Thinking of Fall, Already

DSC00234When we go to Market in the summertime, the products and lines that we see and order, are often set up for late summer/early fall delivery. We do have some lines that will start arriving almost right away, but other companies won’t have their lines ready to ship until August or September. That keeps things interesting!  So what did we find? Well, you know of my love for alpaca, right? I’m more fond of Alpaca than Cashmere.  I used Cascade Eco Alpaca for my Girasole last summer. And then we added in the Eco Alpaca Duo (an alpaca/merino blend), Shibui’s Baby Alpaca DK, and the amazing Blue Sky Royal Alpaca. And then there are the lovely lines from Alpaca With a Twist, and Paca Peds from The Alpaca Yarn Company. Now, we’ll have two more alpaca lines to add to our line-up here. (I mean, have you held a skein of beautiful alpaca? Yes? Then you know why I love it.) We are adding in Lorna’s Laces newest yarn base, called Honor. Honor is 70% alpaca and 30% silk, in a DK weight. Perfect for shawls, scarves, hats, mitts, stoles, cowls and vests. When we get this in, I’ll give you some great pattern ideas for it as well. This colorway is Robot Overlord, one of their new colors. We’ll have that colorway (and the other new colors) in Sock and Sport, soon!

DSC00233The other alpaca line that we having coming is from Aslan Trends. This is Royal Alpaca like the Blue Sky line (the Royal designation means that it meets specifically high standards for quality and softness) and comes in 22 colors. You need to just stick your hand in a whole bowl full of it. That’s what I did, and then I walked directly to their booth to put in an order. YUM! This is set to arrive in late July or early August. (I recommend clicking on the photo to make it bigger. Then reach through your computer screen to see how soft it is. Go ahead. I’ll wait.)

amybutlerI also really liked Amy Butler’s new line, from Rowan. She has come out with an organic cotton/silk blend in DK and Aran weights, as well as a book of patterns for clothing and accessories. Have you noticed the abundance of knit and/or crocheted pillows in home decor lately? (Like here, here, here, here, and here.) The aran weight makes for a quick knit in pillows and bulkier sweaters. The DK weight is great for lighter weight sweaters, scarves, and mitts. We’ll have both weights, plus the pattern book, soon.

DSC00235Another favorite find from the weekend was the Lavishea line of moisturizer bars. Similar to the Bee Bars we have carried in the past, but in many more great scents. There were actually a couple of bar companies there this time, but I picked Lavishea because I liked the feel of the bar and the way it went on. I used it for two days while I was there (before ordering) and have used it every day since I got home. It provides great moisturizing, leaves no sticky residue, comes in two different sized tins, and is great for knitting project bags, purses, and to keep in your bathrooms and kitchens. Made by a small company in Colorado with all natural ingredients (unrefined fair trade shea butter, 100% natural soy, premium botanical and essential oils, and gluten-free. What does “unrefined fair trade shea butter” mean? Check out the info on their website, here.)

We also have Malabrigo Rios on order (the new superwash worsted), lots of Madelinetosh (including Merino Light, soon), great re-stocks and new things from Fiesta, and more. Oh – and some fun new accessories coming as well! But this post is already long enough. I will definitely keep you up to date as things arrive.

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  1. I adore alpaca – our rector’s wife raises some, so I’ve had a chance to see the fiber “au natural” as it were.

    The new lines look so yummy, and I’m definitely going to have to do the husband a scarf in “Robot Overlord.” I always welcome the coming of fall because I love the deep, intense colors one associates with the seasons and how yarn so often reflects that.

  2. yay for tosh merino light! can’t wait to see all the colors available 🙂 hopefully I’ll be able to order some since it will probably fly off the shelf!

  3. Ditto what Caro said – I think my husband is going to go nuts for “Robot Overlord” – he loves Alpaca, too! He wants a sweater in Rowan’s Lima yarn and actually said to me, “You should go to the LYS and get a skein so you can knit a gauge swatch!” How clever is that?

    Will you have Franklin Habit’s new stole pattern? I understand he was writing one just for that yarn!

    I love the name, too. I think that’s the one I voted for!

  4. I KNOW the lady that makes the Lavishea Lotion Bar. Well don’t KNOW KNOW, but I met her at my LYS here in Denver where they also sell it and she was learning to knit! She’s a LOVELY lady!

  5. I love anything with shea butter. I have some pure shea butter cream that a friend made that is wonderful ( has no fragrance so it doesn’t smell nice but makes hands feel good). Have a great weekend.

  6. Have you ever tried Fleece Artist SuriBlue? It’s a “heavy” lace weight, about 188 yards/oz. or 3,000 yards/#. I actually prefer this weight for lace knitting because it’s a little sturdier than that 5,000 yards/# stuff. The best thing, though, is it is made of Suri Alpaca and Blue-faced Leicester, 50/50. Talk about nice!!!! I’m knitting a swatch for a new shawl in lace, in garter stitch. It is Very Nice.

    I’m so envious that you get to go to markets! It’s one of my favorite things to do, and why I love going to Stitches West Market every year. Talk about inspiration! And to think, you get to Buy Stuff to Sell to Us!!




  7. Update on Suri Blue — Some of the shops that carry Suri Blue are reporting it as discontinued. I emailed Fleece Artist and was told the spinner that produced the base yarn went out of business, so Suri Blue is on hiatus this year, to return in 2011. Whew! Was I glad to hear there will be more! While I have a very modest stash of it, I would be Very Sad to not be able to get any more.



  8. I’m so excited! I can hardly wait! 🙂 And I’ve been looking for those Lavishea bars too! How did you know???

  9. That was a fun post-I love alpaca. Easy to work with.
    I finished my mini-challenge today and will post and link in the Loopy forum on Rav. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
    Now to create the sweater “due” July 1st.

  10. NEW THINGS!!! YAY!!!! 🙂

    So, are these replacing the bee bars entirely? Inquiring minds want to know…

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