It’s still Wednesday. Barely.

DSC00763.JPGI’m just slipping this blog post right under the wire here. Wednesday. 🙂 I’ve been busy. Packing orders, knitting socks, playing with yarn, etc. Yesterday Dr. Jackie and her friend James came by to shop in the Loopy Room. James very kindly asked me how my Summer Of The Second Sock was coming along. (Remember the plan? I was to knit matches to all of my twinless socks so that by fall I’d have about 15 new pairs (PAIRS) of socks? I had to admit that I … umm …. haven’t knit a mate yet. Not even one. I was hoping my SOTSS idea would just kind of go away. (But that doesn’t really happen when you put it out there in front of everyone. That ought to teach me.) I may need to start wearing mis-matched socks. There are just too many yarns here that I’m either testing out for the future or knitting up because we are getting them in. Just way too many choices. Here is evidence of what I have been doing. The first sock was done in Fiesta Boomerang (Mochachino). It’s just 48 stitches around and went together in a snap. (Pattern from Josiane – you can see her version in the photo gallery – sKNITches Breathmint.) I wanted to knit this up to make sure that I (with size 11 feet) could get a pair of socks out of one skein. This is less than half the skein for one size 11 sock, so I was very glad. The Fiesta colors are so gorgeous. We have 10 colors in now and 15 more on backorder, arriving shortly. The yarn is springy/squishy/comfortable. I really like it.

DSC00764.JPGThe next sock is my Duets-in-progress. The Duets skeins come with a pattern on the label, but since I knit toe up, I devised my own. I ought not to have done 2 brown rows in the round after completing my heel, but oh well. I know better for the next one. I have plenty of brown left, so I think I will also do the ribbing at the top of the sock in brown. This yarn comes with a variegated regular skein, and then a matching solid mini skein for your toes and heels. I like the idea of coordinating toes and heels!

DSC00765.JPGLastly, my Dream in Color Smooshy Sock, using the Monkey pattern from Knitty. Can you believe this is my first Monkey? And isn’t this yarn amazing? We have all 24 colors and I put a re-stock order in with them a couple of weeks ago, so that we’d have a whole other order of it coming in again soon. Probably by the time I’m back from vacation. That’s a good thing, because I know once you get this yarn in your hands, you’re going to want more. This is one that we’ll plan on keeping in stock all the time, as best we can. This yarn doesn’t stripe or pool – the colors just kind of blend subtly. Next I want to use the Good Luck Jade colorway.

Of course there are more yarns here that I “need” to knit with. I can’t wait to start packing my knitting bag for vacation. (Oh – and I have a new knitting bag. Do you ever get the feeling that I might have a wee bag problem? As in, I keep buying them? It’s true. But this is a new line for us and I can’t wait for you to see it. I’m glad my bag arrived before taking off. I will be able to fit a whole week’s worth of knitting in there.)

Sheri darnIthinkI’mgoingtopostthisanditwillbeaftermidnightso

(P.S. And to help keep YOU busy while I’m on vacation, look at all of the things that just went up: Seacoast Handpainted Merino, The Knittery, Posh, Fiesta, Dream in Color, Duets, Zen String, Fleece Artist Sea Wool, Loopy/Louise/Bart Stitchmarkers and Kitchener Stitchmarkers. Holy cow.)


  1. I just finished a little hat for your Hat collection. And we are enjoying the cool mountain air in the Rockies…..and we have College Boy with us…we love it..

  2. Ooooh…we’re celebrities! In the “BLOG”! James and I had a blast visiting you and the Loopy Room and all the magnificent yarns (I guess he’s too shy to post…but really, do you think of James as shy???). We will be busy knitting away for all eternity I think with the amount of yarn we have. I have a question for you….have you ever seen a toe-up variation for Monkeys?

    You have a great vacation….you deserve a break! I’ll be taking Loopy to the beach, and then James and I will take him to the Gateway Orchestra concerts this summer. If you ever have time to take a couple of hours off on a Sunday evening in July, bring a picnic and come on out for one of our free concerts-under-the-stars…

  3. Have a WONDERFUL Knitting-filled vacation! Can’t wait to see my new yarn order when it arrives. I’ll never whittle down the stash at this rate. “Hello, my name is Lou and I’m a yarn collector.”

  4. Sheri,

    We miss you! I think I can all spreak for us and say we need a new yarn fix. I sincerely hope you have a fabulous well-deserved vacation. Hurry back safe and sound. The amount of Fleece Artist in my blood is getting low!

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