An EXTREME-ly ART-sy Weekend

Well, it wasn’t “extremely artsy”, but it involved “Extreme” and “Art” – how’s that? First up was the Clayton Art Fair, which (if you believe the radio programs here in town) is one of the top five Art Fairs in the country. WH and I had a good time walking around several streets full of top quality artists (displaying things that we mostly couldn’t afford.  And a few that we couldn’t understand…) I did love the band boxes in this booth and bought one with a handle. WH has some photo ideas for that.  The whole stack was very impressive and could be yours for a cool $1800. (There is no doubt that it is easily worth that. The workmanship was amazing.  I wish this guy had a website that I could send you to.)  The other fun booth we came across was the one with the Didjeridoos. This guy always had a crowd around him as he was playing the instrument. This is a type of wind instrument from Australia.  The gal in the booth was teaching someone how to play it and she said that you prop it at an angle against something (like the street, or a wall) and what you’re doing is basically blowing into it but “playing with the sound waves” as they go down the inside of the tube, hit the pavement/wall, and then move back up into the instrument again. You can read more about it here on Wikipedia and you can hear some sample sounds of this unique instrument here. After the Didjeridoo concert, we moved on to a glass blowing demonstration (where they were making paperweights) and a Lampwork Bead demo (seen in the photo here).  I always thought Lampwork beads might be fun to make, but I have changed my mind after watching the demo. (Too much work.) What I think now is that those beads are fun to see and buy. 🙂

Then we decided to check out the house that Extreme Homemakeover is working on here in the St. Louis area. Do you watch that show? I think it’s such a great concept.  There was an article in our newspaper about this and they said the family knew they were one of five finalists, but didn’t know they had “won” a home makeover until the bus pulled up outside their house one morning and called them out on the bullhorn.  The house is worked on 24 hours a day for 5 days and will be finished on Wednesday for the “reveal”.  The show will air sometime later this fall.  It was a beehive of activity!  All of the streets were closed off for several blocks (they picked us up in buses and took us in), but they were very welcoming to spectators. I’ve always wondered how the neighbors were affected, when the house is sandwiched in on a residential block. (This particular house had only 7 feet on each side, to the property line. Not a lot of room to grow!) You can see the houses on either side have basically become part of the workshop area, with all kinds of supplies stacked up there. And of course the houses across the street get to host about 300 people standing behind the gates, watching all of the activity.  No wonder all of the homeowners in the area have to sign off on the proejct! (And I’m sure they get new grass when it’s over.)

Not much knitting went on for me this weekend. On Saturday I was mildly obssessed with filling in the cubbies of the Cascade wall (not yet done, but it’s looking so beautiful!).  The little bit of knitting that I did do involved working on a new colorway that I just had to start.  It’s our exclusive striping yarn from Lorna’s Laces in … red and white, of course!  The stripes change about every row, so it’s making a fun looking sock so far.  I’ll photo it later in the week.  This new colorway will go up this week in the Sneak Up and we will continue to order it in. Right now we have it in the Shepherd Sock, and we’ll probably have them dye some up in the Shepherd Sport as well.

So – what were you up to this weekend?

Sheri TheLoopyLimelightwillbebacksoon-Ijustgotbehindontheinterviews!


  1. Golfing and buying golf things on sale. And looking at sock yarn in stash trying to decide what to do next for socks. Or maybe a scarf…..oh, and checking TLE in case anything exciting came up… 😉

  2. Loopy- I went to the Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain Park, GA (just outside of Atlanta) and (if you believe the written pamphlet) it is the largest arts and crafts festival in the nation! Sure seemed like the whole nation was there too – but it was fun. We also did more looking than buying. I guess that the arts & crafts festival/fair season has officially kicked off. Yay!

  3. What a co-inky-dinky! We had our Festival of Arts show in Wausau, WI this past weekend also. I always enjoy going and finding unique things for my garden (rust is a must), pieces of pottery, etc. It’s something to look forward to once summer is almost over.

    I knit on a winter sweater this weekend that I started last winter – hope to wear it THIS winter. It always goes that way. Then there’s the never-ending-socks-in-progress. Always something to keep me busy. And when I didn’t think I had enough to do, I started a dishcloth and scarf…. FPS!

  4. Work and ordering new kitchen cabinets. Boy I hope that this goes faster than the bathroom redo about 18 months ago! It looks like you had fun, and I want red striped socks too!

  5. This weekend featured the never-ending yardwork and I knitted a chemo cap for a gal at work. I really wanted to use a BRIGHT yarn to match her personality, but the softest yarns were baby yarns so I ended up with periwinkle in a bamboo yarn. That was a satisfying project to knit and I finished at 9pm last night with enough time to wash it and block it over a little bowl so I could deliver it today (it’s machine washable but I didn’t have a load to run it in).

    I like the Loopy yarn!

  6. This weekend it rained all day Saturday from Tropical Storm Hanna so I stay in and knit, and decided on my next project DIC shawl, Sunday was full of errands and some yard work.

    I love Street Fair’s you never know what you will find.

  7. Well, there was such a lot of rain on Saturday, I really had no choice but to stay home and knit. Sunday, I was just so exhausted that I stayed home, knitting away on my current sock. This evening I’ll be knitting the heel flap and then tonight or tomorrow night I’ll be turning the heel…my very favorite part!

  8. I’m first – I can’t believe I’m first!!!
    This weekend I went to the PA Endless Mountains Fiber Festival – lots of yarn, roving, a sea of color. They even had sheep, alpaca, and angora rabbits for sale. A lovely day surrounded by fiber!

  9. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I stayed in all day Saturday due to the heavy downpours most of the day. Just didn’t want to go outside. And, I watched Amelie – I just love that movie.

    On Sunday, I went to an outdoor quilt show with my quilter cousin. I even started picking up fabric for the lap quilt I’m going to make -with her guidance, of course. It was on some historic property, so we also got to do a tour of the house there. I saw a lock of George Washington’s hair in a locket. Overall, a fun day! : )

  10. I had to work on Saturday, but yesterday was gorgeous, and after church, we went to my nephew’s football games (we got sunburned), and then went to a cookout at my friend’s new home! It was a lovely day. Very relaxing!
    I did get some knitting done at the football game. I knit a heel flap and am doing gusset decreases. Somehow the sock always seems to go faster after the heel is done!
    I love arts festivals! This one looks very interesting…..and my DD #1 would be so jealous that you have the Homemake-over team in your town. She loves that show!

  11. We went to two, yes two, extemely bad movies!! On Fri night we went to see Disaster Movie. It was bad. So on Sat afternoon we thought we’d try again. We saw Hamlet2. It was worse! I would not recommend these movies. So on Sun, after church, we decided it was best to stay home and watch baseball!
    Nice pictures of the arts festival. My brother-in-law has and plays the Didjeridoo.

  12. I love listening to the Didgeridoo , I don’t think I would have enough air to play one.

    This weekend I dd a lot of nothing. I did start knitting a tote for the DD1.

    OH Lorna’s In IU colors I will have to put that on the wish list.

  13. I miss the Clayton Art Fair 🙁

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the self striping yarn! I’m not usually a fan of red sock yarn per se but will throw that out the window. Must have!!!

  14. Looks like you had a very nice weekend. We did too.

    We took 2 high school girls to the Junior Rodeo. They needed someone to trailer their horses. So we volunteered. It was the most wonderful day.

    We saw 4 and 5 year olds on horses. They were so cute and had such a great time. We decided we need to adopt a few youngsters to take to the rodeo.

    It was such good clean fun. Our gals did well and had fun. Going home in the truck the singing and laughing made me feel young again. They are such wonderful kids. They take lessons from my DD and help around the barn. I am very blessed to have them in my life.

    I took some knitting. I got a lot done when their was down time. A couple of people came over and said they never thought to bring their knitting. So next month they are going to bring theirs. Rodeo Knitting, a new sport.

  15. I LOVE the striping lorna’s laces yarn, it really does stripe perfectly. I am not at the level of working with two different yarns yet, but it looks like I am with this!

  16. What did I do? College football game, knitting at the LYS, TWO craft fairs, watched a movie, cooked, had Sunday breakfast out… all of it with Bill, since my kids were with their dad all weekend.

  17. We finished replacing and putting up fencing to keep the pups in. They are ever so happy to be running the vast expanse now. Detais on the blogl I love the new yarn, red and white striped socks, how Ozish…heehee,, altho those may have been black. We also attended the marriage of my youngest brother to a lovely girl. I have never met her as I am often estranged from the family, they decide when I am worthy or not, LOL. No worries, I learned to ignore it years ago. It was lovely to see how everyone has grown up.
    Also worked a bit on my DIC Baby shawl, a scarf and some secret test socks.
    BTW I adore the little book with the latest sock club. Is it refillable???

  18. I sorted through box after box after box of random papers and magazines and whatnot. I shall attempt to continue that industrious behavior for a few more days so as to be worthy of whatever happens to hop into my basket in the next sneakup.

  19. Well, we threw DD#2’s Sweet Sixteen party during Hurricane Hannah – lots of wet dancers! We were so tired on Sunday that at the end of the day I had to actually stop and think whether or not I had left the house that day! (I bought milk.)

    Commence with the yawns!

  20. OK, here comes my 4th try at posting this.

    What I did last weekend:

    Puppy training
    Puppy training
    Yard work
    Puppy training
    Explained to the cat that it’s not nice to pick fights with the puppy
    Puppy training
    Baked puppy cookies and people brownies
    Puppy training
    Puppy training
    And I got my hair done. 🙂

  21. It sounds like you had a great weekend. I am so loving that new yarn. I have pretty much decided that Lorna’s Laces is my favorite since I have knit my last two pairs out of it. It isn’t my favorite to knit but it is my favorite to wear on my feet.

  22. *L* lampwork beads are too much work! When I read that I heard my nephew telling me that he didn’t get my knitting, it looks like too much work! *L* Looks like a fantastic fair!
    This weekend, we got a roof on our mudroom, I sorted through the kids clothes, and worked on my daughters FLS. It was a good weekend, even though it went by quickly

  23. We had a craft fair here in NJ…but with all the warnings about Hurricane Hanna (that really didn’t amt to much) I stayed home and made Eggplant Parm and Banana Nut Bread. Sunday was gorgeous and I was able to knit my “Red Scarf” on the beach.
    It’s knitted out of Lorna’s Laces and I WILL be ordering that pretty red/white yarn when it’s available!!

  24. I worked on trying to perfect my Orange Mystery Sock pattern. And I still found a mistake in it after I uploaded it. Ugh!

    Very cool art fair! I used to do glassblowing in college. It was so much fun. The furnaces are so hot that it made me think my oven was broken at home when I baked. I still have a lot of the vases that I made.

    The exclusive yarn looks great! Temptation….. 😉

  25. I am SO excited to see those Lorna’s Laces. I wanted to knit my mother a pair in just such a stripe, and was about to buy two colors to do it the “old fashioned way”. And what better way to top it all off than getting Loopy on the band!

  26. I made it up to my favorite LYS on Saturday. I am always happy when I am able to
    go there, because I can’t get there very often like I use to. Then I started getting
    my holiday stash together and wrapped which makes me happy. I do this every
    year. I start in January. This year I am pretty far behind. My son has been ill
    so I have been spending a lot of energy trying to get through that and sometimes
    that doesn’t leave me enough energy to knit. I also got out and got some needed
    gift cards. Do you know anyone that has their Christmas tags out yet? The fair
    looked like a lot of fun and I love the new Lorna Laces colorway, but I’m holding
    out for a certain color of green that I have been looking for. I think St. Louis has
    a lot to offer, but I haven’t been to too many other places. However, I think that
    every community has something special. I live here and didn’t know that they
    were building a new house for someone. I don’t watch the news much. Too
    depressing. I prefer to be ignorant.

  27. I love, love your post today. I watch Extreme makeovers quite often and all your comments made it more real. The only thing is that they build this big houses that do not match the area and I worry about the upkeep cost for the owners, including taxes and so on. I will have to buy the red and white yarn, it will be a perfect scarf for my husband because those are the colors of his soccer team, he is a fanatic. Great for Christmas. By the way, when is the sneak up?…….

  28. My laptop now thanks you for the drool that you have caused to run down into the keys. Now I will *truly* have me some Loopy Socks! =)
    What is it about changing weather that brings out the art/craft fair lovers in us?
    This weekend I got to practice spinning on some lovely Romney/Shetland blend. It smells heavenly and looks like spun oatmeal. Yummm.

  29. Since I play Native American flute and also play in the annual benefit concert, we have the world’s finest didg player also playing. He’s a delightful man who allowed me to try the didg. It’s a very difficult instrument to play and requires huge amounts of air. You have to use circular breathing in order to get enough air so you can make sound and not pass out. I’ll stick with my flutes.

    I spent my weekend knitting and getting ready for prison day, which was today. It turned out to be a rough one for many reason, not the least of which that Hubster is now sick as a dog. I hate it when he’s sick – he moans all the time and drives me nuts. He gets to see the doctor tomorrow (he’ll love that), and then Emma goes to the vet after that. I’m dropping him off at home before I take her, though – I’m not listening to him moan in the office.

    The Harvest Festival is coming next weekend, so I’m looking forward to that. I haven’t gone to it in years and hope to get my Christmas shopping done there.

    Have a lovely week. 🙂

  30. This weekend was spent knitting estonian stitches. I was in a two day class with Nancy Bush in Ontario OR Friday and Saturday and at the Boise ID knitting guild with her for another day of learning the beautiful stiches of the Baltan area. She is a charming knowledgeable teacher that is enthralled with the wonderful people of Estonia. Get her for your weekend next year! My thumbs are sore but I love looking at my work!

  31. A little knitting, a little family time, a little stitching and a whole day of working. Not a bad week end. Besides, Ohio State finally got it’s panties out of a bunch and played a little football. At least enought to beat Ohio University. Now on to California. Not lookin’ good in my mind.
    I love glass blowing. Always wanted to try it but am afraid that I would inhale.

  32. I love the new yarn – I’m thinking Red Sox socks! I’ll be keeping my eye out…

    I drove teens around a LOT this weekend. Thank goodness for books on CD and knitting (while I waited – not while I drove!). Saturday we had tropical storm Hanna and got dumped on rain-wise; Sunday the weather was beautiful. Great family day on Sunday.

  33. I’ve been wishing that Lorna’s Laces would do a self striping yarn in Shepherd Sport! I hope you guys get the red and white one.

    I spent the weekend doing regular family stuff. Soccer game, games (Zombie Fluxx is our current household favorite), etc. We did watch a movie that we all liked (The story of Nim.)


  34. Here’s what I was up to:

    You’ll see more of my dog than you will of me, but those are my feet in Photo #3. We had great weather for running around outside! Oh, and I got an inch or two done on a “second sock” in the evenings. Add to that the Badgers winning (On Wisconsin!) and the Packers beating the Vikings last night — it doesn’t get much better than this.

    P.S. For those perplexed by a Minnesotan rooting for the Badgers and Packers, understand I grew up in Wisconsin (in the days that both teams were losing). Gotta celebrate.

  35. Sounds like a fantastic art fair! You don’t see so much of that over here (lots of art, tons in fact, but the fair atmosphere is missing). And I love that The Loopy Ewe is going to have its very own personal Lorna’s Laces colors!

    Quiet weekend here, still trying to make a dent in the mountain of laundry we came home from vacation with, and gearing up for school (starts next Monday—yippee! They’ll all be outta the house for a few hours!) and still too hot to knit much, darn it all.

  36. This weekend was insanely busy for me. I spent Friday, Saturday morning and evening and Sunday helping to run a conference, and on Saturday during the day I got to see and meet the Yarn Harlot! It was her first trip to London, so everyone was pretty excited.

    Oh, and of course there was yarn shopping. What crazy weekend would be complete without yarn shopping?

  37. Hi Loopies,

    Any chance that any of that new space will be allocated for Prism Saki? You’re always my first thought, but I r-e-a-l-l-y want to try this yarn. I know you can’t carry everything, but a girl can hope….right?

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