge, because I have never done it before. I hope that you got my e-mail and that I am entered… o-well I guess there is next time.

  40. I’m looking forward to the new indie dyers. They look cool. The fingerless gloves look great. I have a pair of fingerless mitts that have been languishing but when I finish those I think I will try a fingerless glove pattern. Although, all those tiny cylinders to knit is a tad off-putting.

    It was Fall here for about a week and then Summer came back. That’s pretty much par for the course around here though. I can’t think of a year when that didn’t happen. That hasn’t stopped me from decorating more and more. I’m still blaming that all on you, you know. LOL

  41. Fall hasn’t arrive here either, but we had the same idea of putting out some of our fall decorations, hoping to encourage it along! I adore your “Muffin Man”. Can you tell us where you got him?

  42. Glad you had a great time with KD. It is almost fallish here in NE and I am so glad. Today it was 68 to 70 degrees. Nice. I love the fall. I’ve started Christmas knitting, a sweater for Ethan and mittens for other grandchildren. Not doing to much this year. Still knitting socks.

  43. Your little man is a hoot. I would’ve taken him home also. We are in the foothills out of Sacaramento, CA & it is Fall here…it feels & smells so good. Sorry you are having summer. It will be there for you soon. We have already had a couple of rains as we need it badly. I’m not doing any Christmas knitting this year. A couple of years ago I made 30 scarves. Need a break, so am doing socks & shawls now. Glad you all had a great weekend.

  44. I am excited about more indie dyers at Loopy! πŸ™‚

    I have started some Christmas knitting. My mom’s socks are already done. I also have a friend who is having a baby around Christmas so there has been some baby knitting too!

  45. It was 42 when I woke up this morning!!! Finally had to turn on the furnace. It only got up to around 70 at mid day.

    Be careful, around here bittersweet is quite a weed! Not quite bamboo and kudzu, but it’s on the noxious list.

  46. Mid 80’s here but not humid at all so it was very pleasant with a nice breeze.

    Glad to hear you and knitting daughter had a nice weekend. My kids all love when we have one on one time with each other.

    I really need to start some gift knitting. I am working on socks for the eldest daughter now and have a baby blanket that I need to get finished for a firend.

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