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Thank you for all of your nice birthday wishes for Knitting Daughter. We had a fun time celebrating her 18th birthday. (And she did read every one of your comments and says thanks as well!) Now we’re settling in for a nice long weekend of knitting, and maybe a little shopping, too. Monday is a holiday here in the States, so no mail will go out. We’ll pack orders up until the last minute today, and then we’ll get everyone else’s out on Tuesday when we’re back in.

We have such fun lines on their way in to The Loopy Ewe. It’s hard to keep track of them all! It’s going to be a busy spring. Next week’s Sneak Up will include: Tempted, Posh (so glad to have this back!), Prism Lace, ToastyBoo from Numma Numma (a new Merino/Bamboo/Nylon base, and we only get it this one time. I already bought a skein of it for myself). Also, Fannie’s Fingering from Farmhouse (try saying that 10 times). Farmhouse has two socks yarns – this is their newest one which just debuted at TNNA in January. This Fannie’s Fingering is soft and squishy and knits up beautifully. I’ll show you the sock I did with it next week. We also have two new accessories for you, and we have more of the Red Loopy Ewe Canvas Sock Totes to put up.

You know how much we appreciate your business and support. We simply couldn’t run The Loopy Ewe without every one of you! We’re always looking for fun ways to show our appreciation and we have come up with something new that involves yarn. 🙂 Next week we’re introducing a new line that we’re calling “Loopy Legends™”. This line is dyed for us by Zen String – and you know what a great job Angelina does with color. We have taken 12 of our top customers (who truly ARE “Loopy Legends”!) and designed a colorway after them. I gave Angelina the name and some color suggestions for each one, and she took it and ran with it. I can’t wait for you to see them! We’ll do 12 new “Legends” about 2-3 times a year, and will also do re-orders of each colorway as needed. I hope you like them. (For those of you who are one of our first 12 Loopy Legends – we’ll be shipping you a skein of your colorway early next week so that you get to see it first!)

Today’s recipe is one that Loopy Elf Sue brought in as a leftover for her lunch one day. We all gathered ’round because it smelled so darned good. And then we all demanded politely asked for the recipe.

DSC01455.JPGSue’s Pasta Con Broccoli

1 box shell pasta
2-3 heads of broccoli
1 (8 oz) carton of heavy cream
1 (8 oz) can of tomato sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
3/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated
(I added in chicken as well)

Prepare broccoli florets. Cook pasta, adding broccoli when boiling water/pasta has 5 minutes of cooking time left. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, heat a small amount of butter or olive oil. Cook garlic until tender. Add cream and tomato sauce. Heat through.

Drain pasta and broccoli. Return to pot and add sauce and cheese. Toss and serve.

Have a great weekend! What will you be knitting? I’m finishing up my Farmhouse sock (so that I can show that to you next week) and starting that gorgeous green skein that I showed you awhile back. Why? Because that line has arrived and we’ll be photoing it next week so that it can be in the next Sneak Up after that!

Sheri thesmellofburnttoastjustwaftedthroughourentirebuilding.ewwww.


  1. I just want to say “Happy Belated Birthday” to Knitting Daughter! It sounds like she had a great one!! : )

    I love your Loopy Legends idea – how fun – it will be fun to see all the colors that come out of this process – I just might have to start collecting them because you know I’m a yarn collector, lol… : )

    Not sure what I’m going to be knitting this weekend. I have 3 socks that need mates, so will probably work on one of them. And, maybe a little bit on the colorwork I’m doing (a hat) because I find colorwork to be kind of fun even though I have to pay closer attention to the charts. Have a wonderful long weekend – I know I’m looking forward to 3 days off from work! : )

  2. Oh gosh, I cannot wait to see all those new yarns! I’m “squee-ing” just thinking about it! And the legends colors just sound so fabulous. I’m thrilled that the red canvas totes will be back in stock too. I missed out last time, so I’ll be sure to snap one up this time.

    Think I may have to try that pasta dish too. I’m not much of a cook (wish I was…) but that looks do-able and fun for something new & different!

  3. Thank goodness, I have been dying for one of those red canvas bags and I really hope I can get one. I hope you ordered a ton because they seem so so popular. have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, my daughter’s 9 (and a half) and I can’t even Imagine 18!! I hope she’s a “knitting” daughter by that point. We keep trying!

    So glad to hear the red canvas bags are coming back. We can never have too many bags!

    Have a wonderful, relaxing, knit-filled weekend! I’m going to Boston to visit my “knitting sister” (the one who inspired me to take it up again), and I hope we get lots of knitting time in together. I’ll also get some good time in with cute niece and adorable nephew!

  5. YAAAY!!! The Red Canvas Loopy Bags are back! Can’t wait.

    Thank you for the recipe! I need something new to try – looks yummy!

    I can’t wait to see all the new yarns.

    This weekend I will be knitting on a pair of socks with the Aztec color of Araucania – I LOVE THIS YARN! It’s always surprising me as to what color is coming up next.
    Since I started ordering yarn from TLE in August, I’ve only been getting 1 skein of something that I can’t get at my LYS. Araucania will be a yarn that I will order again!

    Have a warm knitting weekend.

  6. A happy belated birthday to Knitting Daughter. I had planned to continue on my learning to knit quest. I’ve been practicing, tearing my work out and re-doing a lot.
    However, I called around to the Potterybarn outlets accross the country looking for my sofa and the one in Jeffersonville, OH has it! So, I headed to OH to get a sofa with my partner in crime. We’ve taken a 12 hour round trip and turned it into a weekend road trip adventure! It should be lots of fun!

  7. Sounds like some great things coming next week…I have been waiting for Posh to come back with bated breath!! I think I found Loopy Ewe about the time the last shipment ran out! Oh, and I really would love a Red Canvas Loopy Tote Bag!

    Say thanks to Loopy Elf for the yummy recipe…it sounds and looks delish!

    How much fun ….Loopy Legends! Can’t wait to see what Angela comes up with, and I only hope that some day I will be able to be a Loopy Legend!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. And another Happy Belated Birthday to KD. My youngest will be 18 in August….hard to believe.

    Speaking of youngest, she’s going to an overnight with her youth group tonight and DH is out of town and that means I have the WHOLE NIGHT by myself!!! Which means I have a WHOLE NIGHT to knit Whatever I Want to Knit!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

    I look forward to seeing the new stuff! Hope you have a restful weekend…you, and the postman….

  9. New yarns sound wonderful. I love Zen String and can’t wait to see the new colors and learn who are your legends. Happy Knitting!

  10. You are an endless stream of fun ideas! No wonder you do so well! 😉

    I’ll be knitting some CTH in a pattern called Primavera. (Yes, it makes me think of pasta) Although if my Peppermint Mocha gets here… that might jump onto some needles! 🙂

  11. And one more belated birthday wish to KD. I remember my 18th birthday quite fondly. Mom & Dad let me ditch school and my HS best friend and I tooled around town in her car, went to the mall, etc. I felt so decadent! I bought my first camera…a 110, do you remember those? Knowing me, I still have it in a box somewhere. 🙂

    And I’m excited about new yarn! Although I have to keep it toned down…BFF Sarah gave up yarn shopping for Lent. Hard core–she’s not even allowing herself to WINDOW SHOP. But then yesterday she tells me she has a lot of stuff in her Loopy cart. Um, what happened to the resolution? “Lizzie, I didn’t say I couldn’t PATTERN shop. And accessory shop. And needle shop.” She cracked me up big time.

    Have a lovely weekend! I’m hoping to finish up a quick hat and figure out how to get it to stop bleeding pink all over me.

  12. I didn’t realize that it was her B-day! 🙁 Happy Birthday! I must have somehow missed that. Sorry! Wait – I think that’s why you were making cupcakes? Jeez! I’m so sloooooow!

    That pasta looks good. I’m not a huge fan of over-cooked vegetables so I’m wondering if the broccoli was a little bit mushy after cooking for that long. I usually steam my broccoli in a steamer basket for about a minute before turning the heat off and then I let it sit in the pot steaming (but vented) for another minute or two. So I like it a little bit firm. Do you think that this would work with this pasta without standing out too much? It looks fabulous and I think that I might try it this weekend.

    I’m finishing up my first pair of Charades this weekend (yes, I’m behind the rest of the world, I know). I am using Emily Parson’s Sophie’s Toes in the Fall Mums colorway. I know that you don’t carry her stuff (she’s on Etsy) but someday I’m hoping that she might branch out. Although, she is more than busy enough trying to keep up with her shop in addition to the rest of her life and I’m sure that it would be quite a challenge to do much more.

    Have a great holiday weekend! And again, Happy Belated Birthday, KD!!! 🙂

  13. I am glad Knitting Daughter loved her birthday. WElcome to being 18. DD#2 is 18 on March 20. I am planning on knitting her something for her birthday. She is all upset one of her fingerless gloves i made her has gone missing, and she never looses her stuff. SHe is asking all friends to look for it, before i reknit it (this is why you keep yarn leftovers, when they are too old to tie strings on the gloves.)

    OOOH! new yarn and new colors oh my. Just in time for my next order, cool. I am contemplating making DD#2 opera gloves out of lace yarn for prom, the theme this year is Hollywood, so I told her to look into the 30s and 40s for an idea of a dress. Does anyone know of a pattern for such gloves).

    Now that sounds yummy, a must try recipe. THank you Loopy elf SUe. I just tried out my rice cooker, I wonder if pasta will cook in it too? THat would be cool. hmmm.
    Monday the PO is closed? How come i always forget this stuff. WEll I better get my mail mailed by Saturday then. I am knitting the second of my KAL sock ninetofive altered to be toe up, and then finish an overall for my nieces baby girl (I finally got some more baby yarn) and depending on how much yarn is leftover from my KAL socks I might just knit a second pair with a pattern from IW Knits.

    Andiknowwhatyoumeanaboutthesmellofburnedtoastnogood. Thinkinsteadofthesmellofindianpilawwafingthroughthehousehmmmm.

  14. You know I have been lusting for those Farmhouse yarns. I think you should save me a couple of skeins just in case I’m not quick with the F5 button.

  15. Do the Legends know who they are, or is it a secret from them, too? I think L-B should be a Loopy Legend. She introduced me to The Loopy Ewe.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday, Knitting Daughter!
    I can’t wait to see the new lines – I LOVE the idea of Loopy Legends. So adorable and genius.

  17. loopy legends, what a neat idea… I am really looking forward to seeing who these legends are. and new sock yarn to oogle is never a bad thing either. 😀

  18. Ooh! Can’t wait to see the special loopy legend colorways!

    As to my weekend knitting…I think I’ll take a break from my tilted duster to dig into the tulip baby sweater using all that lucious Dream In Color Classy! Its so beautiful! If I like knitting with it half as much as I like petting it…I may have to make everything out of it from now on!

  19. This weekend I am hoping to finish a DIC tulip cardigan for my friends new granddaughter and a pair of anklets for my sister.

    I am very excited for the new yarn and the red Loopy bags!! I have skipped the last couple of sneak ups and so hopefully I won’t miss this one!!!!!!

  20. Oh. I can’t wait to see the Loopy Legends!! Tell Sue that her dish looks delicious too. I might try it tonight. Then again, we’ll see how I’m feeling. 🙂 (ps, really want to knit up that Toasty Pumpkin Butter I bought a few weeks ago, it’s taunting me from the basket)

  21. What will I be knitting this weekend?
    Finish sock 1 of Wendy’s generic toe-ups in Colinette JItterbug Castagna
    Start mini-sock–yarn’s a secret
    Work on prayer shawl–my design using Red Heart Plush
    Practice spinning

    Prayer Shawl
    Drop shoulder chevron sweater in Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed
    Either sock 2 of generic toe-ups or mini sock–maybe both
    practice spinning
    dishcloth KAL

    Dorm sock for my niece for Christmas–Red Heart Strata using Wendy’s generic
    Sweater again
    Prayer Shawl
    practice spinning
    dishcloth KAL

  22. Cool, Cant wait to see the Loopy Legends!!!! I’m gonna be knitting on some UFS (unfinished socks) this weekend, and maybe starting a new pair. I sure hope MIL pays Hubby soon, I want to be able to catch the Sneak up and actually be able to order!! Or just be able to order would be nice 🙂

  23. She’s 18? Then I have to add my congratulations to Sheri on having successfully raised two kids to adulthood!

    My knitting plans for this weekend are to finish the belated Christmas presents for the family members that are coming to visit at the end of next week — one pair of socks (only a couple inches left on each), two pairs of clogs (one finished except for felting, first clog of second pair is almost finished), and a child’s felted slippers (which I’ll drop if I run short on time, as the kid’s young enough not to care if I buy him a book instead). If I finish these, I’m going to start some new socks and Here Be Dragonne as my reward!

  24. I’m working on a couple of Lorna’s Laces socks…a couple not a pair, because they are both second socks. And I am also working on a Kauni cardigan, which is my first ever attempt at colorwork…and I am loving it! Someday I will hopefully be a Loopy Legend…just have to save a few more pennies first.

  25. Looks like a great recipe. Thanks for sharing! Also, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the personal service your store offers. Great to get comments back (like the one I just made by sending the email to the support email on the web site!). Very cool to see you recognize your best customers in specialized colors! What a neat idea.

    This weekend, I will be working on, what else, socks! That and taking care of our new PUPPY!! Two pairs of socks on the needles; but, the one I am most excited about is The Knittery cashmere yarn. I hope to make great progress on thses because I can’t wait to wear them. So soft! We may just have to wear that little gal out so she falls asleep long enough for me to get some knitting done.

    Happy belated birthday to your daughter.

  26. That is a neat idea, the yarn that is.
    The recipe sounds yummy and easy peasy, and I would add the chicken too.
    I will probably be cranking out baby socks this weekend for the local Pregnancy Care Center. I have a ton of left over sock yarn, just the perect amount for newborn – 4 months socks.
    Have a great long weekend

  27. I’m going to be working on Giselle in Red Silky Wool. Oh so pretty. Now if I can manage not to screw up the seam shaping AT THE SAME TIME as the edge shaping, I’ll be golden.

    Happy happy birthday to Knitting Daughter. Eighteen is grand.

    I can’t wait to see the Loopy Legends line. I love Angelina’s yarn.

  28. I’m working on a second sock this weekend….why do they always seem to go slower than the first one? I’ve bought the book, “2-at-a time” socks – I’ll let you know if it works. I like the idea of top down. I’ve yet to knit toe-up (on my list).

    Loopy Legends sounds really fun – it will be fun to see the colorways and learn about other Loopy people with yarn addictions….makes you feel less alone….:)

    Happy Birthday KD! Oh, to be 18 again and know what I do now! 🙂

  29. I can’t decide which is yummier, the thought of seeing fun new “Loopy Legends” colorways or Loopy Elf Sue’s pasta with broccoli recipe.

    This weekend, I might try making a baby sock from Cat Bordhi’s new sock book, though I ought to keep slogging away on my (twice-ripped-back) bulky seed stitch ear flap hat — it’s a design I want to think I unvented, but there’s probably a pattern for something similar somewhere on the web. If it gets done and looks good, I’ll post it on Ravelry.

  30. I am knitting up a quick keyhole scarf for our dear 94-and-a-half-year-young friend who is in the hospital this week. She asked for one specifically so I decided I better get on with it after the scare she gave us this week. :>)

  31. Loopy legends! Love it – youhave the best customer appreciation ideas out there Miss Sheri. Plus Zen String is a major yarn obsession of mine so woohoo!!!

  32. I have a credit just sitting there waiting to get used for that special yarn…I can’t wait to see what comes up next week. You can bet I will be stalking TLE!

    I’ve given up on my lace project. My heart is not in it…I’m a sock freak. So I cast on for the Log Cabin Socks from “Handknit Holidays”. My heart is most definitely feeling right again. So that will be my project this weekend. I might even be able to these done. Gotta love working with bulky yarn!

    Have nice knitting weekend!!

  33. Happy belated birthday to your DD….Loopy Legends…soooo cool…..February is a great month for celebrating…DD’s birthday. Valentine’s Day, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ground Hog Day, your birthday, my mother’s brithday and MINE! Heehee I was due on ground hog day but must have seen my shadow and went back for two weeks, my birthday is tomorrow…woohoo…I am sensing knitty things to be unwrapped…the PacaPed yarn is unbelieveably gorgeous….I see this becoming a new favortie….I was squishing my yarns the other day and came across my lovely Cider Moon, thought I would treatt myself for my birthday and discovered it is no more 🙁 Will it come back? Have a wonderful weekend…

  34. I am working on a pr of socks for myself. Getting ready to decrease in about 2 more inches for toe. Getting ready to go to Stitches ’08 next Friday in Santa Clara, Ca. Will be sure to visit the Ravelry booth.

  35. Mmm, that sounds yummy! I’ll spend the weekend test knitting Anne at Knitspot’s latest lovely socks (using my lovely Smooshy yarn from the Loopy Ewe!). Great pattern, great yarn, what more could I ask?

    Also, Sheri, I’ll be mailing your Loopy Swap package tomorrow morning — it had to wait until after a certain Saturday morning event for reasons which you will understand when you get it. (Since you know who your partner is, you must leave me some mysteries!) I hope you end up considering it worth the extra day 🙂

  36. Working on 3 pairs of socks-one jaywalker, one double eyelet rib, and one baby twisted rib. I have a pair in each of 3 rooms, thus I don’t have to haul them around so much.

    Loopy legends colorways-can’t wait to see them. Are you sure that you don’t have an MBA from Wharton, Sheri? Great business savvy.

  37. Great to see you and the elves and Loopy today! KD Amy and I had a nice visit. Amy is very pleased with her “Amy” colorway from Sheepaints…this afternoon when we got home she demanded that I wind the skein into balls so I can get started on her socks!

    This weekend I think I’m going to finish my socks-that-rock (I actually finished one leg this afternoon…), and start my Loopy Spring Sock Club kit. I may cast on another mobieus scarf…or maybe not. I have to work in the ER tomorrow morning and again Monday evening, but tomorrow WH is taking me out for Valentines dinner! (which we couldn’t do yesterday since I was…yup, working in the ER!

    Looking forward to seeing those Loopy Legends…how will I resist buying one of each??

    Maybe Sunday eve I’ll try the pasta con broccoli. (Amy and I stopped for lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory on the way home from Loopy Central. Would you believe it…lunch includes soup or salad, pasta, drink, and a little bowl of ice cream for dessert! What a deal!)

  38. That pasta sounds delicious. I’d love some right now!

    What a great idea–Loopy Legends! I can’t wait to see these colorways. Angelina does such beautiful yarn.

    Oh, I want a red Loopy tote! I’m glad they’re coming back in stock.

    Enjoy your three-day weekend!

  39. Loopy Elf Sue’s Pasta dish looks delightful! When I first looked at it, I thought the chicken was canned salmon. And, actually, I think that would be good with salmon in place of the chicken. And, one time, I might try substituting frozen peas for the brocolli. (Sorry, I am bad about think of possible substitutions before I ever make a dish. My mind often does that.) It does look wonderful, just as it is!

    My PacaPeds yarn arrived today! It is gorgeous (like Caribbean and chocolate)! I’m really glad that I ordered 2 skeins, so I have plenty to play with. It is soo soft! Now, I need to figure out what I want to make with it. But, that yarn feels terrific! I hope there is more of that in our future!

    This weekend, I need to work on computers. My guys are traveling in different directions for a tourney and a contest, so it should be quiet here on the home front. I just can’t sit up long, like I have to do when I am working on computers, reformatting hard drives, installing software, reloading data, et al. If my CG were home he could do it, but he knows that I have the knowledge to do so even if he were home, he might not be inclined to. Alas, he doesn’t have a long weekend, anyway, so he’s 450 miles from here anyway. Working on all of the computers in the house is Mom’s job these days. Fortunately, when I am typing with my laptop, I can recline enough to make it tolerable. I’ll just have to break the tasks up into smaller chunks. 🙂

  40. Loopy Legends… How fun!! Is there no end to your creativity? (And why can’t it spread to your friends???) The new yarns sound like they need to come live with me and I can’t wait to score a Loopy Tote!!! Thank Sue for the yummy casserole recipe, it looks like one my family would love! Have a wonderful weekend knitting……. Wish I was there.

  41. You are awesome! Next week sounds like lots of fun. I have a Loopy Tote in my wishlist and hopefully will be able to score one next week. I’m looking forward to seeing the Loopy Legends colorways. Great idea!

  42. Happy Birthday Knitting Daughter! My non-knitting daughter will turn 18 in two weeks. Maybe this will be the year she learns to knit :). I hope you get everything you want for your birthday, including lots of yarn.

  43. You’re always coming up with something new and fun! Loopy Legends! And Angelina does such great colors. This is going to be good! Can’t wait.

    This weekend I hope to make some progress on my Chevron Scarf, but there’s also a second baby sock to do (you’d think SSS wouldn’t extend to little bitty baby socks but sadly, with me, it does).

    Have a great long weekend!

  44. Happy Belated Birthday to Knitting Daughter……tax season really makes me miss alot of going on’s at the Loopy Ewe! I love the knitting legends colorway idea…what a great tribute to us your customers…you always take such good care of us!

    Have a great weekend!


  45. I am ready for my red tote but what about my travel mug to match? Are we getting any more in soon?? I know you’ll tell us, but I thought I’d ask, hadn’t heard anything about it in awhile! Thanks for the headsup on the sneak up next week. Looking forward to the Numma Numma, and the rest! happy Birthday DD!!

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