It’s a Perfect Day for …

Cool weather things! Here in St. Louis we’ve finally let go of the heat and humidity (at least for a few days) and settled into cloudy and cool.  WH and I ate dinner on the screen porch last night and it was downright chilly, which made me happy. I love sweater and sweatshirt weather!  In fact, I came inside and got my Loopy Ewe Sweatshirt and warmed right up. I think that means that fall is in the air. Today is more of the same – cool, cloudy, and wonderful. (Except if you’re trying to play in the PGA, which is also here this weekend.  We’ve been inundated with rain over the past few days, which makes for soggy courses.) So here are the things that today is perfect for:

Loopy Ewe Sweatshirts (which will warm you right up)

Pumpkin Spice Lattes (which are now back in season)

And stocking 1400 lbs. of Cascade (which will take us a good part of forever to do. But OH is this wall going to look gorgeous when we’re done!)

What is today “perfect” for in your neck of the woods?

Sheri alsoperfectforknittingandspinningbutwe’retoobusyatLoopyCentraltodayforthat


  1. Oh I’ve wanted a latte all day. Now I really want one. It’s a good day for that. Cool weather and the kids are driving me bonkers. I need a mommy break. But I’m going to be a good girl and take my break at the gym tonight. Sigh… but tomorrow… that latte!

  2. that wall is going to be beautiful when its all done! And that is a lot of cascade! Which is perfect btw 😀
    When I look outside the window here it looks like its Autumn, some of the leaves are turning and there are even leaves on my front lawn. But when you step outside you are slammed with heat. Its been in the mid-80’s here in Western PA for the past week! I sure hope sweater weather is on the way, I love the crisp days that Autumn brings.
    Today is a good day to finish my daughters sweater so I can start on my son’s sweaters. (Hopefully they will both be done in time for picture day, the 16!!)

  3. It’s a perfect day for knitting, watering plants, saying hi to neighbors, and enjoying life.

    Thanks for blogging Sheri – it’s so nice to read 🙂

    Carrie…aka Truelove on Rav

  4. We had rain here in NE Indiana for the first time in about 6 weeks, so that is something to be thankful about. Secondly it was a “perfect day” for the Shop Hop up in the Lansing, Mi area. There were four yarn stores involved and I was “forced” to get something at each store. I am always amazed at how four different yarns stores can have such different yarns and very little overlap. It is rough when one is forced to buy yummy yarns of all types and different colors. I was so bad, but it was fun. Now to use the wonderful stuff, thankfully the weather will be cooler here and then downright cold, perfect to knit. Maybe I might even win a door prize, I will keep my fingers crossed….

  5. Living 600 kilometers north of the equator doesn’t make the weather change much – it’s basically the same year round. Tropics don’t require anything more than a t-shirt so I’m probably a bit on the loopy side knitting wollen socks! But it feels OK.

  6. The day started out all icky (rainy and such) and ended with it just cloudy and not rainy for the BSU/Navy game. That topped it all off; Ball State was totally awesome and won the game (and there were men in uniform *swoons*). It was fun to hear the guys around us joke and crap (they were even dissing Charlie Cardinal) and to “chirp” at Navy on the 3rd down. All in all, it was a fun night!

  7. Rain and overcast here. Perfect for spinning some of my stash.

    Wow look at that wall, I have been telling the Dh we need to head up to his parents. I have a stop to make in ST.L and that makes me itch to go more!

  8. I am sooo jealous – southern CA is basically boring from March to November it is Tshirts and flip flops… December to February is long sleeved T’s and flip flops…well maybe clogs. I grew up in eastern PA and after36 years out here, I really miss the seasons. About 8PM it was still about 80 out – not a great night for sweaters!

    Oh well, the morning brings an early trip to the farmers market – way too much to choose from and then Starbucks. Yummm PSL and a cranberry orange scone.

    The wall looks like it will be overwhelming. Maybe you should put in a ” visiting area” where one would be able to zone indefinately and let it all sink in.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. hot apple cider from the orchard down the road, in the backyard with the dogs and hb (that’s hubby bunny).

    or any day spent at the fair, esp in the fiber tent.

  10. It’s been hot and humid ineastern PA this week. Perhaps we’ll have some much needed rain. I’ll be going to knitting class in the afternoon.

  11. oh, definitely te spicy pumkin latte.
    But I like to buy my syrup and make them at home.
    Also this is the best running weather coming up. Cool air, gorgeous leaves, but best of all, I got a package from
    “”loopy ewe” yesterday. the pups were all over it, hehehe.

  12. It’s still hot and humid in the Wash DC area and today we are getting the remnants of a tropical storm. but I still had a pumpkin spice frap yesterday. Yummy! With all this rain, it’s a PERFECT day to stay in a knit. I have the crock pot simmering with dinner and off I go :^)

    The Cascade wall is coming along nicely!

  13. Tank tops, linen pants and ice tea!!! Looking forward to cool but it sure isn’t here yet!!! Did notice that the Pumpkin Spice Latte was back, but it was a bit too hot for it so went with the ice tea…:-)

  14. pumpkin spice lattes. yes. and i just bought pumpkin spice hershey’s kisses. i have some numma numma in the pumpkin cream colorway.
    oh, how i love the fall!

  15. EWWWW love the sweatshirt!!!! I noticed the pumpkin spice lattes yesterday at starbucks and I must admit, I got pretty darn right excited for the cool weather too!

  16. It is now Saturday here and today is perfect for knitting. Tropical Storm Hanna is sweeping through with rain and only a bit of wind so far. It’s gloomy and yet serene in a strange sort of way. Good for knitting, reading, relaxing, homemade lattes, and watching Ohio State football!
    Love the Cascade wall!

  17. Well, yesterday was still pretty hot & humid, but all the rain today (from Hanna) has cooled thing off, at least for now. So today’s a perfect day to stay in & knit, wind some yarn, & work on pattern(s) for my next design(s)! Do you sense a common theme here? 🙂

  18. perfect for me, is sitting in the papasan by our big huge great room window and enjoying knitting and watching the storm from the nice indoors. (Hurricane Hanna is coming though . . ) and forgetting about the leak in the bathroom.

  19. One of my LYS’s (Natural Stitches in Pittsburgh) stocks every color of 220. They have this huge pegboard and a rainbow of 220. Your wall could rival that!

    I wish today, or tomorrow, were good days for sleeping, but no such luck. I think weekends are a myth around here and I don’t have kids!

  20. Oh, my goodness! Lots of nice yarn! A perfect day or moment ? – kids clean and fed and quiet and my needles clacking….

  21. Oh, the Cascade Wall! How exciting! Be sure to take a picture after it’s complete because I’m betting it won’t look like that for long after the Cascade goes up!

    I’m happy for you that your weather has cooled off; it’s unseasonably warm and muggy here. Delicious as the Pumpkin Spice Latte sounds and snuggly as the Loopy sweatshirt looks, I couldn’t handle either one right now!

  22. Dear Miss Sheri,
    You have made me homesick. ;( I’m stuck in this terribly hot (& possibly run over by a hurricane or 3) Gitmo and I miss FALL!!!! I love football season and cozying up in a nice hoody and ‘cozy pants’. We don’t have pumpkin spice lattes here. (It wouldn’t be nearly as good because it’s not chilly!!!) We do have a coffee shop that “We Serve Starbucks Coffee” – but, it’s just not the same…. and we don’t get the pumpkin spice lattes here…. did I mention that!? — That’s my fave btw. A couple years ago when I was going to Ohio State I would stop at the Starbucks drive through and get a pumpkin spice latte and cinnamon scone… could you (or anyone reading this) please have the combo and think of me.
    And the 220!!!! oh!! how yummy!!! I do a lot of felted purses and it’s been really difficult not to have allllll of the million of colors that are available in the 220 line… (I’ve been using another brand – with limited colors, trying to keep the overhead low) I can’t wait to see the room finished… awesome!
    Congrats on the expansion! That is so great! I can’t believe how big the 220 wall is! It’s beautiful!


  23. I hadn’t realized the Pumpkin Spice Latte was back! Around here, though, we’re still hitting temps in the 90s, so Green Tea Frappucino is my drink of choice.

    For us, it’s the perfect day to finally hang the wallpaper border in Little Miss’s room and catch up on chores like laundry while enjoying the air conditioning!

  24. Today’s the first day in several months that the boyfriend and I both have off. Just hanging out, eating lunch together and wasting the afternoon away with videogames. 🙂

    I wish I could say it was fall here, but today’s high was 89 (I’m in Texas). Not very fall-like to this yankee.

  25. Love this weather! I can finally keep my windows open rather than having to crank up the AC. Cleaned up my patio, chopped lots of vegies from my farmshare, did some knitting and reading. Perfect, productive weekend.
    Oh that Cascade wall is going to be Fabulous!

  26. OOOH, I’m thinking it would be a perfect day to come help you stock your wall of Cascade. Or maybe just to sit and watch! We’re still working on hazy, hot and humid here in Georgia.

  27. I’m thinking it would be a perfect day to come visit TLE and help stock your wall of Cascade yarn. It’s rained, then rained harder all Saturday from Tropical Storm Hanna – it was a good day to stay inside and knit and by thankful we had power.

  28. It’s cool(50s) and rainy/overcast weatherwise here.. I had a root canal this morning and I’m feeling ok with that. But the best part of today is that it is our first wedding anniversary. We were married at 11:10 a.m. 9-8-07:-) It is great to be married to the love of your life even if it took 55 years to happen!

  29. I too am wondering what the plan is for filling the Cascade wall. It looks like you planned before you started, or you’re just having random fun!

    I too want to see the ‘finished’ photo!

  30. This week is full of insane (one of those weeks when you think it can’t get any busier and then BAM, you are proven wrong).

    That makes today a perfect day to go home after work, take a long drink from something mildly alcoholic, and to knit on something even more mindless than socks!

  31. In Dayton Ohio we got a lot of wind damage. Neighbors on both sides of us had roof damage. A lot of down trees and power outages.

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