A Freezer Intervention

DSCF2902.JPG Well apparently I have been overlooking a few items in the freezer. Whatever. I was packing up some orders in The Loopy Room and wandered into the kitchen to find THIS. “What in the world…?” I said to Wonder Husband. He said, “I’m doing an intervention. The freezer is out of control. Which of these things should stay, and which should go?” Oh for pete’s sake. Was I in the mood to be cleaning out the freezer? I think not. (Which might explain how it got that way in the first place.) So, a few of the things we found:

3 unopened bags of sliced almonds, and 3 half-used bags of sliced almonds
2 bags of chocolate chips and 1 bag of mint chocolate chips.
1 baggie of 25 single chocolate chips.
2 half-used bags of hash browns.
3 packs of waffles
1 Hefenkranz (oooh – that was a fun find! A sweet German bread that my grandmother used to make.)
About 25 bags of veggies (in a variety of unopeneds, half-useds, and 2/3’s used)
Hamburgers (a box, a bag, and a pound)
Chicken breasts and grilled chicken strips
4 bags of shredded cheese (2 unopened and 2 half-used)
And maybe a few other things tons more, too numerous to mention.

Wonder Husband pointed out that this was probably a few hundred dollars worth of food, wasted. My immediate (and unspoken – I’m no idiot) thought was, “Think of all the yarn I could’ve bought with that.”

The freezer is now clean and ready to be filled again for another four years. Cool. (no pun intended)

Sheri pleasetellmethatI’mnottheonlyonewithfreezerissues


  1. Yes, there are others with freezer issues! I have a large chest freezer in addition to the regular top-of-the-fridge freezer, and I’m sure there’s some very interesting stuff in both of them. Not so long ago, I did sort of clean out the fridge freezer, throwing away all the old, stale bread and a large number of … um … black bananas … eeewww! College daughter has actually asked me who’s going to clean out the fridge while she’s gone!

  2. You aren’t the only one with freezer issues. In fact, I recently cleaned mine out and gave about $200 worth of food to my aunt.

  3. New to your very fun well written blog, from Lynne at Iwasknittogether.

    Alone with freezer issues? HARDLY. Feel the support. I am sorry you didn’t find any yarn in the freezer. THAT would have been great. I have frozen yarn before to keep it from shedding. It does work! Helps my allergies.

  4. New to your very fun well written blog, from Lynne at Iwasknittogether.

    Alone with freezer issues? HARDLY. Feel the support. I am sorry you didn’t find any yarn in the freezer. THAT would have been great. I have frozen yarn before to keep it from shedding. It does work! Helps my allergies.

  5. No, Sheri, you are not alone, in fact from the looks of it you’re in good company. Whenever DH looks in the freezer (which isn’t that often and even then has tunnel vision for the ice cream) and does ‘notice’ I just tell him to step.away.from.the.freezer. He’s the kinda guy that will open the fridge door and if something happens to ‘fall out’ he’ll eat whatever it is, otherwise he just stands there…waiting…?
    What I really loved…..baggie with 25 single chocolate chips.
    I see the plate! Is that a dinner plate? My dinner plates are different but my platter has the same design has your plate. Funny, but I really love them.

  6. Ok, since I’m pretty sure no one who reads this knows me….lol….I don’t think I can get anything else in my freezer. It’s not a standalone freezer but the one that is normally found at the top of the fridge. I’m ashamed to say I have homemade soup that I made over a year ago in the freezer. How do I know it’s over a year old? Because I moved it from one house to this one!!! So no, you are not the only one with freezer issues. 🙂

  7. Wanda – let’s not even talk about canned goods. I have cans of pumpkin that have been meant for Pumpkin Bread for …. awhile. I had the best of intentions when I bought them. How long does canned pumpkin keep??

  8. You are not alone with the freezer – and refrigerator – issues. I just mustered the courage recently to organize some of the bottles in the fridge to find I have no fewer than 10 opened bottles of salad dressing. 10! C’mon now, it’s just me here. Surely I could pick one or two and stick with it.

    Freezer is not so bad,but only bc it is small. It is mostly filled with my ice cream freezer bowl, ice trays and ice cream boxes. (Who needs real food?)

  9. LIfe is too short to worry about freezer issues!! There are much bigger issues to worry about.. like finishing that Log Cabin quilt of yours for Pete’s sake!! But good for Wonder Husband for tackling something that must have bothered him. Say ‘Thank You’ and pick up your needles and knit!!

  10. A good time to define Wonderful: Full of Wonder
    I often wonder what’s for dinner and when it might occur. When I dig into the freezer around 8:30 pm, I wonder why there are 36 meals worth of food carefully wrapped in nearly Loopy fashion.

    Finally, I wonder why the agony of meal planning and dread of grocery shopping do not motivate a normally efficient, business-minded person to explore the place most likely to contain a time and cost-saving solution. Could it be a fear of blackened bananas? (7 this time, not listed above)

    AWH – Always Wondering Husband (my yearly blog post)

  11. Aww Honey – you posted! 🙂 Yes, I forgot the blackened bananas (waiting to be made into Banana Bread, I might point out.) “Agony of meal planning and dread of grocery shopping” – don’t you think we just need to hire a cook? Or an “Alice” like the Brady Bunch had? Just wonderin’……

  12. Sheri and Wonder Husband (whoa, a husband who reads his wife’s blog… priceless!),

    DH and I moved to a new apartment and our freezer is empty (except for some ice cubes and an icepack). Would you like to rent some of this freezer space in exchange for some yarn??


  13. You are so not alone with those freezer issues, I have two big freezers and the one above the refrig that all need cleaning out and defrosting. It’s too bad they have all the berries and such from this last summer. Oh well, maybe next year? 🙂

    On the topic of canned pumpkin? At least a couple of years.

  14. And seriously, I’m scared of my freezer! Luckily or unluckily, we have to move every 2 or 3 years so I’m forced to clean it out atleast that many times ! 🙂

  15. Mother of Chief Knitter of Loopy Ewe must not have taught daughter the lesson on Freezer cleaning……sorry about that……and now I am off to my freezer for a “pitch and throw”….and yes, I too hve black bananas that were intended for banana bread.
    This freezer cleaning frenzy seems to be a UNIVERSAL PROBLEM….so as Sheri always says…. DEAL WITH IT
    Love ya, Sheri

  16. Freezer wars – I actually did the same thing this weekend – it is amazing what you find in there…the good thing is now the entire refrigerator is really clean and has more room for the important things – Ice Cream and Chocolate!

  17. I have the same problems as well. I’m a fairly new reader and first time poster. I have more of a problem, I find, with the refridgerator than the freezer, but that can get pretty bad, too. It’s a good thing I buy cheap left over containers, b/c I end up throwing more of them containing “mystery food” away…there’s no way I’m opening whatever it may be to save the $1.99.

  18. Oh My Gosh!!! I thought I was the only one with frozen black bananas and a massive amount of coffee mugs ( and let’s not even discuss the to go cups with the logos)–Is this a knitty thing? Sheri, if you put out a Loopy sized mug, I would just have to have one. Love all the new yarns.

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