Another Yarn Rule

I thought I had everything covered in my own personal Yarn Rules on Monday. (And I liked the yarn rules you all shared in the comments, too.) I have thought of another one. This one still must follow the first three rules, too, but here is the 4th rule:

4. If a yarn line or indie dyer is retiring and you really like their stuff, get it while you can.

DSC_4574It’s sad to me when I learn of dyers giving up their business. There are always good reasons for it, and I know that none of them make the decision lightly. But when I love their yarn (and I wouldn’t have them here at Loopy unless I loved their yarn), it’s sad. I wanted to let you know about two indie dyer companies who are closing up shop. Mona and Stephanie of Dye Dreams, have made the decision to stop dyeing their line. This has been one of my favorite semi-solids lines for a long time, and I’m sad to see them go. We still have some in stock in Comfy Sox (100% Superwash wool), Dream Sox (75% Superwash wool, 25% Nylon), Luster Sox (100% BFL wool), and Twinkle Toes (50% Superwash wool, 50% Tencel). I think that any of these bases and colors would make a beautiful pi shawl like the one Wendy is doing as a knit-a-long. Are you doing that with her? You will need 1300-1400 yards of fingering weight yarn for this circular shawl. I am working on it, too, and am using a fingering weight yarn as well. It’s going to be an easy knit – even for those of you who might not have done lace before. Part Two comes out in the blog today, so if you haven’t started yet, you’re not even really behind. It’s a fun knit!

DSC_4570The second company – I had an email this morning from Michelle in New Zealand, sharing the sad news that Needle Food is also closing shop. The first thing that attracted me to Michelle’s line were the intense colors and fun combinations. I’m glad that we still have some left here at The Loopy Ewe (and I might’ve plucked out a few skeins for myself this morning). But I wanted you to know, in case you’ve had your eye on some of these. I love these colorways knit up in socks, scarves, mitts and hats.

We wish all of these gals the best, as they move on to other things in their lives. I’m happy that we got to share in their talents as long as we did. (And I know they’ll keep up with their knitting!)

Of course that means we’ll be adding in a few more indie dyers in the coming months, and that’s always exciting, too. We’ll keep you posted as we have news to share.

And finally – something to make you smile. Check out this little lamb named Bea, who can hear her owner calling her, but can’t quite figure out where the sound is coming from ….

Sheri thinkingyoucan’thelpbutsmileathoppinglambs


  1. I want a Bea at my house! Soooo precious! Sorry to hear about Dye Dreams and Needle Food closing up shop. Both companies have done beautiful work, should be proud of their accomplishments and wish them the best of luck in the future.

  2. Oh my goodness! How cute! I love that! Sorry to see Dye Dreams go, as she has wonderful colors, and Needle Food, as I haven’t had a chance to try that yet.

  3. Needle Food has one of the coolest-named yarns ever, Tortoiseshell for Mel, which Michelle did in honor of a particular knitter’s cat. It’s gorgeous, as are all the Needle Food and Dye Dreams yarns. Sorry to see both of these creative yarn businesses moving on, they deserve even more success in the future.

  4. Oh dear, please tell me that lambs can’t actually live in a house:-). What fun it would be to have one galloping around.

    The Pi shawl KAL sounds interesting, I’ll have to check it out. The Dye Dreams looks like it comes in lovely colors.

  5. OMG Sherrrrrrri!!! I can’t view YouTube links from my work computer – You know I love love love sheepy sheeps -Can’t wait to view it from home. : )
    Happy Wednesday

    Sorry to hear about the Indie dyers folding – kudos to them for their efforts thus far.

  6. I always hate to hear of a dyer that is closing shop. I’ve heard such good things about both those lines and am sorry to see them go. Can’t wait to see what new items are in store! On a totally different note, I’m working on the pi shawl ( I actually got online to check if the second clue was up yet) and am in love. Wendy always does a terrific job!

  7. I’m glad I have a sampling of both those pretty yarns in my stash. Now on to the fabulous PI shawl by the very talented Wendy. It’s being knitted in Mad Tosh Posy bought at the Loopy Ewe (of course) Spring Fling!! What a fun knit for a beginner lace knitter like myself!!

  8. I am doing the Pi Shawl in Fiesta Gracie’s Lace. I am sorry about Dye Dreams and Needle Food closing up shop. I love Bea!!

  9. Bea is just too darn cute! And, yes, you can have them in the house, for awhile anyway. My friend raises sheep and occasionally has an orphan. So she keeps them in the house until they start to thrive (they wear a diaper!). She brought one to my house once and the kitties went nuts!

  10. Thanks for the video of Bea. I have the flu and it gave me the only laugh of the day. Now to show it to hubby…houselamb anyone?

  11. OMG Sheri – – that was the cutest darn thing I’ve seen in so long! Bea is just darling . . . thank you!

  12. I am planning on making the pi shawl, but I haven’t started yet. I have two yarns for it and just want to clear up a couple of projects before I start something big!

  13. I had to get some of the Needle Food as that is one I had not tried. Now that I have it, I may wish I had stayed ignorant to its loveliness,
    what will I do when I want more and there is none to be had??? : (

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