Elves – Working Fast, Learning Quickly

Well, you all did a great job of initiating the new Colorado Elves into their first Monday Update. We’re up to our eyeballs in boxes (heading your way!) and I thought you might like to see the friendly people who are packing up your orders and talking to you on the phone. They have jumped in with both feet, have volunteered to work extra days/hours, and keep finding things they want to order for themselves, as they pull and pack up your orders. It’s a job hazard. (I can so relate.) Learning the ropes in a new job that is currently housed in temporary space is not easy, but they are sailing through it with flying colors. Thanks for all of the welcoming notes you’ve left for them on your orders this past week!

Extra things you might want to know about them:

Vickie, Sarah and Roberta were all diehard Loopy Groupies before getting hired. They’ve known and loved Loopy for a long time.

Michael’s wife Sheryl is a Loopy Groupie and thought he’d be perfect for an Elf job. Our first male elf!

Emily (a college student) makes us all thankful that we are no longer taking Finals, writing papers, and studying.

Ginnie and Cathy have conquered the cavernous unfinished inventory space. They are our order-pulling-experts this week.

Jody’s daughter got a Golden Retriever puppy last weekend and she brought it by Loopy today. What a sweet puppy. (Jody – don’t forget to email me the info on that litter. I am not getting a puppy. I am not getting a puppy. I am not getting a puppy.)

So – is there anything that you’d like the Colorado Elves to know about you? They’re already learning some of your favorite colors and lines, by pulling your orders!

Sheri Newpostofficelovesus.Orhatesus.Wecan’ttell.


  1. Welcome aboard, Emily, Cathy, Jody, Ginnie, Michael, Sarah, Vickie, and Roberta! πŸ˜€ I’m half of The BFFs, and we love you all!

    And Sheri, just feed the post office guys cookies. πŸ˜‰

  2. Welcome everyone! It will be lovely but I know there is a lot of work ahead of you, there are so many of us addicted to yarn.

    Now as far as the post office, that will be an eye opener when they realize just how much yarn people order!

    Thank you Sheri for providing such great selections. I think that’s what makes or breaks a yarn shop. Your set up is such that we can almost feel the yarn thru our screens. I have yet to order anything that I have been disappointed with!

  3. Welcome all new Elves! It was nice to get to know you. My first order from CO should be arriving to me today in WI, and I’m so excited! I know you all will do a fine job, and just remember – you can’t have too much yarn!

    Sheri – you KNOW you want a puppy!

  4. Nice to see and meet the new elves. Don’t know I can “sympathize” with their new “job hazzard” – must be hard though seeing everything right in front of you πŸ™‚

    The Post Office HAS to love you – the way things are going for them in general – more than job security for them. And I do feel bad they’re closing certain locations at this time.

    Congratulations on your first male elf.

    Re- the photo above: Why do I get the feeling they all weren’t just smiling for the camera – I think it’s a “I’m working at the Loopy Ewe thing” πŸ˜€

  5. Hello new elves. Sheri is a lovely person and will treat you well. You will get to know me. I buy frequently from TLE. It’s my favorite yarn shop – EVER. I can’t wait to visit the new Loopy location. And I may be about to increase your workload with my 2nd order of the week.

  6. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Colorado Elves! I know you are all getting initiated into life at TLE, but hang on to your hats. Just wait for a Wollmeise update!!!! Have you considered roller skates?

  7. Hello new Elves! My BFF Sarah (who posts as TMTTYRR) and I are Groupies from waaay back and are veterans of the Loopy Spring Fling. My house is full of a lot of pretty string, a great deal of which came from Loopy.

    I suspect we’d be most interested in knowing if there’s anything you folks are deathly allergic to, food-wise. We like to send treats. πŸ™‚

  8. Oh.. and a big HI to all of the elves!!!! Can’t wait for another opportunity to see you all! Praying for lots of sunshine during the day to make order pulling a bit easier!!

  9. Welcome Colorado Elves! You are working for a fantastic woman and a great company. I may not order often, but when I do I feel like I’m treated as if I order $100s of yarn at a time.

    RE: Wollmeise updates – I second the roller skate suggestion! That will be the baptism by fire.

    Sheri – get the puppy πŸ™‚

    Hugs and Merry Christmas!

  10. The New Post Office should love you becasue of all the new business that you are bringing them. Isn’t that job security for them.

  11. Hi elves! One thing you should know about me…I’m just in it for the chocolate. Tootsie Rolls, Kisses…doesn’t matter! It’s the first thing I’m all over when I open my package. Yarn is just a bonus. OK, not quite true…but the yarn does help enable my chocolate habit!

    Zoey and Gracie say no to the puppy!

  12. You need a puppy you need a puppy! Once you have a golden there’s no going back, and besides just think of all the walking you can do.
    Just keep shipping! My first order arrived today from the new store.

  13. Hello, Elves!

    You will be sending lots of yarn to ME! Not only does my husband LOVE hand-knit socks, he also thinks the “Loopy Kisses” are really “husband bribes” – as in, he will overlook the fact that I bought more yarn if he gets the candy. He swears that this is why Sheri puts them in the orders.

    He also thinks TLE is THE BEST online yarn shop ever (mainly for the web page design and functionality – he’s a computer programmer) and has often said I should ONLY order from TLE.

  14. Great to have them on Team Loopy. I think they should know that no matter what might be said in the frenzy of trying to get something like Woolmiese or Bugga, it should never be taken personally. Unless they snatched up the last skein for themselves. ;^)

  15. Great to have them on Team Loopy. I think they should know that no matter what might be said in the frenzy of trying to get something like Woolmiese or Bugga, it should never be taken personally. Unless they snatched up the last skein for themselves. ;^)

    ETA: To Emily (who I assume goes to CSU), go get ’em! The world needs more Rams in the workplace. In fact, that’s probably why Loopy moved to Ft Collins in the first place, now that I think of it.

  16. P.S. Just wanted to add that Michael’s wife is a genius to plant in the middle of what we all know is Knitters’ Heaven…

  17. P.S. Just wanted to add that Michael’s wife is a genius to plant him in the middle of what we all know is Knitters’ Heaven…

  18. Welcome Colorado Elves…………Loopy is an amazing store. Sheri is amazing. I am sure you feel the love. Thankyou for letting us see your photos. Welcome to the first male elf…….It is going to be great for a man to see exactly what the hoopla is all about and how we all have such a passion for yarn and The Loopy Ewe……my first Colorado order should be here in two days. Get the puppy Sheri or I would sure love another puppy…..Just let me know……………………
    Time to get knitting….my husband’s scarf awaits……..

  19. Welcome everyone!! You have the best job ever!! Hopefully I’ll be heading out to your neck-of-the-woods in 2012 and get to meet all ya’ll. Have loads of fun with Sheri!! (Sheri – you have loads of fun too….you know you will!)

  20. Welcome new elves!!!!! I hope we did not make you crazy in your first update. You have the best job in the world.
    Get the puppy Sheri!!!! They are adorable..

  21. I sure wish I could trade jobs with Michael and work there myself instead. But it’s fun to live vicariously through him and hear about the amazing orders he sends out everyday. Did he mention he began knitting a dishcloth? He’s about eight rows in but he says it’s too hard and makes his head hurt. Then the dogs grabbed his yarn this afternoon and had it strewn around the living room. The dishcloth is still intact. I breathed a big sigh of relief that it wasn’t *my* yarn they got ahold of!

  22. Sheri, you need a puppy or a dog, but PLEASE ADOPT AND SAVE A LIFE!!! You look like you’re in good hands with the new elves.

  23. Sheri — You would love a Golden Retriever…now you would have been surprised if I hadn’t written this note to you!! We just adopted out 9 in rescue this past weekend. Goldens and Colorado are a great combo!

  24. You should know that us groupies are a dedicated bunch! We love Loopy Ewe and their awesome customer service. I’m not gettng a puppy, I’m not getting a puppy, I am NOT getting a puppY!

  25. Welcome all the Colorado Elves. It is always nice to have a guy’s perspective in the yarns and knitting and I bet his wife has him really trained for the best huh? I cannot wait to receive my first order from Colorado!! Merry Christmas to all the new elves.

  26. Welcome to the Colorado Elves! How nice to know something about all of you!You have one of the best places to work – I envy all of you! Michael, you are a brave man! Great to share a name with Elf Jody, I’ll try channeling my yarn wishes through you! Looks like you have a super group of Elves, Sheri. I do think you need to adopt a Golden to keep Loopy company! Merry Christmas to everyone!

  27. Welcome to you all! Sheri is a great lady and I think you will find that TLE is a great company to work for. I look forward to hopefully meeting you all in person this fall – if not sooner!

    Michael – hang in there with the knitting – if you are knitting with cotton on that dishcloth, maybe you should try a scarf instead in a nice soft merino or alpaca. Cotton can be very tiring to work with as it has no give when you are knitting with it.

    Sheri you know a puppy romping around in the snow is such fun! You need to get the puppy – he could even come to work with you to keep Loopy and the elves company!

  28. Welcome to the Colorado Elves! Now Sheri, you know that Loopy would really love to have a Golden puppy as his companion! Goldens make wonderful companions, and would be a welcome addition to your new store, too! Sheri, you know you need to get a Golden puppy. Hmm, now where was the info on that litter to get it to Sheri?

  29. Welcome to new Elves! It’s pretty exciting to have you here in Colorado – I ordered on Monday night and my order was waiting for me at home Wednesday night! Love that!

  30. Here Here! Get a puppy, get a puppy, get a puppy. They’re special people. So are the cats of course, but different. No one loves ya like a pup. Best wishes to the new Loopy staff. And to all there.

  31. Hey Sheri, You need a new pup. We just got a Golden Retriever pup. Our puppy must be around the same age as the little one that came to visit Loopy. Our pup is 10 weeks old now and he has been wonderful.

  32. I am looking forward to Monday night updates being back … did not realize how much I looked forward to them until they weren’t there.
    Did anybody manage to get Loopy out of that big yellow truck, or did he hijack it and go sightseeing around CO?

  33. Hello and Welcome new Loopy Elves!

    You won’t get to know me anytime soon, as my husband put me on a yarn diet and I still have yarn spilling out of my craft room as well as my bedroom armoire and dresser! I’m hoping that 2012 will be a year of making many sweaters, socks, and shawls (not to mention baby clothes for my first grandson!!!!) to try to use up my stash of sock yarn. If I have one skein I have 1000, I swear. And I have no needles because I have too many projects going on at one time!

    Don’t worry, once I am off my yarn diet I will be back to TLE, as it is my favorite online shop!

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