Fiberstory, Shalimar, Stonehedge and More

Have you liked our Facebook page? And did you see the boxes of 600 pounds of yarn that I posted last week? (The delivery slip actually said 598 lbs., but I rounded up.) As predicted, the shipments keep arriving daily, including 30 more cases of yarn and other fun things today. It’s a good thing we’re closed for in-store shopping on Mondays, because there are boxes all over the place. Rebecca our Inventory Manager came in my office to tell me that we need more space. What that means for you is a lot of great things going up on the website! Today we added in:

Fiberstory – Fave. This new indie-dyed line was one we picked up at Market in June, and I know you’re going to love Sarah’s work. This fingering weight yarn is 100% superwash merino, and the colors are awesome. I love her mixes, and that is what initially drew me into her booth at Market. You will love using this yarn for shawls, scarves, hats, gloves, cowls and socks. (I do use some 100% superwash merino yarn for socks, but I make sure to knit them at 8-9 stitches per inch for extra durability.) Shown below in Meadow and September.



Shalimar – Breathless. I know I sometimes say the same things about these different lines as we get them re-stocked and I talk about them. I’m always going to be telling you how much I love this yarn base and the colors that Kristi comes up with. This fingering weight yarn is 75% superwash merino, 15% cashmere and 10% silk, so can you imagine why I love it so much? (It also comes in a DK weight as well.) Use this for shawls, sweaters, vests, cowls, socks, hats and scarves. I think it will soon become one of your favorites, too. Shown below in Columbine and Damask.

Columbine - The Loopy Ewe                 Damask - The Loopy Ewe

Universal – Cotton Supreme and Cotton Supreme BatikMy favorite worsted weight cotton yarn! What I like about Cotton Supreme is the softness. And the durability. And the colors. I made my Camp Loopy Project One out of this line (as well as in ill-fated sweater a couple of years ago, which we will not discuss other than to say it taught me to always do a gauge swatch.) The Supreme Batik adds another layer of color and has been fun for summer knits and kids clothes. Shown below in Purple and Lemon.

Purple The Loopy Ewe                Lemon The Loopy Ewe

Stonehedge Fiber Mill – Shepherd’s Wool Worsted. This continues to be one of our most popular sweater yarns, as it is 100% wool and wonderful to knit with. You’ll love the way your patterns show up in this soft yarn. Shown below in Lime Green and Garnet.

Lime Green The Loopy Ewe                 Garnet The Loopy Ewe

Universal Yarn – Bamboo Pop. This sport weight yarn is 50% cotton and 50% bamboo, making it a perfect yarn for lighter weight sweaters and shawls, as well as great for kids clothes (as it is machine wash and dry). And of course it’s a great option for anyone who is allergic to wool. We do have more colors on backorder, so if the color you want didn’t come in this batch, it will be in the next one! Shown below in Happy Birdie and Turquoise.

Happy Birdie The Loopy Ewe                   Turquoise The Loopy Ewe

Shaune Bazner – Shawl Pins. Shaune makes gorgeous beaded shawl pins, and we have a good batch for your to pick from. You’ll find colors, neutrals, gold accents, silver accents, and a mix of both. Add a shawl pin to the next shawl you gift someone. And get one for yourself as well. 🙂 Shown below in Turtle and Abacus.

Turtle The Loopy Ewe                    Abacus The Loopy Ewe

Bungalow 360 – Project Bags. You know, one thing you can always be assured of is that we will continue to have cute bag lines here. Why? Because I am a bag lover! I am always on the lookout for cool bags. Everyone who saw this line being unpacked, went nuts over it. You’ll find hippos, dogs, whales, walrus’, cats, penguins, sea otters, monkeys and hedgehogs in 3 different styles. Travel Bags (for multiple projects, or larger projects … ok, and for travel, too), Pocket Bags with a large interior for your projects and outside pockets for your accessories (or phone and keys), and Messenger bags in a fun curved shape with plenty of room for your latest sock or shawl in progress. Shown below in the Cat and Penguin Pocket Bags.

Cat Pocket Bag The Loopy Ewe                  Penguin Pocket Bag The Loopy Ewe

Malabrigo – a few bags of backordered colors in Sock and Arroyo re-stocked, in case there are certain colors you’ve been waiting for. Shown below in Sock’s Lotus and Arco Iris.

Lotus The Loopy Ewe                 Arco Iris The Loopy Ewe

Have fun shopping through the new things, and we’ll get your new yarn and bags packed up and shipped off to your house asap!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. OMG! Those bags are just too cute! I love them all but the one with the CATS might just have to come to my house!!!

  2. Hope a lot more arrives before Fling, especially Tosh Merino Light. I want to see all the colors (wish I could buy them all too)!

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