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marlo(Loopy guest edits the blog today to talk about his fabulous summer vacation.)

Oh the places I’ve seen! I was a bit hesitant when the Loopy people sent me out to vacation around the world over the past few months. Things are pretty nice and cozy in The Loopy Room, so I wasn’t sure how I’d like having a summer off to relax and play. I’ve decided that I like it a lot. I went so many places and met so many people.

First the people. Of course my favorite part was just vacationing with all of YOU. No wonder the Loopy People like you all so much. You’re fun! I met famous TV stars (here I am with Marlo Thomas and my friend Rosemary. I don’t think Marlo is a knitter, but she did a good job as “That Girl”, so I think she could be a knitter if she tried it. I think she thought I was cute. And of course I am.) I also met a lot of radio personalities (they may have talked about me on the radio. Or they may have talked about those of you who ran up and shoved me into their hands for a picture, like a crazy person. I’m not sure.) catI also met many famous knitters. I like knitter’s a lot. I especially like sock knitters, so it was nice to meet Cat Bordhi in person. They call her “Cat” but she’s really a person. I couldn’t quite figure that out, but I guess you know who I mean. She was teaching a class at the TNNA Show this summer. I listened to a “Harlot” talk (which I thought was going to be a little scarey. Turns out she hates squirrels and I do, too, so I guess she’s ok after all.) I also golfed with Sergio at the US Open. He may not have known I was golfing with him necessarily, but I totally was. I’m a good golfer, as I can use all four feet when necessary. And what’s not to like about a game that is played on all of that delicious green grass? After we were done golfing, I went to collect my trophy.

I got to meet some of the cutest dang babies you have ever seen this summer. Most of the time I caught them sleeping, which I’m told is a very good thing. Sometimes maybe they’re not hunterquite so dang cute? At least that’s what I have heard. I also met a lot of very nice, friendly family members on picnics, in parks, at baseball games, and all over the place. My buddy Hunter took me to his first day of school, and that was one of my favorite things. I had never been to school before. I’m not sure I need to go back. But I liked Hunter a lot. There were also a lot of other cute kids. One girl let me color with her. Or else she colored on me. I can’t remember. This girl wished that I had pretty blue eyes just like her, and I kinda wish I did, too. I was kept high and dry by this new friend, and rescued from the jaws of death by these buddies.

Some of you tried to give me a bit of culture. I visited the Sydney Opera House (which everyone needs to see at least once.) Dr. Jackie and James took me to hear the St. Louis Symphony. That started out good, but then they stuffed me into a bag for the jackiejamesconcert and everything sounded a bit muffled. Next time I hope they buy me a front row seat. I also visited Wordsworth’s Grave (and had a moment of respectful silence there). I floated on a big boat in Sicily with Theresa, had a walk down Penny Lane in Liverpool, visited a sheep station in Australia, participated in an Irish wedding, took a peak peek at Denali, played in Kellie’s stash in New Zealand (she has a lot, but I’m sworn to secrecy), and even visited The White House. (Do you see George up there on the balcony? He was waiting for me to come in for dinner.) I particularly enjoyed catching Hamlet and Wicked – I love plays. whitehouseAnd did you see that I was on hand for the unveiling of the last Harry Potter book? They had all of the books boxed and hidden under cover, but I pulled back a corner with my teeth, just so that I could say I saw it first. I haven’t read it yet. I’m afraid they might use “fleece” in some of their potions and I just don’t want to know. I also got to see a lot of yarn shops. I know I live in a yarn shop, but it’s always fun to visit someone else’s house shop. Mostly I had to hide in purses and knitting bags when we were in there. But I peeked.

bouncerThere were a few scarey times. I went biking with Karen and her husband and I thought I’d pose on someone’s bike – just for the blog, you know – and I almost got tarred and feathered. Apparently it’s SO not cool to sit on someone else’s bike. But it felt cool. Getting past the scarey looking bouncer at the bar was a piece of cake after that. (Don’t let this photo fool you – he was as nice as could be and I think he is probably wearing handknit socks, although he wouldn’t admit it.) crabI loved the beach, but had another frightening encounter with this grumpy crab. He thought he might like to eat me, but then he decided I tasted like cardboard and left me alone on the sand. Whew. I was also a little scared of a cat named Sophie, until I remembered how much I like my own cat Zoe. I figured Sophie is probably just as nice underneath. I think I met a few cousins at some of the fiber festivals I went to.

mammI did manage to check in with some doctors during the summer. It’s always good to stay on top of your health. So I had an MRI to check out my spine (and they said it looked marvelous, even with all of the standing around I do all day long), I had all my teeth cleaned at the dentist, and I visited a mammogram machine just so that I could tell you to be sure to have your annual checkup. (As soon as this photo was done, I got the heck out of there. I’ve heard about that machine, and I want no part of it, let me tell you.) After all of those medical appointments, I needed some down time so I went tubing with Meg and her family in Michigan. They put me in a ziploc bag so that I wouldn’t get my fleece wet. Then I headed up to the cabin with Valerie in Canada. tubing(Beautiful place up there. I particularly liked the cool weather, because the Loopy People kept complaining about the heat and humidity back in St. Louis all summer long.)

So as you can see, it was a summer FULL of a lot of fun. You can go over to my photo gallery to see all 140+ photos, because I did so many more cool things. The Loopy Lady says that I’ve talked about myself for long enough now, so I’ll end this. After you check out all of my photos, you can leave a comment and vote for:

– best “far away” place that I visited
– most interesting famous person that I met
– most unusual place that I visited
– most creative photo that I was in

Or you can leave a comment and just say hi.

The Loopy Lady says she’ll give prizes to the winners, and she’s going to draw an extra random winner from all of the submissions. She’s glad you all had fun with me (and I’m glad, too.) She also said that I can go again next summer – so where are we going next year??

Love, Loopy theworldwidetravelextraordinaire.Andohsohumble,too.


  1. Loopy – my favorite picture was definitely the one with you and the bouncer. Not the most exotic GEOGRAPHIC location, but exotic nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Is it lame I get all giddy that my daughter pic made it into your post 😀 I vote for her (Loopy Inked in Ohio) just because she’s so damn cute 😉

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