Dristraction Day Again

DSC01622.JPGUsually it happens when there are bills to pay. I hate paying bills. There is no reason for this. There’s money there to pay them. I just don’t like sitting here and going through all of the steps. (Online bill paying. I know, I know.) My point is, on bill-paying day, I get SO MUCH DONE (yes, I meant to yell that) because everything “else” I can do is a way to procrastinate the bill paying. Well today was not bill-paying day, but it’s “getting ready to be gone for over a week” day and apparently, that has a similar affect on me. I had to stop and watch the daycare (across the parking lot from Loopy Central, visible out our windows) do bubbles. There were a ton of them, but you will only be able to see them in the photo if you click to make it bigger and then look really hard. In my defense, I’m pretty sure that everyone would stop what they were doing to watch bubbles, right? And then a friend sent me this link and not only did I have to watch him speak in Indian, but I had to click on all of the other dialects, too. DSC01623.JPG(I did manage to not click on any other videos. YouTube is dangerous. There’s always something else funny to see.) And then I had to click on the different Hoops and Yoyo animated cards, because I hadn’t done that in awhile. We love Hoops and Yoyo here. I showed you the Panic Button that we use here, but did you see what we have hanging in the shipping closet? (You press the button and they invite you in with a song: “Come in our room, come in our room, it maynotbeclean but you’re welcome to come in … our …. room. Come ON in!”) It used to be on the door handle to that area, but we went in and out so much that we sort of got a little tired of hearing it. At any rate, that is sort of how my day has gone. The upside to this is that it guarantees that I will get a LOT done tonight, because …. well, because now I have to. FPS.

Also in true “Sheri” form, I have already decided on the knitting that is going with me on my trip, and of course I have no idea what clothes I’m taking. (Who cares? It’s vacation!) For my knitting, I’m taking my lace project, my DC KAL sweater, my Sanguine Gryphon sock, by secret project sock, and four new sock yarns that I need to knit. I wonder what I’ll get done?

So I will miss all of you until I’m back in the office on Monday, the 31st! (I think I’ll blog that day. I know Monday’s are Loopy Limelight day, but I’m sure I will need to tell you about all of the knitting I got done on vacation.) We only have dial-up where we’re headed, and I’m so spoiled by fast internet connections that I’m not sure how much computer time I’ll put in next week. (Well, and then there is all that knitting to be done.) To keep you amused while I’m gone, the Elves will be putting up our March Dream in Color Classy order sometime next week. We will once again offer you a 20% discount on the Classy if 1) you have emailed me that you are participating in our Dream in Color Knit-A-Long and 2) you MUST leave an order note that says “DC KAL” on your order for the Classy yarn. They’ll be processing those while I’m gone next week and the only way they’ll know that you get the discount is if you put that note on your order. The discount is good while this batch of Classy lasts or until Friday evening, March 28th (whichever comes first). We will continue to get Classy in, but this is the last time we’ll be doing the KAL discount for this go-round, so get it while it lasts. Our Knit-A-Long is simple – pick a color of Dream in Color Classy to knit with, pick a sweater pattern that you’d like to do, and get knittin’! If you’re on Ravelry, come to the Loopy Groupie board and join in the KAL discussions. We have given ourselves a deadline of June 1st to get it done.

Before I close, the winner of our March Blog Contest (and I loved reading your truths and lies!) is: Jamie from NJ. Congratulations, Jamie – we’ll be sending you your fun prize in the mail tomorrow!

Ok – I’ll be back on the 31st. Get lots of knitting done between now and then so you can tell me what you did!

Sheri anyoneelseeverprocrastinatefindotherworthythingstodoattimes?


  1. I’m a bubble-watcher, too!

    Hope you have a great vacation! As always, you will be sorely missed. I’ll be anxious to see all those projects when you return. Happy vacation/knitting!

  2. Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy the break. Oh I can find all sorts of things to do when it comes to paying bills — online or not!

  3. I *always* find other things to do rather than….clean house. I usually bribe myself into it by making a long list and then I get to knit 5-10 rows of something (sock, mitten) and then I have to go complete and cross off one or two things on the house list. Probably why it takes me the whole weekend to get the housework done 😉

    I got some catnip scented bubble stuff at the pet store for my cats. They really like it! Sort of fun to sit and blow bubbles for the fur-kids.

    Excellent selection of holiday knitting projects. NEVER take just one – it’s good to have variety depending on your affinity for a color, yarn weight, and desired level of difficulty (all of which can change drastically on vacation). 🙂

  4. I love to blow bubbles!, and can easily find a way to distract me from what I should be doing.
    Have a great vacation.

  5. Aren’t bubbles fantastic, they are like magic in calming the little ones down in the nursery at church, well, that and goldfish crackers.
    I don’t thnik you are alone in the procrastination department, bill paying … yuck, what a waste of time when you could be doing other important things like deciding on what knitting to take along on vacation.

    And if you ever need help test knitting that yarn, I will be more than happy to help, I know it would be a chore …… : ) but hey, I am willing to help out

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Colorado.

  6. Have a great trip! And yup, procrastination on this end, too — especially when I have to do annoying things like clean the house or pack. That usually seems like a good time to go wind a skein of yarn and find a pattern for it 🙂

  7. Other worthy things to do? You mean like reading the Loopy blog (or Ravelry) when I should be proofing cheese packages? 😎 No, never….

  8. I don’t ever procrastinate because I am very anal and have to try to get everything
    done that is in my head for that day. I guess I have an obsessive disorder, but
    I feel very productive when I can get it done. I don’t think I have always been this
    way. Have a good fun trip and I will really
    miss your blog. It is one of my favorites and I look forward to checking in on you
    daily even though I know you don’t blog daily.

  9. I too hate paying bills. HATE. DESPISE. There’s money to pay them, they’re just the worry that some day there might not be. I’m a worry wart. Have a wonderful vacation! Hope to see the Mint Chocolate Chip sock when you get back! 🙂

  10. Oh my…I think procrastination is my middle name….especially when it comes to important stuff….like work…:( I always procrastinate just long enough to create stress for me, but not long enough to not be able to get it done in time…why do I do that?? Hmmm…maybe because I would much rather be knitting!

    Have a great week in Colorado!

  11. I inherited procrastination from my father, so it’s not really my fault. My favorite is when I procrastinate and then something happens, like I get the flu, so my procrastination become a critical issue in terms of deadlines. This just happened in the last couple of weeks. A little procrastination on my part turned into a near disaster when I was too sick to knit for days.

  12. One word: Senioritis. If you want another excuse to procratinate packing, go look it up on Wikipedia. But Senioritis is ALL ABOUT procrastination.

  13. Oooo I guess I’m lucky. My Dearest Husband pays the bills. He was the accounting major in college… me Psych… I happily let him balance my checkbook while we were dating. LOL It made *both* of us happy!

    I find that I procrastinate with cleaning the house nowadays. Oh, it’s always clean, until the 3 kids come home and clutter it up. But from the hours of 9-3, it’s spotless, from 3:01-bedtime, it’s a mess… sigh… so sometimes I lose my motivation, I figure why bother, I’d rather knit…. KWIM?

    Have a safe and fun vacation. May you have tons of fun and knitting time!!

  14. Have a great vacation! Yes, I do the same thing…procrastinate with bill paying, finishing projects, sewing…then I have days I do it all LOL!

  15. What I usually find myself procrastinating about these days is writing my dissertation—its so much easier to do pretty anything else, like knitting, or even housework. I always find that the only time housework has any attraction is when I have to write a paper!
    Is it too late to email about the DIC KAL? Now that I’ve finished my lace shawl I may participate IF I manage to get some of the Classy when it comes up.
    I hope you have a great time on vacation and come back refreshed, with lots of knitting done!

  16. You are so much like me in this regard it’s almost painful to hear you speak of it. lol!

    I spent a lot of my time today online blogging, uploading pictures and such… when I too should be preparing for vacation. lol!

  17. Hiya Sheri. Have a great vacation…well deserved. I was hoping to participate in the DiC KAL…love their yarns, so sign me up! I got a pattern picked up and waiting for the yarns to be posted next week! Take Care.

  18. Have an absolutely wonderful vacation!! Can’t wait to hear about it and see what you get done 😉

    I don’t mind paying bills, I enjoy writing checks. It’s new bills a I hate, they throw off my groove! Like, a speech eval for the 3 year old our insurance wont cover *grumble*.

  19. One good feature of living here is that we can have about half our bills paid directly by the bank. The bad news is that the other bills have to be paid in cash at the post office.

    I can’t be bothered to do the housework until the guests are due to show up in five minutes. Well, a little adrenaline rush every now and then keeps life interesting.

    Have a great vacation, Sheri! You certainly deserve it! We’ll miss you and look forward to seeing what you’ve been knitting!

  20. Hi Sheri Hope you have a wonderful vacation. At least 3 if not 4 knitting projects are essentiel holiday packing because you never know how the mood is going to take you or how much bad weather you might have-that’s certainly true here in the rainy UK!!
    Thank you for my Sock Club package which arrived yeaterday-its a beautiful choice. It will certainly be part of my Easter packing

  21. I also find a lot of other things that need doing when I have something else that has to be done that I don’t want to do. My husband tells me that procrastinate is my middle name. It really bugs him that I’m this way, because he’s just the oposite.

    I would love to join the DC KAL, but have been waiting for the new order of DC classy. I’ll be looking for the sneakup. 🙂 I guess I’d better pick 1 sweater among the 5 I’d like to cast on.

  22. Going on any kind of trip always puts me in a tizzy. Not only must I clean my house, but I balance my checkbook, pay bills, clean out my purses/totebags (because of course I need to take just the right one and have the right stuff in it), clean out the refrigerator, empty woodstove ashes and the compost bucket, oh, and pack! All this, even for just a weekend away! And pick out knitting projects to take (but that’s the fun part). You’d think I was never coming back.

    Sheri, have a great vacation! Remember, no more single socks!

  23. Absolutely! I am the Queen of Procrastination. Id’ never get things done if I didn’t have deadlines.

    Have a great time on your vacation!

  24. I love bubble days!! What a great treat to find outside your window. We once had a rooster walking around behind our warehouse bay. It was good for a hour or two of distraction.

    I procrastinate all the time. So does my wonderful hubby. When we really want to get big projects done around the house we either plan a big party or invite friends to come visit us. This ensures that we will bust our booties to have our house looking flawless. Don’t get me wrong, my house is clean. We just put off the projects that we should be doing so we can go have fun.

    I hope you got packed and are ready to leave. I’m a last minute packer too. My mom cracks me up all the time. Everytime we are to visit she’s calling days before we leave to see if we’re all packed. If she’s going out of town the woman is packed a week ahead of time. FPS!

    I hope you have a great vacation and are going somewhere warm and dry.


  25. Do I procrastinate? Do *I* procrastinate?? Oh yeah. I can *totally* relate to your actions and I found myself saying Thank God I’m not the only one who does that stuff.

    Happy Vacation Sheri and Happy Easter too. :>)

  26. I procrastinate all the time. I’m like the procrastination sensei. In fact, I’m procrastinating right now. I ought to be doing any of a zillion things including paying bills. Instead I’m trying to catch up on blogs.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  27. I’m a bubble watcher, and a bill paying procrastinator. I’m currently “taking a break” from editing a 90 page System Administration Manual (that’s what I get for saying to the documentation manager – you’re swamped, can I help you with something?)

    Have a great vacation and knit lots! Are you sure that you are bringing enough knitting projects?

  28. Bubbles rock! As old as I am, I still love playing with them. My kids are always saying, “Mom, give me back the bubble wand!”

    Have a great vacation!

  29. Hmm, vacation. I’d love a vacation, but instead I’ll just live vicariously through all of the vacation photos people post on the internets and my knitting (and because of ravelry all of the beautiful knitting of others).

    Have a great vaca!

  30. At my house, it’s cleaning house and bill paying (and I use online banking). I now make myself enter bills when they come usually at lunch time. House cleaning is another story!!!!! And then there’s my UFO knitted coat that still needs to be assembled…..

  31. Three things that I really don’t like doing, so I procrastinate on them are: 1) paying bills, 2) doing our mountains of taxes (both property & income taxes), for our small business and household (including college son’s; his happen to be done), and 3) swatching, especially if the swatch has to be washed! The taxes will get done, on time, because I usually do work well on deadline, thank goodness, and the bills do get paid, it’s just that they all get put off, because all of that seems like what we used to call “busy work” when I was in school, and there are so many other things that I would rather do, like Ravelry, chat with friends, etc. My swatch for the DIC KAL Mr Greenjeans is finally making progress, yay! I am on my third needle size to test, on one long swatch.

    Have a wonderful vacation in Colorado! I love the beautiful mountains there! But, most of all, I hope that your home and The Loopy Ewe are spared from all of the horrible flooding in Missouri and some other parts of the Midwest, including Ohio!

  32. I’m leaving for vacation on Wednesday, and it’s a long plane flight…who knew choosing knitting projects for travel could be so fraught with tension….?!

    Hope you have/had a wonderful time away!

  33. Yes, my house tends to get clean when there is something brewing that I don’t want to do. It was that way in college, too. When I had a nasty homework assignment I didn’t want to do, laundry got done and my room got clean and organized.

    Lisa Kay

  34. I should consider my self lucky appro housecleaning. WE have no water at the moment since January, so we have to haul water, which means no housecleaning, paper plates and such.. Just sweep the floor. But i have found it to be a big hassle, I would rather clean house every day then to live like this. It would be ok if we were set up for no running water, but not this way. I cant wait to move within the disrtict, we have to wait for the frostline to disappate totally.
    Of course the advantage to the stress is that I am knitting and beading alot more than before.
    Hope you enjoyed your vacation. THe Elves as you know from Ravelry were excellant keepers of the castle. CAnt wait to read your blog tomorrow.


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