Spud and Chloe

DSC00336I finished another sock this week and wanted to share it with you. What a fun pattern to knit up! In addition, it makes a cuff that stretches comfortably, but also stays in place once it is on your foot. I’ll definitely do this one again. (Froot Loop – free on Knitty.com) The yarn isΒ Spud and Chloe Fine, which I also liked a lot. It’s a blend of 80% Superwash Merino and 20% Silk, which adds some warmth and a slight sheen to the finished knit. This would also makeDSC00340 it a great yarn for shawls. The other plus – I had plenty left over from one skein, even after making a size 11 women’s sock. Two skeins will give you almost 500 yds. to work with, which is more than enough for most sizes, as well as knee highs for many sizes.

catknits1Since I have finished one in-progress project, I get to start another one, right? Never mind all of the ones currently in-progress. Let’s focus on the fact that one is FINISHED. And another needs to be STARTED. Β (Yes, I guess I am yelling. To make my point. I’m sure it helps as you read along and is not at all annoying.) Finished (FINISHED!), equals the opportunity to get another started (STARTED!). Fortunately it’s still too hot to do much outside, so that means air-conditioning and knitting is on my list for this weekend. Speaking of hot, how hot do you think it is, when you have two furry beings on your lap, needing attention? Β I was knitting my Wollmeise Citron, which I’d like to point out is also FINISHED. (Yelling again. Stop it.) Back to Gracie and Zoe, the cats – this can be nice in the wintertime when the house gets a little chilly, but not so much in the middle of the summer when the air conditioner is already working as hard as it can. Not that they seem to understand the difference. Or care.

Have a great weekend and I hope it’s nice and cool where you are.

Sheri allergictoheat.I’mconvincedofit.


  1. Beautiful sock!! Love the pattern and color! WOW – that does look warm with 2 cats on your lap……. πŸ™‚ We have one large dog who stays on the floor (there would be no room for us on the couch with him there as well!) You can start new projects whenever you want — I’ve been assured, there are no knitting police!!

  2. I agree – there are no knitting police! Right now, this second it’s 70 degrees where I sit…If that temperature holds through the weekend, I should be able to make good progress on a sock, either one in progress or one I haven’t started yet but would like to!

  3. You are completely right. I pretty much use finishing a project as an excuse to start another project. Of course, this weekend I will be working on three separate projects, two of which are new. Maybe it is more accurate that finishing 1 project allows you to start 2 projects. It would certainly explain my WIP list.

  4. How cute are the furrballs!! : ) I love it! Sorry they do produce a lot of heat but come on, would you really want them anywhere else??? : )
    It’s your Blog, you can yell if you want to.

  5. Love the pattern. Also so glad to realize that I’m not alone in having multiple projects going. I thought at times I did have ADD, but after reading several of your blogs,I came to the conclusion that I’m normal.At least related to knitting projects.
    Don’t have any animals om my lap, we have two large chocolate labs, but one does sit at my feet. Would love to say its to hot to work outside now, but it will be by next Sunday.

  6. Who needs to finish a project to have an excuse for starting another one? WIPs are a good thing. If you get tired (bored) knitting on one, you can shift to another, no muss, no fuss. In a few days, I will actually have an EXCUSE for creating another WIP. That’s when the rest of my Handmaiden Camel Spin will arrive. My goodness, that yarn is touchable! Camel Spin SHOUTS to be knitted. No languishing in the stash for that beautiful stuff!

  7. Love that pattern – I’ll have to add it to my queue. Isn’t this heat oppressive??!! I can’t stand to go outside. You’d think with the storms/rain we’ve had over the past week (especially Wednesday) that it would cool down. Last July was so nice here, I guess we’re paying for it this year. πŸ™

  8. I’m allergic, too. And I don’t complain in the winter, unlike many who complain all year!! I blame it on my Scottish heritage – my blod hasn’t adapted to the warmer climate. (same reason I think my hands have gene-memory for dpns)

    Hope your heat breaks soon!

  9. The pattern is really pretty. I’m off to browse the yarn, too.
    I’m just about making jello by standing the bowl on the kitchen counter. Maybe if I put some frost in a medi-cold mail pack it could reach you guys…

  10. There’s nothing better than starting a new project!

    I love the kitty picture. In my house there’s usually one on my lap and another squished against my leg. Definitely better in the winter than right now!

  11. Love the new sock, wonder how it would look in The Loopy Solid line! Zoe and Gracie look so comfortable. I have one year old 50 lb Beardie (Bearded Collie) that loves to lay accross my lap while I’m in my chair. It’s not the easiest task to knit when she wants to do this.

  12. fantastic sock, gorgeous color too. Zoe and Gracie are probably hoping you’re knitting something for THEM and they’re hanging around to help.

  13. Currently 104 heat index here (96 actual temp — cooler today!) and I’m working on an alpaca blanket – I’m doing a square from the center out, so it is mostly bunched up, not draped over me — so of course, my cat thinks she needs to sit on me so she can cuddle with the blanket. Love the sock by the way

  14. Love the picture of the cats. I can definitely sympathize. I have a fan that blows on my recliner to help cool me down. Debit D Dog doesn’t like this so she moves to her dog pillow which helps. Izzy however is determined to lay in my lap.

  15. I saw this pattern a while back and wasn’t sure I could do it, but now you’ve motivated me! I’m glad you can find time to knit while running a terrific store. Have a good weekend and stay cool. Supposed to be 99 here in NJ tomorrow.

  16. Well, it’s 99 here, so I’m glad to be in the AC too!

    There will definitely be knitting tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be even hotter, and I’ll have to go out to get to the knitting store, where the charity sit-and-knit will be. Hope their AC is working!!

    And I’m thinking I’m allergic to heat or sun or that combo. Way back in early June, I was outside for several hours in the heat and sun, with SPF30 on, and I developed a lovely rash on the exposed parts of my arms and legs! And I still have itchies from it today! I’m not sure if it was the sun, the heat, the sunscreen, or some combo of all three!

    I like those socks!

  17. Temps at more than 90 here; the cats would have to go. Way too hot for that. lol

    Do you remember what that reddish yarn was you were knitting with in the cat picture?

  18. Also I might borrow your all cap technique when I finish the ribbing on the socks I have in progress. I was trying to use up an entire ball of yarn, but I’m not very patient when it comes to such things.

  19. I am also in the middle of making froot loops! In blue! As a matter of fact it’s the yarn for the last Don’t be blue kit!!

  20. Congratulations, Sheri! Another sock finished! I was looking at the Knitting Traditions mag from Interweave, wherein there are instructions for knitting socks 2 at a time, one inside the other on the same needles. Shheeesh! One at a time for me, thank you! Speaking of which, how’s that other striped sock coming along? Did you decide to make it identical to or different from the first one?

    It’s a comfy 67 degrees here by The Bay, but I’m heading inland to the 90’s (silly me) to take care of business and see my Sis & Niece. Keep cool in the air conditioning! BTW, I know what you mean about two little hot bodies keeping you warm while knitting — mine are two miniature poodles on the love seat, one one on either side, while I knit. And I don’t have air conditioning when it gets hot!!!

    Cheers! – Debra

  21. I prefer to think of all that kitty warmth as them just letting your feel their love. πŸ™‚

    Congrats on the finished object! I agree you deserve to start something new.

  22. I always look forward to the blog, but ‘specially when you and or family and pets are in it.
    I say start a new project as often as you want- after all, you can always get more needles or yarn, even on a SUnday!!!!lol

  23. Oh, man, I’m sooooo with you on that heat allergy. Try it with a 50 lb dog on one side and a 12 lb cat on your lap, both looking for treats while you try to do K2P2 rib for a hat on size 0’s…. πŸ™‚ Bring on the cold drinks and AC, man!

  24. Nifty sock. I will add that to the queue, along with the other 50 or so projects. I like the bubble up the leg effect.
    Yeah, it’s St. Louis and yeah, it’s hot. My tomatoes and cucumbers love it.

    I am working with cotton, but visions of wool are dancing in my head.
    One more sleeve and I can put my hoody together. And once it is done I will make one in wool.

  25. I love the picture of you kitties! At first it looked like you had a 2 headed cat! They sure look like sweet cats.

  26. I understand what your saying about the furry ones! As I write, my toy poodle is sitting on my lap. Silly boy, evidently both of us being hot doesn’t matter as much as his needing to be close to me. In Boston, we had a bit of a reprieve from the heat this week. But, now the humidity & heat are back:-(

    I like your sock. I haven’t been into knitting socks much this year, but I know I’ll enjoy having a few new pairs come winter. So, I should start knitting socks!

    As for the one project or multiple question … for years, I always had multiple projects going at once. But for the past year or so, I’ve been trying to stick to finishing one before starting another. It works better for me. Hopefully, someday I’ll go back to all of the half finished projects.

  27. I hear you about the critters! One of my cats loves to come and snuggle with us at bed time and it seems the hotter it is, the closer he gets and the longer he stays.

    Our weather in central Ohio is probably about like yours right now – very hot and humid. Fortunately, I think we might be in for a change this week when it will just be hot and humid!

    I love your socks! Nice color as well. I seem to have been having a blue summer (in knitting that is) with 4 blue projects going. And the last project I finished (blue socks) I started 2 new projects. Yikes! I had better not do that too often (as tempting as it might be) or I will soon be drowning in knitting projects!! (Fine for me, but I don’t know how the rest of the family will feel about it!)

    Stay cool!

  28. LOVE the sock!!!!!! The color really makes the stitches pop out at you πŸ™‚ You kitties are too cute. I wish mine would just sit on my lap and not mess with my yarn, but alas, they wait at my feet hoping that I drop the ball for them to mangle πŸ˜€

  29. No furry animals sitting on my lap when I knit, but sometimes (not often enough to suit me) there is a grandson trying to wiggle up into my lap to help Grandma knit socks. : )

  30. We had part persian cats growing up– lots and lots of fluffy hair on them. In the summer the heat was hard on them. One cat’s favorite thing to do was find an AC vent and sit directly on top of it. It was hilarious to see all her fur flying upwards and this satisfied “NOW I AM COOL” look on her face. πŸ™‚

  31. Your kitty looking at the camera could be a twin to my parent’s two cats, who are littermates – Zelda Zoe and Isabella. : ) Nothing like a little wooly blanket on your legs when it is hotter than blue blazes!

  32. Really cool sock! I love the pattern.

    Here in central Wisconsin the temps stay in the 80’s, but the humidity is awful – which makes it impossible to knit without airconditioning! So, I’ve been staying inside and knitting away on shawls and cowls for Christmas presents.

    We’ve also had soooooooo much rain! Set a new record for the wettest July ever last week (and July isn’t even over with yet)! Needless to say, the skeeters are absolutely horrid! (Another reason to stay inside where it’s cool and KNIT!!)

  33. Now that’s a lap FULL of kitties! πŸ™‚ I love your sock pattern! I bet I could convert the pattern, to make a scarf with it. That would be really pretty!

  34. I see your “Heater” – it makes me laugh because I have a Large white & yellow tomcat that takes up as much space on my lap and legs as your two do. :0)

    I never thought knitting would bother me in the summer, but this year, knitting mohair shawls with cats on my lap in crummy swamp cooling has been Uncomfortable! Add the never ending hot flashes and there you go….

  35. What wonderful cats Gracie and Zoe are (not to mention beautiful!) to lie in your lap while you knit and NOT keep swatting and grabbing at and chewing on your yarn. I keep trying to civilize mine, but they are having none of it. They must have both been bred to hunt yarn.
    And they wonder why I knit only in my office with the door closed!

  36. My kitty has finally learned not to eat, bite, claw, my yarn (most of the time, anyway). Maybe, a little more age . . . maturity. I love the company, but the heat isn’t good. I live in Louisiana, where the heat and humidity are intolerable.

    Sock is just beautiful! I share your knitting philosophy–finishing means you can start something new!!!! Even if it’s just one half of the pair, it’s finished! Enjoy!

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