Elves – Working Fast, Learning Quickly

Well, you all did a great job of initiating the new Colorado Elves into their first Monday Update. We’re up to our eyeballs in boxes (heading your way!) and I thought you might like to see the friendly people who are packing up your orders and talking to you on the phone. They have jumped in with both feet, have volunteered to work extra days/hours, and keep finding things they want to order for themselves, as they pull and pack up your orders. It’s a job hazard. (I can so relate.) Learning the ropes in a new job that is currently housed in temporary space is not easy, but they are sailing through it with flying colors. Thanks for all of the welcoming notes you’ve left for them on your orders this past week!

Extra things you might want to know about them:

Vickie, Sarah and Roberta were all diehard Loopy Groupies before getting hired. They’ve known and loved Loopy for a long time.

Michael’s wife Sheryl is a Loopy Groupie and thought he’d be perfect for an Elf job. Our first male elf!

Emily (a college student) makes us all thankful that we are no longer taking Finals, writing papers, and studying.

Ginnie and Cathy have conquered the cavernous unfinished inventory space. They are our order-pulling-experts this week.

Jody’s daughter got a Golden Retriever puppy last weekend and she brought it by Loopy today. What a sweet puppy. (Jody – don’t forget to email me the info on that litter. I am not getting a puppy. I am not getting a puppy. I am not getting a puppy.)

So – is there anything that you’d like the Colorado Elves to know about you? They’re already learning some of your favorite colors and lines, by pulling your orders!

Sheri Newpostofficelovesus.Orhatesus.Wecan’ttell.


  1. Oh Sheri, I hope the elves can convince you to get a Golden. I’ve had two, great dogs. Zoey and Gracie will love the pup, likewise pup will love them. Right now I have a Yellow Lab. My cats love her, all four. Best to the new Loopy Elves, you have the best boss ever. Sheri is the best. Hugs

  2. Welcome to TLE New Elves! You are going to love all of us sending in lots and lots of orders! I have been not so patiently waiting to place an order so you will see my name popping up soon! πŸ™‚

    Get a puppy! Get a puppy! Get a puppy!

  3. Sheri and Elves,

    Merry Christmas, and boy oh boy do you all have job security with Sheri and all her Loopy Groupies! May God Bless each and every one of you for sending me very pretty yarn to play with all year long!

    I am so looking forward to next Monday’s Update to see what’s new!!!

  4. I’ll have to become a Loopy Groupie now that you’ve hired Roberta! And my daughter-in-law will soon join the ranks, too, I’m sure. I’m excited to explore your website and get started on new projects for my 4 grandbabies. Yea Roberta! Thanks for introducing us to Loopy Ewe!

  5. When is the big Opening Day?!?! I saw the sign on the FR Village business listing the other day and nearly whooped out loud. A wonderful yarn shop in SOUTH Fort Collins?!?!? About darn time! πŸ™‚ Welcome – I’ll be there. (Oh, where is the entrance exactly? Couldn’t figure it out from gazing longingly up at the second level windows. lol)

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