Sheri’s Top Ten Ways to Decorate With Yarn

DSC00024.JPG Well first of all, you guys are all so wonderful! Your comments on my Customer Service blog just couldn’t be nicer and they just made my day! I appreciate you all so much. We base our customer service on how picky I am how much I appreciate good customer service from others (like that Starbucks story). If I were shopping somewhere, I’d like the kinds of things that we do at The Loopy Ewe. And as for the fast shipping? Don’t you feel like once you’ve made a decision to buy something and you’ve gone ahead and ordered it, you want it …. yesterday? Me, too. That’s why we do fast shipping. (Well, it’s either that, or the fact that I’m just afraid if I don’t get this yarn out of here it’s going to end up in my own stash. I like all of our yarns a bit too much.) So we’ll keep it up on our end, and please let us know if you ever have suggestions, comments or ideas on how to improve things around here. We want to keep you as customers forever! (For those of you who have written customer testimonials for our webpage, I have all the recent ones in a folder, waiting to be put up with our next update. They’re coming! You all are truly just the best. The BEST!)

The topic of today’s top ten list came from hearing people talk about how they really need to decorate with their yarns, as they have so many in their stash. (Specifically, L-B and Michelle – thank you for getting me thinking along these lines and for sharing some of these ideas.) Boy, can I relate. Something must be done about my yarn, and it’s all just so beautiful that displaying it somehow seems smart. Here are some ideas. Please share your ideas in the comments section, because I know this is just the tip of the iceberg…….

1. Big glass jars. Depending on how large the jars are, you can throw skeins, balls, or leftover snippets of yarn in there. Wouldn’t it be cool to change the colors with the season? Heaven knows, I’d have enough yarn colors to do that. Cool glass jars here and here.

DSC00022.JPG 2. Big wooden bowls. Who needs bowls of fruit when you can showcase bowls of yarn? I do think balls would look better in here than skeins – what do you think? Cool wooden bowls here and here.

3. Pegboards. If you have long, lovely hanks, then hanging them on their own pegs would make you feel like you were in a yarn store. (A yarn store in your own house. How inspiring would that be?) Here are directions to make your own.

4. Or hooks. My favorite hooks come from places like Restoration Hardware. Old-fashioned looking hooks with character. In fact, I’m liking this idea so much that I might need to go buy some long colorful hanks just for the hooks that I haven’t bought yet. (Oh, I really should not have just wandered over to Restoration Hardware’s website to look at hooks. Jeez.)

5. Tree stands/coat racks. This would make a nice combo – you could use some hooks for the long stands, and you could hang baskets of yarn balls off of some of the others. Nice in a corner somewhere. (Did you know that when you Google Tree Stands they think you’re talking about hunting? I guess you can call them Hall Stands or Coat Trees or Coat Racks, but not Tree stands. Ok. Coat racks.)

6. Cubbies. I love these wire cubbies because you can put them together in any way that works best for your space. And you can fit a lot in each cubbies. Again, it would make you feel like you were in a yarn store. Or a yarn corner. πŸ™‚ Here are cubbies that you can use those 20% off coupons for that we get every single week in the mail.

DSC00023.JPG 7. Magazine holders on your bookshelves. Don’t you need yarn mixed in with all of your yarn books? I like it. When you mix two different things like that, it goes from being books on a shelf to being a “display”. I like the clear magazine holders that show off all the yarn. (Apparently I have purchased all of the clear magazine files like this for the Loopy Room, because I can’t find them anywhere online. I got mine at Office Depot. If you find them, put it in the comments section so we all know where to find them because I need more!)

8. Baskets. I have more baskets than I know what to do with. Those “what were you thinking??” expensive ones. (They’re better quality. They really are. I keep telling my husband that.) A basket of yarn can tuck in anywhere. I also think World Market and Pier One have nice baskets.

9. Basket stands. I really like these basket stands from Lantern Moon. If they weren’t such a pain to ship, I’d be stocking them at The Loopy Ewe! Tucked into a corner with bright yarns overflowing? I’d want to knit all the time. (Wait – I already want to knit all the time.)

10. The freezer. If you have recently had a Freezer Intervention like I had, then you have lots of room in there for showing off your yarns. (And someone did tell me that it helps calm down mohair.) You just have to make sure you send dinner guests to get their own ice cubes so that they can appreciate your freezer decorating. My freezer? Full again. No room for yarn. I guess I will have to go shopping for all of this other stuff.

You know the best place to buy any of this is garage sales and flea markets. That leaves more money to spend on the yarn to fill them all up.

Sheri wholoveshavingamissionlike”buymoreyarnfordecorating”


  1. Those tiered basket stands from Lantern Moon? … I got a 5-basket one at my Costco Home store this summer. An idea just cropped up too related to displaying yarn in glass things. I have one of those bowls from Illuminations (candle store) where you can put floating candles in the bowl but it has a hollow inside that I usually stuff silk flowers in. Yarn could go in there too.

  2. I have a few (or more) of those what were you thinking baskets that I use in my living room to store yarn. I have two of them under the sofa table. I have those baskets in spaces on the bookcase in my studio holding yarn. I use one to hold straights. And of course, there is the baby cradle full of yarn.

  3. Zoe looks like she is thinking about snipping some yarn…

    I love all of these ideas – and your displays are fab! – but with my yarn snipping/stealing/eating cats I think glass jars (with tight lids!) are the only display idea that would work for me. I have some of my yarn in a rather large hanging wall cabinet from Ikea that has glass fronts (from the kitchen department). I get to see the yarn and it is protected from my pilfering and plundering herd of felines!

  4. I’m planning on using all the mini balls of sock yarn I have left over as Christmas tree ornaments. For some reason, I’m the only one in my family who thinks this is a brilliant idea and will be so beautiful, but it’s my tree, so I’m doing it anyway! :0)

  5. Thanks for all the great ideas! I’m with Sharon & the glass jars with lids, though. I don’t really have yarn displayed, except what I’m currently working on, so that bugs & dust don’t get into it.

  6. Charity – I LOVE that idea! Not only could you use your extra sock yarn, but you could make an ornament with the leftover yarn from a gift and keep it as a reminder! Thanks!

  7. Is’nt it enough that you “push” yarn? Now you are pushing all kinds of spiffy containers too! πŸ˜€ What will you push next?

    Thanks for all the fabby ideas and keep them coming…your favorite fan in Arizona:D

  8. Our newly graduated son moved to New York this past summer to start his owns life journey (with a wonderful job in tow). I had been planning for the last 2 years to turn his bedroom into my knitting studio,, thereby getting my ever increasing stash out from under beds and closet shelves into a room all their own.
    I used some of his old bedroom furniture (a huge book case – computer table combination) to store all my books and overflowing wealth of knitting mags. My wool is now in wonderful baskets, a huge metal wine cooler holds the store of colourful “odd balls”. I went to Target and bought storage bookshelfs and shoe holders that go together and can be added to – plus they were on sale, and look just like my lys. My husband made two coat racks to hang on the wall and display my hanks of very expensive hand-dyed yarns – even he felt it looked like a wonderful piece of modern art. I have my tv, my dvd player, and tivo to keep me warm while I still and knit on my new love seat surrounded by my world of knit. I retired from my school district this past summer and having this wonderful room all to myself is absolute heaven.

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