1. Lost my camera connector cord somewhere in the move. Now, no way to download photos for blog posts. Must remedy soon.

2. Trucks are unloaded, temporary space is …. temporary (thank goodness), and we’re pulling/packing/shipping orders again today.

3.  Other tenants in the building aren’t quite sure what to make of us. (“Loopy Loo? And what is that, exactly?”)

4.  Colorado Elves put in a full day yesterday, getting the inventory ready for orders today. They work hard. I like that.

5.  St. Louis Elves Susan and Karen arrived last night. So great to have them here. Still trying to hijack them permanently to Colorado.

6. Sweet friend Janice arrived from Iowa today to help, too. She has been an Honorary Elf for 5+ years now.

7. The real space across the hall continues to edge towards the finish line. I am anxious for it to get done. So is Loopy. He’s not so much into the concept of “temporary” space.

Sheri whowillfigureoutaphotocordsolutionveryveryquickly.

* for pete’s sake


  1. Congrats. on Loopy and the special cargos safe arrival. I am so amazed that you are operational so quickly. Colorado Elves, way to go. Susan and Karen, it is so awesome that you are there to help. It just shows why we all feel the way we do about our St. Louis Elves. Janice, amazing friend to help Loopy and Sheri. Not to worry too much about the cord. It will work. Your loyal Loopy Yarnalcholics will understand. Looking forward to when Colorado webcam is up and running. YEEHA !!!!!!

  2. You have arrived!!! So glad to hear that everyone made it safely to Colorado, and that your new Elves are right on top of things! With Susan, Karen and Janice helping, it all bodes well for a successful tenure! Am excited to see the webcam pix once it’s working. Good job, Sheri!

  3. So glad that the biggest problem is a missing camera cable! Sounds like things are under control — looking forward to visiting your new digs someday.

  4. I’m sooo glad you’ve made it safely and home you find a camera chord soon! Can’t wait to see pictures of that space filling up…and Loopy will feel better too once he can settle into his new home.

  5. Love the list!!! Glad to see things are moving along. What a great job with the move. Keep up the great work. We will miss you in STL. Can’t wait to place an order with the new elves. :o) Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

  6. So glad the move is progressing so well. You are amazing in the organization required to pull this off! Hey, why not just pull the memory card out of your camera and download directly from that? Your computer should have a port for it. Best xoxoxo

  7. Given the stress you must be under I think you have remarkably good humor, Sheri!

    Some computers have a slot that you can put the camera’s memory card right into, then you don’t need a cord at all!

    Good luck!

  8. Well at least it’s only a camera cord that can be replaced and everything/everybody else arrived in CO safe and sound. I will say though that I am sure I am not the only one who has been checking for updates & photos (kind of a reflex action near the computer).
    It seems we have some Loopy Groupies in the neighborhood on surveillance and I am sure the management & other tenants are a little uncertain about all this “hoopla” over a little Loopy in red socks who needs more than one big yellow van to move his goods. Maybe there are some unenlightened knitters in that group.

  9. “Loopy Loo” – too funny! Those other tenants will soon be thrilled with the increased foot traffic, I bet! Fingers crossed that you’ll be in your new, permanent space very soon!

  10. Have you tried a card reader that plugs into your USB port? You can get them anywhere and if you have one of those teeny size cards – they have adapters which will allow you to use them in a standard card reader. I hope you have “better luck” with your new co-tenants than at your previous location – wasn’t that you who had that steady parade of people on their cell phones outside your window?

  11. So glad you’re there!! Been waiting for word that Loopy landed safely! Have WH check at the local camera shop. They have this whoosie that the car from the camera fits into, and then plugs into the computer. Works great! And if they ask again, just tell the neighbors you’re BFF Sarah’s Favorite On-Line Yarn Shop. (Ok, favorite yarn shop period.) That should keep them guessing. 😀

  12. Great news that everything and everyone are safely in CO. Was praying you’d have safe travels. It will be exciting to see photos of the new Loopy Ewe! And I WILL get to come visit in January, because we are renting a cabin in Estes Park for the whole month–YAY! We are very excited! I will come to Fort Collings as often as I can–YAY!!

  13. So glad to hear that everything is running fairly smoothly, well except for that missing cable. I ended up buying a card reader as a back up to my camera cable. I’m always miss placing the stupid thing. 🙂 Plus we have more then one camera in the house and of course they all use different types of cables. Why can’t they all use the same cable? 😉

  14. When will the store be ready for an official opening? Live in Loveland and can’t wait to come see you. I’ve been reading your blog for several years and never got to St. Louis…so nice that you moved west! Looking forward to coming to see you!

  15. FPS Sheri- can’t you sleep? LOL Thrilled that everyone arrived safely- except for the camera cord! I know you can get another one. Can’t wait to see “temporary” pictures. Tis the season!

  16. I rarely, if ever, use the camera connector cord to upload pics from my cameras to my PC, as it eats up battery power in the camera as the pics are transferring. The USB camera memory card readers can be had inexpensively, so that’s the best way to go, assuming that you don’t already have a memory card reader built into your computer.

    I’m glad that the move went so well. 🙂

  17. For your camera cord problem, you can buy a card reader for you camera’s memory card – it will look like a jump drive. all you have to do is pop out you camera’s memory card into the card reader and plug it into your USB port.

    Hope that makes sense. If not, drop me a line and I’ll take a picture for you.

    Best of luck with your move.


  18. Hi! I am going to be visiting Denver in early January, and I was wondering if you think you’ll be open for walk in business by then? I’d love to stop by and say hello, since I’ve never been to the old store.


  19. I can’t wait for you to open for a spectacular excuse to go yarn shopping! Hooray for the Loopy coming to Colorado!!!

  20. So glad that you all got there safe and sound. Waiting for pictures. Forget the cable, go for a card reader. I do not even know if I have a cable because never used it.
    All the best. We are ready for monday. It will be a test for the new elves, they will not know what hit them. You may tell them in advance, LOL.

  21. As long as it isn’t Loopy that is AWOL than I would say all is well!!!! A missing camera cable just doesn’t seem to be all that big a deal.
    Sheri — I also have to say that you and the Elves are AMAZING. I can’t believe you are shipping already. Hope you will finally be able to relax a bit and ENJOY the holidays. You deserve it.

  22. Silly other tenants. Don’t they know that The Loopy Ewe is the enterprise/store/wonderland of yarn, and this “loopy loo” of which they speak is the restroom?

  23. Dear friend….the end is in sight. I suggest a long, hot bath tonight accompanied with a hot, buttered rum. Oh, is it really only 10:00 a.m. here in Ohio??!! This is going to be a long day both in Ohio and Colorado. FYI, I priced airfare to Denver…I’m ready for a visit next year!!

  24. I’m so glad that everything has gone smoothly. When you think about it, there could have been many opportunities for disasters. One missing camera cord is so minor, though I am anxious to see pictures. You are all amazing, a smooth move and now shipping orders, absolutely incredible.

  25. I love that you use FPS!! I say OFPS. People I talk to a lot on FB know exactly what I mean, because I say it a lot when I am talking, too! I am glad the move is almost done. It was quite the brave thing to undertake!

  26. Wow. I was overcome with the need for some Malabrigo Silky Merino last night and placed an order, figuring it would take a week or so, under the circumstances and all. But I can’t get the project started until after Christmas, so what the heck.
    And today I get a message saying it’s on its way, just as if you were all settled in with experienced Elves. Thank you so much – just one of the many reasons I love buying my online yarn from you!
    Happy settling in to you all.

  27. Congrats on the move!! 🙂 And definitely understandable that Loopy wants to get comfy and enjoy the new home turf. Keep us posted of course!!

  28. Would DEARLY love to see you get the webcam up and running so those of us not so close to Colorado can share in the new digs, too.
    Congrats on the new home!

  29. Welcome to Fort Collins! Once this snow melts (the stuff falls often but usually doesn’t stick around very along . . . although there are exceptions; Colorado weather is nothing if not unpredictable), your new space is within biking distance o some of us.

  30. Dear Sheri,
    Congrats on the move! Still praying for all the adjustments, and the new space, and the new EVERYTHING. Love the FPS. Sums up most days for me with two toddlers and a new infant.

    So strange. You were in St Louis. I am in CT. You are now in CO and nothing service wise will change. Why then, do I miss you? And why do I have to keep reminding myself that nothing Loopy will be missing? Maybe it was just so crazy wonderful on the boards during camp I’m going through withdrawal. I must finish that sweater for quarter challenge! I am one of those laggers…:)

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