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DSCF0515 (rev 0)There are confessions thoughts circling in my head today. Since this blog is about what’s going on in my head knitting, I thought I’d share these things with you.

I am married to the world’s best husband. Surely. Here is a glimpse of what he has heard from me this year:

January: “What would you think about me starting a new business – opening a yarn store here in St. Louis?” (“Interesting. I think you’d be good at it. Why don’t you start researching it and praying about it?”)

February: “What would you think about me doing an online store instead? Specializing in sock yarns, patterns, and cool accessories?” (“Interesting. Do you think there are enough sock knitters in the world to support that?”)

March: “Can we invest $xx,xxx in my new business?” (“Interesting. If you have your Business Plan written up and that’s the investment that you have come up with, then yes, we can do that.”) Actually, he may have gulped in there somewhere, too.

April: “I’m calling it The Loopy Ewe.” (“Interesting. Loopy, huh?”)

May: “I really would like for you to go to the Needle Arts market with me in Indianapolis in June to get a feel for this new business. What do you think? Just this once, will you come traipse around a huge exhibit hall of vendors selling all things needle-y come with me?” (“Interesting. Sure, I’ll go along this first year.”)

June: “Wow – isn’t it amazing how many people are into knitting and how many wonderful yarn options are out there? Aren’t you glad that you came to this Market with me? Isn’t this fun?” (“Interesting.”)

July: “Umm – clean jeans? There really aren’t any clean may be some in the dryer. Maybe.” (“Interesting. Ok, I’ll throw a load in the washing machine.”) “Um – dinner? I, uh, was planning that we’d order pizza or something. Sound good?” (“Interesting. I’ll call it in.”)

August: “Hey, my professional photographer husband – we just got a bunch of new yarn in that we need photos of – do you have time after working your full-time job today and coming home beat to take some photos tonight?” (“Interesting. Yep, let’s set it up.”) “Hey Honey – do you mind running by the grocery store on your way home from work to pick up milk and bread? I have a few more things that I need to do for Loopy.” (“Interesting. No problem.”) “Oh my gosh – can you believe I’m getting orders from east to west, and as far away as Canada and New Zealand? It’s so exciting to finally have all of this come together after so many months and months of planning!!” (“Interesting! I’m so proud of you.”)

September/October/November/December: Sheri finds balance in life again learns how to make things look like they are running smoother. Did you know that if you put a bunch of jeans in the dryer at 5:50 (they don’t have to be clean – just throw the ones in there from the overflowing laundry basket) that it will SOUND like you have been productively doing laundry all day long instead of knitting when your spouse walks in the door at 6 pm? And if you throw some dryer sheets in there, it will also smell like you have been doing laundry. Did you know that if you buy a frozen lasagne at the grocery store, you can slide it into your own pan while it’s still frozen and it will bake itself right into shape and look like it’s homemade? Did you know that if you swipe a few tables with lemon-scented Pledge it will smell like you have been cleaning the house? (In a pinch, just pour Lysol in the sink for a few minutes – same effect.) Did you know that if you are walking around the house in a hurry with a load of sheets (just take the clean ones out of the linen closet – same effect) when your husband/kids arrive home, that it will look like you have everything efficiently under control and no one will ever know that you spent a good portion of the day knitting?

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  1. Well, would have to argue with you on that…. Perhaps you have the SECOND best husband in the world! (I am pretty sure that I have the best!!!) I guess we are both VERY fortunate to have such understanding husbands. And, yes, I will be happy to relieve Paul of ever having to go to the Needle Arts market again!!

  2. Quite entertaining… husband has been *asking* me about possibly doing the online yarn shop…little does he know. So…’s it going? Congratulations! Another dream come true….plus have you pointed out to your darling that knitting is a must-do for said company…gotta try those yarns out…….

  3. Hi! Found you from your comment on YA. Had to race right over and check out the housekeeping tips. Between working full time nights and having four messy kids I need all the help I can get. Hope your shop is wildly successful – I will have to cruise the site. I don’t need more yarn, but it looks really cool!

  4. Hi! I also found you through your comment on the Harlot’s page! Interesting! ;o)

    I love this story. My husband wants to own his own business someday, and it looks like I need to take a page from your husband’s book. I’ll come back and support your store, too! You have a great story, and I can’t resist sock yarn.

  5. hahahaha!! i loved this post. my own husband? just substitute “yes” for “interesting”
    seriously though, it makes a big difference in what we set our sites on in life, doesn’t it?

  6. Hooray for wonderful, supportive (dare I say enabling?) husbands!
    Honestly — I loved reading about how you got started and the UNCONDITIONAL
    support your DH gives you in your new venture.

    My parents just celebrated their 50th anniversary and it is because of
    this kind of love and support that marriages can last so long.

    *Sigh* sniff * Thanks for sharing, Sheri…

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