Random Acts of Kindness – Week Four

Loopy Love The Loopy EweAnother fun week of reading all of the heartwarming things you have done to those around you (strangers, friends, family members, neighbors, etc.) Things like:

Janet and her husband, who hosted a dinner at their church after the Christmas program.

Jane, who bought two bags of food for the local food pantry.

Bonny, who has been inspired by all of you to look for RAK’s. She did several at the Newark airport, while waiting for her son’s delayed flight!

Kandice, who donated to the No Kid Hungry campaign.

Susan, who finished a sweater for a stranger whose mom had passed away before she could finish it.

Ann’s husband, who volunteered to help at the local tree lot, when he realized there was only one elderly gentleman working that evening.

Julie, who donated 30 pairs of handknit socks to one of her city schools.

Geraldine, who baked nine cheesecakes for her husband’s co-workers.

And many more! I love reading about the creative ways you  have found to help others during this season. This is our last blog post of the season for collecting RAK’s. I hope you find something fun to do for someone. Sometimes it’s even more fun after Christmas, because people don’t expect it as often when the holiday has passed. Leave a comment below and let us know what you found to for someone else over the next few days!

Sheri offtofindsomeonethatneedsaRAKtoday

P.S. The randomizer picked comment #1 as last week’s winner, so we’ll be sending off a Blue Sky Alpaca Royal Petite’s Kit to Seanna Lea in MA!

Random Acts of Kindness – Week Three

Loopy at The Loopy EweThank you for sharing more of your wonderful random acts of kindness stories from the past week. We sure love reading them. A few that stuck out to me this week, included:

Lisa – who helped a friend serve a meal at their local Neighbor 2 Neighbor group for the homeless.

Kim – who saw a cold bell ringer at the grocery store and went home and knit him a scarf.

Janet  – who took all of her loose change to a coin machine and turned it into supermarket gift cards for senior clients.

Betty – who did two RAK’s. She shoveled her neighbor’s sidewalk and driveway, and knit 6 baby hats for the hospital.

Windy – who dropped off pet food and extra blankets at her local humane center.

Barbara’s mom Kathy – who was in a waiting room where someone admired the lace scarf she was making, so she asked for the lady’s address and sent it off to her when it was done.

Bonny – who helped four of her neighbors shovel their sidewalks and driveways.

Alicia – who noticed the Angel Tree at their church still had tags left, so she took 4 of them and bought coats for new refugee families. (It always makes me sad when I see a few leftover tags still on Angel Trees. I like what Alicia did, and I will be on the lookout for this next year.)

Michelle – who, along with her husband, took a man shopping when he showed up at their church and needed help.

Geraldine – who gave an extra bike to someone whose bike had been stolen.

Jan – who filled a grocery bag with food for the food pantry and included lots of vegetables.

Carolyn – who spent an evening collecting and sorting food for her local food pantry.

Judy – who buys books for some of the behaviorally challenged students in her school.

Christine – who sent a special gift to a friend who had recently experienced a loss in her life.

Of course there are more in the comments on that blog post – pop over and read them all and also check out the ones from the week before! We randomly drew a name to win one of the Blue Sky Alpaca Royal Petit Kits, and that goes to Denise in IN, who finished the mittens she was working on for the Caring Tree and them promptly fell and broke her finger. 🙁  Despite this, she also cleaning out closets and added 5 winter coats to the Caring Tree, as well as encouraging 2 of her co-workers to do the same.

Thanks to all of you for the inspiration. Leave a comment below and let us know what you have done this week (or in the coming few days) and we’ll do another drawing and one more RAK post next week. I know this is a hard time for many, and the small things we do to encourage one another can really make a difference.

Sheri whoiscopyingsomeofyourRAK’ssinceyouhavesuchgreatideas

Random Acts of Kindness, Week Two

RAK's The Loopy EweThank you for posting the Random Acts of Kindness you have done in the past week. It’s really heartwarming to read about the ways that you’re giving to others during this busy season. A few that stuck out to me:

Kathy – who made hats and dropped them off at the local chemo center.

Kaholly – who addressed extra Christmas cards to the seniors at the local nursing home.

Ginni – who has been volunteering as an AARP tax preparer.

Nami – who has given a bright red triangle shawl to her elderly neighbor.

Kandice – who shared extra blankets with the homeless people across from her work.

Kathleen – who bought poinsettias for her co-workers to cheer them up.

Eleanor – who knit a hat for a lab mate and is ready to knit another one if he loses it.

Denise – who is on her 6th pair of mittens to donate to the Caring Tree project.

Susan – who sent a delightful package to a friend that she doesn’t usually exchange gifts with.

Melissa – who carries extra blankets and pet food in her car to give to homeless people and their pets.

Christine – who helped a homeless woman with gas and money for food.

Debbie – who knit a shawl for a friend that was missing her Peace Corps daughter.

Cathy B – who knit hats and made pillowcases for lots and lots of at-risk children.

Phyllis’ sister – who decorates hundreds of cookies for a non-profit in her town.

FayLynn – who knit a baby blanket for someone she doesn’t know, who was new to the area.

I just highlighted a few to give you some ideas, but every one of the RAK’s that you left were wonderful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing! It’s time to do that again for this week. Do something nice, leave a comment below, and help the rest of us to get some more ideas and inspiration for future RAK’s. We’ll again draw from the comments and will be sending someone one of the luscious Blue Sky Alpaca Royal Petite kits. Last week’s winner is Stephanie, whose family participated in the Angel Tree Food drive and is providing another family with Christmas Dinner. Stephanie – please email us with your address and we’ll get this kit right out to you!

Sheri whoseRAKthisweekwassendingoutanextradonationtosomeone

Random Acts of Kindness Contest

Blue Sky Royal Kits The Loopy EweWe’re back with our Random Acts of Kindness Friday blog posts for the month of December! If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you might know that this is a fun tradition that we share around the holidays. (You can find links to past RAK posts here, if you need some ideas!) We encourage you to go out of your way to do something nice for someone (anonymously or otherwise), and then come back to the comments section on this post and tell us about it. Why tell us about it, when the nice thing to do is to be humble about your acts of kindness? Well, because we’re all inspired and encouraged by your great ideas and kind hearts. And to encourage you a bit further, we’ll be randomly drawing names from the comments to win one of these sweet kits from Blue Sky Alpacas! Included in each kit is the pattern (mitts, cowls, hats) and yarn to make the kit (small balls of Blue Sky Royal – the most luscious alpaca around). We had this trunk show at the shop in November and loved the little kits so much that we quickly knit up samples to keep on display, when it was time to send the trunk show back to Blue Sky! We’ve had these for sale in-store for a month now, and will add them to the website next week. But – you might win one for free if you participate in our December contests by doing something nice for someone!

Hat KnittingHere’s something fun that Melissa in California does for her co-workers every year. She knits them hats! This year, she used Cascade 220 and made them in all colors of the rainbow. I’d say those are some lucky co-workers, wouldn’t you? And that is a whole bunch of RAK’s all at one time. You don’t have to knit for this contest (although you can if you’d like). You can visit a lonely relative, buy coffee for the person behind you in the drive-through, pack up extra yarn and drop it off at your local retirement center, shovel your neighbor’s driveway, clean the snow off your co-worker’s windshield at the end of the day, make cookies for the teacher’s lounge at your local school, or any number of other things. (See why we need you to leave a comment telling us what you did? It gives the rest of us more good ideas!) Pick something to do in the next week, and come back to this blog post to tell us about it. Next Friday, I’ll announce the winner from this week and we’ll start a new contest for next Friday’s blog. Be creative and have fun with it!  Need some more inspiration? Watch this video. At the end, it will take you to a screen with 12 more videos of RAK’s. Heartwarming!

Sheri hopingyouhaveagreatweekend!