Knitting With Friends

DSCF1043 (rev 0)Who is your favorite person to sit down and knit with? For me, it’s my sweet daughter, Julia. For so long, we tried to find a “hobby” that she liked. Was it going to be rug-hooking? No. Cross-stitching? Not really. Knitting? YES! Knitting was a perfect fit. In fact, she took to it like a house on fire. Scarves were her specialty. I commissioned her to knit 11 scarves for some good friends of mine. We meet in Colorado every year for a long weekend of fun and scarves were just the right gift for that time of year. It was fun to pick just the perfect colors for each one of them! (Julia knit them all in “Splash” – a fun, feathery, boa type of yarn.) Here we all are with our scarves, by Julia. DSCF1094 (rev 0)

DSCF2612 (rev 0)This summer, she wanted to learn how to knit socks. (A girl after my own heart.) After her first sock was completed, she was hooked. I think her scarf making days are numbered, and her sock making days have just begun. Think of all the socks she will have knit by the time she is a grandma! It’s a good thing we have access to lots of great sock yarns. While vacationing in Colorado this summer, our friends came to visit – so we taught them how to knit socks, too. Don’t they look like they’re having fun? I have learned a lot about teaching people how to knit socks. (For example, they get a bit frustrated if you start them on teeny tiny yarn with teeny tiny needles. Go figure.) We were having such a good time knitting that week while they were visiting, that we had to make two trips to the “What’s Needling U?” yarn shop in Frisco. I love visiting new yarn shops when I’m in different towns. You’ll have to let me know about your very FAVORITE yarn shop, so that I can make a list of shops that I need to visit as I travel about.

081706pairA quick picture of my latest socks out of Claudia Hand Painted (have I mentioned how much I like this yarn? I like the way the colors knit up, I like the “springiness” of the yarn, I like that I was knitting on size 3 needles and they knit up really fast, rather than my usual size 1’s, and I like that they’re done!) The colorway is Donna’s Favorite. The cuff pattern is from Knit Socks (Peaks & Valleys). I like Claudia’s yarn so much that I just ordered more colors of it for The Loopy Ewe. Never mind that we already have lots of Claudia colors in stock and half of them have made it into my PSYB. Now we’re getting even more. (Need cute wooden sock blockers? We’re getting them in soon. Need plastic sock blockers because you use them over and over for blocking your wet socks and don’t want to warp the wooden ones? We’re getting those in, too.)

Remember the MasterCard commercial? I have a new one:

Pair of knitting needles: $12

Skein of yarn to work on: $18

Good friends to sit and knit with: Priceless

Sheri darngoodthingthatsockyarnsdonotcountasofficialstashorI’dbeintrouble

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  1. That is so wonderful having your daughter share your hobby. I taught my two daughters to sew, and one can knit, but doesn\’t like it, and the other crochets occasionally. I wish they would knit, but at least they appreciate handwork. Your daughter did such an impressive job making 11 scarves. Congratulations.

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