Sheri’s Top Ten Reasons to Knit Socks

1. While in progress, they look so dang complicated with all of those needles (or circular cables) sticking out. It impresses the beejeebers out of everyone around you.
2. They are such a portable project. Easy to knit under the table during a boring business meeting and not get caught. Not that I have any personal experience with that …..
3. You can finish them quickly and be on to the next wonderful skein of yarn that you’re just itching to knit up. (Also known as Reason #8 in “Top Ten Reasons for Buying Multiple Skeins at a Time.”)
4. If you find that you have to rip them back because the ankle/toe doesn’t fit (depending on which end you start on), it’s not really ALL that many stitches down the drain. Really.
5. You can wear a really wild color under your oh-so-conservative pants and tell yourself all day long that there is so much more to you than meets the eye. If only people knew.
6. There are multiple patterns and variations of ways to knit every part of the sock. You need never be bored. (Non sock-knitters don’t always get the beauty of this.)
7. Even new knitters can make socks and impress the heck out of themselves.
8. Since it looks complicated, you can excuse yourself from having to knit socks for others, if you choose. When they ask, you simply shake your head sadly and say, “Oh, I’d love to knit you a pair of socks. But as you can see, it’s so complicated and time consuming that I barely get enough knitting time to keep my own feet covered. I’m so sorry.” deep, sad sigh. sad look. (chuckle to yourself as you walk away….)
9. On the flip side, you can go ahead and knit socks for your dearest friends and family members and it will be the best present anyone has ever given them. That means a LOT of credit for you.
10. Once you have worn a pair of handknit socks, you will never want to go back to commercially made socks again. (But you’re a sockknitter – you already know that.)

Got any more reasons that need to be added to this list?

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