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I discovered something new last week. Knitting podcasts. Where have I been? Good grief. I find that I knit WAY faster when listening to podcasts (or audio books, which is the next thing on my list) than when I am trying to watch tv and knit. Now that Knitting Daughter is spending a significant amount of time working at Starbucks, I am knitting by myself more often. Knitting podcasts are wonderful for that. Does anyone have any good knitting podcast suggestions for me? And what other things do you do while you knit?

It was sure exciting to be mentioned on the Lime & Violet podcast yesterday! Miss Lime discovered The Loopy Ewe and loves our yarn selection and Frequent Buyer Program. (Where we give you a $25 Loopy Gift Certificate, every time you accumulate $250 in orders from us.) How fun to be passed on to all of their listeners. (Thank you again, Miss Lime!)

DSCF2832.JPGI love having a knitting blog. Why? Because I feel responsible for getting some knitting done in order to keep you entertained. Therefore, “I have to knit tonight” sounds like serious “work”, instead of the relaxing and wonderful activity that we all know it to be. (Don’t tell Wonder Husband.) I finished up another WOOPs project. I made this rainbow bag last spring and loved it as my beach bag on a trip to St. John. A friend of mine saw me knitting this same bag in a blue/brown/moss colorwayDSCF2833.JPG and admired it, so I thought it would be a good birthday gift for her. She takes a beach vacation every year, so I’m putting a Barnes & Noble gift certificate in there for a good beach-read book. I hope she likes it. (I think that takes my WOOPs list down to 6. Yeehaa!) I have another bag like this on the WOOPs list – in blues and purples. I think I will finish it for a Christmas gift.

I’m also knitting away on my Fall Socks. (This is Fleece Artist in Jester, using the Fleece Artist pattern that comes on the inside label of all of their sock yarns.) Several of you have ordered your fall yarns for your seasonal socks. I’m so proud of you! I’d love to see the finished products when you are done. Send me photos via email. One of our “to be added” features on the website will include photos from YOU. We’d love to showcase the things that you have made with yarns from The Loopy Ewe. We’re also getting our “What Our Customers Are Saying” section up (hopefully later today, right Web Guy?) You all have written me the NICEST emails, after receiving your orders. Seriously, it’s just impossible to have a bad day, when you keep sending me emails like that. I just love it.

No one has taken the Heather yarn hint and figured it out yet, although I have had some of you email to say you Googled it and couldn’t find it. You know we’re always on the lookout for wonderful new sock yarns that you can’t find all over the place. (But we also love the tried and true beloved favorites as well – so you’ll find both at The Loopy Ewe.) We are excited about being able to offer you this great sock yarn that is hard to come by and earning quite a reputation. (Watch for it mid-October). So here’s a hint …. if you read Yarn Harlot’s blog, you will be able to figure it out. (But no, I’m not going to give you the exact entry date – what would be the fun in that?) Anyone want to figure it out?

Sheri IhavealreadyhadtoexpandtheLoopyRoombecausewehaveoutgrownourspace:-)


  1. My absolute favorite knitting podcast is Cast-On, by Brenda Dayne. I’m devoted to it. Treat yourself and go back and listen to the entire series from episode one – you’ll be happy that you did!

    I also enjoy Knitcast with Marie Irshad – she interviews famous knitwear designers and other personalities.

    I wanted to start some autumnal socks but was kind of overwhelmed by the beautiful choices on your blog. I had a deer-caught-in-headlights moment. Maybe other knitters snapped them up? Because I couldn’t find many of the yarns on your store site….

  2. All the yarns are there! Just click on the yarn company in the yarn section, then find the colorway name that you were interested in. (Those are all listed in that blog entry.) I’m liking these fall socks…..

  3. Congratulations on the mention on Lime and Violet! You *do* have a fabulous shop! and I love reading your blog. It doesn’t hurt at all that You are having a great time!

  4. Yeah, I’d just assumed it was All Things Heather sock yarns you were referring to. Y’know, I really love these small-time sock yarn colorists that are coming out these days. Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE the big companies, but I think it’s really neat that a woman with a good sense of color & a dye pot in her kitchen can make a whole business churning out gorgeous yarns for the rest of us to go nutso over.

    I’m currently working on a pair of socks in Lorna’s Laces Camouflage. It’s not quite as fall-like as the ones you previously mentioned, Sheri, but it is purty! 🙂

  5. Hi Sheri! Oooh, I ADORE knitting podcasts – it’s like sitting with your best girlfriends having a conversation while you knit. I love Cast-On with Brenda Dayne also (mentioned in an earlier comment), but you should check out the Pixiepurls podcast ( – great blog too), Knitty D and the City is HILARIOUS (link on Brenda’s Cast-On site), and Pointy Sticks is really great too (link also on Brenda’s site). Those are my top 4! Enjoy catching up on all the back episodes – I think you’ll be getting a lot more WOOPS done in the next few weeks with the podcasts to keep you company!

  6. WOW! That is a GREAT ‘spot’ for your shop on LIme and Violet! I have been enjoying podcasts as well while I knit. And I think that it is now your ‘job’ to sit and knit and listen to podcasts that are advertising your store or have the potential to 🙂

  7. Thanks for bringing knitting podcasts back on my radar! I have considered listening to them in the past, but your tiny encouragement motivated me to subscribe to them.

    Your sock yarn is so yummy, I’m sure that anything you choose will be lovely.

  8. Love those bags you’re knitting! I know………… I need another project like a hog needs Christmas…………. but where can I find that pattern? LOL. I’ve never listened to a pod cast before, but I’ve been hearing a lot about them in my sock knitting groups, so …………..I’ve got my order in for an IPod for my birthday next week. (Keeping my fingers crossed).

  9. After re-reading the blog, I too think that it is a reference to All things Heather which would be totally AWESOME! Is it? Is it????

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