Teachers and The Monday Update

I have loved reading all of your posts about your favorite teachers. (Keep posting – the contest goes through this Friday.) It’s often the little things that will make that special connection and encourage students forward in a way that no one could have predicted. I hope that if your favorite teacher is still around, you’ll consider contacting them to let them know they had such an impact on your life.Β  Teachers love that sort of thing. (Actually, everyone loves knowing that they have touched a life somewhere, or made a difference. Don’t limit it to past teachers. Maybe this is a good week to identify those special people in your life and let them know!) Reading through your responses almost makes me want to go back to teaching. But not quite. I’d miss Loopy too much. πŸ™‚

DSC03586We have new things up on the website – did you catch it? We just added:

Two pattern books from Malabrigo
Two pattern books from Shibui
Dragonfly Fibers Djinni
Dream in Color Classy (including our exclusive Don’t Be Blue colorway)
Madelinetosh DK
Knitspot Patterns
Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Starke 6 (2 more new colors)
Malabrigo Silky
Schacht Spinning Accessories (bobbins, drop spindles, wheel oil)

And just as we were finishing up getting things entered into the website for tonight’s update, the UPS guy dropped off 16 more cases of fun. So we’ll get those unpacked tomorrow and start in on them for next week. Never a dull moment ….

Sheri wonderingifchocolatekissescountasdinner?


  1. I’m so glad you’re carrying pattern books. : ) And no, chocolate kisses don’t count as dinner. Ask me how I know.

    Work (even yummy yarn) will still be there tomorrow. Rest, relax and get some knitting done.

    Just finished a pair of socks with the Valentine Fiesta Baby Boomerang and they’re gorgeous. And I didn’t think I was going to like that colorway – but boy, does it work. Thank you, Sheri, for putting that Valentine kit together.

  2. Please don’t rub it in for those of us who didn’t get a valentine πŸ™
    I’m sure those socks are beautiful.

    Chocolate would have been great with the spoonful of peanut butter I scrounged for lunch, but we didn’t have any at the office!

  3. If it’s chocolate it always counts for something!
    A big thank you to the elves. The order I placed on Thursday arrived on Saturday and they were absolutely right on the money, the Shibui Silk Cloud – Storm and the Shibui Sock -Man Blue does look fantastic together. Can’t wait to start the Gatsby Sweater for my daughter. But I suppose I should finish at least one of the 3 projects I already have on needles first.

  4. Chocolate kisses count for anything you want them to count for!!! I wouldn’t mind have one or two or three right now as I am writing this during the breakfast hour.

  5. Chocolate is not just for breakfast anymore!

    My favorite teacher was probably my piano teacher. She was so incredibly patient with a distractable, wholehearted, not so talented child. I later found out that my eyes don’t work together so that reading the lines and spaces is almost impossible. Also, not so talented, musically, am I. Her willingness to work with me set up a lifelong love of music and the people who create it. Mrs Wales was accepting, loving, and firm. I am forever grateful.

  6. I actually sent a letter to my childhood softball coach telling him how much his lessons shaped who I’ve become. I was on the same team for 7 years and I loved every minute. Coach Hernandez taught me how to hold a bat, catch a popup, hit a line drive, win with grace, lose with dignity, try my hardest, fail, succeed, and be a part of a team that genuinely could move mountains (or beat the number one team in town when they underestimated us one time too many–and I was the winning run, what a sweet moment that was). I seriously doubt I’d be who I am today without those summers in the dust and sun.

    My mom ran into him shortly after I sent the letter and she said he was moved to tears when he told her to tell me that he got it and that it meant the world to him to hear from me in such a way.

  7. I think if you take 2 chocolate kisses and put a smidge of peanut butter between them, then you can even call them healthy!

    Eat what you want for dinner. It’s one of the priveleges of being an adult!

  8. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Maretich in fourth grade. She motivated me by bringing in books from her own personal collection for me to read when i exhausted the school library’s age appropriate books.

  9. I *did* notice the Malabrigo pattern books AND I noticed you hadn’t mentioned it. I felt so proud that I found it all by myself!

    Is there a prize for being thorough?


  10. How about chocolate easter eggs? Are they a food group unto themselves.? Question? Do I have to wait until January to join the sock club? I’m new to your website but am an avid sock knitter.

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