Ya Gotta Love It

Ya Gotta Love It #1: It must be a weird week for returned international mail. What’s up with that? First we had a package returned that went out May 27th. It was supposed to be going to Germany, but it ended up in ….. France. And they just now got around to sending it back to us to say the address was wrong. (Of course we had chalked it up as lost and sent another one a long time ago.) The second international return package came from the UK. It was shipped out last December. (Uh huh.) It went to a customer’s business address and they emailed me two weeks ago to say that she was no longer with the company and did we want the package back? (I guess it took them from December until now to discover this?) When we got it back and opened it up today, we discovered an addition to the order. A pair of handknit baby booties and two packages of “Gommettes”. (??) I have no explanation for this.

Ya Gotta Love It #2: The carpet has been put down in the new space and it’s alllllmost ready for us to start moving in. We’re hoping next week! Loopy was so excited about it that he had to take a little lie-down on the new carpet. The Cascade people shipped to us yesterday, so those big boxes should come rolling in the door next week. (5000+ skeins. I’ll take a photo when it’s all put away and beautiful.) And back to Loopy – I was about 2 weeks behind on approving photos for our Photo Galleries and there are a whole bunch of new sock photos and Loopy’s Summer Vacation photos for you to see. We’ll take Loopy’s Summer Vacation Photos through mid-September and then we’ll do all of the voting on them, so get your Loopy photos in soon. (He’s having an amazing summer. You all have been very gracious hosts!)

Ya Gotta Love It #3: It’s a long holiday weekend here in the US. To me, that means an extra day home from work, and more knitting and movies in my weekend (I think. Unless I’m not ready to knit without College Girl yet. So far, I haven’t.) And it also means that orders from late afternoon today through Monday evening will go out on Tuesday, and the next blog post will be next Wednesday. FYI – we have the latest installment of the Sock Club ready to be shipped out to you next week as well. Watch for the invoices to hit your mailboxes sometime mid-week. As always, we’ll ship your boxes out as you get the invoices paid. πŸ™‚

Sheri anythingYOU”gottalove”thisweekend?


  1. Gommettes signify small stickers in French…….LOVE the story and the interchange of sending you some booties and stickers…guess they felt badly for having held the package for so long. What a hoot!

  2. I am thinking that the SPAM Baking contest at the Woodstock CT fair might be pretty close to the top of my things you gotta love this weekend. (Ummm, or NOT!)

  3. I love the gommettes and booties story! LOL

    I also gotta love opening day of Penn State football season tomorrow; having 3 days off work; hopefully having time to knit but I doubt it because I was asked by my boss to volunteer to help with a special assignment this weekend so I will be heading to Ohio late tomorrow to help at a rally.

  4. Gotta love: SOONERS on pay-per-view tomorrow night; a fabulous fun knit kimono project in the works with lovely Tempted yarn; knitting group meeting tomorrow; getting Loopy Groupified today! That’s 4 instead of 3 things but hey–it’s a holiday weekend. That makes 5!

  5. What’s my Gotta Love this weekend? My big boy who turns 8 on Saturday.

    Love the bonus in the UK package (how does that happen?) and the Loopy Picture. I’m looking forward to my DIC arriving (hopefully) next week!

  6. This weekend? Continuing my quest to finish socks on the needles (8 different!), sweaters on the needles (3), etc. Trying very hard not to start “Wisteria” (from Twist), or more socks (my sock yarn is just taunting me!). Also hope to stack wood, mow lawn, clean DD’s room before she gets home from a week visiting her cousins – and oh, go to the Blue Hill Fair, a Labor day weekend tradition. I guess that’s why they call it Labor Day!

    Love your returned mail story!

  7. Loopy won’t be able to relax there for much longer. I am sure a lot of traffic is in the near future. Looking forward to seeing pictures of it in its finished glory and filled with yarn.

    Have a great Holiday weekend!!

  8. Just wanted to say that you will not be receiving any returned international packages from me this weekend, since we just got back from vacation and my order was there waiting for me at the post office! (Although it does seem to have taken them an unusually long time to process it…!) The booties and gommettes story, now, that’s something that doesn’t happen everyday. At least I hope not!

  9. Gotta Love International Post…A package I sent out a month ago finally arrived at its destimation this past week πŸ™‚
    Gotta love my 2 10mo old boy kitties and the “cannonball run” game they invented when they were babies (I’ve been runover already this am )
    Gotta love that the Funeral Home where DH works (family owned) can be dead for months and all of a sudden have 3 bodies show up in 12 hrs, hes slightly busy this weekend can ya tell πŸ™ And that it always happens on a holiday weekend when we have plans GRRRRRRRR.

  10. Gotta Love a quiet weekend at home and no one is around, my college daughter left to go back to school and the boyfriend did an all boys weekend with his brothers to Mohegen Sun. Lots of Knitting time – must get shawl done (or at least make a dent!)

  11. Gotta love the way my current socks are knitting up…and with a long and rainy weekend I might make a whole lot of progress on this pair.

    Also gotta love that this is the weekend when all the local college kids (that is 4 local colleges and one state university) move back to school = the roads are pretty impassable = all the more reason to stay home and knit.

  12. Gotta love 3-day weekends! I’m tidying up this house this morning and no more housework all weekend. That’s an absolute Gotta-Love!!

    Gotta love waiting for the next Sock Club! Wendy or Cookie? sKNitches or surprise?

    Gotta love that my DH should be home after a week-long guy vacation. I miss my man.

  13. Gotta love my oldest son is home for his birthday for the first time in 5 years. (He has been away at college for the past 5 years, since school started before his birthday.) He made up for it this year, though, by taking Thurs (his birthday) and Fri on vacation from his full time job. It was hard having him 450 miles away from home, while he was in college. Now that he’s in the work force, he’s only 120 miles away from home, which is doable for weekends, etc. Hooray!

    Hugs to you, Sheri, with both of yours away at college, for the first time! I know that can’t be easy. I hope you and WH have a good long weekend!

  14. Gotta love that I got a package from you both yesterday and today. My husband missed the one yesterday. I will say neither is for me, both for swaps. And my 29th wedding aniversary is Monday. Boy that does not seem possible. I have not seen my daughter since June since she works full time she is home less and less. Have a great weekend

  15. Gotta love the Post people! One of my packages from you took a detour to Switzerland before arriving in Sweden. And is was correctly addressed too.

    Gotta love that I finished knitting my DIC Baby KAL shawl this week. Now I just have to find the time (and space!) to block it.

  16. Gotta love that we have a Starbucks that just opened here so I can try out the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

    Gotta love the photo of Loopy relaxing.

    Gotta love getting my sock club box.

    Gotta love working on my Pillar of Fire socks using the Wollmeise yarn-they are so fun to knit.

    Finally, gotta love that you get an extra day off!

  17. Gotta love 3 days weekends in general. I plan to just relax and do whatever I feel like doing. And, I do love that the latest sock club installment will be out soon. Woo Hoo!

    Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. : )

  18. Hi Sheri!

    I gotta love one more day before DH comes home – one last day of knitting and mindless movies and coffee on the sofa.

    I gotta love how the DS’s cat we’re ‘catsitting’ gets along so well with Saint and Louie, the 2 older cats

    And finally, I gotta love that I got up at 6 AM to feed dogs, went back to bed and got up again at 12:45!! Finally caught up on my sleep!

    Have a great and relaxing holiday weekend, and I hope you can pick up the knitting again soon.

  19. I gotta love having an extra day off to knit and watch movies and clean as little as possible. I’ve already put off doing laundry until Monday I also gotta love having two sleep-in days which I don’t get very often lately. I’m also doing some spinning which is what’s next after I stop computing.

  20. gotta love being able to sorta actually KNIT again, after 2 months of NO KNITTING due to broken wrist, surgery with steel plate and 7 screws on 7/10, and now being told that I can knit again – and as MUCH KNITTING as I can bear!

    anyway, also GOTTA LOVE that no one wants to see an apartment in a neighborhood that I don’t feel like schlepping to –

    and third, GOTTA LOVE that, within a week from Monday, I’ll be TOTALLY ALONE for AT LEAST 10 DAYS and haven’t had that luxury in close to a year …

    anyway again, hope everyone has a SENSATIONAL LONG WEEKEND, and let it please be a safe and happy one!

  21. I gotta love all the cool things they’re showing the Discovery Channel this weekend, plus all the cooking and knitting I’ve been doing! I feel like I’ve really put a dent in my WIPs. πŸ™‚

  22. Well, yay on the new space! Can’t wait to see the photos of it all up and ready to go. πŸ™‚

    My gotta love it for this week: the USPS and international mail. In an amazing feat, packages that were shipped from Germany on Wednesday, and The Loopy Ewe on Thursday both arrived at my home on Saturday. Color me stunned, as I figured I’d have to wait until Tuesday to see my yarny goodness.

  23. I gotta love getting to use my brand new spindle that I picked up Saturday. It’s my first, and this will be my first handspun! I’m pretty excited. Pretty soon I’ll be lining up to get some of the gorgeous roving at TLE. For now I have the most beautiful red to practice on. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and my brother who is posted on Okinawa *still* hasn’t gotten the box I mailed to him over a month ago. Maybe I should have just flown over with it myself.

  24. Just gotta love the postal service in general. They do get a lot of packages to the correct addresses, but there are odd ones every once in awhile. Last year I was waiting on some needles and when they arrived I swear it looked like the truck had run over the box. I opened the mangles mess to find my needles just fine and two sets of welding rods.
    Gotta love it when SD comes to live with us while attending a nursing class with one kitty and two puppies in tow. My whole house is segregated into areas!! It is kind of fun having her here so I can deal with the extra mess.
    Have a great Labour Day and get some knitting done!!

    Hugs to you.

  25. I gotta love having come home from a last-of-summer vacation to my two cats, my yarn stash and my wonderfully soft and familiar bed. And even better, I gotta love having come home to find a LE package waiting for me! (The Pattern Tamers I ordered for someone else are too cute — sheep! Can I be naughty and keep them for myself? Right, I didn’t think so. πŸ™‚

  26. Hello to everyone. I am back to school…bummer. I have been there a week. The first day was an absolutely useless meeting..same old thing. Three days with the kids, and another boring political inservice…lots of big-wigs seeking press attention, and they look good while we listen to their speeches. I am glad to have the kids back…some really need my attention. I am 3/4 done with my lace shawl in the Apple laine yarn…oh is this soft. Bad news is that 2 more teachers are having babies…I need to make two afghans by Christmas….:) I think I could use those baby booties that turned up at the shop, πŸ™‚ Was that not weird? I think that the post office needs to upgrade. Sheri, is there any chance you will ever do those huge blue totes for sale? the ones on the Photo page . Could I ever use one or two of them. Take care and Happy Labor Day.

  27. You gotta love the extra day in the weekend that means BFF Liz can come to my house for a cook out and to see the color we painted it and meet her new baby nephew (a.k.a. the puppy).

    And you gotta love the extra day to spend time with my pets and my mom.

    AND you gotta love the extra day to get stuff done which means you get the same amount done you would on any regular weekend, which means there’s a LOT left to be done.

    BUT I did get a nap. πŸ™‚ Which I almost never get. It was a very good nap.

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