Color: Franks & Marthas

Every time we unpack orders of hand-dyed yarns around here, I have a hard time not adding one of everything to my own Personal Sock Yarn Buffet*. I love all of the color combinations that these different yarn companies come up with and I’m always anxious to see what they look like knit up. Such temptation. After looking at my own stash, I realized that I tend toward certain color palettes and don’t branch out as much as I ought to. I have many more Marthas than Franks.

Martha and Frank? Sometimes, you’re in the mood to knit bright “look at me” colors.  We call these “Franks” and they are fun to wear under your conservative pants at work (because it reminds you all day long that there is SO much more to you than meets the eye.) Other times, you want to feel calm, cool, collected, and on top of everything. We call these darker colors “Marthas” and they might make you feel classy and calm all day long.

We call the bright ones Franks, named after a man – Frank – who has worn red “look at me” socks with every outfit for as long as we’ve known him. He makes a statement, and all of these “Franks” will too! If you’re typically a Frank type of sock person, throw in a Martha every once in awhile to add some subtle soothing class to your sock buffet.

We call the more subtle colorways “Martha”, named after a calm, soothing, classy teacher that I once had. When you were in her room, everything was right with the world. If you’re a Martha type of sock person, throw in a Frank every once in awhile to add some pizzaz to your sock knitting.

When contemplating your Personal Sock Yarn Buffet, make sure that you have plenty of options for both your Frank and Martha days.

*PSYB – The yarns that you have set aside to become socks one day. It’s your job to keep that buffet full and enticing at all times. You just never know what you’ll be in the mood to knit with from day to day. (There. Does that help you justify adding more sock yarn to your stash buffet? We’re just trying to help…) 🙂

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