Buried in New Yarn!

Well, not really buried. But almost! My UPS guy was kept very busy last week, delivering big boxes of yarn replenishment. My postman, was kept almost as busy. One day last week I said to him, “Don’t you have any fun boxes for me today?” to which he replied, “NO! I know how this works. The more boxes I bring to you, the more boxes you have every day for me to pick up and take!” I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t figure that out, but he’s on to me.

Here is a sampling of what came in:

New Colors of All Things Heather (in both the Sock and the Merino Tencel blends). In addition to new colorways, Heather has dyed up some beautiful solids for us. I LOVE hand-dyed solids. Why? Because there are subtle variations in there that keep it from being boring! Solids are perfect for knitting up fancy patterns and having them really show. They’re also perfect for those of you who like to wear more “subtle” hand-knit socks under your suits and trousers at work. (Although I think a wild-colored sock under a sophisticated suit is much more fun.) There are two repeat colorways from last time, because they sold out so fast that some of you didn’t get a chance at them. So Ottobre and Copper Urn are back for one more time.

New Colors of Interlacements Tiny Toes. We added 8 new colors, and replenished all of the other colors that we were sold out of. Lots of brilliant colorways to choose from again.


New Colors of Schaefer Anne. We added 8 new colors and they’re all gorgeous. Remember that this line is dyed up in very small batches and never a “regular colorway” to the Schaefer line. What that means is that your yarn will be unique and if you see it and like it, you had better snap it up before its gone, never to return. Many of you are buying this yarn for your laceweight shawls, in addition to socks.

New Colors of Schaefer Lola. We added 4 new colors to this line. Again, these are unique colors, not to be repeated. I have loved knitting socks (and fingerless gloves, and scarves) out of this sport weight. Very soft, very “springy”, very fun to knit.


New Colors of Yarn Pirate (in the Merino Tencel blend.) Four brand new colorways from Georgia, plus four colorways from her regular line that I asked for in the new blend, because I thought they’d look really pretty in this yarn. (And of course I was right!)


And check out the new pattern line I added: Heartland Knits. I fell in love with the mitten patterns first, then discovered the socks, the gloves, and the shawl. This pattern comes as a little booklet, with a full color photograph on the front. I can’t wait to knit up the mittens.

I know I promised lots of knitting would go on this weekend. I did make progress! I will share in Wednesday’s blog. I did have to take time out to get all of this wonderful yarn up on the website (and then filled orders for all of you who discovered it over the weekend). I also had one or two Peppermint Mochas. 🙂 And I received a fun package in the mail from my Sockret Pal, which I will have to show you on Wednesday. It was a great weekend. Did anyone else get any knitting done?

Sheri Imustshowyouapictureofmysockyarnstashforithasgrown


  1. It must be eye candy overload to be amongst all those fantastic colors like you did this weekened. What fun stuff!

    Yes I knit this weekend… on a SCARF of all things! Bought lovely new Noro Sakura at LYS and was dying to use it on a Knitty pattern which called for Koigu for the ruffly bits… I’m using he Noro instead. (The pattern with periodic rows of ruffles for those of you who carry patterns in your head.) But with all the running around and holiday preps I had to prop my eyelids up with toothpicks to knit last night. Two rows, snooze, a mad dash at 4 rows, snooze …( what?? I missed the ending? Who did it?) … an inch more… snooze…. hey it’s Midsomer Murders again… I saw this a few hours ago but can’t sit up another 2 hours to see the ending. So the scarf is good but I still dunno who did the murder.

  2. Ohhhh! So much cool stuff! Such an empty bank account! It physically pains me to see so many beautiful yarns and awesome patterns and accessories that I want when I can’t get them. Paycheck soon, hopefully. Though I must be frugal. Bills to pay!

  3. Oh my! It is so hard not to be compulsive about all these gorgeous yarns. I guess I like to torment myself by just looking every few days, even when I’m not ordering. Didn’t get any knitting done over this past busy weekend. Did have so much fun with our annual family get together, playing alot of games like, Catch Phrase, euchre, Mille Borne, etc. Lots of munchies too! I’ve been so busy knitting socks, that even I need a break from it now and then. But, I’m still obsessed with them too. Happy knitting to all.

  4. How do you keep your hands off of this stuff…….I would not be able to let any of it go…..

    I did knit……working on socks in Opal that I got from you…and STILL working on my Central Park Hoodie……….

    Happy Thanksgiving….did you get the Cranberry Pie Recipe?????


  5. I will be placing my order this week for Tiny Toes and Schafer, Sheri you never fail to disapoint. I loved my package last week – the sock blockers have been used twic already.

    For all who are Yarn Harlot readers, Sheri is mentioned today in the blog.

  6. My goodness, the Yarn Pirate colorways are just… I can’t even describe it. And especially in the shiny Tencel. What fun it must have been to open that package! (And thus, the yarn stash monster was fed.)

    I finished a pair of socks for my boyfriend this weekend, in Regia. They were the Gentleman’s socks with lozenge pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks. I even wove in the ends! Granted, there were only four of them.

  7. If Michelle would like to know who the murder is, I can let her know once I watch it on tivo. I was knitting my tiny socks for my tiny sock garland for my secret santa present next week. I only have 3 done plus the felted sock they are going in, will take me until then to finish.

  8. Isobel – thanks for offering up the killer on Midsomer Murders but I will hold off for reruns later. It’s a Sunday thing for me so eventually I’ll see it again (I hope). But thank you for offering. :>)

    Diane/Sheri – Cranberry Pie sounds interesting. Maybe you can post it or forward it sometime Sheri? When you have time… I know you are busy now with orders. :>)

  9. Hi Sheri, I just ordered from you for the first time. I found your web site via Sweet Georgia’s list of retailers. You have lots of sock yarns that I am eager to try. I’m excited to be a new customer of yours, as well as a subscriber to your blog. Have a nice Thanksgiving! – Liz White

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