Oh good grief. I think you’re right.

Remember when I took 150 people into our first ever Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club? Several of you said (with affection and humor…. I think …..) that I was nuts? And I assured you that it was all well (albeit quickly) thought out and we’d be fine? Well. After putting up a few new yarn lines on Monday and then having a taste of getting soooo many orders out in a day, I think you’re right. I’m afraid that I might be a little nuts. (Never fear – I have a whole list of reasons why the Sock Club is going to be so much easier, not the least of which is that we will have plenty of time to assemble the kits. And oooooohhh – I have the first skeins of the summer colorway of yarn and I LOVE IT! But I digress.)

Today’s post will be a top ten list of proof that our whole family may be just a little nuts from the wool fumes:

1. The Head Loopy (that would be me) thinks that 150 people in a Sock Club for our first year is just a fine idea. Totally do-able.

2. Wonder Husband mentioned the other night at dinner that he likes “fingering weight” spaghetti noodles, while the rest of us like “sport weight” noodles.

DSC00522.JPG3. Cute Little Zoe has resorted to sitting on the heat registers and burning her toes in a quest to get warm, because Head Loopy has not had time to order her a Cozy Cushion like her friend Lucy has. (Note – I ordered it this week when I saw her sitting there and licking one paw and then the other to cool them off as they heated up. jeez.)

4. College Boy aka Web Guy knows several Loopy customers by first name. (As in, “Did you see the fun stuff that Sharon bought today?” or “Ha – Wendy and L-B’s comments on the blog were funny!” or …. well, you get the gist.)

5. Everyone cheers when the UPS guy brings boxes of yarn to our house. (Even the dog, who always gets a dog biscuit from the UPS guy when he stops here.)

DSC00524.JPG6. Casey The Dog has resorted to sitting longingly at the top of the steps and whining while we’re packing up orders in the Loopy Room. Maybe I ought to knit her a dog sweater.

7. Wonder Husband might finally be believing me when I say that knitting socks counts as WORK time, because I have to experience all of this wonderful yarn and show it on the blog. He no longer thinks that I’m just sitting there “relaxing” and watching a movie with Knitting Daughter. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. πŸ™‚

8. Knitting Daughter comes home from her shift as a Starbucks Barista and then puts in a shift of packing Loopy orders (which she claims is fun, so I’m going to believe her on that one.)

9. Everyone has strong opinions on which yarn line they like the best. Knitting Daughter likes Yarn Pirate, Wonder Husband likes anything with beautiful, muted colors that are easier to color correct on the computer photos, and College Boy … well, ok. He doesn’t have a favorite yarn. But I bet he will by the end of the summer when he has lived with it for several months!

10. We all have fun making The Loopy Ewe a place that you can come visit and enjoy often, and there’s nothing nuts about that!

Sheri makingValentinecookiestodaysothatIcansharetherecipewithyouonFriday!


  1. I think that is so great that your family works together…it must really give you all “common ground”! Very cool! I especially like #2 and #4…Very funny!!

  2. I so love reading your blog. I also appreciate that you are the Loopy Ewe. I think you are great as is the whole family for helping out. Can’t wait to see the cookie recipe. When do you have time to cook????????????

  3. Enjoyed my visit with you yesterday Sheri (however brief it was…I barely made it in time to pick up my daughter), and I can’t wait to start in on the new yarn. Thanks for the minisock giftie too. Two Q’s…1) even tho I’m buying in person instead of online, am I eligible for a $25 Loopy Reward? and 2) can you forward back a copy of my email so I’ll remember what colors of Posh I got?

    Thanks and see you next time (hmmm….maybe I will knit you an entrelac scarf….OR well maybe I’ll just teach you how to do it!) πŸ˜‰

  4. Sheri, thanks so much to you and your family working hard to keep all of us sockaholics in yummy yarn!

    P.S. I’m soooo excited for the sock club!

  5. Those cozy cushions might just be the answer to my problem. One of my kitties has taken to sleeping on my face at night, and I just can’t have that! She also spends lots of time on the heat vents… hmm…

  6. Knitting Daughter is crazy. Taking pretty yarn that is in your home and sending it off to another home? That’s not fun. That’s torture. Worse, it’s self-inflicted torture. The delivery guys probably think I run a yarn business too – just a terribly unsuccessful one, as there’s constantly stuff coming in but never anything going out.

    And you! Mentioning a yarn that we don’t get to see for months! You dangle your carrot, just go right ahead!

    (Hehe….fingering-weight spaghetti…..)

  7. I still think you are crazy (in a joking manner) for taking 150 sign up for the sock club but I know you can handle it. I am hoping that I get to get to St Louis at the end of the month and have told dh that I have to stop in and see Sheri. We have a friend from California that is the Amateur National Reining Champion (horse stuff) and is getting her award in St. Louis. Hopefully this doesn’t interfer with moving into my new house so we can go and see her get the award. I haven’t been to St. Louis since I was 10, do you think I can find my way around 28 years later, hehehe.

  8. hi sheri. it is so entertaining just coming here and reading what is on your mind. i did laugh at your hubby describing spaghetti by yarn weights. but, totally understandable for us knitters. i would enjoy packing others yarn up too. if i couldn’t have it myself, i’d just enjoy what other people are choosing. i do think it is funny that college boy even notices us this much. but, how could you not read some blog comments while working on the website. i do love that all your family is involved in this business. certainly is a great way to spend time together for the benefit of all. thanks for all your hard work and all the lovely yarns you entice us with. happy knitting.

  9. Ha! Your husband’s comment of the spaguetti is awesome! I prefer the ribbon type spaguetti myself (like fettucini). A huge hi to everyone at the Loopy Ewe family πŸ™‚

  10. Ah, that all sounds like so much fun. Wish I had gotten in on the Sock Club this year, but it sounds like you guys are enjoying it too much to not do it again next year!

  11. I hope I’m the “Sharon” that College Boy was talking about!!! πŸ™‚ Tomorrow’s mail should bring me a package from the wonderful “LoopyEwe” Can’t wait to see my “Cottage Garden” yarn in person….it might help me to forget it’s 15 degrees outside here in NJ!

  12. In regards to number 7), your knitting is not only “work” (as compared to just relaxing), but it’s a great business builder which Wonder Husband should definitely appreciate! After you HAVE to try out your new yarn and patterns, then you’re able to give us expert reviews and ideas on the new things you have in stock. Right now I’m making some mittens from the Knitting Pure and Simple pattern using Claudia Hand Painted yarn (in Purple Midnight) after you made yours sound so wonderful. And you didn’t mislead me – the yarn is sooooo wonderful to work with and I think the mittens will be so much warmer than the gloves I have now. I appreciate you spending all those hours “working” on your knitting so you can give us great suggestions and reviews! Sigh – if only I had a job where knitting was considered “work”. Between working full-time and going to school part-time, that’s the only way I’d get to work more knitting time in! :0)

  13. Cookies…did you say cookies???!!! I think it is awesome that your whole family — 2 and 4-legged — are involved in the business. Keep it coming…

  14. LOL Sheri. I love reading your blog. I’d sooooo love to help you pack up order but *sigh* I live in Idaho and that’s just not close enough for a visit. Can’t wait for the first shipment of the sock club. Big thanks to you and your whole family for making the shopping experience so great. You all do a wonderful job.

  15. I found Lexi’s kitty cushion at the handy dandy Wal-Mart! Vet approved and it’s been two weeks and she is just now getting to the point where I think she likes it.

  16. I happen to think that Miss Zoe has patiently waited for you to order the cat bed. It is the must have bed for cats of the blog world this season. And did you see that Wendy just ordered a second one for Lucy? I think Zoe would benefit from at least 2. You could put one in the yarn room so that she can better supervise.

  17. So I guess lace weight would be Angel Hair then? :>)

    I am glad that (1) Sheri mails so quickly, (2) the expected box should be here tomorrow cause I was holding my breath for it today when the mail truck pulled up and I half-way thought it MAY be here today (3) Wendy told us about the kitty beds as I will get one for my naked boy Jakey who is a heat worshipper and (4) that your family doesn’t mind sharing some bits about themselves with us all. You are my first fun read every morning. One of my Big 3… Sheri at TLE, Wendy and Yarn Harlot. I never miss you three.

    Egads, Valentines Day is upon us! I am making red/pink socks for myself in lieu of a gift from a non-existant sweetheart. I am fine with that. :>)

  18. Wow, he IS a wonder husband if he can tell fingering weight spaghetti from sport weight. After ten years of compulsive knitting by me, my husband is still not quite sure I’m not crocheting: “Well, you’re making lace. My grandma crocheted lace. Therefore you must be crocheting.” He once drove miles out of his way while on a business trip to go to Susan’s Fiber Shop in Wisconsin (or wherever she is). He bought me a wonderful gift, and said while he was shopping, there was a whole room full of women weaving. When I called Susan’s to ask what the (unlabelled) fiber was, she said it had been a spinning class. So he tries really really hard, but he’s still pretty clueless on fiber arts.

  19. You wrote about everyone else’s favorite yarn line, but not yours. Can you peg it down to just one? I think I would have trouble with that, especially with all the great stuff you have.

  20. I have a cat who is a heat-vampire too, peel him off one vent and he moves to the next. He has a similar pad to snooze on, and it’s helped a bit, but those vents are still his favourite place, melted cat paws or no!

  21. mr yarn pirate is becoming quite the yarn expert himself. the spaghetti noodle comment really cracked me up, cause only a few weeks ago he saw a bunch of undyed yarn soaking in the sink and told me it looked al dente!

    you can do the 150 orders!! what if you broke it up into 2 days? like A-M ships on monday and N-Z ships on tuesday. and i’ve got to know…when knitting daughter helps you pack up orders, do you pay her in yarn?

  22. Gotta thank you and your family for putting together a wonderful online yarn shop! You guys are my favourites. I prolly visit your site everyday just to see what’s new. Keep it up!

  23. I truly enjoyed yet another of your fun blog entries, especially after a long day in the accounting world in which I live… (I’d be great at assisting with inventory btw…)

    #2 made me laugh the most…I’m sure I will always think of that when I eat spaghetti now !

    And, I second Georgia’s idea of A-M on Monday, but then I fall into that category!!

  24. The spaghetti comment was hilarious. I like my spaghetti fingering weight as well. It’s nice to see the whole family helps out with the business.

  25. my beloved order arrived yesterday–thank you!!! DH thinks I may be running a fever since its day two and not every skein is on needles yet…lol. just an fyi, the postman and ups guy are not officially family until 1) the critters in your family can either bark or purr their childrens names, or 2) they have recieved handknit gifts from said family and start eyeball your stash and make comments like “wow thats a nice blue” or “hey that matches my uniform” (sigh! yes that is the voice of experience there). and last but not least one of my bosses (gotta support my habit some how) who hates to cook stated that her dream home has no kitchen just a drive thru window for the pizza delivery driver that spits out checks like the toll booth at the airport….lol!!! mine would have a dart board to catch straight needles for those moments i must frog.-hehe! Keep up the GREAT!!! work. It is deeply appreciated!

  26. I prefer laceweight noodles, myself. =) It’s fun to read about the family business… as long as they and you are okay with posting about it, I’d love to continue reading about it!

    (Hopefully, someday *I’ll* be on a first-name basis! of course, my name is kinda unusual in the USA, perhaps it won’t take as long as I think, hehe.)

  27. Is it work if you feel like you are playing but you make money doing it? I really ask myself this all the time because I like my J.O.B. and I work for myself. You are in the same boat so if you ever figure it out, let me know!


  28. I think a cozy cushion for Zoe is a good idea until her favorite auntie is through with tax season and can get her Kitty Pi bed knit!!! I love what all the wool fumes have done to your family πŸ™‚ We’re still feeling some of the after effects from visiting the Loopy Room last month!

  29. the sock c lub will be a piece of cake! you can assemble the kits (god, i just typed kids!) at your leisure, and print labels (hoping there’s no postal increase between now & then, lol), and then, on the big day, inundate the post guy! how hard is that, lol? all in your copious free time (lol). i started the martha socks yesterday, frogged them twice, then frogged them again today. i think i’ve got it now! (however it’s not in your yarn, i never got any before you sent me my prize (and those needles are LOVELY! what kind of wood iare they?))

    ok, i’m going now, my medication is making me chatty(er)

  30. Hi Sheri,

    You’re so fortunate to have such a Loopy family. You are all a great team. I think that 150 is doable. whew! I know one thing …..you sure do love us alot to take on that number.

    I love the way yarn has now spilled over into your food world. Noodles…I think that is so funny! ~grin~

    I only ask one thing, please don’t start looking at Zoe and Casey to make any donations other than moral. If you’re looking at the noodles you might start looking at them for their fur. You know they are both very pretty and would make lovely wool. Oh no, see you have be doing it! Poor babies!

    I am glad you ordered Zoe a resting pad. I need to order one for my cat, Jake. Where did you order the pad from?

    I love your blog, shop and family. You bring happiness to knitting. I thank all of you for that.

  31. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read today – sport weight vs fingering weight noodles!

    You guys sound great, I’d love to spend an evening knitting with you.

  32. I am with Wonder Husband on the noodles!

    It sounds like you all are having a great time! I don’t feel quite so guilty about being on the of 150 sockers now.

  33. Hello Again Sheri! Have you seen the sheep doormat from Lantern Moon? It is at Knit Picks on clearance for $9.99. How cute!

  34. You’re not just crazy.. you’re batsh…. well, you, know.

    We all appreciate it though. at least you’ve conned your family into joining the insanity instead of resisting it.

    *heart* all the new yarn. And the yarn club πŸ˜€

  35. Oh my goodness I laughed so hard over the fingering and sport weight spaghetti noodles I just could hardly contain myself. I think that is just wonderful and so are all of you. This is my favorite place. You are all great!

    Must knit now,


  36. I LOVE the noodle analogy……so hilarious!! I always look forward to your friday recipe day! And I made your winter fruit salad just a few days ago! Still as good as ever. Maybe you could have a recipe contest or something to take the heat off of you to supply a recipe every friday. We could all send some in, and then you and your fam can pick and choose and put some out when you’re needing a breather!

  37. I too vote with Wonder Husband on the fingering weight noodles, but the rest of them here prefer the sport weight. The dog has no preference. Anything that hits the floor is good. But he seems to be immune to the effects of wool fumes….

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