The mailman is a patient kind of guy.

DSC00682.JPGI warned him. I told him how many boxes would be on the porch for the sock club. I don’t think he quite envisioned this. (And actually, this is not quite all of the boxes awaiting him today, because there were a few more to pack and it also doesn’t include regular orders from the weekend, yet.) At least the sock club group stacked well, being all the same size and shape. So – I hope you like it! I can’t wait for them to arrive at your house. 🙂 I coaxed my mom and dad into helping again on Saturday and then made them pose for a picture. They were a HUGE help! Don’t forget that you’re welcome to take the Sock Club member button (in my sidebar) if you’re in the sock club. It has been fun to see them on different blogs already! And if you’re a button collector, then you know how to do it the correct way, saving it to your own server and all. I have no idea how to do it. I just send a link to Web Guy and ask him to do it for me. (Maybe I shouldn’t admit that. Never mind.)

DSC00673.JPGKnitting Daughter was working on making mini yarn cakes for the Loopy Sock Kits (one of the fun gifties that we give in orders) DSC00675.JPGand low and behold, look at the photos that I found on my camera when I went to upload the most recent ones to the computer! Hmmm. I’m guessing she was a bit bored by the whole yarn winding activity, what do you think? It made me laugh, though!

I forgot to tell you about another great yarn that we will have going up this week – this is merino/cashmere/nylon blend from The Knittery in Australia. I’ve had it here for about 2 weeks now (waiting on photos) and I can’t quit looking at it. I love the colors. We have her regular sock yarn base on order as well, so that will be in later. Also – since we are doing lace yarns, we needed something fun to go along with that. We have beautiful shawl pins arriving soon in sterling silver and copper from Designs by Romi. You will love these. They are perfect for shawls, but also on scarves, hats and bags as well. I have been eyeing Romi’s beautiful work for months, in anticipation of our lace line.

May will be a busy month around here. I was looking at our “coming soon” section and realized that I expect orders from 10 of the 11 companies listed there this month. (Yarn Love will be back next month.) In addition to those, of course we have NEW yarn lines coming in as well. I will keep you posted. I have been working with our “top tier” indie dyers to insure that we get regular and frequent orders from them, to keep all of us well-stocked. I’m also looking forward to attending the TNNA Market in Ohio, the first weekend in June. We went to this last year and it was invaluable, as we were finalizing the vendors that we wanted to carry here. I think it’s important to be a member of The National NeedleArts Association and to attend the market at least once a year. This business is very important to us, and we always want to stay on top of what’s new and what’s popular in this industry. We’re committed to finding the best for you! I’ll let you know what I find there that weekend that we all need. 🙂

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  1. Do we get even a teensy hint as to who the dyer is for this package?!! I’m dying to know (no pun intended!)

    You’ve been working way too hard. Go do a Starbucks run and take a little break.

    Sooooooo excited you’ll be carrying The Knittery, I’ve been drooling over their stuff for a while.

  2. Ummm, I think maybe you cd. use a place/room dedicated to your orders 🙂 Nice to see your business is doing well – I’m waiting for some of the new “coming” yarns so I could add to the box pile!

  3. While you’re in Columbus, be sure to find a Graeter’s ice cream place (there are several) and get some! Scrumptious! Also, there are some good restaurants to try in the North Short Gallery district–this is on north edge of downtown, on High Street. My daughter and I especially love Haiku. Great food! Try the edamame (soy beans) for an appetizer if you’ve never had them! Oh, and the galleries are fun too. There’s a terrific bead place in that area, too: Byzantium Beads, 1088 N. High. Have a great time!

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of boxes. I hope to be able to take part in next years club. I love the packing peanut Loopy. Very cute! Maybe your daughter can come up with more fun pictures for the website? I can’t wait for this weeks’ update. Do I need more yarn? No, but it doesn’t matter. 😉

  5. I am so excited since one of those boxes is for ME!!!!!!!! I am excited to see the new stuff coming. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. I’m with Sarah – I wanna cheat! Hint? Maybe? Please? I wuv you! 🙂

    I can’t wait to make my little Loopy sheep – he’s gonna be so cute! (He may even turn up at the wedding – we’re having oat grass centerpieces, and there may be a sneaky plan in place to turn one into a sheep farm. But I don’t know anything about that.)

  7. Just wanted to say reading your blog first thing on Monday makes the day nicer. Love the photos. hehe

  8. Oooh, I am so excited that one of those boxes is coming my way!! 🙂 A special thanks to your mom and dad for all their hard work! (Hi guys!!) I don’t think knitting daughter was bored.. she was just expressing her creative side…..

    Ps. Got the sock yarn button on my blog 🙂

  9. I am so jealous of all the people that are going to be receiving those kits!

    Have fun everyone and make sure you take pictures to post after you’re done with the socks!

  10. hmmmmmmmmm – like the fort idea for the boxes, then you could have a yarnball fight (since the snow is finally gone…at least from Maine).

  11. One of those boxes is mine….all mine…..I can’t wait to see what’s inside…thanks to MOM & DAD for packing things up for us…….I think this calls for a Peppermint Mocha Latte…….I’m leavin for mine right now…….You’re the Best! My college boy arrives on the 18th…..and my NY college grad arrives back on June 2nd………..

    Blogless Diane

  12. It’s the Great Wall of Yarn Boxes!! that is awesome! Haha! I bet those pictures you found on your camera from KD made you smile.

  13. Wow, that’s a lot of boxes!! And, so very generous of your mom and dad to assist. I thank them too, as I will be receiving one of them! Can’t wait. And, I have another order coming from you as well. Find some time to take a break to do something nice for yourself…

    I am almost finished with one of my Gentleman’s Socks…so exciting that I have all week to knit all day long if I so choose… Its a beautiful sunny, cool day here. I’m listening to “Sense and Sensibility” on my iPod for my book club and knitting. Can’t ask for anything better than that! : )

  14. C’mon Wednesday, or Thursday! I can’t wait to see the sock club yarn. I don’t think I will be done with my current sock but I will be using size 2s by the time the yarn arrives. So, my 1s will be available for business.

    A big Thank You to all of your family for helping you out during this awfully hectic time, and Thank You to Mr. Postman and the USPS for picking up and delivering yarn to 150 homes. And lastly, and most importantly, a big Thank You to you, Sheri, for having a Loopy Ewe Sock Club.

  15. Haha, KD is funny!

    And remember, whenever you think about upping the number of the sock club too much, WALL OF BOXES.

    I’m going to stop by tomorrow to take a look at that new yarn you mentioned (sounds lovely) and get my movies.

  16. Wow, Sheri! You could build a fort out of those boxes. Kudos to your mother and father for helping out. And the mini yarn cakes are CUTE!

  17. I am sooooooooooo sad that one of those boxes is not on its way to me…. Booo Hooooooo.
    You are so lucky to have a great Mom and Dad to help you out. You will have to do something very special for her for Moms Day!!!

  18. oh my gosh, that pile of boxes is taller than your mom! wow. it’s so nice that you have such a supportive, helpful family. it really makes things like being overwhelmed with orders easier (so i’m told…). that KD of yours cracks me up. if she’s so bored, send her to my house! i have some yarn she can skein, orders to pack, ball bands to attach… well, you know the drill 🙂

  19. Those boxes look so exciting! I always love receiving your packages, but I’m especially looking forward to this one. I’m going to Michigan this week and when I get back next week I hope mine will be waiting for me! Thanks again to your parents for all their help.
    Looking forward to seeing your sock. I followed up on your suggestion and have finished the first of a pair of Campfire socks in Cider Moon Silver Pine. It is so soft, squishy and gorgeous. I’ve started on the second, hoping to finish them in time to wear them hiking in Michigan this weekend.

  20. I just knew there’d be a picture of all the sock club boxes this morning. What a sweet mom and dad you have! I hope you bake cookies for the mail carrier on Mondays.

    I can NOT wait for my box to get here. If you’re giving hints about the contents I’d be happy to have one. I can keep a secret. Really.

    BTW, the Apple Laine yarn is wonderful. It may be my favorite yarn yet.

  21. I checked out ‘The Knittery’s colorways and boy they are pretty. In hopes of scouting the colors early to narrow down my favs I came up with this list of lovelies I would like to own: Chocolate, Geranium, Moonlight, Forest Moss, Sea Life, Passionfruit, Amethyst and Chocolate Royale. Ok so I guess that narrows it down nearly none at all. :>)

  22. Knitting Daughter’s photos are great! I’m gonna cross my fingers and hope to get in the sock club next year. For now I’ll have to settle for stalking for sneak-up yarns. (Great, now I’ve got that cereal-shilling parrot’s voice stuck in my head.)

  23. Loved KD’s photos….too funny! It always makes it better when you see the pic and you didn’t put it there….hubby’s done that to me before, just to make me smile. 🙂
    Yippy! One of those boxes are mine…..mine, mine, all mine. 🙂 Big hugs to all of you guys for putting this club together. I can’t wait to get my box now. 🙂

  24. I am lucky enough to already have some of the merino/cashmere from the Knittery, in Chocolate, Chocolate Royale, and Midnight colorways. Fellow Knitters, this is really gorgeous yarn! Snatch it up while you can get it without waiting for it to make it’s way all the way from Australia! (Well, for those of us not already in Australia…) I fully expect to see poor Loopy with red feet up in the air again when this is put in the online shop!

  25. Wow! Quite a wall of boxes!! Glad one of them is mine! 😉 Wonderful that you have had a lot of help! I so cannot imagine you doing all that alone! I love the photo of the mini yarn cakes, cute! Hope you get a chance to rest soon! 🙂

  26. When you’re in Columbus, North Market is a great stop. It’s located opposite the convention center. Graeter’s ice cream was featured in Oprah and there’s a store in Upper Arlington, where I live. Also another great ice cream place in Grandview Heights is Jeni’s ice cream
    Email me if you want to get together or need to know a good place for eating.

  27. So I started looking at the picture before reading the blog entry and I kept thinking to myself “I must be going crazy, I swear Sheri looked a lot younger than that in previous photos”. Ofcourse, I felt really stupid when I then proceeded to read about parents 🙂 I hope you eventually discover that wall behind all of those boxes again one day!

  28. i would also be building a fort out of the boxes, but knowing my luck all i would get is soggy boxes because it would start rainnning on me. and then i would get sick from the smell. (wet cardboard makes me nauseous.) and your knitting Daughter has it right… Leave the messages in yarn on the table. Get creative, pplay, have fun…(my fingers have a speach disorder and are trying to makke me stutter so maybe i need to rest them a bitt…)

  29. I’m in the Jealous Group–found your site after the sock club was closed 🙁 Hopefully next year! I’m so glad you’re getting Romi’s pins–I’ve been staring at them a few months, they’re just so beautiful.

  30. A fort of yarn boxes! My kids would love that. (Not that they would be as thrilled about what’s inside as I am!) A big thank you to all your family for their help, and KD is too funny! If I lived in the neighborhood, I’d be making brownies for your mailman, he deserves it. Go put your feet up before the next Sneak Up!

  31. You do an excellent job of finding the best for yarn addicts like myself. You set in the industry standard, if you ask me. There is a reason why your business continues to grow and grow. Keep up the great work!! We love you!

  32. The packing peanuts Loopy Ewe with mini yarn cakes boots is darling! Your Knitting Daughter is really creative!

    We finally have real spring here in Michigan, complete with blossoming trees & spring allergies!

  33. I received an order directly from The Knittery over the weekend. You will definitely have a chubfest when that yarn goes live. I’ve contemplated sleeping with my Passionfruit cashmere sock yarn next to my face. YUM!

    Love knitting daughter’s photo!

  34. You scared me,Sheri! When I saw all those boxes, I checked my account to be sure I didn’t do some sleep-shopping last night! :-O

  35. Oh my! That is a loooot of boxes! I bet the USPS loves you. 😀

    Okay, the Loopy made of foam peanuts and little yarn balls is just too cute! You have a creative daughter. Which reminds me, I got some yarn in yesterday and my two year old thought the foam peanuts looked tasty. When he realized they weren’t he was very upset and threw them all over the floor. I’d have been mad but it was just too funny.

  36. oh. my. goodness.
    I’m totally speechless at your huge pile of boxes!
    It’s just amazing to look at 😀
    And I love the photo of the yarn-cakey loopy ewe 🙂

  37. Just got my box. Love the yarn and the pattern!!! This is going to be fun! Thanks, Sheri, for the wonderful job your crew did! 🙂

  38. 1. I think I see my box, second row from the right, half way down. It is calling to me like a siren-song of credit-card-drainage. My wallet cried out in fright as the picture loaded. *happysigh*

    2. If you get the knittery’s chocolate royale? I may be forced to drive down just to kiss you. Just warning you now.

    3. Cutest. Picture. Ever. of the hidden message. Remind me to tell you sometime about the time my husband tried to take a … uh…PERSONAL picture on our honeymoon for me to find when I downloaded the pics from the camera. Let’s just say I *really, really* wish I’d downloaded them at HOME instead of on the laptop with the big, bright screen at the mall. Oh, but seriously. There were some shocked-looking parents sitting near me as I slowly died of mortification.

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