The Loopy Lady is out of town. Zoe takes over.

DSC00413.JPGHi. It’s Zoe. The Loopy Lady is gone for the weekend and I’m taking over the blog for a few minutes. I was tagged for a meme by my friend Sumo, and the LL didn’t think she needed to let me answer it. She didn’t think a blog written all about me would be interesting. Go figure. So she’s gone and now’s my chance. Sumo DOES think a whole blog entry about me would be fascinating, so here are my seven things:

1. I was a stray the first six months of my life. I liked the running around part of all that, but sleeping and eating on the run is not all that it’s cracked up to be. One day, the animal control people caught me and then My People found me and adopted me. They picked me because I have big eyes and I purred a lot when they picked me up.

2. My vet (I have a great vet) calls me a “little girl”. I’m over a year old now and still weigh just under 6 lbs. But it’s all muscle, let me tell you.

3. I have two favorite sleeping places. One is in a suitcase that I found in the back room of our basement. (Oh, the back room – what a wonderful place to explore. The People say they need to clean it out, but it’s a really interesting place.) I like my suitcase a lot. LL even bought a special fleece pad for me to sleep on and she put it in the suitcase. My other favorite sleeping place is on a chair on the back screen porch, but I only like this when it’s not too hot or too cold outside. (It’s right by the bird feeders, too. Enough said.)

DSC00024.JPG4. I don’t really like to be held. I put up with it when necessary (because The People seem to like it) but I’d rather be standing on their shoulders than cooped up in their arms. I do love being petted and such. I just would rather accept it on my own terms.

5. I like sleeping with The People at night, but I hide under the bed until they turn off the lights. Otherwise they might pick me up and try to hold me or something, and now you know how I feel about that. (see #4)

6. I really like to play. My favorite thing is to chase a laser light on the floor and I can be entertained for hours. However, LL tells everyone to stop and give me a rest after a few minutes because I tend to get a bit carried away with it all. (Moving lights – don’t you think they’re fascinating?? Or is it just me?)

7. I think dogs are ok. Casey – she lives here with me – was very happy when I came to live here last year. Once in awhile she lays in the doorway and blocks my entry to a room, but I just give her a swipe on the nose about it. (She still doesn’t move, but it makes me feel better to bat her nose about it.) Other than that, we get along just fine. We both like squirrels a lot.

Before I go, do you want to know any of the latest “scoop” from The Loopy Room? Because LL isn’t here and I can totally tell you anything I want. I heard an answering machine message yesterday from Lorna’s Laces – they said they were shipping out our “HUGE order”. Is that a good thing? And a big box of J.Knits new lace yarn arrived yesterday and LL was kinda ga-ga over it all. (Whatever.) Of course all of those boxes from Zen String are cluttering up my “race track” and I’m not very happy about it. But I have learned that all of the big boxes that come in, are emptied and shipped out to all of you really quickly, so they don’t hamper my activities too much. (You all buy a lot of yarn. Do you know that? I know it makes The People really happy. They probably love you almost as much as they love me. But not quite.)

DSC00477.JPGI guess that’s all for today. LL will be back Monday. I’m sure she’ll be happy to see that I took over the blog for a day. Or not. As far as tagging anyone, well, if any of my friends want to leave comments about their seven things (Nikko? Lucy? Lucky? Tigger? Frogger? Jake? P-Man? anyone?) then I’d enjoy reading them. Or even one thing about yourself, if Your People will let you type a comment. In the meantime, I need a nap. Blog writing is exhausting.

Zoe se8wb43568fblndklghwawsgdmvotl (sorry – my paws got tangled in the keyboard.

But I’ll bet that’s how LL types those goofy signatures she does anyways.)


  1. Oh, Zoe you are too funny! How many other yarns that are ruining your race track have come in ready for the sneak up next week?? Also, you must tell me the inside scoop to when the sneak up is occuring. Are you up with the People during those late hours??

  2. Alas, my cats are sadly deceased and unable to respond to your tag.

    (That’s what she thinks. You know what’s great about Cat Heaven? It’s not just the perfect food and the slow birds and the trees and the catnip fields and the bugs and the toys and the kitty beds that smell like your human…

    It’s the opposable thumbs.

    –Willy and Amber, who hope to meet you eventually, but not for many years yet)

    Huh. There was this sudden rush of cold air around the computer…Ah, it’s probably nothing.

  3. Hi Zoe! Sounds like you have a pretty great life, around all that yarn and such. We really enjoy playing with our person’s yarn but she always takes it away from us. no fun at all! Have a great weekend with your LL out of the house. Hee hee, all the trouble you could get into if you wanted to…but maybe that’s just us.
    Kitty hugs,
    Mir, George and Gracie

  4. Hi Zoe,
    Sounds like you will have a blast while your people are out. Wish me luck, I’m off to get spayed today. (My People think I need it) You have to let me in on th next sneak up so I can have more yarn to tangle for my Momma!

    Have a nice and lazy day!

  5. Pssst! Zoe! It’s me, Bruno, the Wonder Lab! Coco, my buddy Lab, is to loco to type but she’s bossing me around here. Great blog post. My Human Mom loves when your LL updates with more yarns. And we try to snag the Loopy Kisses that come in the boxes but our human kids get those. “NO chocolate for you!” we get told. And then we get doggy treats instead. Hmmmmph! Coco wants me to tell you this:

    I don’t normally give two hoots about yarn, but I did discover the other day that alpaca smells delightful. Mom was swatching some she received at a yarn tasting. It was just too irresistible. I had to grab it and carry it off. Then my kids were chasing me and Mom was telling me, “Bruno, drop the alpaca!” over and over. It was so much fun! 😀 Do you ever run off with some yarn? You have to try that!

  6. Zoe, It’s Buddy and Maggie, the best Shelties in Arkansas. For some reason, the crazy mom loves it when LL updates her website. We always want the chocolate but CM sayes it’s bad for us and won’t share. We get even by laying on your balls of yarn why she is trying to knit. CM gets mad at us and we laugh at her.

    Once she left her project on the table and left us in the house. We were playing and somehow the ball of yarn ended up all over the house. CM came home and had to spend almost 2 hours winding the yarn back up.

  7. Mwah Mwah Zoe! This is Jake and my mommy is Michelle in Arizona. We read LL’s blog every day and I keep my large ears perked up to hear about you and Casey. I keep mommy on her toes and beg for stuff every day but really, I have it good here. (Dont’ tell her.) I leave her yarn alone even though I get aggravated that it is taking over my bird viewing room. The yarn is not nearly as interesting as watching the birds and snooping all around the closets and under stuff. This morning I was in the backyard for awhile looking across the wall at the neighbors yard and then chasing the birds all around the backyard. When mommy feeds and waters them I play. Right now I am sunning myself next to her desk. She’s a pretty good mom… makes little beds with covers for me all around the house in my favorite spots. Even though it is 100 I still like to cover up since I have no hair. You know how it is with us kitties… we like our comfort.

    Mom says she is thinking seriously of making me a cashmere cover with yarn from LL. Cool! I am used to the best really so I don’t want anything scratchy. Pssst… have a tip for you since you sleep with your People too. I have figured out that you can root them off their bed pillows and take over by laying your tummy across their nose. Then they have to move the head and … voila! You have a nice warm, soft pillow for the night. Just ask me anything you need to know about getting what you want… I am the master!

    I have made an effort to speak ‘People’ and have nearly perfected ‘Mama’. It is most effective when I stand by the door to go outside for play. I know I am getting good cause the visitor People all say I sound like a baby talking.

    Catch you next time Zoe. Right now I am resting up for the afternoon play date and trip to Grandma’s for movie night tonight.

  8. Zoe, you should take over the blog more often! Not that we don’t LOVE to hear what your LL has to say, but most knitters seem to have an affinity for cats, and I always love reading about cats on knitters’ blogs. I’ll see about letting my Maia hijack my blog sometime…

  9. A huge hello Zoe!! From a catless knitter to you – I am sure glad you blogged. Hey! You gotta do more blogging, I’m sure you’ve got more to write about, and big thanks about the yarn tip off 🙂

    (LL- hope the weekend was fun)

  10. Zoe, Mimi said that she might think about answering your tag. But such things are beneath the dignity of a Siamese. They are royalty you know . And Mimi doesn’t let us forget that bit of information. But she is with you about being held. It is only on her terms. She also like chasing the light too.

    So your LL left you all alone over the weekend. Well, maybe you should go and take a nap in that nice yarn. I know that some people might not like the addition of your stray fur but I don’t mind. It just means a little bit of extra love.

    Mimi is saying that you probably need to go and take a nap now. She thinks that you worked too hard typing the post.

  11. Do you know I had to type in my pet’s info to leave a comment? I think that is rank discrimination, don’t you?

    My name is Pippin and my pet’s name is Susan. She thinks she owns me, but we know better (wink wink) She got depressed a while back so I l gave her top billing on this weblog thing she has going. It just wasn’t worth the hassle, ya know?

    The problem with this blog thing is this: she used to spend hours happily ensconsed in my favorite chair, knitting. I let her sit there as long as she let me sit on top of her. She seems to like this arrangement. Keeps her lap warm in the winter. Of course she’s a little less enthused when the thermometer climbs above 80. (BTW, did you hear about her run in with the thermostat? HI-LARIOUS! – Read the blog) Pets are so funny sometimes.

    Anyway, now she spends all this time sitting at her laptop. I don’t know why they call it a laptop – there’s no lap available, at least as far as I can see. Just a pair of legs hanging down from under a table off of this funny (and uncomfortable – I know – I tried it) chair with wheels. Why, if I’m not careful, she rolls right over my tail!

    So Zoe, if I were a younger cat I would look you up next time I’m in the St. Louis area. But I wouldn’t want to be accused of being a litter-robber. Besides, I gave all that up years ago ( and not by MY choice I might add – oh the indignity!)

    Well, that’s about it. Think I’ll go back to sleeping in the knitting basket. Soft, round, almost as good as a lap (besides, it drives the pet nuts – payback is a bitch – that’ll teach her to take away my manhood!)

    I am cat. Hear me roar.

  12. Hi Zoe,
    There was some tough competition to see who would be the lucky one to get to go first in response to your blog but since I’m the biggest I won. I’m Copper and as a large dog I know I’m the boss around here. We used to have a cat but for some reason she didn’t like me to play with her very much and ran away to a new home. My most important job now, in my opinion, is scaring away the mailman, especially when he knocks at the door with one of those white boxes from somewhere they call The Loopy Ewe. My People get so excited when he does that and for some reason don’t like it when I try to make him go away. I just don’t get it. They must be the loopy ones, I guess. Hey, there are two guinea pigs pushing me away from the computer….
    Hi, I’m Truffle and my pal Bandit and I are the cutest ones in the house. Copper just thinks she’s tough, but you should see her when The People get out the vacuum cleaner… it’s pathetic. Uh oh, here comes Bo…
    Hi Zoe, I’m Bo (short for Boadicea), and I’m a mini rex rabbit. They may be cute but I have the best fur. My People have even tried to spin it into yarn, but I think they need a little more practice. Anyway, have a great weekend on your own in the Loopy Room. Maybe you can try to leave some surprises for LL when she gets back so she’ll really appreciate you(hairballs work well…).

  13. Hi Zoe! I liked reading about you. I didn’t know you were a stray. My sister Chelsea was a stray. Me and my sister Belle were shelter kitties, just one day from…something very bad. Siamese Rescue pulled us out of the shelter and we went to Foster Wilma’s house. She has 11 cats of her own so we didn’t get much attention – but at least we were out of that awful place! Chelsea (she’s a ragdoll), me and Belle (we are lynx points) got adopted by our people about 2 years ago. We really hit the jackpot! Lots of attention, good food, plenty of play time, lots of toys. I have my own room, with a queen size bed. My sisters can sleep with me if they want. Belle sleeps on mom and dad’s bed. Chelsea sleeps in the closet. My favorite place is the garage attic. It’s very warm and my sisters can’t get up there. We aren’t allowed outside but we love to hunt birdies and lizards from the windows. We also play chase. Sometimes I get in trouble because I am too rough with my sisters. They call me Boo Beast because I am get scared easily (don’t tell anyone) and because I get wild sometimes and run all around. I weigh 15 pounds but I’m not fat. I can stand on my back legs and see stuff on top of the dining room table! I am very long and have long legs. I love to lay on my mom’s lap while she knits. I like to bite those little wooden things and I try to get the yarn. Belle eats yarn so mom has to be very careful. I hear some birdies! Gotta go!

  14. Hi Zoe,

    I’m Lexi and knittinggalnokc is my mom. She is always wanting to pick me up and hold me too. Sometimes I let her but most of the time I split as soon as she lets go. I think I must leave some tread marks cause she yelps sometimes. I like your fish screen saver. I’ll have to make sure my mom sees that. I love to “catch” things.

    Today’s my birthday! Maybe mom will give me a birthday treat.

    Lexi (knittinggalnokc’s sweetie pea)

  15. Hey Zoe, my owner Bronwyn reads your mom’s blog all the time! She doesn’t let me on the computer much (as my hair clogs the keys, or something totally bogus like that!) I have a stupid sister (Munchkin, she never shuts up, I swear) and two stupid brothers (Pebbles, a shorthaired cat who thinks he like the EMPEROR or something!) and Romeo, my big dumb guard dog. I can’t make fun of him too much, since he keeps me safe from marauding mailwomen and door-to-door salesmen, AND he keeps me clean! We all call him the Kitty Carwash, since he likes nothing more than to pin us down and lick us all over. I guess my fur is delicious (just like everything else about me!) I’m off to sleep in the warm, clean laundry, and possibly steal a piece of cheese from my owner…!

  16. Hi Zoe,
    This is Bailey. I live with my People, Angie & Don, and a new kitten, Chester.

    My seven things:

    1. I so agree with your #4. The only time I let my People hold me is if they will let me look out the window. Otherwise, you can leave my tush firmly planted on the ground. Thank you very much.

    2. I was a stray too! I found my new home when I was about 4 months old. Angie is such a sucker. All I had to try was act loving, lost and lonely. She just about collapsed. I think Don was on to me but I’ve won him over.

    3. Angie thinks I love Don more. I thinks it’s just a different kind of love. She gives me raw meat treats, let me sleep under the cover with her on those cold winter nights, and puts my special chair in front of the screen door so I can feel fresh air on my face. However there’s just something about Don. I like his smell. I think it’s something in shower because he always smells the best when he’s all wet. I seen something square with a D-I-A-L on it. Wow, I really like the smell of whatever it is.

    4. I like other cats and dogs. I mean, they aren’t all that bad. There used to be a kitten named Archie. He just went away one day. I saw Angie crying so something bad must have happened. Now we have another kitten. I think his name is Chester or is it Elvis or KiKi? The People can never seem to get it right. And what it is with kittens and my tail??? For the most part, I try act the bad butt cat that I am but sometimes Angie catches me giving the kitten a bath. What’s wrong with that? He was dirty, for pete’s sake.

    5. I love raw meat…any raw meat. I think my favorites are fish and seafood. I can’t resist a good bluegill fillet. Angie doesn’t understand why I won’t stay off the counter when she packaging them up. C’mon, lady, give me a little somthing! Please?

    6. I love our basement too. It’s just a hard floor but it’s so cool down there. I can see birds and mice in these little windows. My People place furniture just so I could get on them and see out the window. One of my favorite places is on top of the this big white thing. It buzzes sometimes and has a really warm and toasty top. I think it’s where Angie keeps that meat I crave. I can lay there all day long. I also like it when Angie is doing laundry. Nice warm clothes are just the best.

    7. I have two special things that the People call the “weak-kneed kitty” and the “Bailey treatment”. I’m usually the weak-kneed kitty when they get home from work or I’m wanting a little attention. I slide my front legs in front of me and plop over. Angie can’t help herself. She has to rub sides, my belly, my head and my head. Yes, I’m just like a man. Ya got a problem with that?? Do ya, punk? Just kidding!! Remember that thing with the D-I-A-L? Well when I smell it, I can’t help myself. I start rubbing on hands, feet, legs, furniture, whatever is handy. I will follow Don or Angie anywhere. I will crawl in laps, run all over the house, knead their arms, rub against their faces. I will do anything to get a whiff!

    It was nice reading about your home, Zoe. It sounds like you have some nice Peoples. Chat at ya later, Babe!

  17. Zoe, we, the Cats of Our Household, do stand in protest at the injustice in this world. How fair is is that YOU get to hang out with all that wonderful smelling, deliciously tasty wool, and our human won’t even let us three play with the mohair we found?!?

    Okay, that’s enough standing; we’re going back to our naps now. Protesting takes a lot out of a feline….

  18. Hey, Zoe–

    Great blog entry! My mom doesn’t have a blog, or I’d try to hijack it, too.

    I was a stray, also–Mom got me from the MSPCA when I was 3 months old. That was 12 years ago! I am almost all black–I have a little white star on my chest, though. Her friends tell her that I look like black velvet. I think that must be a good thing.

    When Mom is knitting, I like to sit on her lap, on top of the knitting. Fortunately, she’s pretty cool about this. One thing I hate–Mom has a whole big storage room filled with yarn, and I’m not allowed in there (she says she’s afraid she’d never find me amongst all the bags and boxes!).

    Right with you on the being held thing. I have to tolerate a little of it, because Mom really likes it . ( Actually, I don’t mind it THAT much, some of the time. Just as long as it doesn’t go on for too long. But please don’t spread this around. I have to keep my feline dignity.)

    Hope you post again, Zoe–it’s really cool!.


  19. Hey Zoe, it’s Pod, Smokie and Kleenex here. We know how you feel about living with a well-trained Person! After starting out life as ferals ourselves well…you know how it is trying to get by with just a small bird or mouse to eat every few days. Having a well-trained human to put down food, water, and shoot, even clean up your personal bathroom pan–how great is that, huh?

    We wonder about the dog though. We haven’t allowed any of those to come live with us. Give us a holler if you need to orchestrate an intervention.

    We enjoy donating fur to our Mom. She doesn’t spin or anything, but we take every opportunity to beg to be brushed and of course, she is getting quite a nice collection of our beautiful hair. Keeps us from having to cough it up on the rug. We like hugging her in the morning when she leaves too. Gives us a chance to get some more hair on her.

    Well. We gotta go. There’s sun on the balcony and mom has it all set up with great places for us to lay out there and soak up the rays. Oh yeah, and Mom will be home any minute. We don’t want her to figure out we surf the ‘net in the afternoons.

  20. Hi Zoe,

    I hiss at other cats, but Mom tells me you are ok because you live far away with LL and won’t try to invade my space.

    So, seeing as Mom isn’t feeding me even though I’m looking at her with those sad eyes, I’ll fill out your survey and hope for a full bowl soon.

    1) I don’t like being held either. I’m in control and I will decide when to jump on someone or to just lay next to him/her. I prefer to be higher than anyone else. I am after all the winner of Queen of the Mountain.

    2) The small child is very noisy and likes to pick me up and take me to her bed, but jeez, it is so small. I prefer to sleep with Mom and Dad. They even got me a fleecy thing to sleep on. I’d rather sleep next to Mom’s knees though.

    3) Mom envies my ability to sleep whenever I want. She likes watching me sleep when she has to work weekends (at least she’s home to feed me). I walk across her work laptop and bat at the mouse every now and then to say hi.

    4) I love digging my claws into the couch! Mom and Dad bought an ottoman that I’ve ripped up, but they say it can be replaced and prefer that to having to replace the couch.

    5) I killed my first mouse this week! Mom and Dad don’t know how it got in the house, but they’re so proud of me.

    6) I can knock the screen door off on the deck and get out. I was once out for about 30 mins before Mom found out. The kid and her friends were in the backyard, but they didn’t say anything. Mom bought me a lease so I could go out, but I’m not sure I want it.

    7) I leave Mom’s yarn alone (most of the time). It makes her happy and that makes for good company. Mom spends too much time gazing at the yarn, but she’s thrilled to now be a Loopy Groupie!

    8) I come running when Mom comes home. She likes being greeted and then she feeds me.

    OK, I’m over the number requested. Pictures of me are occasionally on Mom’s blog.

    Bella (aka Rock Star )

  21. Hey Zoe,

    Roger Ramjet the Brittany spaniel saying hi. My crazy sister Sara (a sheperd) won’t say hi because she thinks cats are for eating. Our mom is really nuts over this yarn stuff and we don’t really understand, but whenever she gets a package from your People, she dances and jumps around and hugs us, so it’s all good. My seven things are:

    1. tennis balls, anytime, anywhere
    2. having my ears scratched makes me moan
    3. I am a spoiled brat, but a well-behaved one
    4. my sister was a rescue, adopted once by people who starved her and hit her, then by my People, who loved her back to full, glossy health. She is very smart and beautiful (and still a little crazy).
    5. more tennis balls
    6. I like to bark at birds
    7. my people really love us

    Thanks for giving Mom something fun to read today. Tell LL we said hello!

  22. Hey Zoe,

    Zoot here … speaking for myself and my sister Spook…we liked your blog. We like yarn too – but Mom won’t leave it out for us to play with anymore – she keeps putting it in these tempting plastic bags and no matter how hard we try, we can’t get to it.

    1. We really like the taste of the lotion Mom uses after her shower. We do our best to lick it all off of her if she sits down in her towel.

    2. We sleep in a file box while Mom works … except when she is on the phone – then I have to be in her lap or I am very upset.

    3. We like to knead Mom’s knees when she sits at the computer … which sometimes leads to us getting our nails clipped.

    4. Spook doesn’t like getting her nails clipped… but I’ve figured out that Mom feels guilty and gives us treats when she’s done…. so I tolerate it better.

    5. We sometimes get to sleep with our person…but only if we don’t knock things off the dresser. Spook gets kicked out sooner than I do…but then she throws a hissy and body slams the door and then I get put out too. It isn’t easy being so adored by my sister that I have to be within her sight at all times.

    6. I like to be in Mom’s lap when she is typing on her laptop on the couch…to the extent that I *will* lay across the keyboard.

    7. I hate to admit it, but I’m scared of lightning and thunder…but at least I’m not scared of the vacuum (sorry Spook, had to tell).

    Off to play with the latest Loopy Ewe box that Mom left on the carpet for us….maybe she left some yarn in it???

  23. Hi Zoe! I’m Sapphire, a Siamese cat that runs the roost here! I’m a pretty good cat, I leave her yarn alone…although..I have been known to get a stray ball o’ yarn once in a great while. She thinks she’s got me fooled, little does she know…I know where it all is!

    She likes visting LL’s store and adding to those bins…sigh…where am I supposed to sleep now!! Hope you have a nice time this weekend while LL is away!! It’s nice to hear from you about your life!

  24. Hi Zoe, it’s Misty and Mittens. We also live in a house full of yarn. Our humans must buy it just so that we can lay on it. It’s a pretty sweet deal. We’re rather spoiled and will only eat Fancy Feast. Don’t tell our humans, but it’s not because it’s the best tasting but because it’s the most expensive and they should buy it for us on principle! We should all get on these blog things more often, our lives are much more interesting than anything these people could write about knitting which is only an unnecessary distraction from being our servants anyways!

  25. Dear Zoe, Its Daisy, Abby and Teddy here. We are 3 spoiled golden retrievers, whose mom is kind of nuts. Teddy gets mad when she won’t let him play with her knitting, okay so he destroyed a whole skein of J-knits, but he’s only a puppy. Daisy would like to play with you but since she weighs 82 lbs you might get squished. I Abby am doing the writing since I am Mom;s right hand girl and supervise all of her activities. We like eating, sleeping and I love to swim in the pool, Mom says I am part porpise. So we will be on the lookout for more yarn soon, she keeps ordering it and we want to play with it. Daisy will distract her and Teddy will steal it!

  26. Hello Zoe it is Remington I was also a stray, my adopted mom took me home when I was so small. I was found under a porch after hurricane Wilma, blown away from my brothers and sisters. It is hard not to have anyone when one is so young.

    I use to sit on mom’s lap and suck on the yarn once it was knitted. Now I love stealing the yarn from her. I prefer Merino wool but Alpaca is a good substitute. I share my mom with Cleo and Max they were at the house when I arrived almost two years ago. Cleo is the oldest and she swats at me when I try to play with her. She reminds me of a prim and proper Aunt. Max is my buddy though, we chase each other and wrestle. It is so fun. They don’t steal mom’s yarn like I do. When she is knitting I stick my head into the middle of her knitting so she has to stop and pet me. I like distracting her.

  27. Zoe,
    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lillie. I’m a four year old ragdoll cat with seal point markings and the traditional china blue eyes of my breed. I was so inspired by your unveiling of the life of a cat who keeps a knitter that I felt I had to share my story. So, here are seven things about me.
    1. My knitter has not made things long. Two months really. Already my influence over her purchases is working. She is purchasing two skeins of the lucy colorway from blue moon fiber arts today because she heard it matched my coat nicely. She just bought a skein of rowan tapestry yarn for the same reason. She is making me a a scarf to play with. She has also been stalking the website you control, this “loopy ewe” place for Lorna’s Laces in the aslan colorway at my request.
    2. When I am hungry or wish to wake my human out of boredom I sit on her chest and stare into her eyes. My penetrating gaze wakes her out of the deepest slumber… Perhaps I have hypnotic powers?
    3. With the addition of yarn to our household, playtime has been extended to all hours of the day and night. I’ve also found that patterns of a certain vintage, particularly those out of print have a delicate flavor unsurpassed by the papers I usually deign to savor.
    4. I love the limelight and occupy more rolls of film that my knitters family. It is my aspiration not to be famous, but to be adored. And to rule with an iron paw.
    5. My knitter was moved by pitty to take me in because I am declawed on all four paws and therefore unsuitable for anything but a housepet. Ha! Just a clever facade in truth, even without claws my intellect, perspicasity and wit are enough to dominate any fluffy heads.
    6. I live with two dogs, a nice cuddly one named Dolly who is a pleasant pillow, and a vicious baracuda known as a Chihuahua that I tease ruthlessly. We love to play together when we are being nice. But sometimes she attempts to get the other hand which as all you wise cats know is not to be tolerated. We also keep three gerbils in a small box. I think these poor mouthwatering morsels are trapped, and I know it is my duty to find them a better home. Perhaps a place inside my, um…….. *cough*stomach*cough* heart.
    7. One of my other favorite pursuits is to show of my knitters work. Even when there is no one there but us no work is better displayed than at top speed, held in the comforting fangs of a true conneseiur.
    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and I hope you’ve gotten to know me a little. It’s been lovely chatting, you should join us again sometime. Your posts are simply fascinating!!

  28. Hi,Zoe! Wendy’s Lucy may have told you about me. I hope Lucy doesn’t get jealous that I’m writing to another gorgeous feline! But you know how us tomcats are.
    I’ve been living with Blogless L-B ever since a cold,snowy winter when I ventured from her woods and sat on her windowsill longing to come in and get warm.

    I’m truly Lucky because she fell head over paws in love with me before finding out I have sugar problems (could it be because I’m so sweet?) and she’d have to share her yarn-buying money with my insulin supplies. She takes very good care of me, but so far she hasn’t had to buy more insulin on a Loopy Sneak Up day.) 🙂
    I share my space with Mean Molly Cat and two sweet dogs.
    Well, Zoe, now I know why I’m always attracted to Loopy Ewe boxes on the porch—they must have your scent! I always recognize them and curl up on them until L-B gets home!

  29. Zoe! What a sweet cat you are to keep the People entertained while your mom is away. My cat, Irish, wanted me to tell you one thing about him, since he enjoyed hearing your seven interesting facts. Irish loves to be petted and held, especially by strangers. In fact, he can be pretty annoying if he doesn’t know you. Most people forgive him because he’s just trying to make friends. 🙂

  30. Zoe, you are so smart! I never thought of getting onto the computer when my Mom’s out of the room. Of course, I’m usually sleeping, barking, digging, or suggesting that someone feed me since I’m a dog. I like cats, though. We have some that come over from next door, but they don’t seem to like me much. Whenever I try to play with them they scratch me. I don’t know why.

    It was great to learn all about you. Maybe you can update us once in awhile.

    Buddy (my people couldn’t think of a more original name for me!)

  31. Hi, Zoe, this is Pepper here. I really enjoyed reading your blog entry—I’m so curious about cats but they don’t seem to want anything to do with me. I don’t understand why. I do the same things—I purr sometimes (when I’m getting scritched behind the ears) and I take naps a lot. My People speak English and Italian so I’m fluent in both. If you ever get over here, I could show you around. I love going for a car ride, and then we go for a walk around the square and I get so much attention. Sometimes people are afraid to pet me because I’m so big, but honest, I wouldn’t hurt a fly. My mom sure seems to spend a lot of time on the computer checking up on your Loopy Lady, and she’s so happy when one of those packages shows up, and then she sits there for hours playing with sticks and string. I don’t get it. I’m more interested in the chocolate but she won’t give me any. But then she scritches me behind my ears and I sorta forget everything else. Nice work on the blog entry!

  32. aw, zoe! i can’t believe you used to be a stray. who could ever let a cute little squirt like you get away? you are so lucky to have found the loopy lady and her people! thanks for tagging frogger, i’ll have him work on a blog post. i don’t let him on the computer very often…did you know you can order pizza over the computer? well, frogger does ;)! here’s a website you might like to look at next time you’re on the computer:

  33. Hi Zoe,

    This is Ted, I’m Katy’;s Watch Fish. What’s that? You never heard of a watch fish? Some folks have watch dogs, I’m a Betta Watch Fish. Katy says her landlord won’t let her have a furry pet so I came to live with her. I like to swim and swim around my bowl and bury my food in the rocks in my bowl. (Katy says that I think I’m a dog because I do that). I also like to be petted….when Katy feeds me, I’ll let her pet me with her finger. Sometimes. If she’s giving me the treats that I like.

    Why are you looking at me like I’m lunch? I think I better get back to my bowl and hope Katy doesn’t notice the water drops on the keyboard.

  34. Hi, Zoe!
    Beetle, Hera, Wilson, and Sassy here. We are a multispecies household, too. The People here think thay are the top but hey, what do they know, right?! When those boxes arrive here from the LL, Tucker and Lollipop try to chase the man and boxes away. They are okay once the boxes get in the house and the man goes away, though. But of course then the Person makes lots of funny sounds when she opens the boxes and that makes all of us nervous, cause what if it were a new kitten or something? That might mess up the whole chemistry-thing we cats have charge of. But mostly we’re okay with her getting those boxes just we wish she wouldn’t play with the stuff in the evenings, you know, cause it takes too much lap space and it’s hard for a seventeen-pounder like Beetle to get a snuggle in edgewise but sometimes he manages especially if the Sass has cleared the way, except you gotta watch out for those pointy sticks she messes with. She has fixed up some kitty pies for us to sleep in though so that’s one nice thing that comes of all this. Up-oh, I hear her coming back. Gotta go!

  35. Hi Zoe,

    It’s me…um..Zake

    Boy, I didn’t think my Mom and Dad would ever leave me alone so I could get on the putter.

    I read all about you over Mom’s shoulder. Boy, do you have pretty eyes! (flirt..flirt ) Is it working usually I bat my eyes real slow at Mom and it works with her?

    We have a lot in common you know. My parents rescued me from those awful streets too. The only difference is I was only just a wee little one of 7 weeks when they brought me home. I really love them for that….but it’s usually on my terms.

    I don’t like to be picked up, but I love to lay on my Mom and Dad’s laps. I just go up and tap them on the shoulder and tell them…put down what you’re’s my time now. It bothers Mom when she has those two sticks. Here I am on her lap and she is stretching her arms around me and still trying to do something with them and all the time that string is dangling on my fur. If she doesn’t quit it I’m just going to have to bite her.

    My favorite place or places to relax is on my perches. I have two and each is in front of a window. I love to watch my juicy robins that come close to get their worms. I also have squirrels that run along the top of the fence. I like to lay on my back and look at them upside down a lot of times.

    Oh, guess what my favorite toy is (does soul mates come to mind?)? I Love my infrared light toy. It’s better than catnip. The other night Mom was doing that thing with the sticks in bed and I saw my toy on the coffee table so I thought I’d just bring it to her so she’d play with me. Boy do people get excited over the smallest things. I really impressed her. She stopped everything and played with me.

    Well, I have to go because I just heard the garage door opener. I just wanted to say real quick that I’m glad your Mom puts you on her site alot because I can see you over my Mom’s shoulder and you’re not a figment of my imagination.

    Bye Zoe…from your tuxedo kitty…….Jake

  36. Hey Zoe,
    We are two very happy WV cats rescued from animal shelters. First I am Gracie and I am 3 years old. I am small, too, but I am a very pretty calico–so I’ve been told. I am Gizmo and I am just over 1 Year old and am an orange tabby girl who was adpoted by my people’s son and then he moved out and now I am happy to say I have adjusted to this BIG house and my friend, Gracie. My former owner has a roommate who is allergic to cats. Go imagine that! We love the red chair in the living room, the basket under the desk in the basement and the king size bed upstairs at night–very cozy with all 4 of us together. We don’t understand all this string our owner has around and won’t let us paly with it. Sometimes she forgets to put it away and then we really have some good times, but tend to regret it later. We also love the catnip toys and the Boyd’s Bears–so easy to carry around!

    Have a great summer, Zoe!

    Your WV friends,
    Gracie and Gizmo

  37. Hello, Zoe!

    So…while the mom’s away, the cat will play? We’re all rescues here…
    Kiwi is a full-figured female feline tabby with a white belly. Doodles is medium haired grey boy, and Rocky is a black & white muscle bound tom cat, and Penny is a very delicate calico girl.

    Here’s 7 things about us:

    1. Kiwi never goes outside, but Rocky and Doodles love to be out and about.
    2. All of us, including our two canine family members (Buddy and Millie) sleep in a king sized bed with mom and dad…They complain, but we know they love it. Doodles sleeps right on top of mom.
    3. We never catch mice if they’re in the house. In fact, Kiwi runs and hides from them and the boys just watch the mice. One time Mom came downstairs and there was a mouse sitting on the kitchen counter top taking a bath and she got mad at us for not doing our “job.” No one told us that we had JOBS!
    4. Penny has lots of extra toes – she looks like she’s wearing multi-thumbed mittens on each of her feet.
    5. Rocky and Doodles both drool when they get petted…YUCK!
    6. Sometimes we knock things over and the dogs get blamed. (Kiwi stole mom’s knitting the other day and hid it – but she knew it was Kiwi that time.)
    7. Instead of a litter box, we have a kiddy pool in the basement filled up with cat litter. Mom says there’s just too many of us for individual litter boxes. She’s rigged up a special rake thing that makes cleaning it a breeze. But rocky and doodles both pee in the toilet! No one taught them to do it, they just watched the humans and then started doing it themselves. We’re wicked smart cats!

    Well, Zoe – don’t get caught on any kitty porn sites or anything like that. OH and when you order online, make sure you hide the credit card bill. Otherwise the humans know what you did.

    Love and purrs to you!
    Doodles, Penny, Kiwi, Rocky, Buddy, and Millie

  38. Hi Zoe,

    This is Terry and my people were gone all weekend. I can’t turn on the computer by myself, so I had to wait until my Sock Knitter got home. I wish she would let me write on her blog sometimes.

    I won’t bore you with seven things, but I’ll tell you just one. I was a feral kitten once. I mean, my parents and grandparents and aunts and cousins are all part of a feral colony fed by my Sock Knitter’s friend in West Virginia. They’re all afraid of people and I just don’t understand that. Maybe it’s because I lost my mama really early, in fact I don’t even remember her. But the lady in West Virginia gives all the cats food, and I let her know how much I liked that. And she would play with me, and pet me and I liked that a lot, too. Then my siblings began to disappear. I think I was traumatized because I can’t seem to tell anyone what happened to them and it scared me. When my Sock Knitter came to West Virginia for a visit, she was hoping I’d want to go home with her because she needed a kitten. I decided to give it a try. Living outside with all my relatives in West Virginia was fun, but kinda dangerous. I’m happy here in Tennessee, where I live inside and get to play with socks all I want. Sometimes I play with my Sock Knitter’s yarn, too and she doesn’t like that. But mostly she just loves me and we’re all happy.

    Well, it was good talking to you. I need to run because Sock Knitter wants to turn off the computer and go to bed. I hope you’ll write on the blog again!


  39. Oh Zoe,

    It looks like you hit the jackpot when you found your people.

    Here are 7 things about me (Duchess),

    1. I was about 2 years old when I found the Crafty Woman. I had done some time in kitty prison (the pound) before the Siamese rescue people brought me to much better accomodations.

    2. The CW had come to the pet stores the nice people at the NYC Siamese Rescue brought me to in the hopes of getting me adopted many times to visit me before she took me home. I think she was stalking me.

    3. I will only eat my dry food. Canned food and human food don’t appeal to me at all.

    4. Feline Greenies make me happy.

    5. Yarn is great, but I usually only watch, and only rarely snag it for myself.

    6. I live with two bunnies, and one of my favorite places to sleep is in their cage with them. This makes CW very nervous but I’m very careful not to hurt them or upset them.

    7.I trained CW to wake up at 4 am to wave my cat toy around a little by knocking everything I could off any flat surface until she got the hint. Then I’m happy to go back to bed. I don’t think CW likes this very much because sometimes she just closes the door on the bedroom, which is really not very sporting of her.


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